Chapter 38


It's Friday morning, and it's raining. Sora and Izuku were walking to U.A., each with an umbrella. Both of the boys were chatting as they usually did, until they passed an alleyway and something caught Sora's attention, causing him to stop. Izuku, who noticed this, decided to ask his friend. "What's the matter? Did you see something?"

Sora looked in the alleyway, a bit confused. "I thought I did." He said. "Maybe it's nothing."

"Well, if that's the case, then come on." Midoriya suggested. "U.A. is just down the street and the first bell will ring in twenty minutes."

"Yeah..." Sora replied. "Hey. You go on ahead. I'll catch up."

"I thought you said it was nothing." Izuku pointed out.

"Yeah, but I still want to check." Sora responded. "Go on ahead. If I'm not there when the bell rings, tell Aizawa I was late, checking something out."

"You sure?" Midoriya asked.

"Yes. Now go on." Sora told him.

Izuku reluctantly obliged and continued on his way to the school, while Sora walked into the alleyway and began to look around. The alley wasn't really clean, then again, almost none are, but that didn't stop the boy from looking around to find what had interested him. He lightly tapped some boxes with his shoes, slightly moving them so he could see between them. He nudged some bags out of the way to look behind them. He did a few other things too, but right when he was about to leave, he heard a small whimper, coming from under the dumpster.

Sora went over to the dumpster and then kneeled down. Realizing that he couldn't peek under unless he got a little lower, the boy got on his hands and knees and he could finally look underneath the dumpster. It was then that Sora found what he was looking for. A lost and soaked Shiba Inu puppy.

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Sora could easily see that the puppy was either cold or scared, as it was shaking, but he wasn't going to leave it alone in the rain. "Hey little guy." He quietly gestured to the pup as he slowly extended his arm under the dumpster. The puppy instinctively whined, which caused Sora to stop moving. "Shh shh shh, it's ok. It's ok." he spoke in a calm and reassuring manner, as he kept his hand out. The two stayed like that for a moment, before the puppy began crawling away near the side of the dumpster, only to stop when it felt the rain on its paws.

Sora, who already had a wet school uniform at this point, decided to slowly move himself to where the puppy was at. It whimpered a bit more, but Sora kept calm and slowly continued moving himself towards where the puppy was. He placed his umbrella on the side of the dumpster, letting the rain fall on that instead of the ground, and then the Keyblade wielder very carefully touched the puppy on it's side.

It whimpered a little more, but soon stopped once it felt how warm Sora's hand was. After a few minutes of contact, Sora very slowly and carefully got the puppy to come out from under the dumpster. It shivered, still cold from the water soaked floor, but it felt that it could trust Sora, or at the very least, he was warmer than under the dump.

Sora, who at this point was now pretty much soaked, decided to huddle the puppy for a bit, allowing the little guy to get comfortable with him before he began to move. Once the pup was comfortable, Sora held him close to his chest, while keeping the umbrella over their heads as he walked to U.A.

By the time he got there, the morning bell had just rung, but Sora wasn't going to rush himself, as to make sure the puppy wouldn't get scared. He got himself and the pup inside, then, after putting his umbrella away, he walked to class 1-A, still holding the puppy close to him to keep it warm.


Inside class 1-A, Izuku was looking at the doorway, hoping that Sora was finished with checking out that alleyway. The door opened and in came Professor Aizawa, who tiredly spoke up. "I'm starting role call."






"Here. Ribbit."














Koji raised his hand to signal that he was there.


"O-Oh. Here."




















No response.


Still no response.

As soon as Aizawa was about to mark Sora late, a knock on the door to the classroom was heard. The homeroom teacher, who was a bit annoyed at this point, went to the door and opened it. The person at the door was Sora and he said. "Uh...hey Mr. Aizawa. You don't happen to have a towel in that sleeping bag of yours, do you?"

"...No. And even if I did, I wouldn't give it to you." Aizawa stated.

"Well, the towel isn't for me." Sora stated as he showed the wet and cold puppy in his arms.

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Aizawa paused for a brief moment, looking at the pup in Sora's arms as the boy had a slightly worried smile on his face, but the teacher could tell that it wasn't because of him. He could see that Sora was concerned about the puppy in his arms. It briefly reminded him of someone.

He sighed and then turned back to the classroom. "Yaoyorozu."

"Sir." She responded.

"Use your quirk and make a small towel." Aizawa instructed.

"Uh...sir?" Momo replied, confused at the request.

Aizawa let Sora in and Sora showed the wet and cold puppy to the class. The homeroom teacher then spoke up again. "The little one Sora's holding needs it."

Mina, Hagakure, and Ochako were all aweing in their seats. Tsuyu and Koji both looked worriedly at the puppy. Ejiro saw Sora's actions as manly for the umpteenth time. Minoru was surprised to see that Sora was late because of a puppy. Katsuki did not understand why Sora would do something like that. Iida was conflicted, because Sora was in fact late for class, but considering that he was late because he wanted to help a puppy keep warm, should he be allowed a free pass, or still be marked late? Shoto and Izuku both had respect for their friend, even though he didn't need to do this, he did it anyway because it was morally the right thing to do.

The rest of the class was actually surprised that Aizawa was helping Sora out. Normally, their homeroom teacher is strict, doesn't go back on his word, and gives out harsh treatment to any student that does something that would seem like a waste of time. Yet, here he is, helping out a student, going back on his previous statement and giving Sora a towel, to help him with a puppy.

As Yaoyorozu finished making the towel. She gave it to Sora who then began to softly rub and pat the puppy with it, making sure to be gentle. Aizawa then spoke to him. "What exactly are you planning on doing with that puppy, once it's dry?"

"Well..." Sora began to plan. "For now, I'll hold onto him till the end of the school day."

"Then what? You'll take him home?" Aizawa questioned.

"No." Sora replied. "With the little money I have, I can't afford taking care of a puppy. I'll find a shelter that'll take the little guy in."

"You're prepared to take responsibility for the puppy today?" Aizawa asked.

"Well, it's better than letting him hide under a dumpster in the rain." Sora stated. "Though, I might need some help."

"It's your responsibility, Sora." Aizawa emphasized. "You found it, you brought it here, you take care of it."

"I know that." Sora said. "I just haven't taken care of a puppy for a whole day before, so...I kind of need some advice on how to do it right."

"And where do you plan on getting that from?" Aizawa questioned.

Sora looked at the classroom and then saw who he was looking for. "Hey, Koji." Koda was a bit startled that his name was mentioned, but gave his attention to Sora. "Have you taken care of puppies before?" Sora asked. Koji nodded, confirming that he has. "Do you mind giving me some pointers on how to take care of this guy for today?" Sora requested. After a few seconds of nervous thinking, Koda nodded his head and agreed to help.

Sora turned back to Aizawa to see if there were any objections. The homeroom teacher just gave him a conceded look before walking back to the front of the classroom. "You're still being marked late, as you just missed role call."

"That's fine." Sora said as he walked to his seat with the now dried off puppy and towel in his arms. He placed the towel on the floor next to his desk and then gently placed the puppy there as well, ready to begin the school day.


Homeroom went on as per usual in class, aside from the occasional glances towards Sora's seat to see the puppy, who was still shy, but started to become curious. It stayed close to Sora the whole time.

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When Present Mic came in for English, he didn't notice the little guy at first. But he soon figured out it was there when he yelled out "Are you READY?!" and then receiving multiple aggressive shushes from the female and a few of the male classmates. "Woah, what's with the tough crowd today? This turn into a retirement home?"

"Uh...Sorry Present Mic, But...well..." Midoriya tried to explain, but he couldn't.

"We've got a small new friend hanging out with us for the day." Ashido spoke up.

"Yeah, and his hearing is very sensitive." Jiro added.

"Huh?" Mic replied, confused. "Well where exactly is this little guy? Cause unless he's microscopic, I can't see him!"

Sora then spoke up. "The little guy is right here." He gestured towards the ground next to his desk.

Present Mic then leaned himself to the side to see who it was and then saw the puppy. "Well, what do we have here? Talk about an unexpected guest star." He shrugged his shoulders as he continued to speak. "Guess I can turn down the volume for the little guy, like I did last time."

"Wait last time?" Kirishima repeated.

"Has this happened before?" Kaminari asked.

"Why yes it has." Mic confirmed. "Though last time, it was a kitten instead of a puppy. Either way, I'll tone it down just for today."

After that was settled, English went on about as normal as it could have gone. The only difference was that the puppy was getting a bit more energetic as it began nibbling on Sora's shoe like it was a toy. It didn't damage the shoe and it didn't hurt Sora, but it slightly distracted him for a few moments in the class.

Once English was over and Modern Literature was beginning, Cementoss entered the room and almost immediately noticed the class looking in Sora's direction. "Excuse me, but what exactly has everyone so fixated on Sora today?"

"Well, he brought a friend to class today." Mashirao told the teacher.

"A friend?" Cementoss repeated. "What are you talking about?"

"Well...just take a look." Sora offered.

The square faced Pro walked a bit further into the class and then saw what the class meant by Sora bringing a friend. "Huh...Unexpected, but if Eraser Head and Present Mic were willing to let your friend stay, then I guess it can be acceptable with me."

"Thank you." Sora replied.

"Though I will ask one question." Cementoss said, as he noticed what the puppy was about to do. "Is it potty trained?"

Sora and the other students paused and then realized what he meant, but when they looked where the puppy was, it was already too late as it peed on the floor next to Sora's desk. Sora sighed and then said "I'll...clean that up."

Momo created another towel for Sora and handed it to him. "Here you go Sora."

"Thanks, Momo." Sora replied.

After the mess was cleaned up, class went on as normal, with the puppy now beginning to wander around a few of the desks surrounding Sora, so Yaoyorozu and Shoto occasionally felt or saw the puppy pass under them. The two of them didn't let that distract them from class, and the puppy was becoming a bit more social thanks to that.


Once that class was over and Modern Hero Art and History was beginning, Midnight entered the room, however she did not immediately notice the puppy. The class went on normally for the first portion, but when she did her usual suggestive looks at Sora, she noticed that he would look around on the floor for a bit and occasionally smile, which really confused her. Then she noticed some of the classmates doing similar.

Unable to take being ignored, she spoke up. "Excuse me, class, but what is so important that you're more concentrated on the floor than me?"

"I guess you didn't notice him yet." Sora realized.

"Notice who?" Midnight asked. She then saw Sora point at a specific spot on the floor and when she looked there, she saw the puppy.

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The R rated Pro gasped then immediately cooed "Who's this whittle cutie patootie?"

"A stray puppy Sora found on the street before getting here." Momo explained.

"Aww, he's so adowable." Midnight said as she walked over and petted the puppy, who was no longer shy. "Who's a good puppy? Who's a good puppy? You are. Yes you are. Ah, this takes me back to my days in high school."

"What happened back then?" Asui asked.

"One of my underclassmen brought in a stray kitten once and every time we hung out, I got to take care of it." Midnight explained as she tickled the puppy a little.

"Wait, was that the same cat that Present Mic was talking about?" Toru remembered.

"Oh, so he mentioned little Sushi already?" Midnight replied. "Yes, that's the very same cat. I actually still have Sushi."

"You kept the cat?" Mina realized.

"That's so cute!" Ochako cooed.

"What's Sushi like?" Hagakure asked.

Midnight then remembered that she was supposed to be teaching and then got up. "Ahem. Well class, while I would like to continue snuggling this wittle puff ball and talking about my highschool days, this is still a class and I do have to teach you." She walked back to the front. "So maybe next time, we can talk about Sushi, okay?"

After that, the rest of the class went on as usual, with the only difference being that Midnight was now cooing at the puppy instead of teasing the boys in the class with suggestive glares, which for Sora was a very nice change of pace.

After that class was finished, and Mathematics was up, Ectoplasm entered the room and immediately noticed the puppy. "Does anyone want to tell me why there's a tiny Shiba Inu in the classroom?"

"Sora brought him in this morning to dry him off and keep him warm from the rain." Rikido explained.

"Even though he didn't have to." Mineta commented.

"I still say that's better than leaving the little guy under a dumpster." Sora said.

"So the other teachers were fine with this?" The clone Hero questioned.

"So far." Hanta answered.

"...It isn't too much of a distraction then?" Ectoplasm also asked.

"Not really." Shoto stated.

"...Okay then. Class has begun, and so should we." The clone Hero accepted the dog's presence, and decided to just teach the class.

Mathematics went on normally, with the only thing that was different was the puppy stuck close to Ectoplasm and tried to chew one of his peg legs one time. After the puppy realized it shouldn't do that, it went back to just walking around the classroom and occasionally rubbing itself on the legs of some of the students. Namely Koji and Sora.

After class was finished, it was time for lunch, but Sora decided to stay in the classroom to watch the puppy. Koda went on ahead to get food that the puppy could eat, while Mina, Ochako and Toru stayed with Sora to mainly play with the puppy.

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"Well aren't you just a fun little furball." Hagakure cooed as she watched the puppy run around her.

"Talk about a mood shift." Ashido pointed out. "This morning, he was just cold and shy, now he's running all over the place and playing with everyone."

"You know, for your first time, you're doing really well taking care of him Sora." Uraraka complimented.

"Well, I can't take all the credit." Sora said. "I think the whole class helped this little guy out today."

"Aww. Thanks for giving us some credit." Mina said as she hugged him.

Sora let out a chuckle and told her. "It's the truth though. So really, I should be thanking you for helping me out."

"Well, it's no problem." Ochako replied. "You're our friend, and friends help each other out, right?"

"Right!" Toru agreed as she pet the puppy.

Koji came back with some food for the puppy and then the group just sat together and kept the little guy company for the rest of Lunch.

After that was over and done with, afternoon classes were also dealt with, which were a wash rinse repeat of the other classes, with the teachers seeing the puppy, the class explaining the situation and the teachers accepting the situation while teaching their lessons.

Even All Might during the Hero Course was fine with it, even shortly praising Sora for his kind heartedness and somehow befriending the puppy despite how big and muscular he was. When they went to U.S.J. for their training, the puppy stayed with him and Thirteen while the students did their practices.

Now school was over and it was time for Sora to take him to a shelter, but before he left, he went to Koda. "Hey, Koji. You wanna come with me to the shelter? Say bye to him with me?"

Koda was surprised with that offer, and after a bit of time to think, he nodded and accepted the offer. But then a few other students walked up.

"Hey, don't leave me out of this." Mina said. "I wanna see him off too."

"I'd like to come too. Ribbit." Tsu requested.

"You don't mind the extra company, right?" Ochako asked.

"Not at all. The more the merrier." Sora accepted, as he and the four of them left the school together.

[Play KH1.5 Remix OST A Piece of Peace]

It took a while to find, but the group managed to find a shelter that was nearby U.A. and after explaining to the rescuers about the puppy, where Sora found it, and what he did with it for the day, the rescuers gladly accepted taking the puppy off of his hands, and after a heartfelt goodbye from everyone there, the Shiba Inu was taken into the shelter, to hopefully be adopted and then loved for the rest of its life.

"And that makes a hundred." Sora stated.

"A hundred what?" Uraraka asked.

"A hundred puppies rescued." Sora told them.

"Huh?!" Ashido responded.

"I thought you said that this was your first time doing this." Asui pointed out.

"This was my first time taking care of a puppy." Sora clarified. "I've rescued 99 other puppies and brought them back to their owners."

Koda was stunned, and he could tell that Sora was being honest with his words. As an animal lover, he was both amazed and inspired by Sora's kindness towards puppies, and seemed to want to ask him something, but was a bit nervous, until Sora saw him fidgeting.

"What up, Koji?" Sora said. "Is there something you wanted to ask me?"

After some more nervous fidgeting, he signed 'you must really love animals.'

"Well of course I do." Sora confirmed. "I even took a shot from a musket to save a few gorillas from a poacher once."

"You what?!" Ochako yelled.

"Yeah. Right here." Sora rolled up his sleeve and showed them the small scar he got on his left shoulder blade from Clayton shooting him there back in the Deep Jungle.

"Whoa." Mina looked at the scar.

"You really are something else, Sora." Tsuyu praised.

Even more respect was given to Sora for how caring he was towards wildlife. Especially since he allowed himself to get injured protecting it. If Koda wasn't sure of it before, he definitely was now. Sora was one of, if not, the most selfless individual he ever met, and he barely even interacts with Sora. After the discussion of Sora's love for animals was finished, everyone went their separate ways and went back home.

And Here is another chapter. I know, literally less than a day later and there is another chapter. This one isn't in the School Briefs books, but it was a chapter that I had planned for a while that was going to be written before the final exams. I decided to do it during one of the days during the week before Parents Day, because none of that is covered in the School Briefs book, aside from the amusementpark chapterand the girls chapter that both take place on Sunday. This is also one of the only ways that I can think of that will allow Sora to get a small bond with Aizawa and a bond with Koji Koda. All of you MHA Vigilantesreaders know what I mean with this being a way for Sora and Aizawa to get a small bond. That was another reason for this chapter's existence. I wanted to reference that spin off manga at least once, but I don't want to bring in the Vigilantes themselves, so I figured, why not have Sora unintentionally reenact the first chapter of the School Days ark in that manga, as well as have Midnight and Present Mic remember mention Sushi. Hope you guys enjoyed this bonding chapter and until I decide to upload again. ;)