Back in Konoha, Obito was contemplating murder. He didn't mind watching over his cute little brother, what he did mind however, was not being informed that he was stuck on babysitting duty. Sure, Pakkun came to tell him that Kakashi had to leave soon for a mission and he needed someone to watch over Naruto, but what Pakkun did not tell him until the very last minute was that Kakashi would be gone for an unknown period of time doing Kami knows what.

Obito scowled at the memory of arriving at the house, furniture moved slightly from its usual place, papers and kitchenware scattered all over the floor and air a bit humid. In his hand, he held a poorly written message scribbled on a serviette in Kakashi's handwriting asking if he could take care of Naruto while he was away on the mission (which Obito still had yet to find out about what it was about). He crumpled the paper, put it in his pants' pocket and glanced at the small pug at his feet.

Instead of answering the silent question however, Pakkun continued walking and once they passed an empty room leading to Naruto's, he understood why. Rather than its light greenish colour, the walls were singed black and, in the air, lingered a menacing power. Obito shuddered at the thought of what happened in there.

When he finally reached Naruto, he kneeled beside the boy's bed. On the bed lay three dogs, all cuddled against each other and Naruto's tiny, thin arms wrapped around Akino. Obito placed his hand on Naruto's forehead, it was no longer hot, but his skin was a deathly pale and covered in a sheen of sweat.

"Pakkun," he remembered saying, "What happened?"

The pug jumped onto the bed to decrease the height difference and told him what had happened. Turning his head to look at Naruto and then back at Obito he gave a small cough.

"Kakashi trusts you to watch over Pup. He didn't want to leave, especially not with Naruto in a state like this, but there was no other choice."

"And how long will he be gone?" Obito asked.

Pakkun shrugged. "There's no telling with the mission but Team wouldn't procrastinate, not with this one."

"What's the mission even about? I get that it's ANBU and whatever, but Kakashi never had a problem telling me before-even if did break the rules he regards so sacredly."

Pakkun shook his head. "It's better if you don't know. With Kakashi and Itachi being away, your role regarding Shisui and the Uchiha is more critical now."

"Critical and puts me out of a job until he comes back," Obito said as he stretched his arms out behind him and laid backwards. "I'll keep an eye on Shisui and Naruto, someone's gotta do the work around here. You're staying here or?"

"Leaving. Kakashi might need me on the mission but they'll-" he paused and nudged his head towards the sleeping dogs, "-be helping around."

"Tell him he'd better come back in time for the council meeting."

Pakkun hesitated. "I'll do that," he said eventually and nuzzled Naruto's neck before disappearing into thin air.

His hesitation didn't go unnoticed by Obito.

Just what did you get yourself into now, Teme?

But his thoughts were interrupted by tugging at his pants bringing him back to the present. He was standing by the sink in Kakashi's kitchen, the cold-water tap running and a ceramic bowl in his hands.

Cursing inwardly, he closed the tap. He was rinsing out bowls to put the porridge he made in for breakfast but must have gotten distracted. He glanced down, the tugging wouldn't stop.

"Obi-nii, uppie!" Naruto said holding his arms in front of him.

Obito bent down and ruffled his hair. He picked him up and placed him on the counter next to the sink.

"Still feeling down?" he asked.

Naruto nodded but didn't say anything. He looked down.

"I know it's tough being with me instead of Kakashi, but Naru-chan he won't be gone forever."

"Kashi-nii left after I shouted," Naruto said quietly.

Obito took a deep breath. Nothing's going to change until go get back here, Kakashi.

"He didn't leave because of you." Obito lightly grasped Naruto's chin forcing him to look up. "Kakashi loves you, Naru-chan. Everyone else too, they're just busy."

"Kashi-nii never left for so long."

"I know but remember what I told you after you woke up, Kakashi's a ninja. A strong one too, so he has to leave sometimes, to protect us."

Naruto's brows furrowed. "But you're a ninja too. Are you also leaving?"

Obito's eyes widened slightly at Naruto's question. His words were innocent enough, he was too young to understand the weight it held but still it filled Obito with dread. Naruto spoke with such sadness, that no one his age should feel. The pain of being abandoned over and over again.

"Ninjas protect people so until Kakashi comes back, that'll be my job. I'm always going to be here for you Naruto."

Naruto hugged Obito's neck. The older of the two yelped in surprise but hugged back; he needed to reassure Naruto at least twice a day but if that what kept him happy, he'd gladly do it. To him, Naruto was the future and he'd do damn well to protect that future.

"Obi-nii." Naruto said after a while. "When's Sasuke coming?"

Obito pulled away. "Was that what was bothering you earlier?"

Naruto giggled. "You looked sad. I miss Kashi-nii but I wanna play with Sasuke."

"You little devil." Obito flicked Naruto's forehead and smirked when he winced.

"Shisui's bringing Sasuke after the breakfast. Get dressed in the meantime while I finish the food up."

"I want ramen Obi-nii!"

"Heh, what's the deal with ramen? We had it last night for dinner."

Naruto's eyes widened. "Obi-nii," he said, voice lower than usual. "Raidou-nii said that ramen will make me grow. Sasuke-teme called me little last time."

Obito rolled his eyes. "Stop listening to Raidou, Naru-chan. Also stop calling Sasuke teme, it's rude."

"But Obi-nii, you and Kashi-nii say it all the time."

Obito groaned. He and Kakashi really were bad influences for Naruto sometimes.

"Sasuke hurry up!" Shisui called out.

He leaned against the open doorway of the main Uchiha residence with his arms crossed and one leg propped against the wall. Mikoto came from Sasuke's room holding the pouting child's hand while the he held a small green dinosaur plushie.

"Sorry Shisui-kun, Sasuke couldn't decide which toy he wanted to take with." Sasuke blushed at his mother's words.

"Not true! Kaa-san don't lie!" he shouted causing both of them to laugh.

"Ne, ne Sasuke it's alright if you admit you're excited to see Naruto. He is your first friend after all," Shisui said and pushed himself off the wall.

Sasuke stuck his tongue out at him. "I don't like that Baka! Nii-san's gone so I need someone to play with. Not you, Shisui!"

"Still refusing to add the honorific, huh. And don't call Naruto that, it's a mean word."

"Nii-san called you that," he said and Shisui could've sworn he saw him smirk.

Shisui's eye twitched. He loved Sasuke as much as he loved Itachi but the tiny Uchiha was really a pain in the ass at times.

Mikoto let of Sasuke's hand and crouched down to his level. "Now Sasuke what have I told you about talking to Shisui-kun that way?"

"Kaa-san said not to."

"Exactly. Ita-chan may call him that but that doesn't make it right for you to. Be nice to Naruto-chan too, okay?"

"Hai Kaa-san."

Shisui rolled his eyes at the scene. Sasuke would act like an angel then but as soon as they leave his demonic side would appear.

Mikoto kissed Sasuke's forehead and stood up. "Off you go then. Ariagato, Shisui-kun, I really needed time for myself today."

Shisui nodded. "No problem, Ba-san. Are you sure you'll be fine alone though? Obito-san said he needed to speak to me but I'm sure he wouldn't mind if you tagged along."

Mikoto shook her head. "I need to be by myself right now. I know Fugaku's mission only ends next week but I can't shake this feeling that-" she stopped herself noticing the look Sasuke was giving her.

"They'll be fine. We're Uchiha after all and with Team Rou involved… I'm certain they're just procrastinating to pass the time," Shisui said not really believing his own words.

Less than a week remained until Fugaku's team were supposed to be back from their mission and the council meeting was to take place. Team Rou still had not returned and Shisui had a feeling that the situations were interconnected.

He picked Sasuke up, much to child's chagrin, and threw him over his shoulder. "Stop complaining I'm carrying you, so you won't be tired once we get there," he told Sasuke who was whacking his back with the dinosaur.

"We'll be off, see you later Ba-san."

With a slight bow and a wave of his hand, Shisui left the house with a struggling Sasuke lying on his shoulder.

The walk to Kakashi's place was a long one as Shisui took the route that avoided as many people as possible. Ever since Inabi came back to the village without the rest of his team, the Uchiha became more hostile than ever claiming foul play. Sasuke didn't need to see the questioning gazes the rest of the villagers gave him, not for being the clan leader's son but rather for being the brother of whose loyalty was questionable.

"Shisui-nii, when's Tou-san coming home?"

"I don't know Sasuke."

"Shisui-nii, when's Nii-san coming home?"

"I don't know Sasuke."

Sasuke stayed quiet for a few moments before- "Shisui-nii."

A sigh. "Yes Sasuke?"

"Can you give me a piggyback? Nii-san always gives me a piggyback."

Shisui smiled and stopped in his tracks. "Sure, but no hitting me with that dinosaur."


After putting Sasuke down, Shisui helped him get up onto his back and held his legs securely over his arms. He hopped up once Sasuke wrapped his arms around his neck.

"We're almost there, alright? If we talk it'll take us sooner to get there."

"Don't wanna," Sasuke said, his voice trembling.

Shisui's brows knotted. "Sasuke? What's wrong?"

The toddlers grip around his neck tightened. Shisui could tell Sasuke was close to tears but if he pushed it, Sasuke might not answer him. He was stubborn after all.

"Kaa-san hates me!" he screamed in Shisui's ear causing the older to wince.

"Nii-san isn't home. Tou-san isn't home. Kaa-san cries, Shisui-nii. They hate me!"

Shisui sighed; he forgot how fragile Sasuke was. To him, the concept of fragility was a strange one. Perhaps it was because he knew tragedy since a young age or because he was trying to prevent a civil war from happening, either way fragility had no place in the world they lived in.

That's the worst part, isn't it? He thought.

"Sasuke," he began, "No one hates you, sure you're a brat, but everyone loves you."

"But Nii-san and Kaa-san and Tou-san-"

"Love you more than anything. Itachi and your Tou-san are working, and Kaa-san is feeling lonely. She wants you to play with Naruto because she knows you're lonely too."

"But who's gonna play with Kaa-san then?"

Shisui snorted and shook his head. How he wished he could be that innocent again.

"Kaa-san will be okay. She's your Kaa-san, remember? The best Kaa-san in the world."


Shisui awkwardly tried to bring his hand to his ear. "Oi, stop shouting in my ear!"

Instead of getting a 'yes, Shisui-nii' like he wanted, all he got was a strong tug on his ear. Was all children demons or was it just him and Naruto?

"Is this Naruto's house Shisui-nii?" Sasuke asked, still pulling his ear.

"Cut that out, will you!"

Shisui stopped walking. Truth be told, he stopped paying attention to where he was going while he talking to Sasuke. Not that they would end up lost, it was a straight path and even if they somehow managed to (who knew what demon children were capable of doing) he would just shunshin to Kakashi's place. The only reason he didn't was because Sasuke was extremely skittish.



Damn, I got distracted again. Also, Damn you demon child!

"It's this house, okay. So, stop pulling my ear!"

Shisui heard a giggle, a familiar and annoying one. He looked straight ahead, his neck had gone stiff from turning to reprimand Sasuke the entire time, and his face fell.

There he stood, dressed so similar to Kakashi with his headband pulled down to the side of his face, the uncovered part scarred in a spiral-like fashion, and his brown coloured eye twinkling with amusement. In that moment, Shisui wanted nothing more than to drag Obito by his spiky black hair and wipe that smug look off his face.

Who was he to judge in any case? Naruto was tugging at his arm, practically screaming at him too, all he was doing was a good job of ignoring him.

"How the mighty have fallen. Last week you had the nerve to say that I was at the beck and call of Naru-chan but at least my kid's not trying to pull my ears out."

Shisui smirked. "That's because he knows they don't work either way. My one at least know how to act dignified."

Obito snorted. "That pride of yours' a problem if you think Sasuke-kun trying to claw your hair out is dignified."

"At least I've got pride. You're nearly twenty yet Naruto's got more sense than you."

"Oi, I'm seventeen! And no, he doesn't!"

Shisui snickered. "You hesitated on that last part."

Before Obito could get a word out, Naruto shouted at him.

"Obi-nii! Stop it!"

Naruto pulled Obito and nearly caused the ninja twice his size to topple over backwards. Sasuke hit Shisui on the head before he could laugh.


Oh yeah, they're here too.

Kakashi's home was unlike any house Sasuke had ever seen. Granted he was only three and hadn't been to many places that he could remember, but even still it amazed him. It was smaller than his, that was for sure, but somehow it felt homely enough that he didn't mind Naruto's talking.

"Where we going?" he asked his newfound friend as the blond dragged him through the home by his small hand.

"Garden! Guru and Aki's there."

Sasuke didn't know who 'Guru' or 'Aki' was so he turned around to look at Shisui who winked at him. He took a deep breath, he was nervous and shy, but his Kaa-san told him to have fun so he would.

"Hurry up!" he demanded.

Upon reaching the garden, Sasuke gasped. It was peaceful, yet mysterious. At first glance, the garden looked simple, plain, nothing out of the ordinary, but Sasuke could tell that there was more than meets the eye. There were steps outside the home to sit down on and gaze upon the greenery but if you moved further and closer towards the centre, it was a whole new world.

There was a stone pagoda situated in the middle of a pond and leading past that was a short winding path. Naruto was leading him, saying that he would show him his favourite place, and Sasuke was considering that perhaps this would be his favourite place as well. There wasn't much variation in colour, the evergreens and conifers were all a similar shade of green. They passed many stone lanterns along the way.

There were steppingstones to walk on as water was running at their feet, it was a serene little stream that was surrounded by small rocks. Sasuke was careful to watch his step, not wanting to fall in.

Naruto led him to the very edge of the garden where a small wooden pavilion stood. It was hidden behind all the greenery and the brown colour of wood could barely be seen, most of the structure was covered in moss. The inside was clean and there were three big, fluffy pillows lying inside.

"Wow…" Sasuke said.

He couldn't believe his eyes. He had never seen anything like it before.

"You should thank us, young man," someone told him.

Sasuke let out a yelp of surprise. He jumped when he felt something could and wet nudge his leg.

"Bis, stop being mean to Sasuke," Naruto said.

He pushed Sasuke forward and a dog came out from behind him. Sasuke's jaw dropped when he realised that a dog spoke to him. He turned to Naruto with a frightened look on his face.

"They're not scary, Sasuke. They're really nice."

"And cute too, Naru-chan. I'm Guruko," the smallest dog introduced himself holding his paw up.

"I'm Bisuke. Sorry for scaring you Sasuke-kun," another told him.

"And my name's Akino."

The sunglass-wearing dog moved closer to him, bowing his head as an invitation. Hesitantly, Sasuke stretched his arm out to pet Akino. He closed his eyes, but opened them again when he felt Akino rub against his palm.

"You can talk?"

"We're summons. It's a little different than the usual ninken. We can do all sorts of things besides talk, like clean this place up for example."

Naruto bent down and hugged the rest of the dogs who gladly returned the embraced. "Obi-nii said we could play here so they helped me clean."

Bisuke barked. "We did all the work, Pup. You fell asleep as soon as we got here."

Naruto giggled and sat down on the pillow in between the other two and Bisuke instantly jumped into his lap. He pat the pillow beside him for Sasuke to sit on.

Guruko did the same as Bisuke as soon as Sasuke settled down and nuzzled his face into the crook of Sasuke's neck while Akino made himself comfortable in the last pillow.

"This is so cool."

Naruto hummed in agreement. "I like playing in the garden. It's fun with the doggies and everyone else."

"You have more friends?"

Naruto nodded and smiled widely at him, but as quickly as it came was as quickly as it vanished.

"We played everyday but when Kashi-nii left, I only play with Obi-nii and Shisui-nii."

"Shisui-nii?" Sasuke frowned. Shisui only started to spend time with him because Itachi still hadn't returned home.

"Uh-huh. Shisui-nii always make me do weird breathing stuff. Like with my eyes closed and that. It's really boring."

"Oh," he said simply. It still didn't make much sense to him but there was something else that was bothering him.

"Why do call Nii-san Itachi-nii? He's mine not yours."

Naruto tilted his head. "Itachi-nii's part of Kashi-nii's team."

He said it a if it was the simplest thing in the world, but Sasuke still couldn't understand it. Team? Kashi-nii? He didn't know what it was, but he felt something burn inside him. Naruto was weird, he called everyone by a weird name and was always smiling, it made him feel uneasy.

Naruto was smaller than him, strange looking and yet, he felt comfortable around him, it felt similar to when he was with Itachi or Shisui. He did not like one bit. Sasuke huffed and turned his gaze to the struggling dog in Naruto's arm.

"Itachi's with Kakashi, Sasuke. You saw him before, he wore a mask up and had silver hair that stood up everywhere," Bisuke said as he wiggled himself out of Naruto's grasp and placed his front paws on Sasuke's arms. "He's coming home soon, I know it."

Sasuke pushed Bisuke's paws off of him. "I know, Nii-san never lies. Not to me, poochy."

Bisuke smirked. "Then smile, will ya kid? And it's Bis, not poochy."

The dog pounced into his lap, tackling Guruko in the process. Sasuke jumped at the sudden impact, catching both dogs by surprised as fell off of him. He turned to a laughing Naruto and although he felt his face flush, he grabbed Naruto's hand and pulled him up.

"I wanna explore," Sasuke said simply.

Naruto stopped laughing for a moment and smiled the widest Sasuke had ever seen.


Somehow, Naruto took his hand and started to drag him out of the pavilion. It was an odd feeling, running around an unfamiliar place without his older brother or mother near him and laughing as if nothing was missing in life. He felt lighter, free.

I hope Nii-san's happy too.

"They seem to be having fun," Obito said while sitting on the steps in the garden.

He and Shisui were watching the kids play an odd game of tag. Naruto and Sasuke were chasing each other with reeds, calling 'it' if they managed to poke the other with the reed. The ninken were playing as well, running between the boys to make them fall.

"Naruto's a lot faster than Sasuke. I know you and Rou's been training him but is it normal for him to outrun Sasuke that much?" Shisui asked.

Obito shrugged. "Probably. Naru-chan spends so much time around ninjas it's only natural he picks up certain things, though he's going to wreck hell at the Academy. Also, what's up with that game of theirs?"

Akino managed to knock Naruto over giving Sasuke the chance to poke him. Naruto rolled over onto his stomach and pulled Sasuke by the legs to drag him down before poking him as well. That seemed to spark a mini brawl between the two and instead of helping, the ninken managed to get into a fight of their own, leaving Akino to separate both groups.

Shisui sweat-dropped at the sight. "Those aren't children, Obito-san. They're demons, nothing's normal about them."

"You've got that right," Obito muttered under his breath.

They fell into a comfortable silence before Shisui decided to break the ice. Neither had spoke about the true purpose why he and Sasuke were there.

"Obito-san tell me the truth. About everything."

"Even I don't know what's going on. Kakashi's the guy sitting with all the answers." Obito banged his fist against the floorboard. "He really knows how to piss me off."

Shisui didn't bother to react. He stared straight ahead with a blank expression.

"And so do you. Itachi's naïve, he put all his trust in Kakashi, he told you about being a double agent and I know for a fact that you guys have been lying to us. Obito-san, I'm not Itachi. I don't blindly follow you because you claim to understand us."

"Then why do you follow us?"

"Because if I don't, I'd lose more than just my clan," he paused and said quieter, "You of all people know what it's like being part of a clan like ours. We love so much that it's our greatest weakness. I've already lost my humanity once, Obito-san, I can't- I won't fail now. Not when there's so much to lose."

Obito heard the hiccup in Shisui's speech. He was crying and in that moment, Obito realised that Shisui was just like Naruto. He was a kid afraid of being abandoned, afraid of letting everyone down and losing everything he held dear.

Just like with Naruto, he hugged Shisui. Obito pulled him into a tight embrace and refused to let go. He wasn't that much older, but in the world they lived in, he might as well have lived centuries compared to Shisui.

"No one's watching, so stop struggling. I'm sorry for letting you go through this, Shisui, I'm sorry for lying to you about everything. Itachi's safe, your-our clan is safe and nothing will change that. I promise."

Somewhere along the line Shisui grabbed onto him, refusing to let go despite struggling mere moments before. Obito rubbed Shisui's head, he was small compared to Obito's lanky form, making the task easier. The cries became louder until Shisui's voice became hoarse. His tight grip finally loosened, and he pulled away.

"I'm sorry," he managed to mumble out.

"I won't mention this to anyone," he said and Shisui nodded. "Like I said, I don't know everything that's going on. Kakashi's the mastermind behind everything, but I'll tell you what I know."

Obito took a deep breath and exhaled. The entire situation felt nerve-wrecking.

"Kakashi, and probably the rest of Team Rou at this point, know everything that you've been telling me. From being involved with the coup to Danzo's men approaching you. Kakashi asked me to keep tabs on you, Danzo wants you on his side so to prevent that and learn what he's been planning, we were using you as a spy."

The tension between them thickened. Shisui clenched and unclenched his fists, he swallowed and turned his head to look directly into Obito's eye, his face void of all emotion.

"Everything you've been telling us, it was all a lie? Protecting us from Danzo was just a front so that you could use us instead? I suspected it, but I refused to accept it. Why couldn't you just tell us, why did you have to use us like everyone else?"

Shisui's voice became colder with each sentence, he wasn't lashing out, he was calming himself. Obito could tell he was at his breaking point, he didn't want to cry like he did moments ago but he didn't want to accept the truth either.

"Everything we told you wasn't a lie, we used you to keep you safe from Danzo, to prevent the coup from happening. It's fucked up logic, I know, but we had to use any means necessary. You and Itachi knowing about this would've affected your judgement, you would've thought about what to tell us and we couldn't afford to have you hiding things away."

Shisui stood up. "But it was okay for you to keep things from us?! You lied to us, used us and you expect me to be alright with everything because it was 'necessary'?"

"I'm not asking you to be alright with it!" Obito shouted, surprising Shisui. "I don't expect you to sit down and just take it in. Hell, I'm pissed that I even had do this shit because the world we live in is so fucking messed up. You can hate me all you want after this, but please, there's just five days until Fugaku comes back."

He looked desperate, Obito was certain he did, but he could see that there was some kind of emotion in Shisui's eyes. He hated that he had to beg for this, but he couldn't leave Shisui vulnerable when the entire village seemed to be out of place.

"Alright, until Fugaku-san comes back, and that damn meeting happens, I'll trust you. On the condition that I'm not a spy for you. I know we only touched the surface of what I wanted to know, so you better tell me everything."

Obito lowered his head. "Arigato."

Shisui clicked his tongue. "Doesn't mean I forgive you or anything. Itachi and Team Rou are still missing. If he comes back harmed, I will take my anger out on you and Kakashi."

Obito laughed nervously. Shisui's chakra was leaking his killer intent, and while he was certain that Kakashi would lose both his arms before anything could happen to his teammates, especially Itachi who he became close to recently, he couldn't help but send a silent prayer that Itachi came back without so much of a scratch.

"They're be fine," he said, more to himself than to Shisui.

Shisui walked towards him and punched his shoulder, Obito winced at the power behind it.

"You're part of the Uchiha, expelled or not, and you are my friend. Ever since Naruto came into the picture, our lives changed. Itachi was the closest person I could consider a friend, but there's you and Kakashi now, maybe even Rou. It was lonely before, so promise me I won't feel that way again."

Obito smiled. "You're such a brat sometimes. I promise we'll solve this, Danzo, ROOT, the coup, we'll destroy them so things can stay the way they are. We finally found home."

Before Shisui could retort, Naruto and Sasuke came running, the ninken trailing behind them.

"Obi-nii, Shisui-nii, play with us!"

Obito wished he could have captured the moment when Shisui's face lit up before turning into a scowl as the two 'demon' children tackled him to the wooden floor. Sasuke was wacking him with a green dinosaur plushie that seemingly appeared out of nowhere and Shisui was trying his best not to let out the string of curses he so much wanted to scream.

He finally found home, the only thing missing was his workaholic best friend and his team of loyal idiots.

In a dark and cold tower a frail old man stood up straight, though his grip on his wooden cane was strong.

His black, shaggy hair, covered his left eye, leaving the subordinate he was addressing to shudder slightly. His right eye was already bandaged and the white shirt he wore covered from the top with his dark grey robe to his feet and just over his right shoulder, made his ominous presence seem stronger.

"You're telling me," he hissed at the kneeling ninja, "that three bodies were recovered and none of it belong to Rou?"

"Hai, Danzo-sama."

"And Dragon, Tanuki and Bear, all cannot be found?"

"Hai, Danzo-sama."

"What is your report on Team Rou?"

"They are still missing, Danzo-sama. Eagle reported that Hokage-sama seems to be on edge, meaning that he does not know of their location either. A message, however, was left in the sand next to Dragon's mask. It appeared to be written by one of Team Rou's members."

"What did it say?"

The ninja hesitated, but Danzo hit his cane against the cool tiling. "You will tell me, Crane."

"Hai, Danzo-sama," the ninja said and coughed.

"The message said, quote, 'Fuck you, Danzo. Come face us yourself, you little bitch. I could take you in my sleep,' unquote."

Danzo's grip on his cane tightened, the dents that he left when he spoke to the Hokage cracked, and the top part snapped.

He chuckled darkly. "They've got guts insulting me. Spread the word Crane, I want their entire team dead, whoever brings me their head will be rewarded."

Crane nodded and left immediately.

"It seems my hatred for you has finally been surpassed, Hiruzen."

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