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She was so tired. So tired of everything in the world, and there was nothing to give her strength. In reality her strength had been killed in the war, by the war. She felt empty and cold, and time seemed to stretch endlessly before her. What would she do now. There was nothing left for her in this world. Her eyes were empty and unfeeling as she watched them all. They all stood solemnly, honouring the dead, mourning them, and rejoicing their victories.

She stood alone. Silently over a grave that had been put on the victors side through much protest.

He had killed so many of them, they had said. Nothing could clear him in their eyes. Draco Malfoy would always be the enemy.

She couldn't blame them. She had thought the same thing at one lonely point in her life.

Looking at his gravestone, which read "For love".

She remembered the night that had started it all.


Seventh Year.

Looking around her she suddenly felt pity for herself. Her friends had all left. She was all alone, stuck in school with nothing to do but study.

Studying by yourself over the Christmas holidays. How pathetic was that?

She sighed once more and turned a page on her book.

She looked down and tried to concentrate, it wasn't something she usually had to work on, concentrating that is. But her current situation was unnerving her greatly. She was here. Alone.

Well not so alone.

A handful of other students had been unlucky enough to have nowhere to go as well.

But she had no acquaintance amongst them. None at all. And so she would be here alone on Christmas.

Sighing heavily she closed her book, and got up to go to bed.

No point in trying to study when she couldn't even think.

Then out of habit, she put her books back down grabbed her wand and went out to do a last minute inspection of the school grounds. After all as a prefect it was one of her duties.

Who would have thought a simple walk could have affected her life so much.

So the corridors where mostly empty, a few boys and girls trying to sneak out and meet here and there, but nothing out of the ordinary...Simply the sight of her drove them back into their perspective rooms, but Hermione knew they would try again later.

Usually she'd make sure they didn't by instructing the portraits to keep them in. But it was holidays after all and she could understand their motives.

Everything was in order it seemed and she halted her steps once she reached the juncture that lead inside the Slytherin dorms. She never dared go in there.

She always used excuses whenever she got assigned, and everyone was always glad to trade shifts with her, because it meant an extra tutoring lesson on the side.

But tonight she wasn't so afraid. In fact she was curious.

No one should be up at this time after all. And she knew for a fact that there were only very few Slytherins in the school. Everyone else had gone home to visit with dear old Voldemort.

So she stood there for only a moment before venturing forth. She never could control her curiosities and being with Harry and Ron were indeed bad influence..They had given her a sense of adventure.

The hallway was darker than all the other house dorms, but that was to be expected, Snape was of course the house head, and surely bright lights hurt his eyes at this point in his life. It felt cooler too somehow, as if a gentle breeze was always surrounding you.

But the most horrible observation Hermione could take from that first trip, was the sense of emptiness she felt as she walked there. As if every students misery had seeped itself into the walls.

No wonder the Slytherins were so depressed looking, who wouldn't be walking these halls every day?

She was so lost in these thoughts that she didn't notice him for a while.

For a long while actually. He had been standing there watching her, enjoying the fact that he knew she was feeling a little bit of what it felt like to be a Slytherin.

But he was watching something else about her...she was the same mudblood he had hated years ago.. And yet she was different.

For some time, he had been thinking about her without meaning too.

And he had come to the simple conclusion that she was not as stupid nor as ugly as she should be... Being a mudblood and all.

But no. She was not ugly, nor was she beautiful. She had elegance though, and grace. Confidence that could not be crushed, and a slow smile that gave her charm. These made her more than beautiful.. Adding that to her intelligence and quick wit, and for Malfoy, it made her irresistible

":What are you doing here Granger?"

The hard voice startled her, and though she knew whose voice it was, she couldn't she his face...

So stupidly she moved closer to him to see it.

"I'm doing a last hall inspection." she replied, and finding nothing else to say, she asked "What are you doing?"

He stepped into the light and she found him wearing a dark expression. Something that made her think 'Walk away' or more like run. But she stayed.

"It's my house. I thought you didn't do Slytherin inspections." it was a statement not a question.

Hermione nodded.

"Well, yes. But."

"But? You wanted to see me?" He asked with a glint in his eyes.

Was he joking?

"Are you kidding me? No! I didn't know you were here for the holidays and none of the other prefects are here so I thought.. I'd"

"Venture to the dark and scary side of the castle?"

She couldn't deny that. It was the truth after all.

" So what do you think Granger? No place like home right." he said bitterly looking around him.

She took a breath , utterly confused. Was Malfoy playing a game? Why was he being civil to her?

"Well Malfoy, I think your corridors could need a little redecoration." Hermione replied trying to act normal, all the while preparing for an attack of some sort.

"Well it just so happens most of us like dark places like these."

"Yes well snakes would wouldn't they?" She asked, for once saying something without thinking. She regretted the way it sounded the second it left her lips. And even more when she saw his eyes spark.

He moved in closer to her and feeling threatened she took out her wand.

"Look I'm just going to go Malfoy." She was going to walk away but a his firm grip stopped her.

"Let go of me!" she started struggling but stopped when she saw his face. It wasn't as hard as usual, and it his eyes..they were so silver she couldn't look away.

"Most of us make like the dark. But I'd like to touch the light for one night." and without another word he kissed her. Feeling as though electricity was coursing through her body she didnt resist.

He kissed her and she didn't struggle. She hated him, hated everything he stood for, everything he did, feared everything he would become.

But just like him. She wanted to touch the dark, even for one night.

So she kissed him back. This wasn't her first kiss, but it was her first real one, if you compared it to others. She had never been kissed like this before. And she'd never kissed anyone like she was kissing Malfoy. Dropping her wand she slowly put her arms around his neck, feeling the light butterfly hairs on it.

Their heated kiss was ending, as both needed to breath. His hands were holding her lightly around the waist, and their bodies had pressed together,and they were both feeling impossibly hot in the cold corridor.

As they pulled apart she looked up at him.

It hadn't felt weird at all.

Looking at her all he wanted to do was kiss her again.

It had felt so unbelievably good.

He moved in once more. And as their lips touched, she knew. There was a reason she came here tonight. There had been something in him that had been puling at her for a while. There was a reason kissing him felt so right.

"You could destroy me with this, you know." she murmured against his lips.

"I'd rather love you."


After he had said that, she ran away. She pushed him and ran. The holidays passed and nothing else happened. Harry and Ron had come back, and everything went back to normal.

Until she was assigned to the Slytherin dorms. And for once accepted it.

She didn't know what she was doing. But she couldn't stop herself. She wanted to know why he had said that.

What she didn't know was that she would only find out years later, that the words had been true.

So that had been the start of it all.

Nothing special except that the two involved had defied everything they believed in, everything they were expected to be, in order to love each other.

And for that love, he had saved them all,

And she would have the strength to go on.

Taking a deep breath, she smiled. All is not lost after all.

"Until we meet again, Draco Malfoy."


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