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Percy had a briefcase of which he was very fond. It was leather, rather unusual in a culture that prizes dragon hide, but it was black and not brown so none of his colleagues noticed that his was different from any other. It had his initials tooled into the upper right-hand corner. P.R.W. Percival Robert Weasley. The initials in gold on black showed the world that this briefcase belonged to Percy. That he had important business to be about, important business that required paperwork to be carried about and taken places: to meetings, to his office, to his home after work for further study and evaluation. His family bought the briefcase for him on his one-year anniversary at the ministry. It was very nearly his most prized possession and he anticipated carrying it every day until his retirement someday in the distant, distant future.

This very briefcase held, at that precise moment, his first and second treatise on the thickness of cauldron bottoms, three spare quills, a bottle of black ink, a bottle of brown ink, his current project notes involving the illegal importation of Vernaculus Improprietus plants and the carefully written speech on the same subject that he had to give to his supervisors in ten minutes. It was altogether regrettable that he could not find said briefcase anywhere.

Percy had checked every conceivable place in his office. He had exited the building, costing himself several precious minutes, in order to apparate to his apartment and search there. He had looked in the employee lounge, even though he had only been there a total of three times since being transferred to this department and none of those times was within the last four months. Things looked grim.

He decided to make one last check of the hallways before going to the conference room to try to give the presentation without notes. He knew that he would undoubtedly fail if he tried to do this. The speech he had prepared was five pages long and full of statistics and figures; there was no way he would remember the average import prices in 1995, or any of the other important bits of information.

He made his way down the northern-most hallway and then stopped suddenly. The door to Fudge's personal suite of offices was open and there was a rather familiar black rectangle staring at him from the side of the secretary's desk. With an altogether undignified whoop, Percy Weasley strode into the office and picked up the case. If he hurried he might still have a few minutes to spare before the meeting.

"Hold it right there, you." The secretary's voice was grating and cold. "Where do you think that you are going with that?"

"It is my briefcase, Mrs. Winche," he pointed at the initials in the upper- right corner, "and I need my notes for a presentation I have in a few minutes. I really must be on my way." The older woman just looked at him for a moment. Then her eyes became wide.

"You say that's *your* case?"

"Percival Robert Weasley, just as the initials suggest, Ma'am."

"Oh, dear. Oh, oh, dear."

"Is something wrong, Mrs. Winche?"

"Only that, if that is your briefcase, the Minister's is floating about somewhere unattended." Percy blanched. Who knew what state secrets would be hidden therein?

"Oh! I think I saw it earlier when I was looking for my own! I'll be right back." Percy back-tracked to his own small office and soon found the briefcase in question leaning against the wall outside the door. He returned it to the secretary just in time to see Fudge himself come out of the inner sanctum of his offices.

"Ah! Weasley! Just the fellow, just the fellow. Would you be so kind as to come in to my office with me for a bit?"

"I've actually got a presentation I'm to be making in a minute, sir, or else I would in a heartbeat, but-"

"Not at all, boy! Come with me and I'll make your excuses for you. This is important."

"Illegal importation of plants with the capacity to exude aphrodisiac gases are important, too," murmured Percy, not a little peeved that his work was thought so little of by the minister of magic. "Perhaps if you called an assistant over, he could deliver my notes to the committee?"

"Brilliant solution, boy. I knew there was a reason we hired you. And now let's see if we can't put those brains of yours to another problem, all right?"

Percy followed the Minister into his private office and wondered what would make him think that Percy was the right man for whatever job needed to be done.