Consequences from that night.


It had been almost a day after everything happened...

Too late. He was too late.

Mr. Hughes knew he was too late now, that he was the one to be blamed for the concern and worries of everyone back home, but now it was most important to keep them safe.

For that reason, for this time, he didn't run home without thinking about being discovered or not, as always he used to do, he had waited until the night fell and he took more discrete means.

He closed his eyes for a moment, it was tiring to think about the hardest things of that day: All those celebration he had to avoid (most of them too difficult to avoid because how exaggerated they were). They're celebrating a death. He felt chills on his back.

He sighed trying to calm down. From that moment he had to take actions and one of them was to not show up a expression like that on his face. He sighed, trying to calm down.

When he opened the big doors of his enormous mansion, his face was absolutely at ease.

"Maes! Maes, for Merlin! Where...?!" The young wife with short hair was wearing a pregnancy dress even when her baby bump wasn't obvious. She thought it twice and changed the question. "Darling, I was so worried, are you ok?"

He left himself to smile because the relief he felt confirming everything seemed to be fine at home, but before an answer three desperate domestic elfs waiting for orders from the master of the house distracted the pair for a moment.

After leaving his blue cape and give a lot of absurd instructions destinated to keep in the kitchen those creatures, he turned back to his wife. "The girl? Is she sleeping?"

She nodded. "Yes, she finally fell asleep after midnight, when the owls left."

Mr. Hughes stopped in the mid of the stairs. Then he climbed with his wife behind. "Ah. Is that so? Did we receive many letters?"

"Enough to make me worried. I think even the little Malfoy wrote you." The joke didn't had any effect though. "Then it's true, isn't it?... Everything they're saying."

Mr. Hughes entered to the room where all his thoughts were centered. A room with constellations and moving planets in the ceiling, a spell he created, and a luxury crib. "Yes." That was all he said as he put a hand on it and the other touched the little head of his baby, who was almost a year and a half old.

The woman didn't know how to process the news, was she glad or scared?

"By now everyone is too occupied on themselves to worry about the others, but when this euphoria get diluted it will be different." He spoke loud enough to be heard for her, but to not wake up his daughter.

"Different? How?" She walked closer and put a hand on his shoulder. "Do you think they will...?"

He shook his head. "I don't know." He turned to show her a sad smile. "I think it will be good if you take the baby and go to visit your mother's house, until we can be sure everything will be fine."

"And what will you do?" Her desperate voice made the girl to move, but she didn't wake up.

"I don't know. I can't go to Lucius' mansion, but I will try to contact with him or with Nott, and try to see what kind of information they have. I don't know."

Again, the man with black hair and olive green eyes looked down his little girl who was still sleeping.


That same night, in the doorway of a common house, another baby was sleeping too, a scar on his forehead that represented the destiny of the Magic World.