Where Magic Flows

M. Lauren

Summary - Ten months after the heroic rescue of Northuldra, Anna and Elsa's lives are thrown into chaos. A stirring of spirits has Elsa detained in the forest. Honeymaren and Ryder work with her to uncover the reason behind the spirits' escape. Unfortunately, both struggle to keep their affections for Elsa a secret and complicate matters even further.

Back down in Arendelle, Anna investigates a mysterious illness plaguing the village children. She must avoid the illness, herself, to maintain the bridge between her homeland and Northuldra.

In this story, the two sisters work together to stop a powerful force from taking over, and to protect the people they care most about in the world.

Rating - for adult language, graphic imagery, and sexual situations.

Part One: Of the Earth

Wind whipped through the fjords. Fierce waves crashed against the shore. The ground trembled in a thundering shudder. Movement coursed across the Dark Sea until, in an instant, the water was frozen stiff.

Galloping feet sounded in the distance. A figure drew nearer from off the banks of Ahtohallan. They were but a speck of light in the midday sun; growing larger with each passing second. That bright beacon was a horse carved from ice. A female companion led at his reins. The two slowed as they reached the shores, and approach their friends in waiting.

Elsa of Arendelle leapt from Nokk's back. Her bare feet planted against the smooth stones along the beach.

"What brings you two this far North?" She sent them a small grin, before turning to thank the Nokk.

Her hand waved over his icy coat. Nokk crooned into her touch. He nudged Elsa playfully before backing away and dissolving into an oncoming wave.

"There was a disturbance amongst the reindeer." Honeymaren explained. Her hands raised in feigned dramatics.

Elsa stepped in at her side. "A fight?" She questioned. Her brows pulled low.

"They fled to the giants' territory-"

"-but don't you worry! I got them back!" Ryder pushed his sister aside. His hands splayed proudly over his hips, and he grinned.

Elsa was forced to stifle a laugh. "I see. Well, as all has been settled, I imagine you are both waiting for me now?"

"No!" "Yes!"

Honeymaren and Ryder's words blurted together at once.

With a grin, Elsa rolled her eyes. She took the lead back towards the trail, and teased them from over her shoulder. "-now that you've cleared that up."

"What we had meant was…" Honeymaren sang, and circled in at Elsa's hip. "-we figured we would wait and walk you back to the village."

"Yeah!" Ryder shouted as he raced to catch up. "You know, so you didn't have to travel back on your own."

Elsa sent them each a nod. "What a nice gesture, though I am pretty comfortable being alone. You don't need to worry about me."

Confusion crossed Ryder's face. "Oh…" He hummed.

"-but I do prefer having company." Elsa nudged him, and Ryder's smile immediately returned.

"Besides…" Honeymaren pulled Elsa's attention back to her. "We were not worried, per say-"

"-no; more like bored, and avoiding more chores from Yelena."

Elsa giggled. She shook her head. "Glad I could be of service, then."

She watched Honeymaren shoot Ryder a deadly glare and fold her arms in irritation.

"Siblings, am I right?" Ryder's lips pulled to the side.

Elsa scrunched her nose with a glimmering look. "I don't know about that." She searched to explain. "Anna and I almost never have fights."

"Never?" He balked.

Elsa shrugged. "Not really, no. Though, neither of us exactly had what you would call, a normal childhood."

"Princesses aren't allowed to fight?" Ryder's brows touched to his hairline. "How strange."

"She is talking about having powers, you dope." Honeymaren tilted her eyes toward the sky.

"Oh…" Ryder scratched at his head.

"Perhaps having brothers is much different than having a sister."

"It is." Honeymaren quickly answered, and the two women shared a laugh. "Men are completely different than women; that is all I am going to say."

"Hey!" Ryder defended. "-man, standing right here!"

"A man?" Honeymaren came to a swift halt.

Startled, Elsa did the same.

"Where?" Honeymaren asked again. Her head whipped wildly over her shoulders. "I don't see any…"

"Haha." Ryder dryly mocked. "Very funny."

He lagged behind as the women carried ahead, feeling disheartened by their continued laughter.

"It was only a joke!" Honeymaren called back to him. Yet, Ryder continued his grumbling.

"The two of you are always going at it." Elsa whispered to her.

"It is all in good fun!" Honeymaren smiled as she explained. "We like to get on each other's nerves. It is pretty normal for most siblings."

Elsa hummed, and carried her eyes to her feet. She pulled back a small sigh. "I am afraid that is something I will never understand."

"It is all about having trust." Honeymaren continued, and Elsa lifted her gaze. "You see, Ryder and I fight because we care about each other. It is like two wolf pups who bite at each other's ears. I know Ryder will eventually bite me back, but at the end of the day, our love for one another remains."

A slow smile turned to Elsa's cheeks. "I might know what you mean. I can remember teasing Anna for fun when we were little."

The sigh finally fell passed her lips. Elsa's eyes returned to the ground.

"It is friday-game-night, right?" Honeymaren nudged Elsa in reminder. "You are missing Anna, but you will see her soon enough."

"That is true." The light in Elsa's eyes returned. "Perhaps I will head there a little early today."

Honeymaren forced a small nod. Her smile noticeably weakened.

"See, now there's an idea..." She held her feigned grin until her face had hidden to the side. Elsa then watched it fall away completely.

"I planned on finishing our walk first... Don't you worry." She casually teased.

"No, I-" Honeymaren began, but Elsa had stepped ahead.

"Women, am I right?" Ryder snuck up behind his sister. He ribbed her playfully in her arm.

"You're an idiot." Honeymaren deadpanned, and she nudged Ryder further away from her.

The three continued on, up the final span of trail before they'd meet the river's edge. As the gentle melodic sounds of the current were heard, the wind began to pick up. The skies darkened. Clouds poured in.

"Is it only me, or did it get colder all of a sudden?" Honeymaren drew further into her shall.

Elsa had stopped at the hilt of the trail. "What is it, Gale?" She asked her.

Streams of green leaves circled around her. Elsa's arms lifted to the air, and Gale continued to spiral. She carried a bit of parchment in her wings. Gale dropped it in Elsa's hand before fluttering off into the forest.

"Another reminder from your sister?" Honeymaren taunted her.

"It would appear so." Elsa lifted the folds from the parchment, and quietly began to read.

Honeymaren watched on. Elsa's forehead creased as her gaze wavered across the page. Her blue eyes pulled low. Even her hands flexed where her fingers met the parchment. Elsa's movements were often stiff, however this spoke of something further.

Elsa's leveled demeanor fell away.

"Is something wrong?" Honeymaren asked.

"Anna says she has to reschedule." Her face fought to pout.

Confused and saddened for her, Honeymaren's jaw tipped to respond. Yet, in an instant, her words were stolen by a sound like thunder.

The earth below their feet gave a sudden lurch.

The ground trembled on for miles. The three fought the vibrations to remain on their feet, and a low bellow cried out from across the moving river.

Elsa's eyes sprung wide. "The earth giants!" She announced.

Elsa took off at a sprint, leaving Honeymaren and Ryder to follow.

Through tangles of briar and overgrown brush, Elsa led them along the forest. She cut across the jagged boulders. She scaled over fallen trees, and came to a halt at the ledge of the falls.

Chaos had erupted to life amongst the giants. Three of which had scattered, shaking rocks loose from the walls as they scurried away. With poise, Honeymaren dodged a rock that came rolling her way. Ryder yelped. He jumped into the air, and quickly hid behind Honeymaren's back.

"That is one fight I do not want to be in the middle of!" He quivered, and Ryder was correct.

The largest of giants began to brawl with a second; one closest to his size.

He let out a low growl. His hands came forward, and he knocked into the chest of his foe. The second giant pushed back. He lifted off his feet, and body slammed them into the shore.

As they tumbled into the river, waves coursed across the water's length.

"Stand back!" Elsa shouted.

Both Honeymaren and Ryder stumbled into a crawl as they scrambled back up the hill.

Ice shot out from Elsa's hands. The waves froze and crashed against the rocks. Elsa leapt down from the ledge and onto a slide of her own creation. She skated to a halt along the bank. Her feet scratched against the stone, and she sped off to stop the giants.

"What is going on?" Ryder turned to Honeymaren. "-and what is all over you?"

Honeymaren looked down at her tunic. It was covered in red dust; the same red dust she could see shining along the river bank. Ryder's pants were covered as well.

"I don't have a clue." Honeymaren worked to brush it off.

Then, their attention diverted. The two watched as Elsa desperately pried the giants apart with her magic. She was quickly cast aside. Elsa fell onto her rear, and the brawl continued.

"Enough!" She shouted.

The giants paid no mind. Boulder throwing persisted as rocks sailed through the air, forcing Elsa to dodge their weight.

"Why aren't they stopping?" Ryder worried. "Elsa is the Fifth Spirit! She is the giants' balance on earth."

Honeymaren's eyes grew as wide as her brother's. She dropped her voice into a whisper. "It is as if they don't recognize Elsa at all."

Anxious, with their hearts racing, Honeymaren and Ryder drew closer together.

"The spirits are stirring." She said to him, and the two shared a fearful look.

Miles from Northuldra, Arendelle was amidst its own upset.

Queen Anna, with a face like stone, was crossing through the busy village square.

She could feel the many eyes on her. The villagers watched with their unwavering gaze. They waited, testing Anna, and ready to see how their queen would respond.

Anna's feet bore heavy, yet she held her stance. She continued to walk with her chin held high, as she headed for the castle gates.

Guards released the doors to the foyer. Gerda was there to quickly usher Anna inside. Her hands worked off Anna's shall, and she directed her into the light; before retiring the garb to its hook.

Beyond the hall, Kristoff waited. His hands were clasped tight at his waist. His eyes drove wide, but immediately softened upon seeing his wife's return.

In an instant, Anna broke. Seeing Kristoff, she drew in a staggering breath, and her tears began to flow. Her feet went limp. She allowed herself to fall, and weakly cocooned into Kristoff's arms.

Wordlessly, he held her. Anna's face pressed into his chest. Her cries muffled into the fabric of his shirt, and Kristoff slowly began to stroke her hair.