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"No way!"

Engulfed in a bright light, his armour slowly being stripped from his body by the extreme heat, he heard only a maniacal laughter as the energy ball pushed him towards the planet. However, his thoughts were not his death, nor on the one who caused it, but on those he loved, those who were gone and whom he would soon join, and, also, on those who still lived and would bring about the ruin of the creature who had destroyed him and his people.

"My son lives on," he gasped in his final stages of death.

"Kakarott!" he yelled as the energy engulfed him his body and consumed his life.

* * *

Many years later …

"You know, spying is rather rude."

Bardock did not open his eyes, but he could feel Toura's embarrassment at being caught, although he would never admit such feelings.

"I was just a bit worried. You've become even more reclusive lately."

Bardock sighed and opened his eyes, staring out at the barren and rocky red landscape that is Hell. "I know. It's rather unnatural for a Saiyan, isn't it?"

"You could say that." Toura sat down beside his commander. "But then, things change when you die. And, it has been about forty years." Toura thought for a moment. "What does one do when there is no fighting to be had?"

"Settle down and start a family." Toura looked at Bardock in amazement. "That's what I would have done, it's the accepted normal according to many I've talked to."

"Saiyans aren't normal."

"Saiyans no longer exist in the real world." With that Bardock got up and walked back to the huge monument that housed the majority of the Saiyan population in Hell.

Toura stared after him, worry etched visibly on his battle-scarred face. The rest of Bardock's former crew approached, also watching their commander's retreat.

"Toura? What's up with Bardock?" Fasha asked.

"I'm not sure. I think death is finally affecting him."

* * *

Bardock sighed as he walked back. This melancholy feeling inside would not go away. He couldn't talk to Toura or Fasha or anyone really about it, he was sure they would never understand ... Hell! He didn't understand it himself.

"What is there besides fighting?" He wasn't sure if he could answer.

"If you looked," a voice said close by, "you could find out."

Bardock did not look around. He knew who this voice belonged to. It had haunted him many times before.

"What now? My race is already dead, our planet destroyed, what else could you or anyone else wish upon us?"

"Fear not Bardock, I have come with an offer of redemption. You have the power to save your people from absolute annihilation, though you do not realise it. Your race can be redeemed, unless they destroy themselves."

"What do you mean? What's going to happen?"

The dry voice laughed coldly. "You will see, though if too late, history will repeat. Again, the living will suffer and die."

"Living? There are none living … wait … no!"

He was in the current throne room of King Vegeta, he was still in Hell, but something was up, there was a gathering, all the warroir population of Saiyans were in the room, the walls had been blasted away to make room for them all. King Vegta was not to be found, his throne stood empty. Suddenly he arrived and moved away so that another could take his place on the throne. Before the ornate chair were four women and two boys, they all looked so familiar to Bardock, he could swear he knew them from somewhere. The figure on the throne beckoned for guards to grab the two boys and tie them down before him. The paler-haired boy was knocked down and lay bleading, the darker-haired boy screamed at these actions and looked up furiously then pleadingly and Bardock gasped.


Bardock came out of the strange trance he was in every time he heard that voice and ran back to the Saiyan territory in Hell, desperate to find out what's going on.

* * *

King Vegeta did not look happy.

This idea was ridiculous. It could never work.

And yet, so many thought it would. He could see it in their faces. The bloodlust rose in the room. He would be outvoted, combined as they were, he could never hope to enforce a ruling against them. They were just too strong and so many in number. It was pathetic: the Saiyan King intimidated by his own subjects.

He gave in. "Fine Nappa, I see that my disapproval will have no affect on you or those who support this."

"You are quite right my liege." King Vegeta could just barely see the smirk on his face as he left. It infuriated him.

"That arrogant bastard. I'm powerless and he knows it. It's almost as bad as Frieza. This may well destroy us."

The King looked up as the door to the throne room burst open.

Bardock ran up to him. "My King, there is a grave threat to our people."

"I know. Ourselves." Vegeta looked sadly over at perhaps one of his only loyal subjects left. We're going to destroy ourselves. I've just told Nappa that he take over Earth.'

"Earth? But that means …"

"Yes. The great Hero of Earth will come after us. I don't know what to do to stop this from happening."

"My liege, will you allow me to go to Earth to stop this?"

"I only pray that you can. Nappa has made powerful allies here in Hell, the wizard Babidi is only one of many. Try to prevent this, please Bardock."

Bardock bowed then left quickly to gather the only people he knew he could trust to help him, although it may have already been too late.

Unbeknownst to King Vegeta and almost everyone else, a small force had already been sent by Nappa to Earth with Babidi's help and were in the middle of a mission that the King knew nothing of but had just approved.

One of the Saiyans on Earth smiled as he caught sight of his prey. A beautiful blue haired woman dressed in expensive clothes sitting with a beautiful blonde woman with a small blond girl on her lap, a feisty woman with her long black hair fashioned in a bun and a teenage girl with short hair and half-finger gloves.

Suddenly, a group of five males walked up to them, smiling. The scouters went off. These men, no, not men, two were children and one was barely old enough to be counted as an adult, well, these males were powerful. They got up and started to walk away. The commander of the group signaled to follow them when all of a sudden, one of the women stopped, the blue-haired one, and asked something and walked away at the reply. The commander gestured for the rest of the group to follow the others while he tailed this one.

And what a fine tail it was to follow.

She did not go far. She stopped at a nearby park and walked up to a well-built man with black hair rising high above his head and wrapped her arms around him. Apparently he was unaccustomed to such intimacies as he turned around with a glare on his face and pushed her away. The Saiyan let out a gasp as he saw the man's face.

Prince Vegeta!