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A/N I know that Buffy jumping into the portal has been done to the death (so to speak) but I had to write this. It combines two of my favorite shows and I decided that Jack should get some. Because of my sympathy for Jack, I aged Buffy a bit, and made him a bit younger. Totally Alternate Universe

            Sunnydale, CA

            The girls stood atop the swaying metal tower in the dark. The darkness however was lit by the unearthly blue light and lightenings that flashed everywhere. Buffy looked at her sister then into the portal that Glory had made. The portal to hell would swallow the earth without a sacrifice.

            A fragment of something Glory said ran through Buffy's mind, "Blood of the 'Key' will close the portal." In that split, infinitesimal second Buffy remembered that if Dawn had been made of her own blood, then Buffy's blood could also close it.

            Turning back to Dawn she saw the knowledge in her sister's eyes and saw Dawns' mouth shape the word "No." Buffy shook her head, "Always remember that I love you Dawnie." And with arms spread Buffy threw herself into the portal to save her sister and the world.

            SGC Colorado Springs, Co.

            "Unauthorized wormhole activation." Came Sgt. Davis' voice over the intercom system. Jack and the other members of SG-1 raced to the control room as the security team took up position inside the gateroom. Suddenly there was a bright blue light as the gate activated, blue lightening sparking everywhere. The General's voice asked the question of the minute, "What in the hell is that?"

Davis and Major Carter both shook their heads impatiently and Carter answered, "Unknown Sir. It doesn't seem to be coming through the gate system, and the iris won't close." They all watched in dismay as the light levels increased. Jack was just about to evacuate everyone in the gate room when a small figure flew from the middle of the gate, landing with an audible thud. Jack winced, then turned and raced into the gateroom. He ran to the bloody figure lying on the gateroom floor, and rolled it over.

His eyes looked in astonishment at the beautiful blond woman, hair matted with blood. He gently brushed back the hair off her face and taking her chin, turned her head to see the bloody gash on the side. Wincing in sympathy he looked up into the control room, "I think we can stand down for right now, she's out cold. Get a medical team in here"

General Hammond was curious as hell, "Is she goa'uld?" Jack looked over at Teal'c and the Jaffa shook his head no and said, "No, I sense no goa'uld inside the woman."

Jack checked her carefully but aside from assorted cuts she was all right. He looked up as Doc came in with a gurney and a nurse. Very carefully, ignoring his achy knees he lifted the unconscious form onto the gurney.

Sam rapidly moved her fingers over the computer keys, checking for any damage to the Stargate and kept one eye on Jack and the gurney as they left the gate room. She finished her calculations and stood, nodding to the Sgt. who smiled and she left to go to the infirmary. As she walked suddenly she heard blood curdling screams and unintelligible words.

Janet had gotten the woman on the hospital bed when suddenly it appeared like she was in the throes of a nightmare and she started screaming. Jack shoved the nurse to the side and cradled the woman's shoulder, hugging her to him and chanting, "You're safe, shh, you're safe here," over and over. Janet was about to reach for Jack to move back when the woman's arms crept around Jack's waist and she dissolved into wrenching sobs.

Buffy saw the realm of hell in all of its terrors as she jumped into the portal. Frightened beyond belief she had prayed for the safety of her loved ones and her world when suddenly she was wrenched painfully and lost consciousness. She was aware of strong male arms holding her as she awakened, sobbing as if her heart would break. Wrapping her own arms around this man like a lifeline she let her tears purge her terrors.

Jack shook his head at Janet and the nurse and continued to hold her. Feeling her shudders lessen he reached out for a Kleenex from Janet and leaned back, holding it to the woman. Her eyes showed the ravages of fear and too many battles and this Jack understood. Silently he handed her the handkerchief and watched as she blew her nose and then he gave her another one for her eyes.

"Thank you." Buffy whispered gratefully. She didn't know where she was, but hell it wasn't. Looking at the handsome man on her bed, and seeing the ring of people circled curiously around, she shook with emotion and sighed, "Where am I?" The man smiled, "Well that depends, where are you from?" Buffy regarded the man's dark eyes that sparkled with humor and laughed, "California."

Hearing the gasps of disbelief she turned and frowned and General Hammond decided it was time to get some answers. "Ok people, everyone go back to their duty stations." His eyes signaled Jack to stay, and of course Janet and SG-1 stayed as well. Jack shifted around still holding Buffy until she was leaning comfortably against him. "Better?" he murmured into her ear and she nodded. Janet gave her the Kleenex box and Buffy gave her a watery smile of thanks.

The General stood watching Jack and the small blond thoughtfully, "Ok miss. We need some answers." Buffy had belatedly realized she was on some sort of military base and nodded.

"My name is Buffy Summers and I live, lived," she corrected shakily, " in Sunnydale, California. I am a slayer and a demon named Glory opened up a portal to the hell dimension with my sister Dawn's blood but the portal wouldn't close without a blood sacrifice. My blood is the same as Dawns' so I jumped into the portal and it closed and I arrived here. This isn't hell, right?" she asked and could feel Jacks chest rumble with quiet laughter. "Depends on what day it is." Was his amused answer.