Taeni smiled without being able to hide her emotions. She was a little shy but couldn't help to feel happy too.

"They'd told me what you did." Another boy from third year got close to them before leaving the Great Hall. "Good job, that's the way we represent our house."

She giggled when he pet her head, and looked as he left.

"Twelve." Counted Aron who was resting both elbows on the table.

She turned to answer and found Draco's smirk from the other side of the room, keeping an eyebrow very high.

Taeni shrugged and try to mirror the blond's expression. That made them laugh.


It happened in transfiguration class. The first class of transformations.

After taking many notes, and receive an absurd amount of theory impossible to memorize, Professor McGonagall made a little practice, asking to change a match into a needle.

It was said in the hallways that Granger, the most brilliant girl of first year in Gryffindor, had made great strides and was capable of changing the color of the thing.

Nobody expected to achieve anything. That was how they thought .

Until Aron shouted.

Taeni by his side was holding a long silver needle.

McGonagall, without losing the calm nor the seriousness on his face, congratulated her and gave 10 points to the house of Ravenclaw.


Ravenclaw is full of competitive people. The first time Taeni thought like that was after the class was over.

All her classmates, except Aron, seemed to be bothered. Probably because they didn't made significant progress. Even Draco walked out the classroom very fats so he could avoid talking to her. He was always so childish.

By the other hand, when what happened reached to the older Ravenclaws, they hadn't second thoughts on showing themselve proud. A girl from first year wasn't competition for them and their advanced courses. Bedside, any point they got increased the possibility of winning the trophy that wasn't for Ravenclaw since so long ago.

There was a little ruckus when the group of first year Slytherins that were having breakfast near to the doors of the Great Hall stood up and went to classes.

The blond guy that was leading them walked to Taeni followed by his friends- bodyguards.

"Next time I will not let you to get all attention." He told the girl with dry voice.

Aron yawn and looked away.

"We'll see." She answered paying attention to the brooch of little silver branches and flowers of sapphire she was wearing over the logo of her house, a gift from her family.

He frowned and stepped up until he stood behind her. She turned around to face him with a smile. "At the end of the year I will become a great wizard. Just watch me!"

"I am sure of that." Taeni said looking right into his clear eyes, then her owns fell on the kids who were entering. "Our year is full of great wizards."

Draco followed her sight to Harry Potter next to the doors. "Shut up." Mumbled. His cheeks were slightly pink.

Then everyone saw when Draco Malfoy walked to Potter and his redheaded friend, and after a little talk, getting away leaving a Weasley redder than a tomatoe and the other boy furious.

"Sometimes I think he takes too many turns." Aron finally said looking at the delicate box that Taeni was holding.

The girl looked at him for some seconds with a smile. "That is his way. I do not care. If Narcisa Malfoy has something positive, it is that she always sends the best cookies and sweets to her son." She put the box on the table and opened it so his friend could see those pieces of cake Draco left for them. "We should go, we'll eat these on our next free period. We have History of Magic now."

Aron made a face. "I hate Profesor Binns, so boring, just like a zombie."

"He is a gost."


"What is this?" Minhyun leaned on the door frame of the guest suite. He crossed his arms and frowned looking at the disaster on it.

"Oh. These." Keri who was standing in the middle of the rug trying to stack everything didn't look back at him. "Are books."

"Yes, I noticed." The boy's voice sounded forced when he ran to help his friend. A pile was about to fall over her. "But, why did you bring so many?"

"I did not bring them." She cleared straightening herself. "They were sent by mail."

"Well. Your remittent is very considered."

The girl laughed understanding what he was thinking. "No, Hwang." She said the last name as when she's mad at him though the smile on her lips. "It was not my 'disastrous big sister.' These are from my cousins."

"Does Aron read?" Asked the boy incredulous.

She laughed louder. "Not him." She read with attention the cover of one of the books, it seemed old. "My other cousin, have you heard about the sons of my father's sister who are some kind of geniuses of Alchemy? They were recruited by a magic school for boys with great skills in Germany years ago. And now that they heard my sister got into Hogwarts they feel like it is their call to send her books about basic theory of Alchemy."

"So this is the basic?" Minhyun worried about the mountains of thick books like encyclopedias.

"They said so."

He sighed. "We have to do something with this. I am sure your sister would hate to have all this in her dorms."

Keri looked at him for a moment. "That is true, that is the reason why they sent them here." She fixed the pile again. "But she would probably be grateful if we send her enough to build a wall between her bed and your sister's."

The boy laughed too loud.

"Minhyun, Keri." The voice of the boy's mother was heard from the end of the hallway. "Mr. Troy is here."

The boy made a face.

The girl smiled. "Oh. Not complaints. You are so dramatic." She walked to the door taking scrolls and quills on her way. "You should be grateful to your teacher. He was the excuse my father used to denied the offer of Mrs. Malfoy. You know..." Keri cleared her throat before continue. "I am very thankful, dear Narcisa. I am sure my daughter will be well taken cared on your house while I am out, but I can not let you hire a tutor only for her."

Minhyun rolled his eyes before following her.


Aron watched Taeni amused.

They were on Enchantements class, the girl sitting next to him. Both had stopped taking notes: he found lot more interesting what she was doing that moment, she couldn't stop staring the row of seats below.

Hermione Granger.

Taeni tsked again when the girl with thick hair started to talk one more time.

The same happened with every Ravenclaw, or most of them, during classes shared with Gryffindor.

To Aron it was different, because he preferred to prove what he knew through tests. But the rest wanted to show their knowledge, specially in the class of Professor Flitwick and that girl didn't let them an opportunity.

Taeni was like that. She heard the questions, thought about it or read something on her notes, and the instant she was raising her hand, the other girl was already giving her complicated explanations.

Some times the Professor left others to answer but mostly he would do justice to how fast the young girl was.

It was mean, but Aron kinda enjoyed how his cousin disliked Granger just because the girl seemed to be better than her... Well, because that and other reasons they would only talk about in secret.

Taeni took her quill again to write down something interesting the Gryffindor pointed out. With the mouth in a pout she decided. "I have to study for next class."

Aron found hard to not laugh. For all he knew, she had never studied for any class before.


"Do you want to go out?" Minhyun walked to his friend with two classic brooms in hands.

"I do not like quidditch." Keri assured without leaving his cup of tea. Then she looked directly at him when added: "Yes. Draco would have jump out and run outside, but I am not like him."

"I didn't ask you to play. We can take a ride and nothing else." He said looking through the window how the rain was getting heavier.

"You did not say it, but you thought about it." Minhyun couldn't fight that. She stood up to watch the rain with him. "With this weather we could fly over Tamesis river." Smiled. "Are you sure you will not ask for permission to your mother?"

He looked at her for a moment.

"Let me take my cap." She said taking one of the broomsticks.


"Is that true?" Taeni followed by Aron got into the Slytherin group. Some Ravenclaw students of her same year who were in the same hallway looked at them full of indignation. Members of all houses could be friends except with the snakes, they were always looked at with suspicion.

"What on Earth?" Draco was not in the mood to talk with them, or with anybody. He seemed paler under that sun.

Taeni opened her mouth to answer but thought better about it. She looked at Crabbe and Goyle. She didn't know if they were aware. She frowned whilst took the blond's hand and dragged him to an empty classroom with Aron behind.

"What is happening to you?! Are you bloody mad?!" Shouted out Draco breaking free from her grip.

"Is it true what Padma told us?" The girl looking at his confused face decided to explain further. "Her sister is in Gryffindor, she told us Harry Potter will join the quidditch team this year."

Draco didn't amswer. He looked away to avoid the stares.

Aron was leaning on a wall. "She also said he was recruited thanks to Malfoy guy."

The blond boy finally looked up with range in his eyes.

"Merlin! It is true then!" Taeni was really angry. "Draco, I told you to be prudent, I told you to not mess up with them..."

"I did nothing wrong!" The boy faced her and immediately regretted it. He took a step back.

"I can tell, nothing wrong, just you being the main reason those glasses can broke the rules of our national sport. Have you thought how many first years will be mad for this?" Taeni moved her hands in a funny way as she spoke.

A smile made its way to the blond's expression. "They will hate him. If they know someone gifted him a Nimbus 2000."

Aron whistled at the news. "A Nimbus, that's so freaking cool."

The girl looked them worried. "If they know it was you who made him show his skills, they will hate you."

Draco opened a little more his clear eyes. "It is not my fault McGonagall was that desperate." The mention of Professor made them take another look into the classroom to make sure they were alone. Talking again but lower. "It would happen even if I did nothing."

"But you did. It was you." Answered a very satisfied Aron.

"Aron is right." Taeni pushed back her long braids. "Stop acting like a child, stop bothering other houses, stop opening other's gifts and stop making plans against Harry Potter. He is someone who everyone wants to take care of and everyone tend to dislike you."

"Uuugh." The shortest boy couldn't help but make fun of the blond. The other two throw him a dirty look before keeping discussing.

"If you do not change, you will get in troubles and embarrass your family." She concluded.

The doors opened and a weird smell filled the air. Professor Quirrell entered. "Y... You thre... Three, what are you... Doing?"

"I am sorry, Professor." Answered Taeni in a hurry. "We were looking for a place to make our Enchantements essay, but the library is too silent." She trew a sad look to the lonely room. "I thought Peeves was here to cheer us, but not."

"Maybe, it is in Potions classroom." Draco was fast joining to the lie.

"Let us see." Taeni didn't let the Professor with turban speak. The three got out immediately.

They couldn't stop feeling chills.


"I am telling you, no, no, no." Keri was discussing with Minhyun. Both were in the library of Hwang Mansion at an unnamed too early hour. "If you try to enchant someone with that move you will just break something."

"That is not true!" Insisted the boy. "If I do it like you said I will get nothing."

"So stubborn!" The girl stood in front of him. "Then try, make my hair red if you can."

Minhyun frowned and took his wand decided. Then he stopped. He looked at the opened book 'Curses and Counter-curses'.

"What are you doing?!" She gave him a dirty look. "Not doubting now. Yes, two nine years old kids should not be making magic, but if you step back we will never know who is right."

"I will not curse you." Finally he decided.

Keri would start to threatening him if on that moment wouldn't made his entrace a young domestic elf with some juice.

Both kids had the same idea and shared a look.

"Hey, you, may I know your name?" The tiny creature looked confused to the girl.

"He is Oun. He is a good boy." The boy said without interest. The elf started to cry out of happines.

"Fine, Oun, would you help us with a test?" She said with a soft smile.

"Whatever the young master needs." Declared with a squeaky voice the elf.


Keri was right.

They had sat the elf on a stair they used to reach the higher shelves. They asked him to stay still. He did.

When Minhyun did the charm the elf was pale. Keri at his side was ready to do a counter charm.

However, the light that came from his wand didn't reached its victim, it failed and hit some books behind him.

They didn't get 'a hair red as fire', they got fire red as fire.

Minhyun and Oun ran in circles not knowing what to do.

Until the girl took the colored jar and throw the juice on those flames.

With a triumphant smile the girl walked out the room, but before closing the door. "For real, I am very grateful to you, Oun. You have been brave. And you are fine, right?"

The little elf didn't believe so much kindness. He nodded over and over.

When the girl was out, the creature hurried to happily follow her.


Potions classes were the worst.

First years Ravenclaw shared the subject with Hufflepuff.

And that was the worst.

Aron hated Snape and his greasy hair with all his soul. Taeni, had said she liked her Professor instead, but with every class she seemed to keep changing her mind definitely.

It was bad enough the man assigned works much more complicated than those of McGonagall.

Once you gave the essays to him, you knew you were condemned. The way he grated them was brutal, merciless, heartless. If half of the class approved the course, they would take it as a miracle.

"So..." Snape paced in the front of the room nonchalantly. "While you try to finish your pathetic..." He stopped a moment looking with contempt the liquid in the cauldron of Padma Patil. The girl lowered his head thinking it was her turn today. "Work..." He continued his tour after a few torturer secondes. "Could someone be so kind to explain us the right way to add the mouse tail to this potion?"

Taeni heard Aron breathe out. He knew, he was good at that, he wouldn't try. She looked Snape's back when he walked next to them.

The big problem with those classes was you could never know after who he would go before it happened.

It was said in Potions Class shared by Gryffindor and Slytherin were easier. It was predictable.

It was simple, Severus Snape, Head of the House of Slytherin, always favored those with the green badge, among which he appreciated Draco very much, maybe because the kid did good in practices, maybe because who his father was, or maybe because professor and student felt the same disgust towards the same person. Hard questions never were for them.

By the other hand, Gryffindor could always wait the worst. That house was always the direct competition for Slytherin, the house for which they changed quidditch rules, Harry Potter's house. To speak that name in front of Snape could easily earn you a sad day in his class.

"It seems it is useless to have a classroom full of Ravenclaw." Snape said facing his students from his desk. "All that intelligence of which you boast is a lie."

Taeni closed her eyes. It was Ravenclaw day. Probably hers. It had been two weeks since she was the target of those questions. Would he call her an ignorant again?

"Miss Abbott, amaze us." The girl with blond hair seemed to be about to cry when she stood from her seat.

Everyone else started to breathe again.

Apparently, that was a Hufflepuff day.

Definitely, Snape hated Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw equally.


Ravenclaw Common Room was empty when they entered.

Taeni fell on one of the softest couches closing her eyes for a moment.

"Seems you're thankful the class ended earlier." Said Aron looking at her as he sat in across.

"She is. Didn't you saw it?" Sunji took Padma's hands and sat with her at the other side of the room. "Her flight was not that grateful. She almost jump out of happiness when Boot hit the tree."

Taeni looked up to see her first year mates. "I am sorry for what happened to Terry. But I can do nothing if I dislike flying. Seriously, why to fly on brooms if there are best means like flu powder and apparitions?"

"Sounds crazy." Aron pointed without looking away from the book he took. "How to play quidditch then?"

"I have not idea." The girl finally straightened. "Maybe like muggles do."

"Muggles play quidditch?" Sunji asked interested.

"I have not idea." Taeni shrugged. "They call it differently and play it without brooms? The basics are the same, to make the quaffle throw the hoops that are at ground level."

"That's soccer. It's nothing like it." Padma cleared and received with indifference the glances of others. "General culture."

"Anyway." Taeni stood up with new energy. "Let us take advantage of this free time we have thanks to Longbottom boy and Gryffindor kids who cannot follow rules..." Said imitating Mrs. Hooch who told them about what happened last time she accompanied a boy to the infirmary. That was the reason she cancelled the rest of the hour. "We shall do the History essay."

"Nooooo." Aron complained.

The girl insisted. "We should do it before Penelope and her mates want to use every book here."


"I think our elf wants to live with your family now." Minhyun said amused whilst they went back to the mansion. He pointed the window where two elfs were cleaning cristales and discussing.

"Your mother already thought on gift it to me." She said stoping her walk to take a look at the garden. "I am sure they are in the forest, we should go to the stream at night."

Minhyun mirrored her. He glanced to the trees that were too close from each other. He swallowed hard before speaking. "They like flowers, I do not think they will live in such a lugubrious place."

Keri weighed the words. How her friend thought an innocent wild pine forest was so scary?... Nor that it was 'The Forbidden Forest' her sister wrote about.

Then, she saw it, a little boy lost in the forest, running away from squirrels, calling for her mother.

Keri smiled. "We need to be sure."