Sour would go on to watch the conclusion of the Tournament of Power. The stands were made smaller since there was alot less people. Sour found himself sitting next to Vados and Whis to his left and Cus to his right. Cus had remained silent since the erasure of Universe 10. Mijito seemed pleased his Universe 9 was erased. There were mixed feelings about how the surviving angels viewed the loss of their universes some seemed glad, some didn't care and others were deeply troubled by their loss.

Sour found himself in agreement with Cus, Vados, and Whis they had deep affection for their universe and its people and would prefer their universe had not been erased, each one did their best to help prepare their universes for this tournament.

They watched together as Toppo fought Anilaza and revealed he was the God of Destruction select for his Universe and he had been trained in the use of Hikari. Still, Anilaza proved he could update himself and adapt to it. Jiren watched as Toppo was defeated and blown off stage. After a brutal scolding Jiren would fight Anilaza asking him to show him the true meaning of their merging and the trust they had in one another.

Jiren would showcase his true full power hulking out with a fluid red and black aura. The last two minutes of the tournament was so intense even the remaining Gods of Destruction and the Kais stood up out of respect for Jiren being the Mortal Stronger Then The Gods. In fighting Anilaza Jiren was reminded of his childhood, the dark force that wiped out his people and world and what motivated him to become strong.

In the end Jiren overpowered and defeated Anilaza for the survival of Universe 11 driving him into the out of bounds while pushing off his body to a floating platform of what remained of the fighting stage that had been broken and smashed to pieces from their fighting. With Jiren's victory, Universe 3 was erased by Future Zeno and being the last one on stage Jiren was granted any wish his heart desired from the Super Dragon Balls.

Jiren would think for a moment about everything he witnessed and heard throughout the tournament. He would glance up looking at the angels in the stands who lost their universes and over at the exempted universes and then over to his universe before looking up at the Dragon God Zalama. Jiren took into account the other universes and his original wish before making his wish.

To everyone's surprise Jiren asked if he could bring back Universes 13-18. The five universes that were erased from existence during a tantrum from Zeno. When the Grand Priest had inquired why Jiren explained that unlike the universes who fought in the Tournament of Power they had their chance to fight for their right to exist. Universe 13-18 were wiped out of existence and were not given the chance to fight for their survival.

The Grand Priest declared Jiren's wish a selfless wish taking into consideration the other universes and the Dragon God Zalama brought back into creation Universes 13-18 to everyone's surprise. Future Zeno looked excited as he announced he couldn't wait for another Tournament of Power with Universe 11 the returning champions going up against the five universes that were brought back. Everyone in the stands deeply cringed at the thought of another Tournament of Power.

The Grand Priest told Future Zeno it will take time to prepare and get ready. He also needed to update the Godpad among other things. Future Zeno expressed his excitement and couldn't wait to see Jiren in action again and with that the Tournament of Power came to a close.

Jiren had won, Universe 11 had survived. Universe 13-18 were brought back thanks to Jiren and would be fighting in the next Tournament of Power for their right to continue to exist. As for Universe 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 9, and 10 they were gone but not forgotten.

As for the Present day Zeno he was alive floating alone in a void of white space he could not get out of nor return to his multiverse. In time Zeno retired from trying to escape, dawned a hooded robe, grew a bread and meditated on all the events and people leading up to how he got stuck here. He became incredibly wise and empathetic but in his heart he was deeply lonely. Zeno missed his multiverse and he hated his future self…

The End