Later that night, Jewel, Eduardo, Roberto and Aunt Mimi all had a family meeting about what to do. Nagato was planning on starting a war. The family wasn't going to give him an opportunity to try to get to Blu. They met and came up with a plan.

After a few hours of bickering,arguing and disagreeing over while each bird had something to say to say, Eduardo had made the final decision of how are they going to beat Nagato and his upcoming army.

"We send Blu to Japan."announced Eduardo. Everyone else was shocked by what they just heard.

"But Dad you know Blu! He can't survive there by HIMSELF.",blurted Jewel. Eduardo looked over at his daughter

"I know, that's why I'm letting you go with him.",said Eduardo.

Mimi and Roberto still staring at him with no words so as he was looking back at the both of them

"Don't worry, he will be fine. He will have his family right behind him. He will be trained by Master Jiraiya.",pronounced Eduardo.

"That's good. So, when will Blu and his family leave?",asked Roberto. "Tomorrow morning.",said Eduardo.

"Great let me tell Blu that.",said Jewel.

She turned around to fly off. She could tell Blu about what they are going to do so as Eduardo,Roberto and Mimi took one last glance -Jewel leaving

"Good luck Jewel." They said.