The Gentle Universe

The Dai ni Uchu is the 2nd of the 12 universes in the dragonball series, it is home to planets, stars, and a large amount of galaxies all beautiful and full of life. This universe is linked to the Universe 11, creating a twin universe system. It is a universe with the 6th highest mortal level. Like with the other universe it has its God of Destruction Heles, who is accompanied by her angelic attendant and martial arts teacher Sour.

Heles is described as being extraordinarily beautiful. She is a very slender human-like woman with light brown skin, large green eyes with dark turquoise eye shadow, red lipstick, and black hair with gold beads at the end. Her design resembles a mixture of Nefertiti and Cleopatra. Her clothes are of the same style as the other Gods of Destruction. She wears what appears to be an ancient Egyptian apparel, a headdress, a dark turquoise sash, and a white skirt.

Heles has been described as disliking anything that she considers ugly. She is also shown to care for life and existence, meaning that, like Belmod, she does not tolerate any forms of evil, being shocked by the decision of her superiors to annihilate eight of the twelve universes in the Tournament of Power, even calling it horrendous. Noticeably, despite her duties being of destruction, Heles appears to be rather benevolent, showing genuine compassion for her warriors, and showed extreme disgust at savage methods of combat. She is also shown to have a strong confidence in the warriors of her universe, as she frequently boasts about their fighting prowess and combat spirit.

Heles is not without her own self-indulgences, as she has various servants tend to her care. She also views herself as the most beautiful being in all universes. Heles enjoys having her servants regularly regard her as such.

Despite the fact she tends to destroy things she considers ugly, her universe still has the second highest mortal level of the eight Universes participating in the Tournament of Power, and sixth overall, showing that her management of Universe 2 to be at least fairly good. Noticeably, she is the only God of Destruction who has come to admire Goku, although it could merely be because she finds him quite handsome, and puts all value based on appearance.

Pell is the Supreme Kai of Universe 2 and he is described as looking like an upgraded version of Supreme Kai of Universe 7. He is very confident in his universe's might, believing it to be the strongest of them all. Like Rumsshi from Universe 10, he relies too much on brute strength and can get confrontational to anyone who challenges his views. Also, he seems to be somewhat lecherous like Old Kai as shown from his excitement at watching some of his Universe 2 female warriors transform. Pell is also known to be very kind.

Alongside Heles and Sour, Pell attends the Zen Exhibition Match. During the 40 hour preparation for the Tournament of Power, Pell was called to the Supreme Kai meeting by Khai, and got into an argument with Ea, about whether strength or intelligence is the key to winning the Tournament.

Sour is the angel of Universe 2, Sour is a very tall and slim individual. He has pale blue skin like most Angels and shoulder length white hair resembling Kibito Kai's. He wears black and yellow robes with designs similar to Whis and carries a staff. Sour has a serious personality and likes to consider himself more intelligent than others. Like most angels, he treats things with indifference and has no concern for his God of Destruction.

Brianne de Chateau is a warrior from Universe 2, and the leader of the Kamikaze Fireballs. When transforming into a Magical Girl, she becomes Magical Girl Ribrianne. Brianne in her base form appears as a human-like slender young woman with shoulder length green hair and a pink dress with a white collar. She also wears a belt and black leggings.

Upon transforming into Ribrianne, her more powerful alter ego, her physique becomes near-spherically rotund and her skin color turns teal. In this form she wears a sleeveless red and green dress with a very thick petticoat underneath it, yellow gloves and boots, and a rubber cap with an antenna-like protrusion.

Hermila is a green skinned muscular humanoid individual with wrist cannons, pointy ears, orange hair, and a beak-like jaw with reptile-like nose holes. He wears nothing but a pair of red briefs and boots. Like his combat partner Prum, he is calculative and nimble to turn disadvantages into a trap, admitting defeat so his ability can be used again.

Prum is a brick red humanoid blob that normally has a yellow eye color. His eye color turns green and his body glows blue whenever he is charged with someone's ki blasts. When reflecting energy blasts, his body turns silver. When Prum is alongside Hermila he was really sure of himself and was not afraid at all. However, without Hermila he becomes fearful because he has no attacks and refused to fight. He also seems to care for the safety of others.

Jimeze wears traditional Yardrat clothing, much like the type that was given to Goku when he trained on Planet Yardrat for a year. Jimeze has confidence in his instant transmission, knowing he can do it quick enough that it is hard for him to be attacked. He is a knight-like individual to protect the Maiden Squadron and like his other teammates, hold the Team Maiden in high esteem. He also seemed enamored by the Kamikaze Fireballs after they transformed.

Rabanra is a humanoid whose the top part of his body is a dark orange and his legs are black. He also has pointed ears and a green jewel in his forehead. Rabanra fully believes in his universe's mantra of love and beauty, participating in the Kamikaze Fireballs's transformation routine. However, he is also rather timid and prone to panic, he tends to back off fighting. He appears to have little patience for ineptitude, as he has been known to get easily frustrated in stressful and time sensitive situations.

Sanka is a human-like young woman with long brown hair. She wears a dark blue dress with short sleeves, white frills and a white neckerchief; black sleeve gloves, black leggings, and high heel shoes. As Kakunsa, her skin is a teal color, her hair is dark blue, and she wears a black mask over her eyes. She wears a dark blue sleeveless bodysuit, wears green gloves, green boots, and has a dark blue colored tail. Sanka appears to be very easy going. Her poses involve her winking, and she made the V sign with her fingers when her universe was introduced. Kakunsa is very aggressive and feral. She occasionally speaks in Kansaiben dialect.

Su is a young, pale skinned human-like woman with purple hair and a pair of glasses. She wears a white hat and with a yellow overcoat, an orange skirt, and a white undershirt with long baggy sleeves. The skirt reaches to the top of her thighs and she also wears red shoes. As Rozie, her skin is a teal color and she wears orange sunglasses in place of her glasses. She wears a yellow and white gown with a purple jumpsuit underneath. Rozie also wears white gloves and white boots. Su seems to be very easy going as seen when she is fighting.

Vikal is a humanoid girl with long pale blue hair, pointed ears, gold eyes (usually glowing purple), black and purple wings, and light grey skin similar in color to that of the Magical Girl Transformation. Her outfit consists of a purple and black leotard. Vikal speaks in a polite manner towards her teammates, using elevated language and respectful terms of address. She is also shown to be very kind to the Kamikaze Fireballs on her team, specially Sanka Ku, calling her "Divine/Mistress Kakunsa".

Zarbuto is a humanoid old man with white whiskers and is clad in a red suit and white cap. Zarbuto fully believes in the universe's mantra of beauty and love, and participated in the Kamikaze Fireballs transformation routine. Zarbuto does not appear to do well under pressure.

Zirloin is a very large and muscular humanoid male with blue skin and red eyes. Attached to his gold shoulder plates he sports a long dark purple tabard that drapes over his bare chest and covers his white undergarments (although he can be seen wearing a golden breastplate in his universe's team lineup). He also wears a pair of gold bracers and thigh high boots, and a tall, pointed gold helm. Despite his imposing appearance, Zirloin fully embraces his universe's mantra of love and beauty, and seems to hold the Kamikaze Fireballs in high regard.

These were the 10 chosen fighters to represent Universe 2 in the Tournament of Power. These fighters were considered to be the strongest in this universe...