Natalya couldn't believe she agreed to this. Being the human personification of Belarus, she was used to the cold and it didn't both her however if she had a choice she would rather be home on her beloved's couch welcoming the new year in the warmth of their shared home. However with a simple pleading look on her beloved face and those damn puppy-dog eyes and she couldn't say now. So here she was in the middle of New York City waiting for the massive ball to begin descending as she stood with her one true love Alfred F. Jones, A.K.A the human personification of America as they welcomed in the new years surrounded by numerous of his drunk or idiotic citizens. Honestly, Natalya could not begin to explain how many times she wanted to pull out one of the large knives she had hidden up her dress sleeves but she restrained herself know that it would break her beloved Alfred's heart if she attacked one of his citizens. However, that didn't stop her from sending them terrifying death glares every time they got to close to her. Honestly, the only thing really holding her back was Alfred's strong arms wrapped around her waist.

"Are you excited Nat?" her beloved American asked her breaking her from her thoughts as her midnight blue eyes looked up to meet Alfred's sky blue ones.

"I'm alvays excited vhenver i'm vith you Alfie" Natalya replied leaning up and placing a kiss on the American's left cheek as he gave her a bright smile.

"Oh, it's starting" Alfred says as Natalya turns back to watching the large ball as everyone began counting.

"10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 HAPPY NEW YEAR!" she heard everyone yell as Alfred spun her around in his arms and captured her lips in a sweet kiss. His lips were soft yet firm as Natalya immediately began kissing him back and running her hands through his soft, short golden blonde hair as he ran his right through her long icy blonde locks. His tongue gently probed at her lips and with a sigh, she opened her lips to give him access to her mouth. Alfred was an amazing kisser. His tongue swirled with her's in the most erotic and passionate kiss she ever had. He then pulled away and Natalya pouted wanting it to last longer causing Alfred to chuckle and smile at her, nothing but love and desire showing in his eyes.

"I love you Nat" Alfred said pulling her into a hug.

"I love you to Alfie" she replied not noticing him reaching into his right coat pocket and pulling out a small velvet box which he held in his right fist.

"Marry me?" he asked her as Natalya pulled back with a look of shock.

"Vhat?" she asked again.

"Marry me?" he repeated with a smile on his face as he opened the box revealing a ring with five jewels. A ruby, a diamond, a sapphire going horizontal which made Natalya chuckle at her beloveds love for his nation's colors, but what caught her eye was the peridot above the diamond and the second ruby below it. She then quickly realized why he placed those there. Ruby was Alfred's birthstone and peridot was hers. Tears of happiness welled up in Natalya's eyes as she threw herself at her beloved.

"Yes, a million times yes" she says as he places the engagement ring on her left ring finger. The two then proceeded to kiss again as the people around them began cheering for them. 2020 was definitely going to be Natalya's year and if anyone tried to object to her becoming one with her beloved, well she had a large knife with their name on it.

I hope you enjoyed this quick little Ameribel one-shot. Happy New-Year everyone, I hope you all have an amazing 2020:)