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[Using Anime/Manga Effects.]

Turn 2:

LDS Invasion

"Agh, too cold, too cold!"

I whisper-shouted when the showerhead sprayed me with cold water. I quickly turned the handle, letting warm water flow instead—warm, not hot: Yuzu and Shuzo called me over, but I mustn't be easygoing and use all their hot water. It's not in my character (no pun intended) and it should be the right thing to do, out of courtesy. Cold showers also have their benefits, but I never liked them.

The Hiiragis were very generous people: they gifted me their guest room, which was in perfect conditions even if nobody's used it so far, they said I could use the bathroom in the morning without worrying about them up as the water ran silently, they gave me a towel, soap bar, and shampoo and also cooked for me! I scolded them a couple of times, saying they're taking this too far, but they assured me it's fine and I was too anxious and I should enjoy my stay in Maiami City.

Anxious, huh...? Of course I was anxious! I'm in an anime! I still haven't gotten over that, but I'm trying my best not to blow my cover and act collected. It would be difficult to explain I'm from a totally different world and whatnot.

After I got out of the shower and dried off, I put the only clothes I owned back on and left the towel on my head. I was about to leave when I caught a glance of my reflection on the bathroom mirror, and I stared at my dual colored gaze; I was always a fan of heterochromia, especially in anime, so to have it myself was a great plus.

"Fusion Summon...!" I clasped my hands together, copying Sora's posture when he Fusion Summons. Did my tendency to Yu-Gi-Oh out of nowhere while I'm alone have to remain? Sora's Fusion chant was pretty awesome and I couldn't wait to do it myself; I've already studied a Pendulum chant and some individual chants for my Monsters.

I suddenly felt like I was being judged by my own reflection, so I left the bathroom and tiptoed to my room, closing the door after me. I sat down on my bed, Duel Disk in hand and towel discarded for now.

"Let's see..." I activated my Duel Disk, causing its screen to lit up. Yesterday night, I saw Shuzo making a call on his Duel Disk, and I got curious: what else can these devices do? I got my answer when I managed to leave the Duel Disk's Duel Mode, entering a home screen which had five apps: the Duel Mode, settings, a phone, a notebook, and a web browser.

I didn't have any contacts or web pages saved away but I had one note, which I believed was very important as it was called [READ ME]. I opened it and read its contents out loud, but in a low tone to keep a low profile.

"What I mustn't forget list." OK, that's pretty straightforward. "One: in this universe, I can choose to lie about my age. If I do, I must say I'm at least fourteen."

Phew, it's a good thing nobody questioned my age yet... Before I fell asleep last night, I thought of every question anyone could possibly ask me and made a lie for it. I hate questions I don't expect! For instance, Yuzu asked me why don't I have any luggage with me at dinner last night... I was able to come up with a quick excuse- all my stuff was stolen, I've said- but I didn't like the tension at all. I then escaped by changing the subject, wondering where Mrs. Hiiragi was; I was dumbfounded when Yuzu said she didn't have a mother. I didn't see that coming...

"Two: I must be at least fourteen so that I can enter the Maiami Championship's Junior Youth category, the same in which Sakaki Yuya will participate." oh, this must be the championship Shuzo mentioned yesterday! In order to stay close to the action, it's rational to stay close to the MC. Makes sense.

"Three: to qualify for the championship, a Duelist must have participated in at least fifty official Duels in a year, with a win rate of at least 60%. This Duel Disk certifies I'm qualified to participate..." so I'm all set to go, huh? The notes ended there.

At least now I knew I was sent here by someone. But who? Why didn't they add these details? It would be too easy, right? Anime logic, what a pain! Wait, this bizarre feeling I suddenly felt towards the notes... it's the same from yesterday when I stared at Yuya and Yuzu: it's as if I knew the writer and I hated them. I wouldn't overlook these details, but I didn't have any clues whatsoever.

I guess I should focus on what I can learn for now, like my deck and its new Pendulum Effects and its Extra Deck trio. Some Spell and Trap Cards were integrated with new effects since all the Main Deck Monsters became Pendulums. I also have to review my cards' lores if I wish to continue narrating during my Duels; I won't try any death-defying acrobatics as I value my life too much, so I have to compensate for it.

Some time later, I heard noise coming from downstairs and a good smell hit me when I exited my room. The doors to Shuzo's and Yuzu's rooms were also left open; they must be making breakfast, so I went to join them.

"Today we will be studying the many different Summoning Methods." Shuzo stated.

I always thought no matter how young or old you are, you aren't a crazy fan when it comes to school: meeting friends and learning is always good, important, and fun—yada yada, but the idea of going to school for hours is always a mood killer.

But boy, going to a school where you get to study how to play Yu-Gi-Oh? I would be the first person to stand in front of the gates twenty-four on seven!

I was taking notes on how to Normal Summon for goodness sake! How excited do you have to be in order to accept that? It's a miracle I wasn't squealing the entire time, but only lightly jumping up and down in my chair as Shuzo explained things.

But it was a little hard to follow when I had Sora on my left 'fusing' ice creams and chanting in a low tone, his exercise book acting as a makeshift wall.

"Oi, that's not good!" Yuya, who was on my right, whispered at Sora, voicing my thoughts. Back in my world, even we ate during lessons from time to time, but not ice cream! Sora's on a totally different level.

"No, it tastes great!" Sora whispered back. "Do you want some too, Yuya? And you, Vince?"

"Well..." I mumbled. Seeing him eat ice cream triggered my own appetite for it. "If you have another spoon, I guess it wouldn't hurt to try."

"Guys, cut it out." we turned at Yuya. "If you get caught eating that in class, who knows when Yuzu's paper fan will..." he glanced at Yuzu and stopped upon noticing her troubled expression lost in thoughts. "Not come flying? Something's been off about her these days..."

"These days?" my eyebrows furrowed. "She seemed fine yesterday...although, this morning she was a little spaced out."

"I tried to cheer her up the other day by going shopping, but you saw how that turned out..." Yuya turned at me again. "Then you came and I thought she was back to normal...but was your stay at Yuzu's?"

"Excellent." I smiled, trying to cheer him up. "She and Shuzo-san are very good people. Maybe too good...I mean, they would've been in trouble if I ended up being a psycho or burglar taking shelter in their house."

"Yeah..." he nodded slowly, his eyes a little narrowed. His reaction surprised me: did he take the joke too seriously? Sure, we just met and it's understandable if he doubts me, especially with the 'I have Pendulums as well' history between us and Yuzu being a childhood friend of his. He's cautious for Yuzu's and Shuzo's sakes, too.


An unknown male appeared out of nowhere and slept at the girl lead's house; the next day, the male lead asks information regarding his stay—

"Are you jealous?" I found myself ask. It's obvious Yuzu will be Yuya's waifu, their feelings just haven't bloomed yet. I didn't want to start a competition, especially with the age gap between me and Yuzu.

Yuya sported an annoyed expression, the same he had when I wondered if he and Yuzu were an item. He opened his mouth to reply—

"I activate Donut's effect! Vanilla Prince is powered up even more!"

"What are you doing eating in class!?" Shuzo roared as Sora started eating donuts.

"Dad! About Xyz..." Yuzu spoke up out of the blue, standing up.

"Xyz...?" Shuzo parroted in confusion, a sentiment shared by the entire class. We were only at Advance Summons, how come she wanted to skip all the others?

"We don't teach Xyz Summoning at our school, do we?" Yuzu continued.

"W-We don't. I can't teach what I haven't done." his father said. "It's just recently that they started teaching it at LDS, isn't it? Why are you bringing Xyz up all of the sudden?"

"No... I was just wondering..." she muttered, glancing at Yuya with a worried expression, which then turned to shock.

"Eh? What?" Yuya was confused.

"Are you alright, Yuzu?" I asked, concerned.

"Ah! No, it's nothing..." she quickly said, sitting back down.

"Hey, I know!" Shuzo exclaimed before I could ask her if she was sure. "Vince, you said you know all the Extra Deck summoning methods, yes? Would you mind giving us a lesson?"

"Eh? Me?" I echoed in surprise.

"All of them?" Sora raised an eyebrow in shock.

"That's amazing!" Ayu smiled.

"Shivers!" Futoshi added.

"Please, Vince-oniichan!" Tatsuya pleaded.

"O-OK, OK!" I chuckled and raised my hands in defeat. I didn't hate explaining things to others, but this will be my first time teaching Yu-Gi-Oh! There's a first time for everything.

"Thank you, Vince!" Shuzo patted my shoulder and sat down at my seat. He also sequestered Sora's ice creams and donuts, much to the other's chagrin.

"Here's what you need to know..." I started. "During their Main Phase, the turn player can Xyz Summon an Xyz Monster from their Extra Deck by vertically stacking two face-up Monsters with the same Level as the Xyz Monster's Rank that are listed on it as Xyz Materials; this is called Overlaying, and the materials become Overlay Units. After that, the player summons the Xyz Monster in face-up Attack or Defense Position by placing it on top of the stacked Xyz Materials. There are some Xyz Monsters that require more than two materials or only one, and they don't possess Levels but Ranks."

"They don't have Levels...!?" Ayu gasped.

"Vince-oniichan." Tatsuya called out and raised a hand. "If Xyz monsters don't have Levels, I can't use them to Xyz Summon another Monster, right?"

"I'm afraid you can't, Tatsuya." I shook my head. "Unless the Monster you're summoning states you can use an Xyz Monsters for its summon, then no. And since they don't have Levels, effects which affect Levels don't affect Xyz Monsters either. Other questions?"

"Vince, those Overlay Units..." Yuzu started. "You can use them for something else, right?"

"That's right." I smiled. "Some Xyz Monsters use their Overlay Units to activate their effects, and when you use them, they're sent to the Graveyard. Albeit, they aren't treated as being sent from the field to the Graveyard if that's the case."

"Wow, you seem to know a lot about Xyz, Vince!" Sora spoke up. "Do you happen to have an Xyz Monster yourself?"

Before I could answer his question, Gongenzaka's shouts could be heard so we rushed outside to see what's happening.

"What's all the fuss about!?" Shuzo demanded.

"Oh, Principal!" Gongenzaka glanced at us. "I, the man Gongenzaka, was in the midst run for my leg training when I noticed three suspicious male figures peeking into your Duel School, and when I questioned them they said Yuya ambushed someone yesterday night! Unforgivable!"


"I did!?"

Shuzo and Yuya shouted respectively, deeply shocked like the rest of us. Yuya? Ambush someone? From the short time I spent with him, I can confidently announce he would never do such a thing.

"That's right!" one of the three males confirmed. "We won't let you say you forgot!"

"We were there and saw you with our very eyes!" another said.

"There were four- no, five witnesses present!" the last one declared. "Sawatari-san, us, and her too!"

He pointed at someone behind us—at Yuzu! Was that why she's been acting strangely these days? Because she witnessed an ambush?

"Isn't that right? Hiiragi Yuzu-chan!?" the three shouted in unison and displayed the infamous Jonouchi chin meme. I would've laughed in their faces if it wasn't for the tense situation.

"Is that true, Yuzu? You saw it too?" Gongenzaka asked.

"Saw? What?" Shuzo was beyond confusion.

"The face of the culprit!" one replied. "The son of the soon to be Mayor, Sawatari-san's assaulter, the face of Sakaki Yuya!"

"Huh!?" Yuya cried out. Soon to be Mayor? Damn, this could take a dangerous route if what they're saying is true. But Yuya? No, that should be impossible!

"Stop lying!" Futoshi suddenly shouted, voicing my thoughts.

"Yuya-oniichan would never do something like that!" Tatsuya added.

"The one who attacked first was Sawatari!" Ayu told. "So to stop him, Yuzu-oneechan went to Duel him!"

"W-Wait a minute! The one who Dueled him wasn't Yuya but Yuzu!?" Shuzo asked.

"Yeah!" the little girl shouted.

"And her opponent was—"


"Then that means... The one who ambushed him was Yuzu!" Shuzo ran his hands through his hair.

"That's wrong!" the three kids shouted in unison. Again, I would've laughed if it wasn't for the situation.

"We just told you it was Sakaki Yuya..." one pointed out.

"He's the one who attacked Sawatari-san!" another remarked.

"I feel so sorry for Sawatari-san..." the last one sighed. "He was injured so severely he was hospitalized."

"Hospitalized!?" Yuya gasped.

"No way!" Yuzu's eyes widen.

"...Is this the moment where we see how the person's enjoying themselves in the hospital?" I wondered out loud.

"This isn't a joke, you!" one of three shouted at me. "If something happens to Sawatari-san, how are you going to take responsibility!?"

"T-Take responsibility?" Yuya turned towards Yuzu. "Say something, Yuzu! You saw something, right!?"

"I did see it, but..."

"Don't tell me you doubt me too, Yuzu!" Yuya exclaimed.

"That's-!" Yuzu couldn't finish her sentence and looked away. Just what happened!?

"OK, can we just calm down for a minute!?" I raised my voice, annoyed. "Instead of shouting at each other, can someone explain exactly what happened from the start so we can sort this problem out like grown people?"

"I approve of your idea."

A woman wearing expensive clothing said as she stepped out of her limousine, smiling at us.

"You're LDS'..." Shuzo realized who she was. Luckily, I knew too: while I was researching my cards' lores, I stumbled on a recent article which talked about LDS, a prestigious Duel School, and its CEO and Chairwoman.

"Yes, I am the current Chairwoman. My name is Akaba Himika." she said. "Can we continue this discussion inside?"

We weren't in the position to disapprove, so we accepted; the kids and I shot glares at the goons before entering the school, though. Himika sat on a couch opposite to Shuzo's, and we stationed ourselves on the Principal's side. I sat down on the couch's armrest.

"Everything they said is the truth," she explained. "The fact that one of our LDS students, Sawatari Shingo, was attacked, as well as his statement that the culprit is Sakaki Yuya-kun who is currently enrolled as a student at this Duel School."

"Well, Yuya?" Shuzo looked at him. "Did you really—"

"Of course not!" Yuya burst out. "I would never do anything like that!"

"I, the man Gongenzaka, believe in my friend!" Gongenzaka declared. "It's the same for all of you, isn't it?"

"Of course!" Futoshi agreed with Tatsuya and Ayu.

"I don't know you for a long time, Yuya, but I'm positive you wouldn't hurt somebody to the point of sending them to the hospital." I said confidently.

"And you, Yuzu?" Gongenzaka turned at her.

She stared at the floor for a couple of seconds, but then looked at her friend. "That really wasn't you, right, Yuya?"

"I don't know what you saw, Yuzu, but I didn't attack Sawatari!" Yuya assured her with a serious expression.

"...I got it." Yuzu finally smiled. "Then I'll believe in you too, Yuya!"

"Oh my, what strong bonds you have," Himika spoke up. "It seems it would be impossible for me to ask you to hand Yuya-kun over. But we cannot back down at this point now. If rumor spread that a student from LDS, the world's number one Duel School, lost in a Duel, it would bring forth immense damage to our reputation."

"But Yuya didn't—"

"That's no longer relevant!" Himika cut Shuzo off, now angry. Well, well, Himika Rage was activated; its effect causes Himika to shout out of the blue. "The problem here is the symbol of LDS has been dragged through mud! The only way to clear this disgrace is a Duel between our schools!"

"A Duel between schools!?" Shuzo echoed in disbelief. At least they won't throw cops at us...

Himika's smile returned. "Yes. If your part wins, we'll ignore the case concerning Sawatari-kun. But if we win, we will have you make this You Show Duel School a part of LDS."

"What did you say!?" Yuya cried out.

"Not only do you want to clear your name, but to take over You Show as well!?" Gongenzaka was enraged.

"As long as it's a win-win situation, I don't believe she minds." I said.

"Chairwoman Akaba, I've heard you've acquired many other Duel Schools across the world. Am I right in saying You Show Duel School has become your next target?"

Himika's smile widen, giving her answer to Shuzo.

"Don't tell me-! You set up the entire attack on Sawatari just for this!?"

"U-Um..." I started nervously. "Correct me if I'm wrong...but Chairwoman Akaba could very well lie about the truth, after all, we don't have any proof. Setup or not, she took hold of a chance given to her, and now we're forced to accept her challenge..."

"I'm not pleased to hear you'd doubt us, but you do have a point." Himika agreed. "And yes, I did use this case to my advantage. The chance to have four pillars support LDS, namely Fusion, Synchro, Xyz, and Pendulum, would be an amazing gift, don't you think? Using the skills and abilities of our Leo Corporation to add Pendulum Summoning to our LDS curriculum will increase the number of enrolling students. There are many Duelists who aspire to use Pendulum Summoning as Yuya-kun does, and I cannot ignore this fact."

"B-But if you don't have Yuya's Pendulum Cards to Pendulum Summon..." Tatsuya started.

"That can also be resolved by the power of our Leo Corporation." Himika pointed out. "That is why it's necessary for us to unite."

"So you'll have the power to create Pendulum Cards...?" I muttered. With all the power LDS can hold, it will be no surprise.

"Dueling is not a tool for fighting." Yuya clasped his pendant. "But I don't want You Show Duel School or Pendulum Summoning taken away by somebody else! You Show was created by my father to teach Entertainment Dueling, to teach that Duels should be something to be enjoyed and viewed by others. I don't want to give it over to somebody like you who thinks they can use money and power to control others!"

Himika wasn't too happy to hear that, and I had to admit, me too: 'Pendulum Summoning taken away by somebody else', didn't I do that? It's hard to deduce if Yuya's still vexed over my Pendulum Cards, but that's how he feels, so maybe he is...but maybe he isn't. I hope by Dueling for the school he treasures will sort things out between us, in case they weren't already.

"Well said, Yuya!" Gongenzaka placed a hand on his friend's shoulder. "I, the man Gongenzaka, agree whole-heartedly! In order to defend You Show, I'll fight alongside you!"

"But you're an outsider, aren't you?" Sora inquired, and Gongenzaka froze on spot. "If Duel School students are fighting together, then Yuya, Yuzu, Vince, and I should do, yes? I also wanted to fight an LDS student."

"T-To think you would exclude a man such as I, Gongenzaka! I-It-It's unforgivable!"

"It seems your students' feelings are in line with each other." Himika spoke up.

"Mine are as well." Shuzo stated. "We won't—"

"Hand over You Show Duel School!" they all shouted in unison.

"U-Uh, yeah, that's right!" I quickly added, sweatdropping. I really have to work on my timing.

"Well then, shall we begin?" Himika said after a long sigh.

We moved to the arena, followed by Himika and three youths she called in.

"Three versus three. The one who gets two wins is the victor, is that good with you?" Himika asked, and we nodded back. "So then, who will go first?"

"Me!" Sora immediately shouted.

"Wait a minute now! I'm going first!" I declared, stepping in front of the shorter male. "This is going to be a great opportunity to demonstrate that it wasn't a bad choice from your part on letting me enroll here!"

"Bad choice? Of course it wasn't!" Shuzo exclaimed.

"Yuya," I turned at him, lowering my voice. "Can I go? I wish to fix the inconvenience between us by winning this first match."

"Vince..." he looked shocked at first, but he nodded. "Of course." he then smiled. "And don't think there's an inconvenience in play here. I pondered about yesterday's events and, while I'm still confused, I'm not mad at you."

"That's really good to hear." I smiled, too.

"Oi, oi, hold up!" Sora glared at me. "You might be new here, but that doesn't mean you get to steal my Duels!"

"That's enough of you." Yuzu patted his head, making him stop.

"Ah, so you're a newly enrolled student?" Himika chuckled. "I applaud your spirit, but it's in your best interest if you don't think you'll win that easily. They're all Junior Youth class Duelists like yourself, but they're the ace's of each LDS course."

"If you went through all this trouble, I wouldn't expect anything less." I admitted with a lopsided smile. This won't be an easy ride...

"A good hunch." Himika's smile widen. "The one who'll battle you is..."

"LDS' Xyz course member, Shijima Hokuto." the youth with purple hair stepped forward.

"Xyz? Is fate telling me something?" I joked, glancing at Yuzu.

"S-Sorry." she gave an embarrassed smile.

"Don't sweat it, Yuzu." I assured her.

"Here it is!" I glanced backward, seeing the kids and Gongenzaka staring at something on Tatsuya's Duel Disk. Ayu continued. "LDS' Shijima Hokuto."

"His record this year is..." Futoshi's eyes widen. "58 matches with 53 wins!?"

"His winning percentage is over 90%!" Tatsuya added.

"He's got over top scores in the Junior Youth class rank testings!" Futoshi said.

"Forget test scores, I hear he's said to be favored to win the championship!" Ayu shouted.

"That's not how you're supposed to cheer for someone...!" I muttered, clearly sulked. Don't tell me I volunteered to Duel the strongest out of the three...! My beautiful luck I'd love to kill came to hunt me! Figures.

"Whether he's an ace or a potential champion is nothing to be afraid of!" Shuzo scolded me. "Show him your abilities, Vince. They're burning and hot-blooded!"

I sweatdropped at his abrupt shouting, but he was right: this isn't the time to chicken out and go home. I promised Yuya I'll win the first match! Here goes nothing!

The others headed to the viewer room and Hokuto and I got into position while the Principal went to the control room.

"Our students can handle any situation." Himika boasted. "So choose whatever you want."

"Can handle everything you say?" Shuzo inquired. "Then how about this!? Action Field on: Field Spell, Cosmic Sanctuary, activate!"

The entire arena around us glowed, taking the shape of an ancient sanctuary on top of a mountain with a starry sky and a large hole around the platform in the field's center. Seriously, are they trying to kill us? What if we will fall into that!?

"Use the power of the stars to fight, Vince!" Shuzo yelled at the top of his lungs.

"S-Sure!" I gave a thumbs-up. I didn't know much about stars, but this antique-like location could fit my theme just right!

Hokuto was staggered by the Field—and started laughing.

"Of all things, you chose the field that suits me the best?" he inquired. "Do you even want to win?"

"I'm honestly starting to doubt it..." I muttered as my right eyebrow twitched.

"NANIII!?" Shuzo exclaimed in horror.

"Just looking at the name Hokuto you can figure out that much..." Sora told with a disappointed sigh.

"Name? What does your name mean?" I asked my opponent, intrigued.

"Hokuto is the Japanese name of the Big Dipper and an alternate name for the North Star," he explained. "I suggest you remembering it well, after all, knowing the name of who defeats you is the least you can do."

Well somebody likes to trash talk. Too bad I can do it myself! If I try hard enough...

"F-For all I'm concerned, we're standing on the sacred ground of Mount Olympus."

"Mount Olympus?" Hokuto's eyebrows furrowed

"Yes, notable in Greek mythology as the home of the Greek gods!" I added with a smirk. "I suggest you remembering it well, after all, knowing the location of your defeat is the least you can do, yes?"

Hokuto scoffed loudly; did I touch a sore spot? He activated his Duel Disk, and I did so myself.

"Duelists locked in battle!" Ayu began the chant. Great, there's something I forgot the memorize...

"Kicking the earth and dancing in the air alongside their Monsters!" Futoshi continued. Phew! The kids will give us the chant it seems.

"They storm through this field." Tatsuya yelled.

"Behold! This is the newest and greatest evolution of Dueling!"

"Action...!" Futoshi and Tatsuya shouted in unison after Ayu's line.

"DUEL!" Hokuto and I declared. Finally, got one right!

Hokuto: LP 4000


Vince: LP 4000

Eh? Why weren't Action Cards scattered around the field? A malfunction? I don't think so...after all, no one said a word about it. Maybe this field's different from yesterday's...

"Now, Hokuto, show us your abilities." Himika urged her Duelist.

"Understood, Chairwoman-sensei." Hokuto smiled. "I'll be taking the first turn! From my hand, I summon Constellar Algiedi!"

Hokuto placed a card onto his energy blade, causing a humanoid Monster clad in armor with two horns, holding a staff, and having a cloak fastened to its shoulders to join us. The cloak's interior glowed with a starry sky.

Constellar Algiedi: Light / Spellcaster / Effect / ATK: 1600 / DEF: 1400 / LV: 4

"Constellar?" I thought out loud. Not for nothing he's from LDS' Xyz course; that archetype's Extra Deck is only composed of Xyz Monsters. I've started this Duel with a handicap or two, but at least I'm familiar with my opponent's deck.

"When this Monster is Normal Summoned, I can Special Summon one Level 4 "Constellar" Monster from my hand!" Hokuto stated. "I Special Summon Constellar Kaus!"

Algiedi waved its staff as its tip glowed, conjuring a portal from which a centaur clad in armor, holding a bow and arrow, and having a cloak fastened to its shoulders, whose interior glowed with a starry sky, emerged.

Constellar Kaus: Light / Beast-Warrior / Effect / ATK: 1800 / DEF: 700 / LV: 4

"Seikuriddo Kausuto no kōka hatsudō!" Hokuto gestured at his Monsters. "This Monster can, twice per turn, raise or lower the Level of a "Constellar" Monster I target by one. For starters, I'll raise Algiedi's Level by one!"

Kaus fired an arrow that exploded in the sky, letting particles rain onto its comrade.

(Algiedi: Level 4→5)

"I'm using this effect for the second time on Kaus itself, raising its Level by one as well!"

Following its user's command, Kaus fired another arrow and enveloped itself with particles.

(Kaus: Level 4→5)

"I overlay the now Level 5 Algiedi and Kaus!" his two Monsters turned into yellow beams which entered a swirling galaxy, triggering a pillar of light to shoot out of it. "Light of the stars, descend and shake this very earth! Xyz Summon! Rank 5! Constellar Pleiades!"

An imposing, humanoid Monster clad in ornate armor and a cloak, whose interior glowed with a starry sky, emerged from the portal with a battle cry and brandished its sword.

Constellar Pleiades: Light / Warrior / Xyz / Effect / ATK: 2500 / DEF: 1500 / RK: 5

So this was an Xyz Summon up close... not too different from Zexal's animation when you Xyz Summon a "Number", but cool nonetheless.

"As Vince-oniichan said, it doesn't have Levels but Ranks!" I heard Tatsuya shout.

"And those lights orbiting it must be its Overlay Units!" Ayu noted.

"As 'you' said, huh?" Hokuto placed his free hand on his hip. "So you have knowledge of Xyz Monsters' particularities. That's a surprise."

"A surprise that I know or...?" he might be referring to something else, but in a world where being self-taught is enough to amaze others, there's a chance he's surprised that I know trivial stuff like Ranks and Overlay Units.

"A surprise that you enrolled in You Show instead of LDS!" Hokuto clarified. "You can't possibly hope to harness your skills in a place like this."

"We don't know for sure." I remarked. "After all, the people here know things I don't, like Entertainment Dueling and Pendulum Summoning!"

"Both of which will belong to LDS when your school is defeated." Hokuto sneered, prompting me to frown. Who said we'll lose? I stayed silent so he would continue his turn and then pass the baton over to me. I'll show him what my Mythorrors and I are made of. "Can't find words? Humph. I set one card face-down and end my turn."

"Boku no turn!" I declared. "Draw! I start my turn by activating the Spell Card Sevenfolded Luck! It makes me toss a coin, and depending on the result, an effect is applied. Let's see if the Seven Lucky Gods will grant me good luck!"

A card, which depicted seven netsukes arranged in a circle and staring at a glowing, golden coin in its center, appeared. The coin materialized in front of the card, albeit oversized, and while its Head showed a skull, its Tail showed a tail with spikes.

"So you Duel relying on luck?" Hokuto looked offended.

"It's not luck. It's inevitability." I corrected, using my favorite line of Tenjo Kaito from his Duel with Jinlon. The confused expression Hokuto made further boosted my pride. "The best Duelists can even guide their cards. That's the bond me and my deck share."

"Well said, Vince!" Yuya cheered. I know, but I better get the result I want and not make a fool out of myself!

"If the coin lands on Tails, then we both get to draw a card," I explained as the coin flipped into the air. "But if it lands on Heads, I excavate the top five cards of my Deck, then add two of those cards to my hand and shuffle the rest into my Deck! So, what will the result be!?"

We all went silent as the coin landed on the ground and revealed—

"Heads!" Tatsuya and Ayu cried out.

"Shivers!" Futoshi shouted.

"The gods rewarded me with their kindness!" I smirked. "Let's turn over the top five cards of my Deck." after I did so, slowly showing each card to the crowd, my smirk turned into a grin: the two cards I lacked to defeat Pleiades were among them!

"All the Monster Cards you excavated were Pendulum Cards...!" Hokuto's eyes were wide as dinner plates.

"Sakaki Yuya's Pendulum wasn't a singularity...!?" Himika was also shocked, a sentiment shared by her other two youths. "This changes everything... Hokuto!"

"Yes, Chairwoman-sensei!" he beat her at it. "It seems your cards are also wanted now, Mr. Myth Knower."

"It's Sakushi Vincent." I remarked with a scowl. "And I won't let you have my cards either!" I added the two cards to my hand and placed the rest onto my deck, which immediately auto-shuffled. Oh, it can do that, cool. "Since you're the only one to control Monsters, I can Special Summon this card from my hand. Appear, Mythorror Huldra!"

The beautiful, young woman with pale skin, light blue eyes, short blonde hair, and wearing a white Victorian dress with a matching light blue shawl and bonnet and having a cow tail peeking out under its skirt appeared.

Mythorror Huldra: ATK 1400 / DEF 1600 / LV: 4 / SC: 9

"Huldra can be treated as two sacrifices for the Advance Summon of a Mythorror!" I stated. "So I release her to summon a god! Appear, the eight heads and tails which shake the Heavens and Earth! Mythorror God Yamatochi!"

Huldra clasped its hands as it vanished in particles, which took the form of the tall human with fair skin, a toned body clad in a black and dark red Nanban dou gusoku that left its chest and upper arms bare, long and thick, black hair that faded into blue tips and reached its shoulders, a dragon mask over its face, seven tentacles on its upper back which ended in miniature dragon heads, eight tails thrashing from its lower back, and holding an obsidian sword.

Mythorror God Yamatochi: ATK 2800 / DEF 2000 / LV: 7 / SC: 4

What the? a notification appeared to tell me Huldra was sent to my Extra Deck. When they're destroyed and released, Pendulum Monsters are sent to the Extra Deck? Wasn't that too cheap? If the game allows you, I guess it wasn't.

"Yamatochi has 2800 Attack; Pleiades only has 2500!" Yuzu shouted. "It can defeat it!"

"You aren't going to use Pendulum Summoning? Oh well, either way, you won't be a challenge to me." Hokuto said.

"We'll see. I activate Yamatochi's effect!" I stated. "If this card is Advance Summoned by releasing only Mythorrors, I can add one Continuous Spell from my Deck to my hand. Let's Battle! Mythorror God Yamatochi, attack his Monster! Darkness Flood!"

"Naïve!" Hokuto exclaimed. "Such childish moves won't faze me! I activate Constellar Pleiades' effect! Once per turn, during either player's turn, by using one of its Overlay Units, I can return one card on the field to its owner's hand! I target your Yamatochi!"

"I was waiting for that! I activate the Quick-Play Spell Solemn Command from my hand!" a card, which depicted the elderly man in Solemn Judgment pointing at the viewer, appeared. "When exactly one "Mythorror" Monster I control is targeted by an opponent's card effect, the all-glorious God will negate that card or effect and gift my comrade with 600 Attack Points until the End Phase!"

Pleiades crushed one of its Overlay Units and raised its sword, but a lightning bolt shot down from the sky and washed over the Xyz Monster, causing it to grunt in pain and fall to one knee. At the same time, my Monster gained an eerie aura and it gave an inhuman roar.

(Yamatochi: 2800→3400 ATK; Pleiades: 2→1 OVU)

"This much is within my expectations. Torappu hatsudō: Nakshatric Constellation!" a card, which depicted a circular barrier of light divided into twelve segments, each containing a constellation of the zodiac, appeared. "If my Constellar is attacked, this Trap negates your attack, and I also get to add one "Constellar" Monster from my Deck to my hand!"

Yamatochi's sword glowed purple and it swung it to the side, releasing a crescent moon-shaped energy slash that headed for Pleiades. The attack never hit as the barrier on Nakshatric Constellation appeared before Pleiades, deflecting the energy slash.

That card's Constellar Sombre. I thought upon seeing the card Hokuto fetched. If he uses Pleiades' effect next turn, he'll have a second Constellar in his GY, which means Sombre's effect could be used and he could Xyz Summon another Pleiades, then Xyz Summon Ptolemy M7 by using the first Pleiades as material. It's good I had a certain Trap in my hand that can save me next turn. "I place one card face-down and pass!"

(Yamatochi: 3400→2800 ATK)

Shooting stars suddenly rained from the sky, and I watched in surprise as some even fell onto the battlefield. Actions Cards didn't scatter when the Duel started...could those comets be...?

"Yamatochi." I turned to my ace, which glanced back. "Can you take me there?" I pointed at a temple where a shooting star fell. I could've run to it and not reveal my intentions to my opponent, but I won't risk potentially falling in the hole.

"Aiming for an Action Card, are you?" Hokuto assumed, unknowingly confirming my theory.

My god stared back, silent like death, but it eventually nodded. Two of its tail coiled around my waist and Yamatochi leaped into the air, flying over the hole and making me sigh in relief. We were about to land on the temple when Pleiades appeared in front of Yamatochi and their swords clashed, sending sparks flying.

I yelped the moment my god leaped backwards, landing inches before the temple, and it let go of me. Pleiades landed on the stairs, pointing its sword at us as if it was the sacred building's guardian.

"Could it be you came here...for this?" Hokuto chuckled as he emerged from behind a pillar, waving an Action Card between his fingers. Dammit, he beat me at it! "This field is one I specialize in. The timing of the shooting stars as well as their location...I have it all memorized."

"Vince, forgive me!" Shuzo apologized. "B-But keep burning! Hot-blooded!"

I'm really trying here! I thought, a little annoyed. Then I scoffed. "But now that you have an Action Card in your hand, you can't collect new ones!"

"I don't need to collect them to stop you." Hokuto said. "Just so you know, after honing my skills and by mastering Xyz, I've now won forty games in a row. This will be number forty-one."

"OK, someone's awfully full of themselves." I intoned, rolling my eyes.

"Say what you want, but don't hope I'll let some weakling ruin my reputation!" Hokuto declared. "Boku no turn, draw! Firstly I'll activate the Spell Card Holy Meteorite! For each "Constellar" Xyz Monster I control, one Spell or Trap Card you control is destroyed. Your only line of defense will now vanish!"

A card, which depicted an open star cluster- Pleiades' itself, if I wasn't mistaken- from which a shooting star was falling towards the viewer, appeared.

"Then I'll chain its activation to your effect! I present you the Trap Card The Pearly Gates to Heaven!" a card, which depicted the holy gateway to Heaven atop white clouds with its doors closed, appeared. "I may activate it if I control a Mythorror. This turn, you can't target my Mythorrors for attacks!"

My opponent's Spell fired a shooting star, piercing my Trap and causing it to explode in particles.

"If that's the case, all I have to do is purge your Monster!" Hokuto pointed at me. "I activate Pleiades' effect once again! By detaching one Overlay Unit from it, I return your god to your hand!"

The Xyz Monster crushed its last Overlay Unit and raised its sword, whose tip glowed brightly. The same light enveloped my own Monster, causing it to vanish with a gasp.

(Pleiades: 1→0 OVU)

"Vince-oniichan's field is empty!" Ayu was clearly concerned.

"That's not all." Sora interjected. "Since Vince doesn't control any "Mythorror" Monsters, his Trap Card's effect doesn't apply anymore."

Wait, wah? But my card states... Oh, yeah...he's right. The Pearly Gates to Heaven only stops my opponent from attacking Mythorrors, which means the player isn't affected by it. I didn't think of that when I made the card...

"Vince! You have to get an Action Card!" Yuya shouted.

"There is no need for such thing, Yuya!" I assured my teammate, and I wasn't joking. "I've got everything under control!"

"Under control, you say?" Hokuto sneered, enjoying my foolish choice of words. "Let me put this bluntly: you will lose! This turn to be precise! From my hand, I summon Constellar Sombre!"

A humanoid Monster with a feminine frame clad in armor, having two horns, wings whose membranes glowed with a starry sky and a glowing web-like structure on top of it, a cloak whose interior also had a starry sky, appeared.

Constellar Sombre: Light / Fairy / Effect / ATK: 1550 / DEF: 1600 / LV: 4

"I activate Sombre's effect!" upon Hokuto's command, Sombre gave a battle cry as its wings started releasing yellow dust, enveloping my opponent's field in light. "I can banish a Constellar from my Graveyard to add another one from there to my hand! I choose to banish Algiedi to return Kaus to my hand! Furthermore, the turn this effect is activated, I can Normal Summon one Constellar in addition to my usual Normal Summon and Set! Come back to us, Constellar Kaus!"

The bow and arrow carrying centaur reappeared, displaying its 1800 ATK.

"He controls two Monsters of the same Level...!" Yuya gasped. "That means—"

"Not yet!" Hokuto cut him off, making me scowl. His plan's the one I expected! "Seikuriddo Kausuto no kōka hatsudō! Twice per turn, I can raise or lower the Level of a targeted "Constellar" Monster by one! Obviously, I'm targeting Sombre and Kaus and raise their Levels by one each!"

Kaus fired two arrows in unison, enveloping the two Monsters with particles.

(Sombre: Level 4→5; Kaus: Level 4→5)

"I overlay the Level 5 Sombre and Kaus!" his two Monsters turned into yellow beams which entered a swirling galaxy, triggering a pillar of light to shoot out of it. "Xyz Summon! Rank 5! Constellar Pleiades!"

A second warrior emerged from the portal with a battle cry.

Constellar Pleiades: ATK 2500 / DEF 1500 / RK: 5

"All of the conditions have been met! The Monster I'm about to summon can be also Xyz Summoned by using a "Constellar" Xyz Monster I control as the Xyz Material. Of course, I'll use the Pleiades with 0 Overlay Units and Xyz Summon this card!" Hokuto cried out. "Rain down your dazzling light! Xyz Summon! Come forth, Rank 6! Constellar Ptolemy M7!"

A mechanical dragon clad in ornate armor and possessing wings whose membranes glowed with a starry sky and a web-like structure on top of it emerged from a swirling galaxy, landing where Pleiades stood seconds ago. It then let loose of a valiant roar.

Constellar Ptolemy M7: Light / Machine / Xyz / Effect / ATK: 2700 / DEF: 2000 / RK: 6

"Pendulum Summon being acquired by this school was simply a coincidental gift." Himika spoke up. "As I said, no matter who it is, joining with LDS is within their best interest!"

"That's not true!" Yuya shouted dismissively. "I believe in Vince, and that he'll win this!"

"Go, Vince!" Gongenzaka cheered.

"Don't give up!" Yuzu called out.

"You can do it, Vince-oniichan!" the kids supported.

"Words won't save the dead!" Hokuto yelled and pointed at me. "Battle! Constellar Pleiades will attack you directly! If my two attacks hit, it's over!"

"It isn't over yet!" I abruptly smirked. "I activate the effect of The Pearly Gates to Heaven in my Graveyard! If I'm being attacked directly and this card is in my Graveyard, I can banish it to not only end the Battle Phase but to inflict 600 damage to you as well!"

"A Trap's effect from the Graveyard!?" Hokuto's eyes widen in shock, a sentiment shared by the other viewers.

The giant doors depicted on my Trap materialized between us, blocking the Xyz Monster's strike and forcing it to retreat. The spot which its sword touched suddenly glowed, releasing a lightning bolt that hit Hokuto and made him stumble against a pillar.

Hokuto: LP 4000 - 600 = 3400

"D...Damn you...!" Hokuto muttered, anger dripping from his voice. "Within my forty consecutive wins, you were the first to ever damage me...!"

"I should feel honored, then." I said sarcastically.

"Why you! I'll make you pay for this humiliation!" he all but screamed. "I activate the Continuous Spell Constellar Tempest! This card can only be activated if I control two "Constellar" Xyz Monsters!"

When the card appeared on his field, it fired a flare into the sky—and I gasped when meteors started pouring towards my direction!

"A-Are you serious!?" I cried out, running away from my spot with eyes widen in fear. This guy wants to kill me because I damage his LP and his pride!? "Give me a bre—EEEAAAK!"

I couldn't finish my sentence without a shriek as a meteor slammed into the ground right behind me, sending me flying to the ground with a grunt of pain.

"Crush him! Crush him!" Hokuto laughed like a madman. The hysteric idiot! "During the End Phase, Constellar Tempest lets me halve my opponent's Life Points! I end my turn!"

"W-What did you say!?" I gasped after- somehow- hearing what he said amidst the destruction. That archetype never had such an OP card! I took cover behind a large boulder, which managed to save my skin from the meteors, and as I waited for the chaos to stop, I noticed an Action Card lying there. "Aren't you having an easy life..." I grumbled and added it to my hand.

Vince: LP 40002000

"I'll take you down in the next turn." Hokuto vowed when I left my hiding place. "No matter what it takes!"

"What do you think you're doing!?" Futoshi addressed my opponent.

"That's right! Don't you know what a Duel is!?" Ayu asked.

"Silence! A Duel is a fight!" Hokuto snarled. He then smirked. "If it's to win, you can't be picky about your methods."

"You're wrong!" Yuya debated. "Duelings isn't meant to hurt others!"

"Quit the useless chit chatter!" Hokuto scoffed and waved a hand. "You're wasting your breath."

"Then let's put it to good use!" I shouted, catching their attention. Time for my comeback! "Boku no turn, draw! To start things off, I activate the effect of Solemn Command in my Graveyard! During my Standby Phase, if I control one or less "Mythorror" monsters and this card is in my Graveyard, I can banish it to negate the effects of one Monster you control. Obviously, I target your Pleiades with this effect!"

A lightning bolt shot down from the sky and washed over Pleiades, causing it to grunt in pain and fall to one knee.

"Alright!" Gongenzaka cheered. "Now that Pleiades' effect was negated, it can't return Vince's cards back to his hand!"

"So my cards are safe." my smirk returned. "I continue my turn by summoning Mythorror Nattmara!"

Joining me in the battle was a skinny young woman with pale skin, piercing yellow eyes, long and spiky black hair tied into a low ponytail, some bangs falling over its forehead and cheeks, black claw-like nails, canine ears adorning the top of its head, furry legs which ended in paws, a long tail, and wearing a dark brown gymsuit with black fur around its waist- thus covering its crotch- and armholes.

Mythorror Nattmara: Dark / Fiend / Pendulum / Effect / ATK: 1700 / DEF: 400 / LV: 4 / SC: 6

"Don't make me laugh!" Hokuto snorted. "That Monster's Attack is lower than both Pleiades' and Ptolemy M7's Attack! What do you hope to accomplish by delaying Pendulum Summoning!?"

"Pendulum Summoning isn't my only weapon!" I pointed out. "Let's go, Battle! Nattmara, attack Constellar Ptolemy M7! Due to her effect, if she attacks, she gains 400 Attack and my opponent can't activate cards or effects until the end of the damage calculation!"

My huntress bared its fangs and got ready to pounce.

(Nattmara: 1700→2100 ATK)

"Even then, my Attack is higher!"

"Not for long!" I shouted after my opponent. "This curse affects only you, which means I'm free to do this: Akushon Majikku hatsudō!" a card, which depicted a drawn, four-sided purplish star in a dark blue galaxy, appeared. "Dark Star! With this card, I have to target one Monster we each control, and while yours loses 600 Attack, mine gains that much!"

"What!?" Hokuto gasped. "When did you grab an Action Card!?"

"During your tantrum, I found it behind the boulder where I hid! Rage must had really blinded you if you haven't noticed an extra card in my hand." I commented. "Now, Nattmara and Ptolemy M7, feel the Dark Star's radiance upon your skin!"

A star glowed brightly in the sky above our heads, and the mentioned Monsters gained a purple outline seconds later.

(Nattmara: 2100→2700 ATK; Ptolemy M7: 2700→2100 ATK)

"Go! Mara Cutter!" I gave my attack order, and Nattmara's nails lengthened when it slashed the opposing dragon across its chest, causing it to roar in pain before exploding.

Hokuto: LP 3400 - 600 = 2800

(Nattmara: 2700→2300 ATK)

"When a Constellar leaves the field, Constellar Tempest is destroyed by its own effect..." Hokuto muttered as his card also exploded in particles. "To think I would suffer this much damage... Unforgivable!"

"Yeah, yeah, whatever." I sighed in exasperation. This guy's pride is too fragile; with this much rage, it's easier for him to make a mistake. Not that I'm complaining. Now that I took care of Ptolemy M7, I won't have to worry about my Monster returning to my hand unless he summons another Pleiades. "I pass! During the End Phase, Dark Star's effect expires."

(Nattmara: 2300→1700 ATK)

"Boku no turn!" Hokuto drew his card and grinned at the result. "Your decision to dispose of Ptolemy M7 instead of the weakened Pleiades was wily—but ultimately useless! Using Constellar Pleiades as the Xyz Material, I perform an Xyz Summon! Rain down your dazzling light: Constellar Ptolemy M7!"

A second mechanical dragon emerged from a swirling galaxy.

Constellar Ptolemy M7: ATK 2700 / DEF 2000 / RK: 6

"Another one!?" Yuzu cried out in surprise.

"I activate the Equip Spell Constellar Excellence and equip it to Ptolemy M7!" a card, which depicted Ptolemy M7 with its body's golden parts glowing brightly and flying upwards, appeared. "Thanks to its effect, the equipped "Constellar" Xyz Monster loses its Condition effect. Ptolemy M7's Condition effect doesn't permit me to activate its other effect the turn it was Xyz Summoned by its own effect, but now that it lost said effect, I can activate it!"

You gotta be kidding me! First he can halve my LP, now he can bypass his Monster's only weakness!?

"Ptolemy M7's Monster effect! Once per turn, I can detach one of its Overlay Units to target one Monster on the field or in either player's Graveyard and return it to its owner's hand! Vanish!"

Following Hokuto's command, his dragon gave a roar as a light orbiting it was sucked into its chest and Nattmara vanished from my field with an annoyed growl.

(Ptolemy M7: 3→2 OVU)

"It all ends now." Himika chuckled, and I could almost imagine the smirk on her face. Too bad it won't stay for long!

"BATTLE!" Hokuto cried out, grinning. "Ptolemy M7 attacks you directly! Lose disgracefully, and leave this Duel School to LDS! Comet Stinger!"



"I already said it isn't over yet!" I shouted after my allies' concerned cries. "I activate a Monster effect from my hand! If I'm being attacked directly and Mythorror God Yamatochi is in my hand, I can destroy all cards in my Pendulum Zones to place him in my Pendulum Zone and halve all battle damage I would take from this attack!"

A ray of light erupted from the tip of Ptolemy M7's tail but was deflected by a purple, transparent barrier that formed around me. Seconds later, Yamatochi appeared in the Pendulum Zone on my left inside the blue pillar with a [4] under it.

Vince: LP 2000 - 1350 = 650

"HE DID IT!" the ones on my side rejoiced.

"First a Trap's effect from the a Monster's effect from the hand...!?" Hokuto gritted his teeth and clenched his free hand. "But my overwhelming advantage didn't change! I activate Constellar Excellence's other effect! Once per turn, I can attach one "Constellar" Monster from my Graveyard to the equipped Monster as an Overlay Unit. I target the Constellar Sombre I detached earlier from my Monster to activate its effect!"

His dragon's golden parts glowed as an orb emerged from a GY Portal and started orbiting its body.

"Now I activate Holy Meteorite's effect from my Graveyard! I use the newly attached Overlay Unit from Ptolemy M7 to add Holy Meteorite back to my hand, and activate it! For each "Constellar" Xyz Monster I control, one Spell or Trap Card you control is destroyed, so bid farewell to your Scale!"

A shooting star emerged from his Spell, piercing Yamatochi in the chest and causing it to explode in particles.

"Yamatochi!" I gasped in worry.

"You're lucky I have an Action Card in my hand, or else I would've found one to deplete your miserable Life Points!" Hokuto said, earning a glare from yours truly. "I end my turn with this!"

"I've got to hand it to you: that swelled pride of yours is annoying as Hell, but you're a great Duelist. I can see why LDS is the world's number one Duel School." I admitted, surprising my opponent with my honesty. "So unless you change your attitude, I won't accept a revenge match from you! Boku no turn! Draw!"

"Revenge match? Humph!" Hokuto glared. "Don't talk like you've won this!"

"I wouldn't have said that if I hadn't already gathered my winning formula!" I shouted back. I then revealed two cards from my hand. "I, using the Scale 3 Mythorror Orthrus and the Scale 6 Mythorror Nattmara, set the Pendulum Scales!"

I placed them on the ends of my energy blade, causing the word [PENDULUM] to flash between my cards and two pillars of blue light to appear on my left and right, one containing Nattmara and the other the twin-headed wolf with black fur, gold appendages structured to resemble bones adorning its back and necks, and scarlet eyes.


"Vince's Pendulum!" Yuya finished for the kids.

"With this, I can simultaneously Summon Level 4 and 5 Monsters!" I declared with a smirk. "Battalion of mythical creatures and gods! With our souls on the line, our power becomes the hammer which crushes despair! Pendulum Summon! Be reborn, Mythorror Huldra!"

A portal opened between my two pillars, and a single beam shot out of it before landing on my field, revealing Huldra and its 1400 ATK.

"So this is a Pendulum Summon up-close..." Hokuto muttered. "Moreover, as our data states, they can revive from the Extra Deck... but that Monster wasn't destroyed! How did you send it there!?"

"When I released Huldra to perform an Advance Summon during my first turn, that's when." I revealed. "Pendulum Monsters just happen to go to the Extra Deck when released, too. And now, here's the finisher I've been hiding from the beginning of this Duel! By sending a card in a Pendulum Zone to the Graveyard, I can activate the Continuous Spell Hera's Sacred Flower from my hand!"

Nattmara left the field in a shower of particles which were sucked into the ground, and seconds later, a snow-white lily with peach-colored tips and surrounded by a divine glow bloomed before me.

"It's beautiful..." Ayu breathed out.

"Right? This flower's beauty mirrors that of the goddess it symbols, Hera, she who rules over Mount Olympus as queen of the gods!" I narrated, then blinked as I realized something. "Oh my, but aren't we standing on Mount Olympus as I speak? If that's the case, I mustn't smear dirt on Hera's name by losing in her kingdom, especially after she gifted me her holy flower! But my field isn't ready to defeat the opposing Ptolemy M7 yet..."

"Hoh?" Sora spoke up. "What's missing?"

"Luckily for me, Hera's overjoyed I'm giving my all to win in her kingdom, hence why she's about to hand over another beautiful gift! When Hera's Sacred Flower is activated, I can add this card from my Deck to my hand," I explained as a card ejected from my deck, and I took hold of it. "This card's activation cost is the same as Hera's Sacred Flower, so from Orthrus's valiant sacrifice, I can activate the Continuous Spell Hera's Sacred Fruit!"

The particles Orthrus left behind caused a root to emerged from the ground, which took the form of a hand holding a pomegranate that was surrounded by a divine glow.

"You threw away your Pendulum Scales?" Hokuto was confused.

"For victory's sake, yes." I firmly nodded. never occurred to me, but narrating also helped me gather confidence; one more reason to use it. "My comrades are counting on me, so I'm going all out. I activate Hera's Sacred Fruit's effect! Once per turn, I can target one Mythorror I control with 2000 or less Attack and gain Life Points equal to its Attack. Of course, I target Huldra!"

A crack suddenly appeared on the fruit, and a red fluid flowed out of it to surround Huldra and then me before turning into green particles.

Vince: LP 650 + 1400 = 2050

"At this moment, I activate Hera's Sacred Flower's effect!" I shouted and the flower's glow intensified. "Once per turn, when I gain Life Points, I can target one Mythorror I control and gift it Attack Points equal to the gained amount of Life Points until the End Phase. Once more, Huldra, it will be you!"

The same glow surrounded my Monster, and it bowed its head in my direction.

"You don't have to bow." I waved my free hand to stop it, earning a surprised stare. "U-Um, I insist!" Huldra eventually nodded and let out a faint smile, prompting me to do the same.

(Huldra: 1400→2800 ATK)

"Alright! Huldra's Attack is now higher than Ptolemy M7's!" Gongenzaka exclaimed.

"HA! So what!?" Hokuto snorted. "My Life Points stand at 2800, you can't deplete them all this turn! On my next turn, I will be the one to end this!"

"My preparations aren't completed yet." I pointed out. "I activate the Equip Spell Demon Halberd and equip it to my Monster. As its name suggests, this weapon can only be held by a Fiend-Type Monster and it increases its Attack by 700 points!"

The menacing halberd with a black handle and a skull attached to its tip that had a crimson blade emerging from its opened mouth appeared on the field and Huldra silently took hold of it.

(Huldra: 2800→3500 ATK)

"I activate the Continuous Spell Vahakn's Aura!" a card, which depicted a grinning young man with tan skin, yellow eyes, short blood red hair, a toned body left bare-chested, wearing golden armor from its waist downwards with a flaming waist cape, and standing on top of a deceased, giant dragon surrounded by lightning bolts, appeared. "The aura of the god of fire, thunder, and war now envelops this battlefield, doubling any battle damage my opponent takes from attacks involving my Mythorrors!"

"Double!?" Hokuto's eyes slightly widen.

"Lastly, I activate Dark Star's effect from my Graveyard. During my Main Phase, except the turn this Action Magic was sent to the Graveyard, I can banish it to apply its first effect! I have to target one Monster we each control, and while yours loses 600 Attack, mine gains that much!"

A star glowed brightly in the sky again, and our Monsters gained a purple outline seconds later.

(Huldra: 3500→4100 ATK; Ptolemy M7: 2700→2100 ATK)

"Their difference in Attack is 2000!" Yuzu cheered. "Since the battle damage will be doubled...!"

"You're burning, Vince! Hot-blooded!" Shuzo cried out.

"Battle!" I pointed forward. "Mythorror Huldra, attack Constellar Ptolemy M7! It's over!"

Huldra started spinning the halberd in its hands before throwing it at its target.

"Like that would happen!" Hokuto hissed and finally played the Action Card he was holding since Turn 2. "Akushon Majikku hatsudō: Gravity Pressure!" a card, which depicted a humanoid silhouette being knocked to the ground by an invisible force, appeared. "When an opponent's Monster declares an attack, I can target that Monster to send it to the Graveyard and inflict 400 damage to you!"

"The tables have turned." Himika commented.

"Not yet! Hera's Sacred Fruit's additional effect!" I yelled. "The Monster I targeted with its effect can't leave the field by my opponent's card effects this turn! And because you targeted exactly one card I control with a card effect, Hera's Sacred Flower's additional effect gifts me with 500 Life Points!"

"Impossible!" Hokuto wheezed out.

Vince: LP 2050 + 500 = 2550

The halberd pierced Ptolemy M7's chest, and the dragon to roar in pain as it exploded and skyrocketed Hokuto against an invisible wall in the air. The defeated youth slowly fell to the ground with a pained groan.

Hokuto: LP 2800 - 4000 = 0

Winner: Vince!

"That's one win!" Yuya exclaimed as I exhaled in relief and tiredness. I couldn't help but grin at my victory, proud I was able to win the first match for You Show. The Action Field and the remaining cards on the field vanished, and I joined the others in the viewer room.

"Vince-oniichan!" the kids tackled me into a hug.

"You gave me the shivers!" Futoshi shouted.

"If you enjoyed it, then that gives me the shivers as well." I told them, happy my storytelling did its magic.

"Well done, Vince!" Gongenzaka also hugged me with a big smile. "I, the man Gongenzaka, was really moved!"

"G-Gong...can't...breathe...!" I wheezed out, prompting him to release me.

"Good job, Vince!" Yuya gave a thumbs up. He then glanced at the girl lead, who was already staring at him. "Yuzu, you're up next! I'm counting on you!"

"Y-Yeah, leave it to me." her words sounded forced. Her eyes then turned dead serious. "Our You Show Duel School is riding on it after all. I'll definitely win this!"

That was a sudden mood change. She seemed so lost and vexed for a second, but now she's determined. Girl power, I guess? Too didn't help her win. Her opponent, Kotsu Masumi from the Fusion course, and her "Gem-Knight" Monsters gave Yuzu a tough time; at first, victory was on her side, but it suddenly shifted when Gem-Knight Master Diamond hit the field and Yuzu failed to gather an Action Card, tricked by the reflection of a crystal, resulting in her loss.

"With this, the score's even." I remarked, and something in my very being activated when Yuzu hugged Yuya and they stayed in that position for a couple of seconds. "But more importantly...! How adorable you two lovebirds are!"

"That's quite the show you're giving us." Masumi taunted, too.

Yuzu's face grew red as she shoved Yuya away, knocking him to the ground with a yelp.

"Where did that come from?" he stood back to his feet. "If you're just going to apologize, you don't have to push me."

"S-Sorry..." Yuzu lowered her head. "It was such an important Duel and I..."

"Don't worry about it! All we have to do is win the next one." Yuya placed a reassuring hand on her shoulder, which caused her to smile.

Sora wasn't feeling up to it so he let Gongenzaka start the decisive Duel, his opponent being Todo Yaiba from the Synchro course. Using an "X-Saber" deck, he did an excellent job in cornering Gongenzaka, but the latter used XX-Saber Gottoms' effect to his advantage, discarding two Monsters from his hand whose GY effects concluded the Duel in a draw.

Himika wasn't too happy with the end result, and she demanded a tiebreaker. I kinda expected that, after all, for the MC not to Duel in this situation would be odd. What I didn't expect was for the son of Himika and CEO of LDS, Akaba Reiji, to appear and start the final Duel with Yuya.

From my short research on Reiji, I learned he's a prodigy in Dueling and business despite his young age and he plays a "D/D" deck—with a slash, distinguishing it from the "D.D." archetype, albeit their etymology's the same. I couldn't help but point out his Monsters were based on myths and were Fiends like mine, but even I turned shocked when he Fusion Summoned a "D/D/D" Monsters.

That's right: not one, not two, but three Ds!

...Getting back to the point, there was no record of Reiji using Fusion during any of his past Duels. If he was that overwhelmingly strong without them, does that mean he's even stronger now? As if getting concerned for Yuya wasn't enough, the bizarre feeling of familiarity accompanied by hatred was spiking up the more I stared at this "D/D/D". Does this feeling appear at random, or is there some sort of connection?

Reiji further turned up the heat by going serious and displaying his Synchro and Xyz Monster, and in his next turn after suffering Yuya's assault, his Pendulum Cards, throwing our Duelist into disarray like I accidentally did the other day.

The goddess of victory seemed to favor Yuya when Reiji's Pendulum Scales changed and destroyed all his Monsters—but it was useless in the end: as Reiji was about to make his move, a man in a suit arrived to the scene and told him something privately, prompting him to surrender and leave You Show with a vexed expression.

"That was pretty amazing, wasn't it?" Sora thought out loud when the LDS people left and the Action Field vanished, revealing the afternoon sky. "To think he could even use Pendulum..."

"Yeah..." I agreed with a nod, still shocked by Reiji's power. To be a CEO at such a young age and a professional Duelist takes skill, which he obviously didn't lack considering he knew all the Extra Deck methods and Pendulum. Taking into account most Duelists in this universe didn't surpass Advance Summoning yet, Reiji's Dueling alone makes him a worthy opponent. We...should be glad for this turn of events.

The door to the arena opened just then, and Yuya emerged with his head low and goggles over his eyes.

"Yuya!" Yuzu gasped as we rushed over to him.

"How could he know how to Pendulum...?" Yuya mumbled and fell to his knees. "Why does the number of people...who have Pendulum Cards keep rising...!?"

"Yuya..." I whispered, knowing I also was a factor of his frustration.

"Man...anyways, good for us!" Shuzo scratched the back of his head with an embarrassed smile, walking up to us.

"Good for us!?" Yuzu parroted, suddenly angry.

"Yeah, LDS left after all." Shuzo stated. "First and foremost, we managed to protect our school thanks to everyone's efforts."

"Even if you say everyone, the only ones who've actually won were Vince and Yuya." Sora crossed his hands behind his head, causing Yuzu and Gongenzaka to frown and the kids to glare at him.

"Sora, don't say that." I tried to scold him, but he only shrugged in response.

"You didn't even fight for us!" Tatsuya accused him. "You shouldn't be complaining!"

"Yeah, you weakling!" Ayu shouted.

"You Show Duel School doesn't want somebody like you on board!" Futoshi told.

"Yeah, yeah, sorry." Sora faked sympathy and walked off.

"Oi, where are you going, Sora?" Shuzo's question was ignored by the small boy. He then turned at the kids. "And you shouldn't be saying things like that!"

"Whatever!" Futoshi jeered.

"We don't need weaklings anyway." Ayu said.

"That's right!" Tatsuya complained. "Yuya-oniichan's Pendulum Summoning—"

"Pendulum Summoning isn't just mine!" Yuya burst out and aimed to run away, but Shuzo caught his wrist before he could.

"And where do you think you're going?" Shuzo inquired with a serious expression. "Reality won't change even if you run from it. Just as you said, Pendulum Summoning isn't unique to you anymore. More people who use them have shown up. That's a shock to you, isn't it?"

Yuya gritted his teeth at that.

"I don't know how Akaba Reiji got his hands on Pendulum Cards." Shuzo said. "Maybe his company developed them in the first place."

"His company?" Yuzu and the others seemed lost.

"Leo Corporation." I replied. I'm sure I sweatdropped when her expression became confused. "Y-You didn't know...? Akaba Reiji is Himika's son and the CEO of Leo Corporation."

"That's right." Shuzo confirmed. "For his company which boasts the worldwide number one share in Duel systems, decrypting the secrets of Pendulum Cards could be a child's play."

That's when I realized something. "Come to think of it... Himika stated our schools have to unite in order for Leo Corporation to create Pendulum Cards, but Reiji already has them... Why do they want our Pendulum Cards, then? At least this confirms Leo Corporation wasn't the one who gave me the Mythorrors..."

"That may be the reason in the first place." Shuzo said. "They don't know who created your and Yuya's Pendulum Cards and they want to research them, hoping to find something new. For all we know, if they obtain your Pendulum Cards, one day, the world will be overflowing with them."

"I can see that happening." I hesitantly admitted. "Introducing a new form of summoning would make a lot of profit for Leo Corporation, thus they'll have to keep making more and more Pendulum Cards to satisfy the public..."

"That's...!" Yuya started angrily, but his words got stuck in his throat.

"Yuya, the more time you waste with your emotions, the more time you give Akaba Reiji to improve. Is that what you really want? If not, Duel me this instant!" Shuzo pointed at Yuya. "I'll beat that pessimistic personality of yours into shape with my hot-blooded guidance!"

"Wait, what are you saying, dad!?" Yuzu became worried.

"That's why you couldn't beat Akaba Reiji!" Shuzo removed Yuya's goggles. "So get ready!"

"Wait, Shuzo-san!" I quickly stepped forward. "Can I do it?" I looked at the MC in the eyes. "Yuya, I know you said you aren't mad at me, but as a person who drew out the same emotions from you as Reiji, I, the third and last Pendulum user, should be the one to help you sort things out. My win against Hokuto was for the school, this for you."

"Vince..." Yuya stared at me in surprise.

"This way..." I continued and smiled. "It will really feel like there's no inconvenience between us."

"Well said, Vince!" Shuzo suddenly roared, making us all flinch. "To satisfy your feeling, I'll let you do it instead!"

"Are you guys listening to yourselves!?" Yuzu demanded. "Dueling at a time like this...!?"

"No need for interference." Gongenzaka placed a hand on her shoulder. "The Principal has challenged Yuya to a serious Duel and Vince took over the wheel. You can tell he's also serious by the look in his eyes."

"Shall we start?" I made my way into the arena, following shortly after by Yuya.

"Are you two ready!?" Shuzo asked from the control room.

"I still haven't agreed to this!" Yuya remarked, but Shuzo ignored his words.

"Here we go! Action Field on: Field Spell, Showtime Street, activate!"

The entire arena around us glowed, taking the shape of a futuristic street among skyscrapers, reminiscent of the infamous Broadway road, with colorful shapes floating around. The lights brightened the battlefield so much you couldn't register it was the dead of night unless you looked up and saw a black sky.

"It's so similar to the real thing..." I whispered in awe.


"This is the field your father held as his forte!" Shuzo addressed Yuya. "Instead of Sakaki-senpai, Vince will show you what a real Entertainment Duel looks like!"

"Are you saying my Duels are fake!?" Yuya exclaimed in shock, a sentiment I shared as well.

"Your Duels aren't even comparable to those of your father!" the Principal continued. I knew he was trying to rile him up, but saying his Duels were fake...

"Then I'll show you a true Entertainment Duel!" Yuya vowed and activated his Duel Disk, and I did the same. "Duelists locked in battle!"

"Kicking the earth and dancing in the air alongside their Monsters!" Shuzo continued.

"They storm through this field!" Yuya shouted.

"Behold..." I finally joined in, hoping I said the right thing.

"This is the newest and greatest evolution of Dueling!" yep, got mine right if nobody stopped.

"Action...!" I also shouted with them, more convinced this time.

"DUEL!" Yuya and I declared, and Action Cards scattered around the field.

Vince: LP 4000


Yuya: LP 4000

"I'll take the first move!" I stated with a smirk. "She who's a werewolf and helped me defeat the sacred stars, aid me once more! I summon Mythorror Nattmara!"

Nattmara emerged from a portal with a backflip, successfully landing in front of me.

Mythorror Nattmara: ATK 1700 / DEF 400 / LV: 4 / SC: 6

"I activate the Equip Spell Demon Aegis and equip it to my Monster!" roots burst out of the ground and coiled together, forming a large, round-shaped shield with several thorns and a skull engraved on its center. Nattmara took hold of its new weapon. "Only a Fiend-Type Monster may hold this shield, and during my End Phase, if the equipped Monster didn't battle this turn, I can change its Battle Phase to inflict 400 damage to my opponent!"

"It's the first turn and he can already inflict damage?" Ayu gasped in awe.

"Shivers!" Futoshi shouted.

"Going first or second doesn't matter. My deck always has a way to gain the upper hand." I said. "I place three cards face-down and pass! During the End Phase, Demon Aegis' effect activates!"

Some white roses bloomed on the shield's thorns, which then released black rays of light that struck Yuya and made him hiss in pain.

Yuya: LP 4000 - 400 = 3600

"The fact Vince-oniichan couldn't attack in his first turn didn't faze him at all!" Tatsuya noted.

"Come on, Yuya!" Shuzo spurred my opponent. "It's your turn! You're going to Pendulum Summon, right?" Yuya grimaced at that, and the Principal continued. "Unless what? It's not like you're afraid of being compared to Akaba Reiji and can't use them, right, Mr. Sore Loser Yuya?"

"Aren't you taking this too far...?" I thought out loud. I concur Yuya has to understand he can't run away from his problems but to harass him...that's horrible.

"Shut up!" Yuya glared at the control room. "Ore no turn! Draw! I summon Performapal Friendonkey!"

A donkey with narrowed eyes, a saddle on its back that had a box strapped to it, and wearing a hat and a bow tie appeared.

Performapal Friendonkey: Earth / Beast / Effect / ATK: 1600 / DEF: 600 / LV: 3

"When this card is successfully Normal Summoned," Yuya explained. "I can Special Summon one Level 4 or lower Performapal from my hand or Graveyard! I Special Summon Performapal Whip Snake from my hand!"

The purple cobra wearing a hat and a bow tie emerged from Friendonkey's box.

Performapal Whip Snake: ATK 1700 / DEF 900 / LV: 4

"With or without Pendulum, my formation was built by using the power of the gods!" I declared with a smirk. "I activate the Continuous Trap Minerva's Tactical Forecast!"

A card, which depicted a young woman with fair skin, hazel eyes, long dark hair, and a body covered in armor with a golden breastplate and a helmet encompassed with olives standing in a war room and holding a map in her hands with an owl on her left shoulder, appeared.

"The Roman goddess of wisdom and strategic warfare sees through your plan, Yuya! As long as this card's in play, if my opponent controls two or more Monsters, they can only declare attacks with one of those each Battle Phase! I should also inform you that this card has another effect: once per turn, when you control two or more Monsters and you declare an attack with the Monster with the highest original Attack you control, I can negate that attack!"

"What?" Yuya's eyes widen in shock.

"Pendulum Summoning allows the player to Special Summon any number of Monsters from their hand or Extra Deck, accumulating Monsters that can attack during the Battle Phase." Gongenzaka stated. "However, Minerva's Tactical Forecast penalizes the enemy for controlling more than one Monster at a time, limiting their attacks. I, the man Gongenzaka, believe that Trap can be considered an anti-Pendulum card."

"It doesn't stop only Pendulums, but all decks which love to gather a bunch of Monsters on the field." I pointed out, my smirk widening. It can stop Reiji's three D/D/D kings! I found myself think.

"Dammit...!" Yuya frowned. Whip Snake coiled around his right arm and he used the Monster like a lasso to swing across the field, grabbing an Action Card glued to a wall before landing on a rooftop. "Action Magic No Guard!"

A card, which depicted a blue shield with a yellow 'X' on it shattering into two, appeared.

"Through its effect, I target your Nattmara and change it to Attack Position, along with lowering its Attack by 600 until the End Phase!" Yuya shouted as my Monster took a battle stance and growled, displaying its fangs.

(Nattmara: 1700→1100 ATK)

"Battle!" Yuya cried out. "Your Continuous Trap only negates the attack of my Monster with the highest original Attack, in this case Whip Snake. If I attack with Friendonkey, then that effect is useless! Go, Friendonkey! Attack and destroy Nattmara!"

"My Monster isn't going anywhere!" I interjected. "Demon Aegis' other effect: the first time the equipped Monster would be destroyed by battle each turn, it is not destroyed! Then I activate the Continuous Trap Fufluns' Euphoria!"

A card, which depicted a laughing male youth with fair skin, green eyes, short brown hair with curly ends, wearing a white chiton and holding a thyrsus dancing with beautiful females of his age dressed in fawn skins with ivy-wreaths weaved around their heads in a forest, appeared.

"Thanks to this card, the first time I would take damage each turn, I gain that much Life Points instead!"

Friendonkey charged at Nattmara, but my Monster effortlessly stopped the attack by grasping the opposing Monster by its head, causing Friendonkey to sweatdrop and slowly walk backwards like nothing had happened.

Vince: LP 4000 + 500 = 4500

"Yuya-oniichan's attack...!" Tatsuya gasped.

"Only helped Vince-oniichan!" Ayu finished for him.

"I end my turn...!" Yuya glared at the control room again. "Principal, you said Vince will show me what a real Entertainment Duel looks like, but no one's Action Duels can be compared to my dad's! My dad was magnificent and cool—"

"Exactly!" Shuzo shouted over him. "Sakaki Yusho was an entertainment far cooler and more magnificent than anyone else. But it wasn't always like that." Yuya's eyes widen in confusion. "Your father brought thrills and speed to Action Dueling, however, his acrobatic style attracted a lot of criticism. But eventually, the jeers turned into cheers and Sakaki-senpai became a real shining star of the Action Duel world!"

"Nobody...starts off famous." I slowly added. "I can't tell you how many times I've stumbled down my path, be it with school or personal life...but what's important is to never give up, no matter what. Courage is what makes you step forward."

"That's right!" Shuzo agreed. "The door to a new world won't open unless someone with courage pushes it! Yuya, you've opened a new door called Pendulum! But now, Pendulums aren't exclusive to you anymore! That's a shock to you, but Sakaki-senpai would never feel that way. When everyone started Action Dueling like him, he was overjoyed!"

"Overjoyed?" Yuya parroted.

"Yes, and he undauntedly polished his skills. Everyone around him followed his example and created the prosperity of Action Duels we know today through diligent training!" Shuzo shouted, prompting me to remember Reiji's words from his Duel with Yuya, of how he respected Yusho as the pioneer of Action Duels. "Only the best know what it's like to be the best! You have to become the best, Yuya! As the first one to open the doors to Pendulum Summoning, you need to set an example for those who follow!"

"You've already helped me, Yuya." I revealed a goofy smirk. "Thanks to you, I've learned the basics of Pendulum Summoning, however, there's still much for us to learn! Let's fearlessly hone our skills so you can defeat Reiji...and I can discover the story behind my deck!"

There was a long pause from Yuya, who clasped his pendant and stared at his cards.

"...Have courage and step forward!" he abruptly shouted. "I can't see the next evolution of Pendulums, but we can discover it through Dueling. Vince, as you said yesterday...if our decks battle, there's a chance they'll evolve!" he let loose of a goofy smirk, too. "So let's Duel to our heart's content!"

"Yuya!" Yuzu shouted in relief and happiness.

"That's the Yuya I know from a day!" the same feelings flowed from my words as well. "Let's go, Yuya! Boku no turn! Draw! I activate the face-down Trap Eden's Ruin!" a card, which depicted a large garden in flames under dark clouds, appeared. "Eden, the garden of God, is thrown into dismay upon the activation of this Trap, causing all other face-up cards I control to be destroyed!"

A lightning bolt shot down from the sky and enveloped my field, leaving it empty once the radiance died down.

"But your formation..." Yuya was confused. "Why would you discard it?"

"Our crowd has to enjoy the show! Where's the fun in hiding?" I inquired. "Also, you should be happy I'm changing tactics!"

"W-Well, you got that right..." Yuya scratched the back of his head in embarrassment. "That formation was giving me a hard time."

"The effect of Eden's Ruin continues." I declared. "I draw one card for each "Mythorror" card destroyed this way, in this case one. But I also take 200 damage for each non-"Mythorror" card destroyed this way, in this case 600 damage!"

A lightning bolt hit me next, making me hiss in pain.

Vince: LP 4500 - 600 = 3900

"This reminds me of Akaba Reiji's Contract Laundering." Yuzu admitted. "But why would you sacrifice your board and 600 Life Points to draw a single card?"

"My cards' additional effects activate." I told with a grin. "If it's destroyed on the field and sent to the Graveyard, Minerva's Tactical Forecast allows me to draw a card and inflict 500 damage to my opponent! If Demon Aegis is sent from the field to the Graveyard, my opponent takes 400 damage!"

A spear-shaped beam and two purple lightning bolts shot down from the sky, striking Yuya and making him grunt in pain.

Yuya: LP 3600 - 500 - 400 = 2700

"Lastly, Fufluns' Euphoria's effect resolves! If it's destroyed on the field and sent to the Graveyard, I can draw a card and gain 500 Life Points!"

Green particles surrounded me at those words.

Vince: LP 3900 + 500 = 4400

"He drew, dealt damage, and gained Life Points by destroying his own cards!" Tatsuya shouted.

"Shivers!" Futoshi added.

"That's the way, Vince!" Shuzo exclaimed. "Burn more! Hot-blooded!"

"Of course! I activate the Spell Card Hephaestus' Gift!" a card, which depicted the silhouette of a bearded man working at a forge, appeared. "The Greek god Hephaestus will build the weapons I need to defeat my opponent! Since I control no Monsters, I can draw one card and add the face-up Mythorror Nattmara from my Extra Deck to my hand!"

As I stared at the new cards in my hand, I couldn't help but chuckle in excitement.

"It's time I reveal more of what my deck is capable of! Yuya, we're going to discover something new about Pendulum Cards. If they're destroyed or released, they're sent to the Extra Deck...but what happens when they're used as materials?"

"As materials?" Yuya parroted.

"Yeah!" I confirmed. "Since you're the only one to control Monsters, I can Special Summon this card from my hand. Appear, Mythorror Lindworm!"

An oversized snake with dark green scales, two arms that ended in sharp black claws, and a mouth full of long fangs that made it impossible to be closed appeared, roaring at my opponent.

Mythorror Lindworm: Dark / Fiend / Pendulum / Effect / ATK: 2000 / DEF: 500 / LV: 5 / SC: 2

"I summon Mythorror Orthrus!" the two-headed dog appeared next.

Mythorror Orthrus: ATK 1800 / DEF 1500 / LV: 4 / SC: 3

"Then, I activate Lindworm's effect! If this Monster was Special Summoned this turn, by using Monsters I control and Lindworm as materials—I Fusion Summon one "Mythorror" Fusion Monster from my Extra Deck!"

"Fusion!?" Yuya cried out.

"Without a Fusion Spell!?" Gongenzaka added.

"Too bad Sora isn't here to see this! Orthrus, Lindworm, here goes!" my Monsters turned into red and blue energy respectively, which then spiraled into a portal as I chanted and clasped my hands together. "The howls which mark doomsday! Poison of the greedy one! Let your desires awaken the canine deity of heavenly fire! Fusion Summon! Level 6! Mythorror God Xolotl!"

An imposing warrior with a muscular, tan-skinned human body, a dark gray furred canine head, empty eye-sockets, wearing a sleeveless ichcahuipilli that covered its torso down to its hips, golden bands on its neck, biceps, wrists, thighs and ankles, a necklace with a conch-like object strapped to it, and holding two broadswords of stone with flames and lightning bolts carved on it emerged from the portal with a resounding howl.

Mythorror God Xolotl: Dark / Fiend / Fusion / Effect / ATK: 2200 / DEF: 1300 / LV: 6

"I did... I really did it!" I also howled in excitement. "My first Fusion Summon was a success! And the Pendulum Monsters used as Fusion Materials were sent to the Extra Deck, answering my earlier question!"

"You...had a Fusion Monster, Vince?" Yuya couldn't believe his eyes.

"U-Um, yeah..." I scratched the back of my neck, blushing. "I myself discovered it yesterday. With everything that happened, I forgot to bring it up. I'm sorry."

"Sorry? That's amazing!" Yuya gave a thumbs-up. "Don't apologize, be proud of yourself!"

"Vince-oniichan is really strong!" Ayu clapped her hands.

"I'm not done yet!" I pointed out, revealing two cards from my hand. "I, using the Scale 4 Mythorror God Yamatochi and the Scale 6 Mythorror Nattmara, set the Pendulum Scales!"

The word [PENDULUM] flashed between my cards as I set them, and the pillars of blue light containing my Monsters appeared.

"Since Nattmara was activated after Yamatochi, the latter's effect activates and I draw one card because a Mythorror was activated in my other Pendulum Zone," I explained. "I activate Nattmara's Pendulum Effect! Once per turn, I can target one Mythorror in my other Pendulum Zone other than a copy of Nattmara to either increase or reduce its Scale by 3. I reduce Yamatochi's Scale by 3!"

(Yamatochi: Scale 4→1)

"With this, I can simultaneously Summon Monster from Levels 1 to 5! Battalion of mythical creatures and gods! With our souls on the line, our power becomes the hammer which crushes despair! Pendulum Summon! Be reborn, Orthrus, Lindworm!"

Two beams shot out of the portal between my Scales, before landing on my field and revealing Orthrus and Lindworm with 1800 and 2000 ATK respectively.

"The Fusion Materials returned to the field..." Yuzu sounded shocked.

"Battle!" I threw an arm forward. "Go, Xolotl! Attack Performapal Whip Snake with Scorching Lightning!"

Yuya used Whip Snake once again to swing across the field.

"An Action Card?" I caught up on his plan. I was about to do the same thing when I realized something: there's no reason to prolong the Duel; Yuya learned his lesson. So I watched with a pleased smile as he found and Action Card and played it.

"Action Magic Big Escape!" Yuya cried out. "It ends the Battle Phase!"

"I place two cards face-down and pass!"

"Ore no turn! Draw!" Yuya shouted and spotlights focused on him. "Ladies and gentlemen! Now I'll show you the true original Sakaki Yuya-style Entertainment Duel! Let's go, Whip Snake!"

This time, the youth landed on the tallest building and found an Action Card there.

"Alright! I activate the Action Magic Illusion Dance!" Yuya stated as a paper lantern appeared on the field and his Monsters started dancing, while mine only took defensive stances. "All Monsters in Attack Position are changed to Defense Position! Now, the moment you've all been waiting for: today's main event! I, using the Scale 1 Stargazer Magician and the Scale 8 Timegazer Magician, set the Pendulum Scales!"

The word [PENDULUM] flashed between his cards as he set them, and the pillars of blue light containing his magicians appeared.

"With this, I can simultaneously Summon Monsters from Levels 2 to 7!" Yuya declared. "Swing, pendulum of souls! Draw an arc of light across the ether! Pendulum Summon! Appear now, my Monsters! Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon! Performapal Spikeagle!"

Two beams shot out of the portal between his Scales, before landing on his field and revealing his dragon with mismatched eyes and a brown feathered eagle wearing sunglasses and a bow tie.

Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon: ATK 2500 / DEF 2000 / LV: 7 / SC: 4

Performapal Spikeagle: Wind / Winged-Beast / Effect / ATK: 900 / DEF: 900 / LV: 2

"I activate Spikeagle's effect, targeting Odd-Eyes with it!" Yuya mounted his ace. "If Odd-Eyes attacks a Defense Position Monster this turn, it can inflict piercing battle damage to my opponent! Battle! Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon attacks Mythorror Lindworm! Spiral Strike Burst!"

"The gods haven't abandoned me yet! I activate the Trap Card Andarta's Trial!" a card, which depicted a muscular man wearing a fur coat with a bear hood that covered his eyes wrestling with a real bear in a forest, appeared. "When my Mythorror is attacked, all battle damage I would take from that battle is inflicted to my opponent instead!"

"This is bad." Gongenzaka told. "Since Lindworm's a Level 5 Monster, the battle damage Vince would've taken from this attack is doubled by Odd-Eyes' effect! If Yuya's the one to take that damage..."

"He won't survive!" the kids finished for him.

"No reason for concern!" Yuya winked towards our crowd. "When my opponent activates a card or effect that would inflict damage to me, if I control a "Magician" or "Performapal" Monster, I can activate the Quick-Play Spell Magic Barrels!" a card, which depicted a similar artwork to Magic Cylinder but with colorful, wooden barrels instead of cylinders, appeared. "Its effect negates the activation of Andarta's Trial and increases the Attack of one Monster I control by 800 until the End Phase! Of course, Odd-Eyes will gain that boost!"

His dragon let loose of a spiraling stream of energy from its mouth, but it was absorbed by my Trap which then re-fired it at Yuya and Odd-Eyes. The two barrels in Magic Barrels' artwork materialized in front of my opponent and the stream was sucked into one of them, then the other barrel released crimson particles that surrounded Odd-Eyes.

(Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon: 2500→3300 ATK)

"The attack continues!" Yuya grinned wide when I gasped in surprise.

"In that case, I activate the Trap Card Book of the Yamimakai!" I exclaimed. "If my Mythorror is being attacked, I can choose to apply one of two options! I select...the first option: this turn, my Mythorrors can't be destroyed by battle or card effects!"

"What!?" Shuzo gasped. "Why wouldn't he apply the second option that cancels the damage!?"

My Monsters turned to stare at me, also shocked and confused.

"Why those faces?" I addressed them, smiling. "There are things more important than winning! You guys- my entire deck- are those important things." and there's no reason to prolong the Duel, I thought again.

"Vince!" I heard Gongenzaka sob. "I, the man Gongenzaka, am moved by your display of love towards your Monsters!"

"You really are an interesting fellow, Vince!" Yuya yelled. "If that's your choice, then accept this blow! Odd-Eyes' effect activates: if this card battles an opponent's Level 5 or higher Monster, any battle damage Odd-Eyes inflicts to you is doubled! Reaction Force!"

His dragon fired its second stream of energy at Lindworm, but a purple transparent barrier appeared around my Monster and deflected the attack towards the sky, where it exploded in colorful fireworks.

Vince: LP 4400 - 5600 = 0

Winner: Yuya!

The Action Field and the remaining cards on the field vanished, bathing us in the afternoon's shades of orange. The others joined us in the arena with cheers and hugged us.

"You've done well, Yuya!" Shuzo roared. "Everything I wanted to convey has been conveyed thanks to you as well, Vince!"

"C-Can't...breathe...!" Yuya and I wheezed out in unison, prompting them to release us.

"...Thank you, Principal, Vince." Yuya said. "From now on...I'll train harder than anyone else. I'll get better and stronger! So that I can become a Duelist who puts smiles on everyone's faces like my father one day!"

"Yuya..." Yuzu stared at him. She eventually nodded with a firm expression.

"Don't leave me out of it!" I quickly added.

"This is youth!" Gongenzaka cried, and we all laughed...

Fan-made Cards:

Action Cards:

Dark Star

Action Spell

Target 1 monster each player controls: Your opponent's monster loses 600 ATK and your gains 600 ATK. These changes last until the End Phase. During your Main Phase, except the turn this card was sent to the GY: You can banish it, then apply its first effect.

Gravity Pressure

Action Spell

When an opponent's monster declares an attack: Target that monster; send it to the GY, and if you do, your opponent takes 400 damage.

No Guard

Action Spell

Target 1 face-up Defense Position monster on the field; change it to face-up Defense Position, and if you do, lower its ATK by 600 until the End Phase.

[Trivia: this card's a counterpart of the Action Spell Quick Guard, in fact, the shield which appears on both cards' artworks are the same.]


Sevenfolded Luck

Normal Spell

Toss a coin:

- Heads: Excavate the top 5 cards of your Deck, then add 2 of those cards to your hand, also shuffle the rest into your Deck.

- Tails: Both players draw 1 card.

You can only activate 1 "Sevenfolded Luck" per turn. You cannot Summon until your next End Phase after you activate this card, except "Mythorror" monsters.

[Trivia: this card's a reference to the Seven Lucky Gods, and are believed to grant good luck in Japanese mythology.]

Solemn Command

Quick-Play Spell

When exactly 1 "Mythorror" monster you control is targeted by an opponent's card effect: Negate that card or effect, and if you do, that monster gains 600 ATK until the End Phase. During your Standby Phase, if you control 1 or less "Mythorror" monsters and this card is in your GY: You banish it, and if you do, target 1 monster your opponent controls; its effects are negated. You can only use each effect of "Solemn Command" once per turn.

[Trivia: this card's Japanese name would be "God's Command". The person which appears in this card's artwork is the one from the "Solemn" series, in fact, in Japanese it bears the name of "God's".]

The Pearly Gates to Heaven

Normal Trap

If you control a "Mythorror" monster(s): This turn, your opponent cannot target "Mythorror" monsters you control for attacks. If you are being attacked directly and this card is in your GY: You can banish it, and if you do, end the Battle Phase and inflict 600 damage to your opponent. You can only use each effect of "The Pearly Gates to Heaven" once per turn.

[Trivia: the Pearly gates is an informal name for the gateway to Heaven according to some Christian denominations.]

Mythorror Nattmara (Dark/Fiend/Pendulum/Effect/ATK: 1700/DEF: 400/LV: 4/SC: 6)

Pendulum Effect: You can only Pendulum Summon "Mythorror" monsters. This effect cannot be negated. Once per turn: You can target 1 "Mythorror" card in your other Pendulum Zone, except "Mythorror Nattmara": Increase or reduce its Scale by 3 (min. 1 and max. 12).

Monster Effect: This card is also treated as a Beast-Warrior monster while on the field. If this card attacks, until the end of the damage calculation, it gains 400 ATK and your opponent cannot activate cards or effects.

[Trivia: the Nattmara is a race of she-werewolves in Scandinavian folklore.]

Hera's Sacred Flower

Continuous Spell

Activate by sending 1 face-up Continuous Spell on the field or 1 card in a Pendulum Zone to the GY. When this card is activated: You can add 1 "Hera's Sacred Fruit" from your Deck to your hand. You can only activate 1 "Hera's Sacred Flower" per turn. Once per turn, when you gain LP (Quick Effect): You can target 1 "Mythorror" monster you control; it gains ATK equal to the gained amount until the End Phase. You gain 500 LP each time your opponent targets exactly 1 card you control with a card effect. During your Standby Phase: Destroy this card.

[Trivia: this card's a reference to Hera's flower, the lily. Hera was a goddess in ancient Greek mythology.]

Hera's Sacred Fruit

Continuous Spell

Activate by sending 1 face-up Continuous Spell on the field or 1 card in a Pendulum Zone to the GY. When this card is activated: You can add 1 "Hera's Sacred Flower" from your Deck to your hand. You can only activate 1 "Hera's Sacred Fruit" per turn. Once per turn: You can target 1 "Mythorror" monster you control with 2000 or less ATK; gain LP equal to its ATK, and this turn, it cannot leave the field by your opponent's card effects. During your Standby Phase: Destroy this card.

[Trivia: this card's a reference to Hera's fruit, the pomegranate. Hera was a goddess in ancient Greek mythology.]

Vahakn's Aura

Continuous Spell

You can only control 1 "Vahakn's Aura". If you control no "Mythorror" monsters, destroy this card. At the end of your Battle Phase, if you control a monster(s) that did not declare an attack this turn: Destroy that monster(s). Double any battle damage your opponent takes from attacks involving "Mythorror" monsters you control. Once per turn, if your opponent takes battle damage: You can lower the ATK of all monsters they currently control by that amount.

[Trivia: Vahakn was a god of fire, thunder, and war worshiped anciently in Armenia.]

Demon Aegis

Equip Spell

Equip only to a Fiend monster. During your End Phase, if the equipped monster did not battle this turn: You can change its Battle Phase, and if you do, inflict 400 damage to your opponent. The first time the equipped monster would be destroyed by battle each turn, it is not destroyed. If this card is sent from the field to the GY: Inflict 400 damage to your opponent. You can only control 1 "Demon Aegis".

[Trivia: this card's name is a reference to the Aegis.]

Minerva's Tactical Forecast

Continuous Trap

You can only control 1 "Minerva's Tactical Forecast". If your opponent controls 2 or more monsters, they can only declare attacks with 1 of those each Battle Phase. Once per turn, when your opponent controls 2 or more monsters and they declare an attack with the monster with the highest original ATK they control: You can negate that attack. If this card on the field is destroyed by a card effect and is sent to the GY: You can draw 1 card and inflict 500 damage to your opponent. You can only use this effect of "Minerva's Tactical Forecast" once per turn.

[Trivia: Minerva was the Roman goddess of wisdom and strategic warfare.]

Fufluns' Euphoria

Continuous Trap

You can only control 1 "Fufluns' Euphoria". The first time you would take damage each turn, you gain that much LP instead. If this card on the field is destroyed by a card effect and is sent to the GY: You can draw 1 card and gain 500 LP. You can only use this effect of "Fufluns' Euphoria" once per turn.

[Trivia: in Etruscan religion, Fufluns was a god of plant life, happiness, wine, health, and growth in all things.]

Eden's Ruin

Normal Trap

Destroy all other face-up cards you control, then draw 1 card for each "Mythorror" card destroyed this way and take 200 damage for each non-"Mythorror" card destroyed this way.

[Trivia: this card's name is a reference to the Garden of Eden, the "garden of God" described in the Book of Genesis.]

Hephaestus' Gift

Normal Spell

If you control no monsters, draw 1 card and add 1 "Mythorror" monster from your GY or face-up from your Extra Deck to your hand. You can only activate 1 "Hephaestus' Gift" per turn.

[Trivia: Hephaestus was the Greek god of forges, fire, technology, craftsmen, sculptors, volcanoes, and blacksmiths.]

Mythorror Lindworm (Dark/Fiend/Pendulum/Effect/ATK: 2000/DEF: 500/LV: 5/SC: 2)

Pendulum Effect: You can only Pendulum Summon "Mythorror" monsters. This effect cannot be negated. You can activate this effect: Fusion Summon 1 "Mythorror" Fusion Monster from your Extra Deck, using monsters from your hand and/or field as Fusion Material. You can only use this effect of "Mythorror Lindworm" once per turn.

Monster Effect: This card is also treated as a Reptile monster while on the field. If only your opponent controls a monster, you can Special Summon this card (from your hand). If this card was Special Summoned this turn: You can activate this effect; Fusion Summon 1 "Mythorror" Fusion Monster from your Extra Deck, using monsters from your field as Fusion Material, including this card. You can only use each effect of "Mythorror Lindworm" once per turn.

[Trivia: the Lindworm in British heraldry is a technical term for a wingless serpentine monster with two clawed arms on the upper body.]

Mythorror God Xolotl (Dark/Fiend/Fusion/Effect/ATK: 2200/DEF: 1300/LV: 6)

(This card is also always treated as a Beast monster.)

2 "Mythorror" monsters

Once per turn: You can Tribute 1 other "Mythorror" monster you control; this card gains ATK equal to the Tributed monster's ATK until the End Phase. If this card is destroyed: You can add 1 "Mythorror" monster from your GY, face-up from your Extra Deck, or from your Banish Zone to your hand. You can only use this effect of "Mythorror God Xolotl" once per turn.

[Trivia: Xolotl was a canine god associated with lightning, death, fire, sunset, twins, monsters, misfortune, sickness, and deformities in Aztec mythology. He would guard the Sun as it traveled through the underworld every night, and he and a dog were believed to lead the soul on its journey to the underworld.]

Andarta's Trial

Normal Trap

When your "Mythorror" monster is attacked: All battle damage you would take from that battle is inflicted to your opponent instead, also, after the damage calculation, all damage you and your opponent would take becomes 0 until the End Phase. You can only activate 1 "Andarta's Trial" per turn.

[Trivia: Andarta is a goddess in Celtic polytheism whose name translates to "Well-fixed, Staying firm" according to modern analysis.]


Nakshatric Constellation

Normal Trap

If your "Constellar" monster is attacked: Negate that attack, also add 1 "Constellar" monster from your Deck to your hand. You can only activate 1 "Nakshatric Constellation" per turn.

[Trivia: this card's a reference to the Nakshatra, the term for lunar mansion in Hindu astrology and Indian Astronomy. A nakshatra is one of 28 (sometimes also 27) sectors along the ecliptic, and their names are related to a prominent star or asterisms in or near the respective sectors.]

Holy Meteorite

Normal Spell

Destroy Spell/Trap cards your opponent controls for each "Constellar" Xyz Monster you control. During your Main Phase, except the turn this card was sent to the GY: You can detach 1 material from 1 "Constellar" Xyz Monster you control; add this card (from your GY) to your hand. You can only use each effect of "Holy Meteorite" once per turn.

Constellar Excellence

Equip Spell

Equip only to an Xyz Monster whose original name contains "Constellar". The equipped monster loses its Condition effect(s). Once per turn: You can target 1 "Constellar" monster in your GY; attach it (from the GY) to the equipped monster as a material. You can only control 1 "Constellar Excellence".


Magic Barrels

Quick-Play Spell

When your opponent activates a card or effect that would inflict damage to you, if you control a "Magician" or "Performapal" monster: Negate that activation, and if you do, 1 monster you control gains 800 ATK until the End Phase. If this card is in your GY: You can banish it; add 1 "Magician", "Performapal", or "Odd-Eyes" monster from your Deck to your hand. You can only use 1 "Magic Barrels" effect per turn, and only once that turn.

[Trivia: this card's a reference to the Trap Card Magic Cylinder and the Battle of the Barrels transportation illusion.]

Here it is in all of its glory!

While writing the class scene I realized Vince appeared between Yuto's debut and LDS' attack, hence why I felt that changing the dialogue was a must. Hokuto vs. Vince was the same except for a couple of things, but Vince vs. Yuya suffered a big transformation.

For one, it wasn't Vince who initiated the Duel but Shuzo, Vince just took over. It makes more sense for Shuzo, who was somewhat of a father-figure to Yuya, to say all that stuff instead of Vince, who wasn't portrayed as an overconfident person that could insult/stimulate Yuya to that extent.

Vince's purer, gets confident while Dueling, and easily lets his instincts take over the wheel (he Fusion Summoned because he wanted to, not because he had to). His choice to protect and be nice to his Monsters will help him gain their trust in a more natural manner than by shouting at them later on in the story.

Reviews really make my day and it's a great way to communicate with you readers, and maybe find out errors I can avoid making. Please review, and with that said, here's the chapter's last scene!

Two cards appeared on the screen before turning around, revealing Mythorror God Xolotl and Constellar Ptolemy M7. They suddenly glowed, and a smiling Vince and a frowning Hokuto emerged from them respectively.

"I still can't believe I lost to someone from such an inferior school...! Sakushi Vincent!" Hokuto pointed a finger at Vince. "Fight me this instant to decide who and which Duel School is superior!"

"Kotowaru." Vince made a reference to Kishibe Rohan's 'I refuse' meme.

"Nani!?" and Hokuto concluded it.

"I told you: unless you change your attitude, I won't accept a revenge match." Vince clarified. "For instance, don't underestimate You Show and don't call it 'inferior'. Avoid making comments that could insult others."

"But if it's the truth!"

"Then don't mouth all your thoughts! Also, you can't call us weaklings when you're the one who lost in the first place!"

Hokuto froze up and went white, retreating to a corner in shame.

"E-Eh? H-Hokuto, are you alright?" the other youth didn't reply, causing Vince to sweatdrop. He quickly turned to the viewer. "Did I break him...? Um... Let's move on, sh-shall we!? Here's the Secret of the Chapter: Mythorror Huldra's appearance was inspired by Silver Lady, a character of The Ancient Magus Bride anime! I hope you'll stay tuned for more, readers. My journey has just begun!"

The screen faded into black, followed by the words [To Be Continued...].