Two Worlds

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The trio of one Brando and two Phenex', stopped dead in their tracks.

Blocking their path, were Fallen Angels. There are approximately 6 angels.

All wore a billowing black robe with a deep, concealing hood that effectively hid their faces.

Before the trio could do or say anything else.

Abnormal purple energy starts to swell around the group of Black Winged Angel'.

'I don't sense anything?' Both Phenex female', thought at the same time alarmed.

"Joestar sinner! DIE!" The lead Angel was pointing at Dio.

The blonde boy's eyes widened in alarm, he also had this irrational sensation of dread.

'Joestar Sinner?' Both Phenex ladies thought at the same time.

Next thing that happens, The Fallen Angels sent out a barrage of light spears towards the group of three.

"Get behind me you two!" the already prepared Lady Phenex commend.

The teenagers did as instructed quickly.

The Phenex mother waved her hand forward and a magic circle appeared, gold light glowed.

When the magic circle was summoned. It had a unique flair, in which flames erupt from it.

The blonde boy also noticed many symbols were on the magic circle. The most eye-catching is the phoenix like insignia encased in the center of the circle.

The spears of light collided with a magic circle, which then somehow absorbed the attack.

Dio was a bit awestricken. This is his first time, witnessing such powerful magic in action.

He had a feeling, something else was going to occur.

Ravel is aware of what her mother is capable of. She knew what was going to happen next.

The Phenex Queen waved her hand once more.

"Reflect!" she shouted out.

Her magic circle glowed brightly and flaming spears shot out, at blinding speeds towards the black winged Angels.

The robed Angels never saw it coming and were too slow.

The flaming spears impaled all of the Fallen Angel'.

'Incredible! She threw their attacks right back at them. While also setting their attacks on fire.'

Dio thought to himself, quite amazed.

Ravel looks on proudly, not all that surprised. But, she has never seen her mother battling actual opponents before.

This is quite refreshing, seeing her mother kick butt.

Before the evil Angel' could even fall on the ground.

The trio looked on in shock as the bodies of their assailants began to glow an ominous dark purple light.

Then in a flash… they vanished into thin air. Leaving nothing behind.

"They disappeared?! What are they plotting… Why were they aiming for me?" Dio was anxious.

"When critically wounded, they teleport to safety… or not? How strange, that aura…" Lady Phenex looked on in confusion, not all that surprised.

"I agree, mother. That strange aura, I couldn't sense anything!" Ravel exclaimed,while she stared incredulously at the spot the Angel' were previously.

Then the Phenex mom turns towards Dio. She was giving him an impassive look.

"You know why they called you a Joestar Sinner?" The Phenex Queen questioned seriously.

Ravel was wondering the same thing. She was looking at the mysterious blonde boy, also waiting for answers.

"I do not know why he called me a Joestar. Also… A Sinner? Me? I..." Dio's features portrayed complete confusion, while looking down.

The boy is still suffering from amnesia.

Lady Phenex decided not to push the matter any further.

Both mother and daughter remembered something. The star mark on Dio's shoulder.

They both had similar thoughts to it being related to Joestar. But how, they wondered.

'It must really be a bummer, to not have your memories…' Ravel is looking at Dio sadly.

Everyone was then trying to piece this puzzle together. Just what are these angels trying to accomplish and why were they trying to kill Dio?

All of these unfortunate events struck a nerve with Ravel.

"What is their endgame? Why would Fallen Angels attack us in our own home? They must seriously have a death wish." Ravel vented out in frustration.

Dio actually stopped his pondering. The blonde never thought Ravel could ever get this angry. Well, he has known her for a very short time.

Her mother was not so surprised, she knows everything about her and understands her daughter.

The young Devil looked down sadly.

'Mother was right. I can't always rely on others. I nearly got captured by them. I froze, I could have easily fought back… There will be a time where I will have to fight on my own. Seems that time is fast approaching…' Ravel then got serious.

Her mother and Dio noticed Ravel's expression, they were concerned. But then they noticed how serious she got.

The young Devil noticed everyone looking at her.

"Don't worry, I'm fine. What about you?" Ravel smiled reassuringly.

Then Dio stood in front of Ravel. She was unprepared for his close approach.

"I'm also worried to be honest. But… we are all in this crazy ordeal and if we work together…" Dio was looking down, almost uncertain.

Then he looks up with full resolve.

"We will find a way to stop this madness." He gave her a friendly smile.

'I did the right thing, to comfort her. But why did it feel wrong? Am I normally uncaring? What was I truly like?' The blonde boy was thinking to himself, while looking at the young Phenex. He decided to drop the subject for now.

Dio saw right through her, it was pretty obvious. But instead of being annoyed, Ravel was grateful.

Ravel proceeded to give a nod in acknowledgement.

The Phenex Queen was happy how the two interacted and was thankful for Dio helping her daughter.

The mother drifted off in her own thoughts.

'Could this child… No. This boy is innocent. I have met many frauds in my lifetime and was able to see right through their lies. This boy is not lying, he truly is amnesic.'.

Lady Phenex was looking around, being vigilant. She noticed that it was too quiet.

She looked at the children and noticed how they were still interacting with each other. They also seem on edge.

Also, Gaia is very insightful. He has never been wrong before and has never failed me. I trust his judgment on the child… I also have a test for young Dio… '

The Devil mom decided to discuss important matters now

Lady Phenex got closer to the teenagers.

This got both teenagers attention.

"I could teleport us all, to our destination. But, we could encounter many more Fallen Angels. It will be wise to travel there on foot. We can try to figure out the Fallen Angel's hidden motives, while on the move." Lady Phenex in an earnest manner.

The Phenex mother turns towards her daughter.

"Ravel dear, I think it's best to change into something more battle suited. We can't have anything restricting us now. Don't you agree?" The older woman was smiling at her daughter.

Ravel understood what her mother was implying. "Of course mother. Wouldn't want our dresses to get ruined now."

Dio was perplexed to say the least.

'They want to change now?'

Then he realized that it must have something to do with magic.

Both Phenex females entire bodies started to glow. When the light faded away…

Lady Phenex and Ravel were now wearing armor.

The Phenex Queen's new attire consists of hard silver-white and red armor.

Including gauntlets, greaves, a breastplate, and long armor tassets shaped like a skirt.

Underneath she was using white cotton dress.

Ravel was garbed in a beautiful, gleaming crimson red armor outlined in a somber black.

There was also an extravagant armored skirt, like the overlapping petals of a beautiful red flower.

Both Devils had their hair tied into buns.

"Incredible… Magic can do so much." Dio could only mutter in astonishment.

Then the Phenex Queen walked toward the amnesiac boy.

"Ah, almost forgot about you young Dio." A cheerful Lady Phenex placed her glowing hand on the blonde boy's shoulder.

"Wha-" Dio was a little bit freaked out.

The teenage boy was now glowing and when the light faded…

Dio' new attire concerts of dark gray leather armor. Which covers the torso and shoulders.

It had a black shirt underneath.

He wore fingerless gloves, with silver arm and elbow guards, on both arms.

A leather armored fauld was worn around his waist.

Black pants which were contrasted against a red sash across his waist.

He was also wearing a pair of boots, with knee high greaves.

Dio was looking at his new attire, quite surprised.

"It may not be the strongest anti-magic armor, but it will allow you to move quickly around and will protect you from various hazards. It can protect you from most magical attacks, but you are not invincible" Lady Phenex explained in earnest.

"Simply spectacular! Thank you!" Dio bows gratefully.

'Why do I get the feeling that I'm not myself… this feeling again.' Dio thought to himself, quite unhappy in his mind.

"You are most welcomed. I will never forgive myself. If one of our own guests were harmed under my care." Lady Phenex being considerate. She noticed it, but let it slide.

"Wow, Dio. You look like a gladiator." Ravel is quite impressive.

"Thanks Ravel for the compliment. You truly look stunning in your armor, as well." Dio replied kindly.

Who found her reaction amusing.

The young Phenex Devil was flattered by his kind words.

'Why am acting so familiar with her. I barely even know her- I will have to change that then and regain my memories. She made a promise too… ' Dio thought to himself, with a new fixity of purpose.

"You're welcome!" She almost says quite fast.

' I'm acting like some love struck idiot.' Ravel thought to herself annoyed.

Then she quickly turned to her mother. Trying to calm herself.

"I'm also impressed with your handy work mom, good job."

"Thank you, dear." Her mother was smiling knowingly at her daughter, who was obviously flustered.

Then the Phenex Queen then looks at the two blonde teenagers seriously.

Both teens noticed right away.

"Are you ready children? Once we set forth, we have to be on guard and prepare for anything." Lady Phenex looking at both children sternly.

Ravel and Dio nod their heads in determination.

The Devil mom looked at the two children and then turned around.

"Then follow me, children."

The Marchioness of Phenex led the way. The two teenagers followed her closely. Everyone is moving in a fast, yet cautioned manner.

The interior of the castle has a red color theme blended with matching colors.

Everywhere inside has the clan's signature emblem.

"Mother, where are we heading off to?" Ravel questioned, while on the move.

Dio was also wondering the same thing.

"The treasury room…" Lady Phenex replied.

"Why would-" Ravel looked confused, then her eyes widened in realization.

"It's real? I thought it was just some replica! But who will wield it?" the young Devil

"What are you talking about?" Dio questioned, looking confused.

A burst of blue flames suddenly appeared before them. Looked like someone teleported in front of the group.

The trio got in defensive positions and ready to attack.

The flames finally died down and revealed who it was.

Standing proudly on its talons, was a bird like no other.

It was a legendary Phoenix.

The now revealed Phoenix coloration is mostly a hue of white, with a little blue on the ends of its feathers.

It was the almost size of an eagle, in fact maybe even larger.

Lady Phenex dropped her stance, when she saw who it was.

"Gaia? Fancy seeing you here. You are not invisible, I see."

"Yes, my Lady. I have actually tracked you down, easily." The Familiar seems relieved. He was actually talking from his beak.

Both teenagers were looking at the now revealed Phoenix in astonishment.

"It's actually the first time, I'm seeing him. Without him being invisible." Ravel looked surprised at her mother's Familiar.

"Really? He must have his reasons." Dio is still keeping his eyes on the newcomer.

"Yeah, perhaps he was tired of the attention he was receiving." Ravel said, still finding it unbelievable that she gets to see Gaia in the flesh.

"Maybe… What a majestic bird…" Dio amazed, looking at the beautiful bird.

Lady Phenex got closer to her Familiar.

'It is not possible for the Fallen Angels to disguise themselves as my Familiar. They can never copy his powers…' A slightly worried Phenex Queen, then she sensed that it was really him. Finally at ease, she listens to what he has to say.

"The Fallen Angels claim to serve a new God. The strangest thing was, they were actually surrounded by a purple aura. Which I couldn't sense at all. From what I observed, it looks like they're all being manipulated by someone else of great power. That someone, who could truly be a God." The Familiar revealed.

This information shocked everyone who heard it.

The majestic bird continued.

Everyone was also thinking who this new God is.

"It seems that they were looking for something important… That was all the information I was able to acquire sadly." Gaia revealed in a stoic way.

The Phoenix perked his head up.

"I was able to take down most of them. The guards are now in formation and are taking care of the rest. Our barriers are now being repaired at this very moment."

"I understand Gaia. Thank you. How strange, a new God?" Lady Phenex being grateful to her Familiar.

'Could they be starting another three way war between Angels, Fallen Angels and Devils. Could the rumors be true?' The Phenex Queen thought to herself gravely.

Everyone was wondering what these Angels were really trying to accomplish.

"I take it that we are heading towards the Treasury room." The majestic bird questions knowly.

"Yes, perhaps our answers lay within that room." Lady Phenex hoping so.

"Then I shall lead the way and protect you all." The Familiar starts to fly ahead.

"Very well, Gaia. Let's go, children." The Phenex Queen ordered.

The group of four were currently in the Inner Quarters area. Now they are heading towards the Top Floors, where the treasury room is.

"This castle is quite huge. It's almost like a labyrinth. I would most definitely get lost, if I were alone." Dio is quite impressed at the size of this place.

Before anyone else could reply…

There was a bright flash that nearly blinded everyone.

Before our heroes, there were a large group of Black Winged Angels. About twenty or so.

"How are they teleporting inside the castle like this?" Ravel questions in distress.

"They must be getting help from outside forces." Gaia replied, he was preparing an attack of his own discreetly.

"Those of you who are allying with the Joestar abomination, shall die as well!" The lead Fallen Angel declares.

Our heros were angered by what he said.

Gaia was puzzled, he realized that the Angels accused Dio of being Joestar. Also wondering why they want him dead and everyone too.

'What secrets does this human possess possess ?' The Phoenix Familiar thought to himself curiously.

Dark Purple energy swelling around them with vicious intent. The dark Angel's were about to attack-

A fast Gaia flapped his wings really hard.

A gust of magical wind gets whipped up by his wings and is launched at the dark angels.

The attack hit a few of them, causing the dark Angel's to vanish instantly.

Then the noble Phoenix flew up high and lit himself on fire. He was obviously immune to fire.

The flaming bird launched himself towards another group of enemies.

His targets were razed with a magical fire of great intensity. They disappeared as fast as they came.

The fabulous creature was truly merciless.

"We all have to fight!" The Devil mother, declares.

The teenagers understood, they can't sit around and do nothing.

Then the Phenex Queen started to warp around in front of the enemies and deliver a quick blast with her flames. The Angels disappearing one by one.

Lady Phenex and Gaia were doing their best to protect Dio and Ravel.

Unfortunately a few strays manage to escape from their grasp.

Ravel and Dio were already teaming up against the evil Angels. Who seemed to target the boy especially.

The young Devil actually covered the blonde human's hands with magical fire, which surprisingly never burnt his hands. Much to his astonishment.

Ravel knew that he was having a hard time, summoning his powers.

"Don't worry! I only boosted your attack powers." Ravel said, while burning the Angels attacking them.

Dio definitely noticed that the Phenex ladies magic, can generate and manipulate fire.

With its most notable use being able to sprout wings of fire for flight.

Which Ravel and her mother were doing right now.

Gaia was also a force to be reckoned with.

The previously frightened Dio, calmed down and finally understood what she was doing.

"Thanks Ravel! I won't let you down." A now confident Dio dash's ahead, attacking the black winged Angels fearlessly. Ravel following him close by.

The blonde boy charges towards a group of black winged Angels and starts punching them with his fire fists.

The Angels were being burned before disappearing.

'Fighting seems so natural to me!' Dio exclaimed to himself.

Ravel was behind him burning any Evil Angels trying to attack back.

'Wow, his not that bad! He might actually be able to beat a few Pure-Blooded Devil'. The young Phenex thought to herself in wonder.

Eventually there were no more Angels, nothing again was left behind.

The two Devils and one human were recovering slowly.

Lady Phenex and Gaia had noticed how easy the battle was. It was mostly a one-sided fight. Normally Fallen Angels fought more vigorously, but instead they were truly falling short.

They were also concerned about Dio Brando' unknown powers. Ravel was more curious about the strange powers.

The Phenex Queen decided to check on the children.

"Are you alright children?" She asked quite concernedly.

Both Ravel and Dio nodded their heads.

The mother looked at her Familiar.

Gaia looked completely fine. Like he never was in a fight. He seemed to be on the lookout for any potential danger.

"Ah yes, well done you two. Your teamwork was truly excellent." Lady Phenex looked proud.

Dio and Ravel were happy for the praises.

"Thank you." They said in usion. Both teenagers looked at each other for a moment and then smiled at one another.

Dio and Ravel were making small talk, mostly about their fight.

The order woman then thought of something else.

'I could use Phoenix tears, but it will be such a waste. We're not critically wounded. Besides, I only have one vial.' The Phenex mother thought to herself.

Ravel thought the same thing. She also had only one vial.

Once the Phoenix bird saw everyone else was recovered.

"Are you ready?" The fabulous bird asked.

"Yes Gaia, we are ready." Lady Phenex replied.

The teenagers nodding their heads in acknowledgement.

He proceeded to fly ahead slowly.

"Let us proceed then." Gaia stoic as ever.

'My master wants to test the boy. We should have a discussion about Dio Brando later on.' The Familiar thought seriously.

The group of heroes hurrying along.

Eventually everyone made it to the treasury.

'It looks more like a museum…' Dio thought to himself, while looking around in wonder.

There were a quantity of precious metals, gems, and other valuable objects.

The group of four, stopped outside a certain room. They noticed how the room was glowing inside.

"It must be the sword protecting Itself. We can't waste anymore time." Lady Phenex said stoically.

The older woman walks into the room and the glowing actually stops.

'How can she be so reckless? Did she know that she will survive.'

Ravel was glad that her mother wasn't harmed.

Dio was wondering what that glowing was.

"I shall keep watch, just in case." Gaia stood outside the entrance.

"Thank you, Gaia." Lady Phenex replied in acknowledgement.

Ravel and Dio look at the majestic bird. Gaia nods his head in respect. The teens do the same.

The trio proceed into the room.

In the room, there were silk curtains hung from the ceiling. The room looked like a shrine.

Dio, Ravel and her mother walked in the room.

A protective barrier was around something.

The barrier was around a single sword stuck in a stone like pedestal in the middle of the platform.

It is inscribed with markings that gave a bright light to the room.

The sword looked quite ornamental, yet also dangerous. A battle-orientated sword, like no other.

The handle was curved in a spiralling manner as though it were roots of a tree.

It also had a Black tassel dangling from its base.

There was a U-shaped guard around the base of the blade and had a slanted razor-like edge for the tip.

The curved blade was colored silver and had a black edge.

It looked like it had been carved for greatness.

"There it is… The Arondite Sword." The Phenex mother looked at the sword like it was a treasure.

The trio was close to the sword.

"Is it like an Excalibur that belongs in the Underworld?" Dio questions in wonder, marveling at the beautiful sword he sees before him.

"You could say so. But it is something more." Ravel replied. She honestly doesn't know much about the sword.

'Mother really is testing him!' Ravel realised suddenly. She hopes that Dio doesn't get hurt or worse.

Gaia already knew that his master was testing the boy.

"Not much is known about this sword. It is a secret to almost everyone. According to legends, It has more power than imaginable." Lady Phenex interpreted.

This information surprised Dio. Ravel knew what was going to happen.

The Phenex Queen turns her head towards Dio.

Said boy, noticed the older woman looking at him.

"Dio Brando… I grant you permission to grasp the Arondite Sword. This is your chance to test yourself. Good luck." Lady Phenex being serious.

Dio and Ravel were flabbergasted. Ravel saw it coming, but she can't help it.

"I have a feeling that this sword will have the answers that we need. You appearing before us, was no accident… Please hurry, time is not on our side. I'm afraid." Lady Phenex said seriously.

"Very well." The surprised blonde boy replied respectfully.

Dio walks forward slowly towards the sword in the rock.

The barrier around the sword actually drops, to everyone's amazement.

He was eventually an arms length away from the mysterious sword.

'Wow, this must be the first human ever to touch the Arondite Sword. I also got a feeling that Dio will actually pull it out!' The excited Ravel thought to herself.

Lady Phenex is staring intensely at what she is witnessing.

The young man reached out, he knew something major was going to happen.

Dio nearly cried as the sword followed his hand – which was not grasping the sword, but merely hovering around it – to come out of the stone and into his grasp of its own accord.

It glowed faintly, and Dio barely noticed the warmth coming off of it.

The two Phenex ladies were silent in shock and awe.

Gaia remained stoic as ever. But on the inside he was impressed.

"The Arondite Sword had actually choose you…" The majestic bird said. While still keeping an eye out.

He had spoken what was on everyone's mind.

The blonde boy's expression remained nearly impassive. "This feeling, it's so strange…"

"The Saint's Corpse is in here!"

Fallen Angels suddenly appeared outside the Treasury.

A prepared Gaia was ferociously attacking the evildoers.

Then the sword gave off a bright golden light that blinded everyone.

Dio Brando

You may have forgotten…

But the soul never forgets

It was filled with darkness…

You have to pay for your sins…

Via unknown means…




You has been cleansed


You are… almost ready.


In order to utilize this swords full potential…

To be truly free…

The girl is the key

Never let go…


Your own fate…

You have to reach the truth!

Dio and Ravel quickly opened their eyes. They noticed immediately, that they were falling into bright nothingness!

Ravel tried to summon her wings and magic. Attempting to slow down her fall and trying to catch Dio. She noticed something off.

"WHAT?! I can't use my magic? But how?" Ravel was panicking. This is the first time that her magic has been restricted.

Dio was alarmed, is this how they meet their end? Then he tried to bring forth his power...

"Damn it all! I can't even use my powers as well. I can't do anything." Dio was frustrated, he hates this feeling of helplessness.

Suddenly without warning, something started to materialize in front of Dio and Ravel. Which quickly caught their eyes.

It was the Arondite Sword, seemingly floating! It was glowing, a strange golden aura.

'The sword- who was it that spoke to me before? No time, I have to save us!`

Without any further thinking, Dio grabbed the hilt of the sword.

He looked at the shorter blonde, who was almost an arm's length away from him. "Ravel! Grab the sword!" he had called the attention of the young Devil.

"What?! Won't it reject me?" The young Phenex raising her voice. She was being hesitant, afraid that the sword might harm her, then help her.

"Then take my hand. Trust me." He had a pleading look. While holding out his other arm.

The Devil girl stared at Dio and then she did as instructed. She grabs a hold of Dio' free hand.

He gently places her hand, that he was holding, on the hlit of the sword.

Ravel was freaking out, that something bad was gonna happen, nothing did.


A flash of light, struck from the sword. Blinding both teenagers.

They also felt a warm sensation, ripple through their bodies.

The teenagers could only yell as the sword glowed even more brightly and overloading them with this strange energy.







The Dio and Ravel felt the sensation of air.

Both their eyes snapped one and they realized that they're falling towards the ground.

The young man wasn't going to let her get hurt.

As they were falling, Dio pulled Ravel above him and took most of the pain of the impact, avoiding further injury to befall on Ravel.

The Brando' breath came out harshly. He tried not to wince at the pain, he felt from his tailbone and up his back.

Dio closed his eyes in pain, trying to clear his head and trying to think of something else.

'Thankful nothing is broken, but I am still feeling slightly sore on my back.' Dio shook his head, futilely trying to clear his mind.

He heard Ravel groaning in discomfort. Her eyes were also closed.

The teenagers were a little disoriented from their trip.

Then both teenagers' started to wonder what was going on, both their eyes opened.

They both stared at each other for a few moments. Ravel, her cheeks flushing and Dio's eyes wided.

Dio only realised now, that Ravel was on top of him. His lips moments away from hers. He's pain is almost forgotten.

"Oh no!" the Phenex girl squeaked.

Ravel was the first to get off Dio. She stood up quickly, too embarrassed and flustered.

The blonde boy was laying on his back, slowly recovering.

He also got up, standing and facing Ravel.

Dio, in his mind, found her reaction quite amusing. He was trying not to laugh.

The blonde boy calmed down and had a sincere look on his face.

"I apologize, if I startled you. I was just trying to keep you safe." Dio admitted, in a calm manner.

Ravel was facing away from Dio, still a little bit embarrassed.

"No. It's ok." She sighed, a blush still present in her face. "You were trying to protect me from that fall." She managed to give Dio a brief smile.

"Yes, that was my intention… also, just where are we?" Dio asked, while looking around.

This got her attention, finally relieved. She already composed herself, looked around.

It was night-time, wherever they were. The full moon shining down upon them, giving them some light.

They seem to be close to a Mansion. Which is a three-story building made out of bricks in typical English Victorian fashion, from the looks of it. Also flanked by two lesser buildings. The residence is surrounded by a brick wall.

"Why does this place… look so familiar?" Dio questions in wonder, while walking towards the large building.

"Could this actually be your home?" Ravel asked, looking at the mansion. She was walking beside Dio.

"It could…" Dio ponders, while getting closer to the large building.

The main entrance is led up to by parallel sets of stairs, with a fountain close by. They walk up the stairs.

Both teenagers noticed the front door was slightly opened.

"I got a feeling, our answers lay within this mansion." Dio mentions meaningful.

Dio and Ravel approach the large front doors and are within range of opening it.

The Brando pushed the front doors open and both teens immediately looked around.

They see a great hall with a recognizable chessboard-pattern tiling from which one set of stairs leads to the upper levels.

The mansion is also luxuriously decorated with carpets and sets of weapons and suits of armor. Its most distinctive decoration is a Statue in the main hall.

The statue is sculpted to look like a woman in robes. The woman was also holding a jug, raised above her.

Both Ravel and Dio saw a figure on the floor below the stairs.

"Look over there!" The Phenex Devil was about to investigate.

"No, Ravel. Something is definitely wrong. I will move towards him slowly, just in case it's a trap." Dio moves cautiously to the seemingly unconscious man.

"OK, I got your back." Ravel assured him. Her hands glowed with her magic.

Dio nods his head and moves towards the man on the floor.

The unknown man is an extremely tall and muscular individual. Who was laying on his back.

The giant man, also looking badly battered. His injuries were bad, it wasn't overly life-threatening. Dio can see the stranger slightly breathing, while unconscious.

Suddenly, the blonde boy got a short splitting headache. As if he was remembering something distant and painful.

He grabbed a hold of his head.

'You must be Dio Brando, right?-

-Indeed, and you must be Jonathan Joestar?-

-Well, all my friends just call me JoJo, but anyway Dio, I hope we both get along!-'

But it passed as suddenly and it came. He let go of his head. Calming down slowly.

"Dio! Are you okay?" Ravel asked, concerned.

Dio turned towards Ravel and nodded his head silently. He turns back to the fallen man, looking down upon him.

'I only heard voices… were those… ? No, they were definitely from my memories! Joestar! So I know this man… is he Jonathan? Yes, it is… it must be!'

Tears actually filled Dio's hardened eyes.

'Why am I crying?' Dio sorrowfully asked himself.

Ravel walks slowly towards Dio and stands next to him. While keeping an eye on the unconscious man.

'Whoa, this guy is huge!` Ravel wided her eyes, awestruck.

She spares a quick glance towards Dio.

She had to do a double take. Dio's all teary-eyed.

'His crying! Is he starting to remember something now?' the young Phenex is wondering.

"Hey… do you know who he is?" A wary Ravel questions Dio.

He scrubbed dried tears away. The blonde boy gives Ravel a sad smile.

"I just remembered that his name is Jonathan-"


← To Be Continued===

Wow, just wow!



I know all of you are saying Dio is acting out of character, but hear me out.

Dio can't remember his upbringing or almost anything else.

Without his past influencing him, there is no need for him to act like a villain.

A Dio who is pure and is not tinted with evil

Maybe the reason why Dio in the past, was so evil is because he wants to be the one in charge. He wants people to trust him and to be looked up upon.

In the past he was being very forceful and used other unsavory methods.

In this story, he gets the opportunity to be in charge. Ravel and a few others will trust him and also look up to him.

In this present time, storyline. There is no need for the evil Dio, cause he is almost getting whatever he wants. There is nothing forcing him to be evil.

Sounds ridiculous, I know. My reasoning is not making sense. But you get what I'm saying, right?

Without no past, there is no present.

But something new, something better.

But slowly he will start to remember and the old Dio will come back, don't you worry. He will become something better…

That's one of my silly reasons.

Message me your opinions, I prefer PM but will take reviews, and I will see what happens depending on your answers. You guys are very helpful.

I am taking some of your comments under advisement and going from there. Thank you and I hope to hear your thoughts.

I answered most of the reviews. Take a look below, if you want.


Random, but good.

Me : Yeah, that is the plan.


Allowing Dio to become a servant to someone doesn't seem right to me since he has always been a leader.

Me : Thanks to you, I got some ideas.

Guest #2

Hey, refreshing idea, i wonder how Dio is going to manage, i can't help but imagining Diego (he has a younger and less intimidating look)

I will look forward to reading more.

Me : If you look at the image for this story, Dio will look like that in the 're right, his original younger self looks too intimidating.

Guest #3

Wow, just, oh my Dio... I wonder what you gonna do?

Wait- Joseph died? Dio is gonna meet Ravel's family or hide? Will he meet Issei and the gang? Will he go on his own path or serve Ravel? How the heck did he end up in this new world? Or is it the same universe? A different time? Is this the new universe, the cause of made in heaven?

Is it an enemy stand?

So many questions!? Don't fuck this up please! You are doing well!

One week and already over 30 following and favorite 's

I believe in you man.

Me : Thank you! Yes, so many questions. I don't want to spoil it. But, you onto something…


I started watching high school dxd for this you better update

Me: I won't disappoint, promise.


I know the feeling, nice job.

Me: Thank you.


Please Update when you can, from a dude who is very hype

Me: I will try to update as soon as possible. Wow, you hyped? Thanks!


I really enjoyed this chapter and look forward to more. I have two High School DxD Crossovers up for adoption.

Are going to make it where only Ravel and Dio can see his stand because of the Joestar's Star?

Me: Glad you enjoyed it. I won't have time to adopt, also how do you adopt stories?

I don't wanna spoil it… but you want something.


Dio doesn't feel like Dio. He feels more like a generic amnesiac harem protagonist rather than the cruel, power hungry, Dio.

Me: You right, but he won't be like that forever. Don't you worry about it.


So an amnesia Dio Brando is gonna be the main protagonist of this story?

Me: Yes…


I agree with the other fellow, this is not DIO. The moment he was caught by Ravel's mother he would have owned the situation instead of blushing. He definitely would have used Za Warudo to dodge her too.

Just remember he is not a normal protagonist. DIO is a man who lost count of all the people he's devoured, putting up a threat equal to the Pillar Men.

Me: You are right and make good points. Remember amnesia can affect people differently.

He doesn't remember having ZA WARUDO.

I was aiming for something else in Dio. Instead of the usual bad guy, why not a good guy or something different? Something better?… He will be a big treat, but to whom?

Guest #4

Can't wait to see Dio throwing a ROAD ROLLER DA at his enemies!

Was that hamon he was using and the freaking zoom punch too?

So he fused with Jonathan's body I'm guessing?

Ravel is so cute, I feel she is underrated. Good job.

Her mom makes an appearance?

What's with the bloody fallen angels, they after our golden boy or the sword?

What is the sword?

Who the hell is Gaia? Lady Phenex is never alone, good one

This got a lot of potential…

Me: Thank you… holy shit, you seem pretty excited to say the least.

Guest #5

You could try being less egotistical. Ever thought of that?

Me: Very well, I apologize for my behavior. I hate egotistical people and yet I'm playing out like one, the irony. Ego will not get you nowhere, better to still humble.

Guest #6


and REDthunderBOAR

I agree with you guys

Dio is way OOC

Perhaps Dio will get his memories back

I think it's a Dio redemption himself fanfic?

Then we will see

Hopefully the author will do something about this

GrimmjowTaichou, I think so

From the looks of it

Me: You made some good points. Don't worry he won't be out of character forever.

Shini Rushifa

All i want to say is...

This is spicy like really really spicy

Good story

Can only hope for good character building and interaction

Keep up the work mate~

Me: Thank you! Not gonna lie, character building will be tricky. But, I will do my best.

It's going to be very spicy! Yea, boi!

Moustache Guy

Yeah, Dio is So out of character.

People here want him to be in character more

Oh, but since he's suffering with amnesia maybe that's why

but still it's kind of silly

looks like you're aiming for Dio to be the amnesiac Hero isn't it.

Will he meet the rest of the gang at the school?

I got a feeling that Dio and Issei won't get along

Dio... will he be a good guy or bad guy

I wonder

anything is possible here

I'm taking a guess

This story got a lot of potential

you just need to plan it and you will succeed.

Me: Oh my… Thank You! Hmm, this will be very helpful.

Gratitude is the simplest, most powerful way to acknowledge another person's value and humanity.

Being thankful also helps you get through life's tough times, because you can easily call to mind all of the good things in your life.

That's all, hopefully I keep this story rocking.

Hope you guys and girls, still save and well.

Until then…