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            Buffy and Willow had said their good-byes. It was harder on Buffy than she thought it would be. There were standing in the middle of the gate room, and Buffy had pulled out the cat portal from the diaper bag when suddenly she gasped.

            "Oh my God Will, I have an idea!" She turned to the assembly and said, "We're not going just yet." Buffy frantically dropped the diaper bag, and handed J.D. to Willow. "I need you to take him somewhere to rest. I have something I need to try. It'll work, it has to work!" Willow nodded and tried to follow Buffy's train of thought but said, "Ok Buffy."

            Bess spoke quietly to Giles and Joy, then came over to Buffy. "What in the hell is going on?" She hissed quietly and Buffy grabbed her shoulders, "Bess, You have to wait. I have an idea, but I don't want to tell you what it is if I fail. But I need to borrow Spike." Bess too was having trouble following along but the suppressed excitement Buffy was vibrating with convinced her, "Oookay." She said and Buffy stopped her, "Take the kids somewhere for awhile, I'll be back within the hour. I need General Hammond too." Bess nodded confusedly and gathered up the kids before speaking quietly to the General and she took the kids and followed Willow out of the blast doors.

            General Hammond walked over, wondering what Buffy wanted at the last minute. "Yes Buffy?" he asked politely, "Sir, I think I can find Jack and Buffy. Right now!" Her face was glowing and the General cocked his head. "How?" Buffy waved her hand, "Not important. I need you to keep the gateroom clean for about an hour though, until I get back."

            He regarded her for a long moment, "Understood. Good Luck Buffy. Bring my people home." Buffy smiled then waved at Spike who had been waiting politely.

            "Spike, do you trust me?" She asked the bleach blond vamp. "With my life Pet." He responded quietly and she nodded, "Ok, let's do it."

            She took the cat portal and opened it, watching the cat step out.

            "Please take us to Angelus in this reality and at this time." The cat nodded and a portal opened. Buffy and Spike stepped through and Buffy thanked the cat, who then disappeared along with the portal. She picked it up and looked around uneasily.

            Spike stood completely still as Buffy called out, "Angelus?" Suddenly he was in front of them and Buffy jumped with a squeak of alarm. "I keep forgetting the vamp speed thing." She patted her heart and watched Angelus sneer, "What's the matter Slayer? I thought you would be gone by now." He mocked and Buffy smiled.

            "Would you help me if I told you I think we can get Buffy and Jack back. Right now?" She heard Spike gasp beside her and Angelus narrowed his eyes, "Are you serious?" He asked softly and Buffy nodded.

            "Then let's go." Angelus said with a growl.

            Buffy looked at Spike, "Ready?" He nodded and she opened up the cat portal and smiled at Angelus' expression as the cat walked out.

            "Can you take us to the Jack and Buffy of this reality?" Buffy asked, holding her breath. The cat sat down and regarded her for a moment.

            "Yes." It replied, and Buffy sighed in relief.

            "Are they still alive?" Angelus growled but Buffy took his arm and shook her head, "Doesn't matter. Time doesn't matter, we can go to when they are alive." She said quietly and Angelus regarded the little cat with more respect.

            "Can you take us to when Jack and Buffy were captured?" Buffy figured she would start there.


            "Would it be safe for us?"

            "No." It said.

"Oh." Buffy stopped and thought about how to rephrase her questions when Spike spoke, "Can you take us to them 5 years ago?"


            "In the dark?"


            "With them relatively unguarded so we don't get caught?" Angelus asked.


            Buffy was silent as she looked at the two vamps, "Any other parameters we need?" Angelus shrugged and Spike shook his head no.

            Buffy looked at the cat and said, "Let's do it." The portal opened and they quietly stepped into a darkened hallway of an obviously, (at least to Buffy) goa'uld ship or house or something. She looked at the vamps, "Do your vamp smell thing. Angelus, you get Buffy and Spike find Jack. I'm holding the portal open." They nodded and left with vampire speed.

            Buffy spent an uncomfortable 10 minutes with the cat, standing silently in the corridor. Suddenly she heard alarms and saw both Angelus and Spike racing towards her. Angelus had a semi-conscious Buffy in his arms and Spike had Jack in a fireman's carry over his shoulder.  She stepped aside and they both raced through, many Jaffa on their tail. Buffy waved cheerfully "Ta Ta!" she said and stepped through, closing the portal.

            "Whew. Cutting it a little close were we?" Buffy asked sarcastically and Angelus smiled, "Not a problem." He gently laid Buffy down and looked over at Spike and Jack.

Jack was thinner and more gray but looked ok physically. Buffy knelt in front of him, "Jack?" she whispered and he took his eyes off his wife. "What? How?" Buffy placed gentle fingertips against his lips, "We did it for your children. Jack, it's been six years." His eyes widened and he looked over at his Buffy who was beginning to stir, "We've only been gone a year!" and Buffy nodded, "Some kind of planetary anomaly or something. Listen, your kids are all fine but they need you, especially Joy and Giles. Why didn't you escape?" She asked the question that had bothered her.

"When they couldn't defeat Buffy they trapped her with me as bait and placed her in stasis. Ba'al tortured me on how her powers worked. I didn't know so they would torture me then revive my body in the sarcophagus. Ba'al has been busy lately and ignored us for the past couple of months." He sighed shakily and rubbed his eyes. "Thanks for finding us." Buffy nodded and stood, "Let's take them to the SGC." Spike and Angelus nodded and Buffy opened the portal and they all stepped through.

Hammond was there and so was Daniel, Teal'c and Sam. There were gasps and Jack was suddenly being hugged within an inch of his life, "For cryin' out loud, I'm not dead!" and there was laughter. Hammond then had called for Janet and she rolled a gurney in and Angelus gently laid the Slayer on it. He looked at Janet, "She's been unconscious for several months but I think she's beginning to come around in the past few minutes." Janet nodded and Jack moved beside Buffy when the blast door opened and Bess and the kids ran through.

"Dad? Mom?" and Jack was suddenly hugging his kids, tears on everybody's faces. Buffy was crying too as she watched. Angelus was standing, arms crossed and expression unreadable.

"Nothing changes Angelus." She said quietly. He slanted a glance at her, "Shows what you know. I'm not the important person in Joy's life now." Buffy laughed, "Makes you happy doesn't it?" and he grinned wryly.

Jack turned back to Buffy, Angelus and Spike. "Thank you for our lives." He said simply and Buffy smiled, "Live a long life Jack O'Neill and take care of Buffy and your kids." She laughed as Giles and Joy launched themselves at her for hugs. "Be good you guys, and love your Mom and Dad." They both nodded and kissed her and went back to stand with their Dad who was holding his Buffy's hand.

The Buffy on the gurney whispered something to Jack. He nodded and beckoned Buffy over. She held up her hand to Buffy, "Thank you." Their eyes met and Buffy smiled, "Your kids needed you, it's the least I could do for my sister." The Buffy on the gurney smiled and the corpsman rolled her away. Bess came over to stand with Buffy, Angelus and Spike and watched as her reunited family walked through the blast doors on their way to the infirmary.

"Thanks Buffy." She said simply and then she hugged Angelus, "Thanks bad guy." He smiled wryly over Bess's head at Buffy and laughed, "Go be with your family Bess." She nodded and wiped her eyes, and held out a hand for Spike. Both Buffy and Angelus watched with disapproval as they walked out.

"Could be worse." Buffy chirped and Angelus looked at her, "How?"

"Her mother could've slept with Spike too." Angelus' eyes went wide, "Tell me you didn't!" He watched as a sly grin appeared on Buffy's face. "Wouldn't you like to know."

Suddenly Willow walked in with J.D. "Are we ready to go?" and Buffy nodded, "Saved by the witch." Angelus growled but accepted Buffy's quick hug, "Take care of yourself Slayer." He too walked out the door and Buffy nodded at General Hammond in the control room. His voice came over the speakers, "Good Luck." Buffy saluted and activated the portal and they walked into her reality.

Jack had been in the control room when the portal opened and Willow, Buffy and J.D. stepped through. He ran to the gateroom and hugged Buffy tightly, then kissed her. "Hey Will." he said and hugged her as well, causing her to giggle then blush.

Buffy looked at her friend, "I'm sorry we didn't use your spell and that you came for nothing." Willow smiled, "It was an exciting adventure. Thanks for taking me along." They hugged and Buffy activated the portal for the last time, "Blessed be Willow Rosenberg." And with a wave Willow stepped into her own reality and the portal closed.

Jack looked at Buffy and realized that she was exhausted. He spoke quickly with General Hammond and he took his family home.

It took Buffy almost all night and many tears to tell everything to her Jack. He comforted her as she wept and smiled at her description of the children. When dawn had lightened the sky above Pike's Peak, Buffy had finally fallen into an exhausted sleep, her head pillowed on Jack's lap.

Jack watched the sunrise and played with a curl of his wife's hair. He was so amazed by this woman who had fallen into his life, and thanked God everyday for her. Now maybe their life would settle down and they could begin the adventure of raising kids. J.D. started fussing and Jack smiled, "Coming kid."

Their new destiny had begun.