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Both teens snapped their heads up, towards that horrible shriek.

The duo were aghast at who they were seeing.

It was… an adult Dio!

His article of clothing seemed to be part of the Victorian age.

Most noticeable is the scarf around his neck. He is wearing an ornate dual-colored shirt and matching breeches. With a large pair of boots, vambraces, and two suspenders attached to a band around his waist.

The newcomer was slowly descending down the stairs menacingly.

But something was definitely wrong.

The older Dio seemed to have undergone drastic physical changes. His hair looks messy and unkempt. His eyes appear to be sharper and adopt a darker outline.

The man's face went from one of neutrality to an evil smile that showed off two white fangs amid his teeth.

"He- you- he's turned into a Vampire! What is the meaning of this? Are we in the future? No, could it be the past..." she muttered out the last part. Ravel was trying to figure out this crazy situation.

"No, I won't believe it. He must be an imposter! I would never turn into that thing!" young Dio exclaimed furiously, while pointing at the larger blonde.

The sight of his older self made the human Brando clench one of his fist.

The Vampire recoils with disgust upon hearing the rubbish the boy was spouting.

"These lambs must be from another reality..." The evil man says, while sneering.

The mention of another reality, had gotten the attention of both teenagers. It only made matters more confusing or it could explain a lot...

Vampire Dio noticed that his younger self looks an awful lot like Jonathan?

' The sight of the brat makes me want to vomit. Also... his little girlfriend, something is definitely strange about her…' he glances her way.

"That imbecile Diego was telling the truth. Everything seems to revolve around the [Saint's Corpse]." the former human spoke up.

The teenagers were wondering what he was talking is Diego? Also [Saint's Corpse]? Why did that sound familiar to them… the fallen angels mentioned it earlier.

"Ravel could you heal Jojo? I will deal with my older self." A determined teenager Dio stood his ground.

"What, are you crazy? We can fight him together." the young Devil exclaimed, worryingly. She tried to protest.

"I could care less about you brats. You fools can die with Jojo-" The bloodsucker could not finish his sentence as his eyes widened in shock.

The younger boy was charging straight for the Vampire.

"Dio!" the young Devil cried out. His being reckless now! Hopefully nothing bad will occur.

Ravel moved the Joestar to a safer area and got to work healing immediately. Devils are quite strong, so the task of carrying anything heavy is not a difficult feat.

She has to believe in the younger Dio Brando. The Phenex will try and help when the opportunity presents itself.

"Think you can beat the great Dio?!" the Vampire gets in a fighting stance.

'This small child is either brave or stupid.' the undead thought in amusement.

"Very well, boy. It will be a quick death. You might not even feel the pain!" the former human laughed out loud.

The male teen dashed towards his undead counterpart and launched himself towards the Vampire.

Young Dio delivered a hard sucker punch to the adult's stomach. He couldn't really reach for his opponent's face.

The Younger blonde was trying to summon his powers, something had gone wrong.

His adult counterpart had done something! It happened when they locked eyes.

Nothing dangerous had occurred, thankfully. Vampire Dio will admit that he was being careless.

Diego did warn him about identical objects/beings from different worlds cancelling each other out…

So it means that this boy is vastly different from himself.

Ravel was extremely worried but she had her hands full right now.

'I could incinerate him right now! But I'm busy healing someone right now. No, I could risk hurting the good guys here. I don't know what that Vampire is capable of. It would be best if I play it safe.' the young Phenex angrily thought to herself, while looking at the evildoer.

"Ha, you worthless primate! Weak!" the adult mocked.

The Vampire wasn't even fazed by this attack. He managed to hypnotize his younger self at the last second. The boy seemed to resist it slightly, he must have his own abilities as well.

Adult Dio attacked his opponent with a frozen hand. Freezing the teenager in the process and leaving him vulnerable standing.

But before the undead could go in for the kill.

Ravel was dismayed, she was about to intervene when-

The young Dio was glowing, a strange golden aura. Which was actually melting the ice.

"What?!" the former human cried out astound. "It can't be- Hamon? Nooo!"

Young Dio had launched himself at the adult again. Sending his glowing knee crashing into the vampire's chest.

Older Dio coughed up some blood from this attack. 'It actually hurt! It's not Hamon, then what is this?'

The teenagers definitely heard the mention of Hamon. Could it be the mysterious powers young Dio wields. No this aura is from the sword!

Ravel was impressed, it looked like younger Dio was channeling the Arondite sword's energy!

The unknown weapon had definitely fused with the blonde human. He just needs to learn how to harness its full potential, Ravel believes.

'Could it be that the mysterious weapon is helping him improve his combat skills?' the Phenex thought.

Then a sudden realization hit her. 'Could it be that the sword is a Sacred Gear! It was so obvious, but there must be more to it…'

She noticed that Jojo was recovering quite nicely.

Before the younger Brando could deliver more attacks.

The boy couldn't see what happened next-

" 『Space Ripper Stingy Eyes! 』 " Vampire Dio shouted out his attack.

Adult Dio fired high pressure fluid from his eyes! It is an attack akin to laser beams.

Ravel was greatly surprised. She quickly summons a barrier with one hand. While still trying to heal with the other.

The teenage boy dodged just barely. Thankfully it never hurt anyone. It only damaged the surroundings around the mansion.

Human Dio used the momentum and countered with two hard energy kicks to the Vampires torso. It launched the older blonde away.

"Blasphemous...all of you are useless, in front of Dio!." the vampire was furious!

'Nobody makes a fool out of Dio! This worm shall die by my hands!' the angry undead adult thought.

The vampire lunges at his opponent with freezing arms. Suddenly, purple energy began to swirl around the Vampire!

Ravel and young Dio were flabbergasted! It was the same abnormality from their earlier battles! Exactly like those heinous fallen angels were radiating.

Taking a quick breath, the young human let his yet to be known Hamon flow around his hands. Coating it in a yellow electric aura and went on the offensive.

Plus it seemed the Arondite Sword had responded to his teenager's entire body was coated with a blue aura. Plus his glowing static yellow arms from Ripple.

Both Young and Older Dio' were going in for a devastating clash!



Both males let out their battle cries.

Ravel contemplated all of this as she watched the two attacks finally collide, an explosion of power rocked within the mansion.

The two fighters pushed themselves to the limits attempting to finally end this battle.

Something emerged out in the open. It was a black hole. It stood there proudly, sucking everything near it's close radius.

Both young and older Dio were in the black holes range. Sucking both of them inside the dark abyss.

Much to the young Devils' horror.

Suddenly the light around the area had gotten so bright that Ravel had to shield her eyes so as to not be blinded.

She had lost sight of what was going on.

Soon, after it all seemed to be an eternity.

"D-Dio! Where did he go?!" the young Devil was extremely worried. Ravel was looking in all directions. Before she could do anything else-

The young Devil heard something unusual. Snapping the girl out of her reverie just in time to see a large crowd of zombies by the entrance of the mansion.

"Damn it! Where did they come from?" she looked on in disbelief.

She took a good look at the creepy things.

"This is quite sickening." Ravel exclaimed, quite disgusted.

The groans of the undead, the sound of them dragging their body parts down the path behind them, the spitty hiss they make as their decayed teeth, yellowed and full of pulpy bits of bloody flesh, snap as they try to bite some.

"I have to protect him!" the young glances down at the giant man. Thankfully she was done healing. He just needs to get up from his slumber.

Ravel wanted to use her phoenix tears. But realised that it would be best to save it for a real emergency. The Joestars injuries weren't that life threatening.

She interposed herself in front of Jonathan in a protective manner.

It was obvious that the younger Dio cherished his adopted brother. Yet his older counterpart would rather have him dead.

'Just what happened between the two?'she thought, then she got serious.

Ravel took a deep breath and felt her magic wash over. She reopened her eyes, her arms lit with an orange flaming hue.

The undead were getting close, lumbering towards her on rotting limbs.

Ravel always wanted her life to be full of adventure and thrills. Looks like she had bargained for a little too much for this short amount of time.

No, the girl realized that she will survive and fight another day. It is not the end yet, there is still hope.

Jonathan Joestar started shifting on the floor. Which Ravel noticed immediately. It seemed her healing had done the trick.

The Gentleman's eyes finally snapped open. He had finally awoken.

Suddenly the undead minions did something unexpected.

The zombies rotting corpses began to shift, their joints popping as their bodies twisted into new shapes.

Young Dio's eyes opened the moment he got the chance. Wasting no time, the Brando bolted upright and quickly looked around. To his immense surprise, he found himself surrounded by sand!

Then without warning, memories began flooding his mind as he gripped his head in pain.

He remembered his struggles in the slums, his mother's death, the manor crimes his committed, how he poisoned his own wretched father, the arrival at the Joestar mansion, how he tried to ruined Johnathon's life, plotting to overthrow the family-

… then that's it?

His pounding headache evidently stopped. That painful experience finally subsided.

But… the memories, there is supposed to be more!

Dio glared down, as far as he was concerned…

He is back… but not whole. There are still blanks? He can feel it!

Oh yes, he woke up in hell. Whatever happened in the past few hours he remembered.

The last thing the blonde remembers, before he arrived in the Underworld…

In time Dio noticed George boarding the carriage.

The blonde blinked as he observed the man while he took his previous seat in the vehicle.

The Joestar elder seems to be stressing about something. Jojo was seated next to his father having their own conversation.

The Dio adjusted himself on his seat, as the carriage began to move. Horses neighing as they started to pull the vehicle out of the important street and back inside the maze of streets that was Central London.

Dio was starting to feel very sleepy, might as well take a quick nap…

He remembered that he was in Central London. But no, none of this is making any sense! There are other significant issues to consider.

How do you explain that Jojo has aged and the confrontation with his older vampire self? Did he somehow end up in the future?

Then there is the Underworld to consider and everyone residing in it.

Dio was wrecking his brain trying to figure out this insanity.

The Brando will figure everything out in time. Even if it's the last thing he will do.

Dio also remembered his behavior for the past few hours. The blonde was sickened by his childish behavior. He was acting like… JOJO!

What caused his memories and personality to change so drastically?

Another factor, how was he able to fight like that? It was truly incredible, he couldn't fathom all of this.

Could this all be some elaborate dream? No it's too real, to be one. More like an awful nightmare in the real world.

The important thing is that he recovered the main part of his former self.

He paused his pondering for a moment and looked at his surroundings. What he saw made his eyes wided.

'I ended up in a desert?! Of all the places…' from that vantage point he carried on surveying his surroundings. It was night-time thankful.

Daytime can be extremely hot in a desert, from what he learned.

The Brando looked all around and noticed that there wasn't any civilization at all. Even in the far distant corners of this wasteland, nothing!

'Just how many times am I going to jump to different places?` he bitterly thought.

Out the corner of his eye, Dio saw something particular.

A single full moon in the sky.

'I have never seen a moon this bright in all my life…' the Brando was mesmerized.

Dio decided to take solace in the moon. Hoping to calm his nerves down by staring up at it.

'The moon was so close to the heavens... If hell exists then surely heaven is real!' he thought, a little bit optimistically.

The young man decided to concentrate on far more pressing matters.

'So in the future I will become a vampire? How utterly useless… I've become that power hungry? To throw away my humanity? To stoop that low.'

'I won't have to do that, I can obtain power even greater than some mere vampire.'

'I found a greater power, that sword.'

'I will become something greater than the Gods and Devils of this new world.'

'I'm dealing with actual Devils! That weld powerful magic, with many unknown factors.'

'They will notice my personality…'

'Rather be honest, their familiar can read minds, from what I learned from Ravel.'

'Yes, Ravel will play an important part. A king also needs a queen by his side.'

He needs to scheme ahead, outsmart everyone! The blonde had ample time to the elaboration of his grand plans.

The most important question right now… 'How am I going to escape this bloody desert?' he thought, annoyed.

Suddenly, a new light source started to surround the teenager. Almost like a cloud of stars.

From the path of the unusual stardust mist, a gigantic purple hand burst forth. That seemed to be made out of pure d arkness. It lunged forward, seemingly straight towards Dio.

He wasn't prepared for this!

The Brando blinked several times. It was quite dark, he could barely see anything. Then something caught his eyes.

A stranger further ahead was shrouded in shadows. Couldn't even see his face, yet the teenager was able to see his long hair.

The unknown man was sitting on a well-decorated chair.

He was dressed in a long robe. He also adorned knee pads, boots and arm cuffs. His chest is covered with a tank-top and a necklace.

Dio honestly didn't know who this man was. Yet… his presence felt so familiar?

"Who are you? Are you the cause of all this madness?" the ignorant teen demanded.

Dio was impatiently waiting for some answers. He was trying to stay calm.

"You actually managed to survive. Interesting… you will be perfect. Nothing can stop me now." this obscure person spoke with a distorted voice. Seemingly ignoring the teenager.

The teen frowned in confusion. This unknown entity continued speaking.

"Everything is going according to my plans. My heritage for the future… Great Red won't be a bother soon." the stranger was tapping his right index finger on his armrest.

Dio was truly baffled, this man's riddles aren't making any sense. This stranger seems to be creating more questions, then answers.

Suddenly the mysterious man raised his right hand and it started to glow an unusual white aura.

Young Dio got defensive immediately. But noticed no harm befallen upon him.

Then he suddenly realized immediately. He couldn't move, he was frozen in place!

'This is really bad! What the hell is this?' Young Dio can sense an odd presence around him. He felt so helpless, that it greatly infuriated him.

The stranger stopped his actions and placed his hand down calmly.

"So you managed to acquire your anchor… that way it would work." the older man mused.

'It's best to stay calm- Wait, Anchor? What is this riddler on about?' Young Dio was even more confused now. It was starting to annoy him.

"Whoever your anchor is, would help balance your powers and keep yourself stable enough… At the same time, the anchor would get a few benefits. Like resistance and immunity, to your powers and the others you may encounter… But only to a certain extent. The individual may also get a few passive traits." he gestures with his hand.

The Young teenager wondered, still trying to figure out this bizarre puzzle.

Whoever this is, they're really testing Dio's patience.

"You better take care of your friend. If they were to die. Well, let's say you don't want to find out." he pointed a finger towards the teenager.

'Just what the bloody hell is this bastard plotting?' the Brando was irritated now. He was getting tired of this one sided conversation.

"You are the key to everything. I will claim what is rightfully mine, in due time. Don't disappoint me boy." the man in the shadow's, then snapped his fingers.

Dio blinked, he was able to move again. Bad news, he is pummeling below a dark abyss.

The Brando opened his eyes wide open. The teen was conscious and aware.

He was getting sick of being thrown in random places.

Dio felt the presence of someone really close to him. He turned to his left, who he saw next to him was Ravel!

It seems that the both of them have arrived at the same time. Cause she also seems to be lost in the moment.

"Dio! Are you alright?" the concerned Ravel questions immediately.

The young man was frowning. He nodded his head silently.

Ravel noticed something straight away, his demeanor has changed.

'Why is he acting like this? Did he experience something awful. Perhaps he has recovered some of his memories?' the Phenex fathoms.

"We have more pressing matters at hand…" he calmly stated, Dio looked on edge. The male was looking past her shoulder.

The young Devil frowned in confusion and turned around.

Both teenagers were overwhelmed by the crowd before them.

Soldiers. Countless Devils and Angels. They seemed to have stopped fighting. It all happened under a crimson sky right outside a school.

Ravel quickly scanned her surroundings. She knew this place, Kuoh Academy.

'So now we're on Earth-' then she realized what was going on.

"This is the Faction Meeting! Mother had mentioned it in the morning." the Phenex explained.

The blonde boy heard the young Devil. But he was more focused on any potential threats.

Angels levitating with their halos glowing overhead and Devils standing ready with their polearms against any threat.

Around Dio and Ravel. Everybody else had their attention focused on the duo and-

"So the infamous sinner is part of God' final will…" someone close by said.

The teenagers whipped around at the sound of that voice.

They froze at the sight of their unexpected opposer.

This individual had the appearance of a girl who couldn't have been any older than 10 years old… who was floating mid-air.

Her large eyes were a neutral gray and her hair was black as the night, long enough that it reached down to her hips.

Hidden by her hair, her ears had pointed tips, signifying that she was not human.

Her outfit was that of a gothic Lolita.

"Who are you? No… what are you?" Dio demanded from the newcomer seriously.

The blonde teenagers were being extra cautious. They had this sinking feeling.

"You may call me Ophis…"

The unusual individual replied stoically. Her tone and expression remained blank, the perfect definition of apathy, but those lifeless grey eyes glinted fiercely.





← To Be Continued===





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