Chapter 1 Enter Warlock

AN: Inspired by Hogwarts Rejection Letters (Kmon13's style) - Chapter 34 and Code Geass: Julius of the Empire by ShinKir0.

Control by Halsey

If the Second Princess and Prime Minister of Area 11 (Japan) was honest with one thing is the news she got a few seconds ago started to concern her. Cornelia li Britannia had gotten word that the Second Knight of the Round was coming to the area to observe the infrastructure here as a way to have a break from combat. He's doing this after completing his mission, in Europe no less, definitely terrified her.

Cornelia sighed as she knows all about the identity of this legendary knight and it was her little brother, Hadrian li Britannia the Warlock of the Empire. A smile formed on her lips as she saw a photo of her, Euphemia, and Hadrian during their childhood playing in the garden. She enjoyed these moments which were some of the happiest moments of her life. She always wanted to protect her family and that she drives to be strong. Stronger than anyone.

While protecting Euphemia was going well for her, Hadrian was more independent of Cornelia's protection. He was always unique and displayed a sense of maturity that seemed to make him wise beyond his years. He has grown to be a great man. Now he is the Second Knight, has his army faction, spy network, and has been regularly called the Warlock of the Empire. As proud as she may be of him, she is scared of him. He is the best Knightmare pilot in the Empire. Only a few rival him in terms of abilities. He rose within the ranks of the military and an excellent chess master.

Cornelia hadn't seen Hadrian for some time now and it would be great to see him again as would Euphemia. They would love to spend more time with him like the old days and one can hope that they will enjoy themselves before something worse happens.

Landing Platform

Cornelia with her loyal subordinates, General Andreas Darlton and her Knight Gilbert G.P Guilford with a handful of soldiers to greet the prince.

"Have you met Prince Hadrian, Darlton?" Guilford asked starting the talk to pass the time as her highness was dead set on meeting her brother.

The Knight had met the prince dozens of times and wondered if the general had as well. He will admit that Hadrian's pilot skills matched Cornelia's, maybe surpassed her.

"Yes, quite a lot when he was my student in the military academy. My daughter is his second in command of his knights. And he just made her his knight a few months ago last I talked to them," Darlton answered being proud of his daughter rising through the ranks as his adopted sons did as well.

"That's interesting," The Knight said, remembering that the Prince is the founder and commander of the infamous Fenrir Knights.

"Indeed it is," The General said.

Soon enough, the Imperial transport comes in for a landing and lands on the platform. The hatch opens having troopers coming out and in position for their leader to come. They all wore a black uniform with the military crest on their backs of the Britannian military in gold and on the front a howling wolf to the moon in silver. They are the Fenrir Knights, having them salute as their commander comes down.

The young man at the age of sixteen continued to walk down the hatch, having a majestic aura surrounding and accompanying his presence. He was dressed in a black and gold outfit, having the military crest on the black in gold and front a wolf in silver. His black and gold jacket, it's the fabric being white on the inside and split into two pieces of cloth at the waist while it had an extension of a semi-hood at the neck area. It had a golden chain across the chest to keep the outfit together. His shoulders had golden frills and along his back span a long black cape, the silk fabric of which was red on the inside with the golden crest of Britannia engraved on the back of it. He also wore black gloves with golden designs on the wrists. His outfit had gold rectangles on his stomach area, knees, and boots, as well as a loosely fitted black belt.

He had dark hair and one green eye his right. The left was covered in a black and gold eye-patch with forest green crystal hanging at the end of it. This was the twelfth Prince of the Holy Britannian Empire, founder/leader of the Fenrir Knights, Warlock of the Empire, and Knight of Two, Hadrian li Britannia.

A smile formed on the prince's face and started to greet his older sister.

"Hello my dear sister, it has been a long time. Two to three years now if I'm not mistaken."

"Indeed it has been little brother. I take it that your trip was enjoyable?" Cornelia asked her brother.

Hadrian shrugged his shoulders and said, "Tiring and ironic if I think about it. I don't like flying on planes or transports, but I love piloting a Knightmare as much I love chess."

"Indeed," Cornelia commented at that before the royal pair walked with the troopers following them. Hadrian stops and looks at his Knights.

"Men, you have your orders. Enjoy this downtime and make sure you be here at 0600. Today we wolves rest but tomorrow we go hunt. Is that understood?" Hadrian asked getting the men to nod their heads.

"Yes, your majesty!" The Fenrir Knights yelled and saluted before leaving Hadrian and his sister behind.

"How is the situation here?" Hadrian asked Cornelia.

"It's been peaceful. We did have reports of a small resistance group attacking some of our convoys though they are rarely successful" Cornelia informed him.

"Which means that they have been successful at least a few times correct?" Hadrian asks which made Cornelia sigh as a result.

"A couple at most. But nothing to really worry about," She said which made Hadrian frown at that.

"Oh dear sister, the fact that they are occasionally successful shows that the people think it's to rebel against the Empire. We must secure the peace or else everything falls. We can not allow that to happen. My knights will make sure of that," Hadrian proclaimed with conviction.

"That won't be necessary brother. I already have a plan for dealing with Zero," Cornelia said not wanting to trouble her brother with this.

Hadrian stayed quiet, thinking this over and somewhat believing that his older sister has a grand plan in motion. He stared at her for a second and started to laugh, shocking Cornelia, Guildford, and Dalton of this sudden burst of laughing.

The Warlock soon calmed down and spoke, "Very well my dear sister, I shall watch the show and see you in action. I am curious on what you have planned. But know this, if you plan doesn't work, my wolves and I will do it for you"

"Then I will not disappoint you, little brother" Cornelia said.

"You never disappointed me Cornelia. You haven't back then and I doubt you will do it now. I look forward on watching the hunt," Hadrian said with a calm which Cornelia returned

Cornelia could see changes in her brother, but in the end he was still the same boy all those years ago. Hadrian was a puppy that cares about those around him, but in battle he was a wolf that runs a pack ready to jumps it's prey and slaughter them without hesitation. Her Knight and general watched the scene could see that things are going to be interesting from now on.

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