Since we already have an appreciation poem for every one of the protagonists who gave canon life, we must now show our love for the ones who kept canon alive in the first place, and their representation.

I apologize to the Helpers for the above statement, btw. Thank you for reading this far and supporting us. It has been quite the journey, and I am glad to go on it with you.


Pale figures surrounded her

Hand over heart


Right before her

Dark hair

Dark orbs

Warm smile

Blonde curls

Blue eyes


Brown locks

Matching irises


She instinctively knew their names

And everyone else's

For they were hers

Some in historical dress

Others in modern garb

For they were the past, the present, the future

The ones who would tell

Tales to come

Not just the works of Joey "Teaseceffa"

Perhaps she was misplaced in time

Or realities where things went differently

A life saved or more, or made worse

She could also feel others' presence

For she did not stand alone

Her friends were at her side

Forged by pages of alternate realities

Hogwarts, Camps

Hope's Peak Academy

Canadian wilderness

World Conference Hall

Labs of zombies

Survival arenas

There were parts where even she

Dared not venture personally

Hidden away in darkness

Where she feared to go and see

A sealed cult meeting server

A locked site of cursed influences

Ideas she was personally too young for

Though canon says otherwise

("My eyes! I did NOT NEED TO SEE THAT, BOSS!")

Piles of history books

Records of myths galore

For she was Escape the Night

As well as so much more

Mentioned AUs/Crossovers (in order of appearance): Metafics, Historical AU, If the Other Guy Won, Save Them All AU, Hogwarts AU, Riordanverse Crossover (PJO/HoO/ToA/TKC/MCGA/etc.), Danganronpa AU, Until Dawn AU, Hetalia Crossover, Fight of the Living Dead, Hunger Games AU, the Kerrie Cult, Possession AU/Meta-World Corruption, Smut/Omegaverse/etc.

And this one is just as long as Oli's. Wow.

DATE OF WRITING: 4 Jan 2020 (~2055-2145)

DATE OF POSTING: 31 Jan 2020 (0005)