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Everything was getting back to normal in Hell.

            "I don't think we will have to fear much of Frieza and Babadi any more," King Vegeta said with a smile.

            "Indeed," Bardock agreed, walking alongside his king. "Who would have thought that such a strange turn of events could occur." He grinned. "It was a thrill to finally meet Kakarott."

            King Vegeta laughed. "Having him turn out to be the famous Hero of Earth was more of a shock for me, but a welcome one." Vegeta looked around at the blasted landscape before him with a sigh. "I wonder, though, if that was how we were truly meant to be."

            "My liege?"

            "Like them, our sons. They are so powerful, yet they act so different to us. Even my son shares traits with those Earthlings now, but he seems the better for it." Vegeta looked down. "I wonder if we went wrong, if our ancestors were incorrect with their training."

            Bardock tried to think of something to comfort his king. "Think of this, would our sons have been the people they are if they had been brought up differently? The Earth warriors seem to respect the Prince's ways of behaviour and indeed rely on his particularly Saiyan skills and attitudes at times while my son would most definitely not be the same person if he was not sent away as a babe."

            King Vegeta smiled. "I suppose it is rather pointless to second guess the future."

            "It certainly is my liege."

            The two continued to walk around in silence, enjoying the feelings of freedom and relaxation they had.

            "My liege?" Bardock broke the silence somewhat reluctantly. "Do you believe things will ever be the same again?"

            King Vegeta shook his head. "I do not."

            "Good." The two older Saiyans turned around at the sudden intrusion, but relaxed seeing who it was. Vegeta stood there, looking at his father and his First Lieutenant. "It would not do for all of our efforts to have gone to waste."

            "Welcome Prince Vegeta," Bardock bowed to him. "How fares your son?"

            "Ask him yourself." Vegeta gestured and Trunks appeared from behind him with Goten close behind. Seeing their grandfathers they grinned and ran to them. Vegeta could not help but show the faint signs of a smile watching the display. Even in the very short time they had met, the younger generation had quiet a strong bond with their older relatives.

            It was not the children's enthusiasm that made him smile though, it was his father's and Kakarott's father's smiles that made him hope. Perhaps these changes will show the other Saiyans as he had been shown that war was not everything to be gained from life.

            "I don't believe it." Vegeta turned around and glared at the grinning man behind him. "You're actually smiling."

            "You would do well to keep quiet Kakarott," Vegeta warned him. "Unless you want that grin wiped off your face."

            Goku stuck out his tongue at him and continued grinning. "I'll bet your father might have something to say about your violent reactions to jibes."

            "He would indeed." The two turned around to see their fathers and sons approaching them. King Vegeta looked stern.

            "Don't tell me you're taking up pacifism father." Vegeta rolled his eyes. "I'd believe more that you had dated Frieza's sister, if he had one."

            "Now who told you that?"

            Vegeta looked horrified. "Father!"

            The others all laughed at his indignant expression of disgust, enjoying the brief moments of pleasure they could take in each other's company for all knew that the four living Saiyans could not stay in Hell for long.

*           *           *

"So what will you do now?"

            Vegeta looked over at his father. The older Saiyan was watching the other four in the distance playing at some innocent game. Bardock was scheming with the two halflings while Goku was glaring and spouting phrases like 'that's not fair!' as they changed and made up rules for their game. Seeing the wistful loneliness in his eyes, Vegeta looked away. "I'll return to my family and continue with my life."

            King Vegeta nodded. "It must be nice to know peace and contentment."

            "It is."

            "You never would have known it was our planet not destroyed." The king looked seriously at his son. "You've been given many chances in your life."

            "I know and I think I finally understand that and no longer take them for granted." Vegeta sighed. "Losing Trunks … I think I finally understand what drives these Earthlings to such extreme lengths."

            "You are no longer the Saiyan Prince I raised." Vegeta winced, then stared in amazement as his father continued on. "Now you are something more, something better."

            Vegeta was silent for a long time and, like his father, he watched the antics of his son and his friends. "Kakarott once told me that I could not always hang onto the ideals of my past. My race was dead, but I was a part of something more. I had started a new life, a new family. We were beginning a new race, one that I could be just as proud to be a part of." Vegeta chuckled softly. "I sometimes wonder if Kakarott even remembers saying such things to me, but then I see in his eyes the truth of his words. It's why he is so strong."

            "He was right. The Saiyan race is dead. Never forget who you are or where you came from, yet do not let it hold you back." King Vegeta smiled wryly at his son. "It seems that we both have gone through many changes."

            "Indeed father, but I hope for the better."

            "I know for the better," King Vegeta assured him. "The Saiyan race is free and the future for our new people rests in very capable hands. You have made e very proud my son."

            "Thank you father." Vegeta smiled gratefully at him, a true smile that came directly from his heart. He looked out at the blasted landscapes of Hell and knew that things were much better than before. He was free from everything.

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