It was almost morning by the time she had awoken and found herself standing by the window. Her silhouette stood out against the soft orange of the rising sun, and whilst pressed up against the foggy glass, her fingertips began tracing random, meaningless shapes across its wet surface. A chilled, but short breeze began to run down her goose-bumped covered skin, making the skirt of her dress ripple across the hard-wood floor. The green hills of Florence lay scattered out in front of her, the clouds beginning to shrink under the glow of the morning sun.

Her other hand clutched her head, her brain throbbing and feeling drained from the lack of sleep. It had only been once they had arrived in Italy last night she'd had a chance to finally get some after the long flight. Since it was now morning, she was feeling the full effects of jet lag and fatigue from not having a proper meal in hours.

What had brought her to Italy? It was not planned or really desired in any sense. She had always wanted to come and experience the beautiful culture, but always stayed clear due to the mysterious rumours of rulers in dark cloaks that snatched people like her into their claws - only to never be seen again.

The thought of the Volturi led her heart to start beating a million miles again, similarly to when she found out the news yesterday morning. She had lost track of time already. She didn't even know much about them at all, only the bits and pieces Elezaer had informed her about on the plane last night. She knew there were 3 rulers, Aro being the most important, and the one she had to convince for her life.

She could remember the image of his face, the one in Carlisle's study she seen several years earlier. The memory of his dark, almost seemingly pitch-black hair that matched his cloak slightly terrified her. And so, to try and attempt to calm herself, she began humming a soft tune of some piano tune she'd heard in an opera from years ago, before stopping at a sound that interrupted her. She heard his footsteps before she heard his voice. Short but loud steps across the soft wooden floor of the hotel they were staying in.

"Cas.." He began, his voice having an underlying tone of emotion, but as usual not fully giving anything away.

She turned slowly to face him before replying. "I'm fine Elezar." she muttered before continuing "really".

"You don't look fine" he spoke back quickly, his dark eyes kept on the floor. She knew he hadn't fed in almost 3 days; his eyes beginning to turn to a dark black from the bright gold they usually were. But he surprised her with his next question. "How much sleep did you get last night?"

"Have you heard anything?" she asked instead, ignoring the roll of his eyes at the evasion of his question.

He shook his head.

"Not anything at all?"

"Nothing Cas."

"So what now?" She asked, voice uncertain but slightly concerned. "You said you spent hundreds of years under Aro, are you sure he wouldn't even listen to you?"

"No" he interrupted her, now making eye-contact with her concerned brown eyes. He always seemed slightly triggered whenever Aro's name was mentioned, although Cas wasn't exactly sure why. "You're human Cas, there are no exceptions in the eye of Volturi law. None."

She wanted to argue back, use that Cullen girl as an example she'd heard about a few months back, but deep down she knew it was pointless. After all, she wasn't a Cullen, or from any family that held the Volturi's favour. She was just Cas. Simple.

"So what now?" She repeated again, but different this time - more accepting.

"How about.." he began, "what do you want to do today?"

"You mean my last day alive?"

"No" he cut back, ignoring the raise of her eyebrows, "I mean, you always told me you wanted to visit Italy, surely there's something you want to do here?"

"And if there is?"

"Tell me Cas"

She almost found herself smiling at the question, despite the sickening nature of it.

"I've always wanted to see the Sistine Chapel.." she confessed with an almost childish glee.

"Your mother never took you?"

"How could she?" Castiel asked, "The Volturi runs Italy, and besides, no-one dares to come here without some kind of fucked up reason…"

"That much is true." he laughed as she smiled slightly too, trying to take notes off the sombre atmosphere of the room.

"Is there really no chance Eleazar?" She asked him, now looking directly into his dark eyes as she leaned back against the now clear glass of the window.

"I'm sorry Cas."

And so with everything made clear, she stood up where she had been perched across the window pane, the long skirt of her summer dress trailing against her bare feet as she walked the foot of the room towards him. She grabbed the long navy-green parka that had been hanging up beside the door. Pulling one arm through it, she turned to face him, eyes bright and waiting expectantly.

"Well, what are you waiting for?" She asked him almost quizzically, before continuing. "There's no point being sombre Eleazar" she reminded him, before pulling his black jacket off the hook for him too and handing it to him. "let's make this a night to remember.." She expressed before pausing, "one, I'll never forget."

She in that moment thought this would be her last night alive, or her kind of alive, whatever that meant. She knew tomorrow would only bring bad to both to their lives and everyone included. Her fate would be a domino effect. Elezaer had managed to atleast get an audience with Aro, but that didn't mean much considering their tarnished friendship after his leaving several years prior.

It was a strange kind of moment for Cas, she didn't want her dear friend to see her pain, to see how truly scared and vulnerable she felt in that moment. But in a fucked up way, it felt like her life had been building up to this moment, every whisper and mention of the Volturi throughout the years had inevitably lead to her meeting them, and the mysterious Aro. she didn't know what to expect, but maybe that was best.

And so, with a heavy heart and her mind running full of scary and wild thoughts, the pair set off into the night not knowing what tomorrow would bring, or if they'd even be alive to see the sun rising again the next morning.

And so we have the first chapter! I really hope you enjoyed reading this, it popped into my head one night and I stayed up till 3am writing the rough outline. I've always loved the Volturi and felt they weren't completely given justice in the original movies, so here's my take on them! Let me know what you thought of the chapter and Cas' fate will be revealed in the coming chapters! :)