AN: Hey everyone, I have a new miniseries to kick off. This one involves my all-time favorite anime, Re: Zero. I love this series for so many reasons and am beyond hyped for season two coming out. To celebrate it and the release of the Director's Cut of season one, I wanted to do a crossover with RWBY. Now, I do not like RWBY that much as a series. However, I will still stand by Neo as one of my favorite fictional characters or all time. Despite her small role and screen time in the series, she hits every mark for me as a character. If any character deserves a RWBY Spinoff, it's her. So, why not combine my favorite character with my favorite anime? This story is exploring how different V3 would have gone if Neo had a similar ability like Subaru's Return by Death. I don't want to spoil anything else. Hope you enjoy this chapter, leave a review with your comments and questions, and have a nice day.

Re: Neo

This was the moment. She pressed the button on her umbrella, Hush. From the top, a hidden blade ejected. As she walked to the end of the airship, the tip of the blade grinding on the floor. The dangling red hooded girl gasped at the sight of the blade at her opponent. In the distance, a monologue was heard. The mute girl smiled as the orange-haired criminal walked over. Roman Torchwick, the one thing she cared about in this cruel world. She let him speak down to their opponent, as she could do no such thing herself. The words were only a blur to her, but she loved the way he talked. The mute girl looked back to their foe, Ruby Rose. The thorn in Roman's side for so long. Now, she was about to be removed. However, fate was not on the mute's side this time. Ruby leapt and pushed the other button on Hush, causing the umbrella to open. The mute girl gasped as the updraft carried her off into the Grimm infested skies. Before she was out of range of hearing, she heard her name.

"Neo!" Roman called out in panic.

Neo tried to rebalance herself with her umbrella, but something caught her eye. She looked over to see Roman reengaging Ruby in a solo battle. To her amazement, the orange-haired criminal was winning. Neo smiled, knowing that he could still do this. That positive thought rang in her mind, but it only lasted a second. Her eyes turned white as a missive Grimm was targeting the airship for a landing. Roman's back was to the creature, nobody could warn him. She shook her head in fear as the creature landed, its mouth already open, and its prey unaware of the fate. She could not look away from the sight that was scared into her mind. The sight of one thing she cared about being eaten alive. At that moment, Roman had died. As well, Neo knew she had nothing left. She closed her eyes to scream, but no voice came out.

Suddenly, Neo opened her eyes. She discovered herself in her medic outfit, asleep at the wheel of the parked ambulance airship. The mute girl had a look of confusion. She turned to the window the outside, seeing daylight. In taking out her scroll, she noticed a timer she had set beforehand. Three hours ticked until she was supposed to be ready as the getaway driver. Neo put away her scroll and sighed, thinking it was all a bad dream. However, she felt that it was a warning. A premonition of an outcome she could not let come to pass. Neo let out a deep breath before knowing what she must do.

The moment again.

Ruby had just been kicked; her body flung over the edge as barely had enough time to grab onto something. Neo ejected her hidden blade from Hush. Roman cackled as he was about to start his monologue. However, he paused at the sight of the mute girl running. Ruby looked down at the Kingdom of Vale below, not wanting to think about what would happen if she let go. However, she could feel the murderous intent from above. As she looked up, Neo had already thrust the blade towards Ruby's neck. The red hooded girl's eyes widened in shock, her mouth filling with blood. As the light left the silver eyes, her grip loosened. She let go, causing the blade of Hush to slip out. Neo watched and smiled as Ruby's corpse fell to the Kingdom below.

"Uh Neo?" Roman spoke, "What was that?"

Neo turned to him with a smirk, recalling the blade back into Hush.

"I wanted to take my time with that brat, and you had to ruin the fun." He said with slight indignation in his voice. However, Neo smiled as she walked towards him, changing the colors of her eyes. The mute girl hugged him, causing the orange-haired criminal to have a look of confusion. As she hugged him tighter, Roman started to smile, "Aw, I can't stay mad at you." He said as he patted the top of Neo's head.

Around an hour later, Roman and Neo reentered the landing deck of the airship, looking over the destroyed Kingdom of Vale. The buildings were set ablaze as Atlas robots and Grimm where the only occupants of Vale. They looked up to see a smaller airship landed near them. Emerging from the open hatch, the mint-haired thief and grey-haired assassin. Emerald and Mercury walked over to the criminal duo, but all four turned to what sounded like a jet engine taking off. Blasting through the sky onto the deck was the woman in the red dress, whose eyes glowed with the aura of the full Fall Maiden power, "Well," Cinder spoke with a smile, "I would call this mission a success."

"I'll say," Mercury added on as he took out his scroll, "I got some nice battles on video. Including one of that Schnee getting flattened like a pancake by a Paladin."

"We did it," Emerald added on, her voice still in disbelief, "We took down an entire Kingdom."

"This was just the start," Cinder responded, "We still have three more Kingdoms to lay waste upon." She said before creating a flame in her hand, "And with my new power, I can turn anything into ashes."

"Well, good for you." Roman responded, "But, you remember our deal. After Vale, our contract is over." He said with Cinder extinguishing the flame with the clenching of her fist.

"I would like to propose an extension." Cinder offered as crossed her arms, "You redeemed your past failures today." She said before looking to Neo, "You and your little bodyguard."

"Listen, we know that this job only gets more dangerous for us as time goes on." Roman said before gesturing to Neo, "The two of us are just trying to survive this war, not keep fighting until we die." He countered before smirking to Cinder, "Besides, you don't need us anymore in your Boss' big mission."

Suddenly, Cinder's smile grew more sinister, "You're right." She said with Neo having a look of panic. Her eyes turned white as the Fall Maiden created two short swords of burning dust, "I don't need you anymore."

Roman realized what she meant, "Oh no," He said before reposing his cane, "You backstabbing bitch!" The orange-haired criminal said before opening fire with his cane. Cinder crossed her blades in a blocking stance, the blast exploding on contact with a plume of smoke.

However, the Fall Maiden rushed out with no damage done. Roman gasped as Cinder raised her swords. She slashed towards his head, but something blocked the strike. Neo held her umbrella in defense of Roman, but the dust swords were burning into the fabric. Cinder gritted her teeth until she saw Roman fire the cane at close range, hitting her the face with the blast. She fell backwards as she dropped the dust swords. Roman and Neo reposed as Cinder picked herself up, only suffering a small burn on her cheek. The Fall Maiden smiled as Emerald and Mercury went to her side, "Kill the mute." Cinder ordered, "Roman is mine."

"Understood," Emerald said as she took out her bladed revolvers.

"With pleasure," Mercury said as he rolled his shoulders, assuming a fighting stance.

Neo gritted her teeth before sending a glass clone towards Mercury. The grey-haired assassin released a blast of wind from his ankle gauntlets, destroying the glass clone. Emerald rushed through the shards as she opened fire. Neo and Roman jumped out of the way of the bullets, but Cinder isolated the orange-haired criminal, her new short swords clashing with his cane, "You should have known this would happen eventually." Cinder commented as Roman gritted his teeth, struggling to hold her power back, "You cannot escape destiny."

Neo's eyes turned white at Roman's danger. She attempted to run to his aid, but Mercury jumped in her path. With a sinister smile, he attempted a right axel kick over her head. The mute girl backflipped to dodge, but the grey-haired assassin pivoted for a left spin kick, releasing a blast of wind in the process. Neo barely had time to block with her umbrella, her body still being pushed back by the force of the attack. Suddenly, she heard an odd noise followed by a voice.

"Neo?" She heard Roman's voice call from her right. In turning to the noise, she saw him standing with a look of confusion, "What are you doing?" Neo had her look of confusion, seeing Roman still clashing with Cinder.

In that moment of realization, the mute girl felt an ominous pressure behind her. She barely had time to block with Hush as Emerald attempted a back attack with her bladed revolvers. Emerald gritted her teeth before Neo pressed the button on Hush, extending the hidden blade. The ejection almost pierced the mint-haired thief's right eye. As Emerald jumped back, Mercury rushed in, landing a spin kick into Neo's abdomen. The mute girl gasped in pain, the only noise she could make at that moment. Out of the corner of his eye, Roman saw her body bounce before rolling off the edge of the ship.

"Neo!" Roman called out in panic.

At the last second, Neo grabbed the edge with her left hand. However, her grip was slipping fast. Suddenly, she looked up to see Roman looking down on her with a smile. He reached out to help her, causing Neo to smile as she reached back. However, she saw a malevolent smile form on his face. While the mute had seen this evil on him before, she knew Roman would never direct it towards her. As he took her hand, Neo knew it was not the grip of Roman, but a delusion. At the clicking of a trigger being pulled, Neo jumped back. The hallucination faded as Emerald gritted her teeth, "That time didn't work either." She said as Mercury saw Neo free fall.

"Don't worry," Mercury responded, "She can't survive from this height." He then turned back to Roman and Cinder, "Let's back up the Boss." He said with Emerald nodding.

Little did they know, Neo had opened her umbrella. However, her eyes turned white again. She had been in this situation before. She knew what was about to happen. In a massive updraft, Neo was carried off by the wind above the airship. There, she saw a sight far worse than before. While Roman was preoccupied blocking Cinder's slashes, Emerald landed a shot in his right knee. As he screamed in agony, Mercury ran in with a jump kick to the orange-haired criminal's face. Roman dropped the cane as his body slide near the edge of the airship. As the two rejoined Cinder, the Fall Maiden smiled as she turned her two swords into a bow. Roman managed to stand on one knee as he glared at the trio.

"Sorry Roman," Cinder said as she created the bowstring and arrow out of fiery dust, "You're not surviving this one." The Fall Maiden said before unleashing her shot. The arrow pierced the center of Roman's chest. The light left his eyes as his body fell backwards over the airship. Neo's eyes turned whiter as she feared the worse had happened again. However, the lingering thought of his survival remained in her mind. She closed her umbrella before diving down towards Roman's body. Soon, she managed to get within a few feet of reaching for the orange-haired criminal. However, as she extended her hand to catch him, Roman's body broke apart, turning into ashes. Neo watched as her one thing vanished in the wind; Roman had died. Neo knew she had nothing left. She closed her eyes to scream, but no voice came out.

Suddenly, Neo opened her eyes. She discovered herself in her medic outfit, asleep at the wheel of the parked ambulance air-… it was just like before. Neo was back to the same place she woke up after she saw Roman die. The mute girl looked at her hands, unaware of what all this meant. What was this Restarting power she had? Who gave her this gift, or was it a curse placed upon her? Was this her semblance working to protect from reality? That fate had already been written? These questions and more started to fill Neo's mind, but she quickly shut them out. She clenched her fist as she knew only one thing was true.

She would save Roman Torchwick, no matter how many ties it would take.

Chapter 1 – Saving One Thing from this Cruel World

AN: There you go, Neo's Return by Death is not activated by death, but Roman's. She comes back to a point in the middle of the Tournament. You see the cannon outcome, as well as what would have happened if Neo straight up killed Ruby on the airship. If that happened, nothing would have stopped the Atlas robots from killing everyone. As well, Cinder got the full Fall Maiden power without Ruby leaving her mangled mess. Roman dies at Cinder's hands as she realizes she doesn't need someone like him anymore. Now, Neo must think of what she could do to mess with Cinder's plans to save Roman. That is all for now, thanks for reading, and hope to see you in the next chapter.

Also, this series will be relativity short. While this series is a crossover with the idea from Re: Zero, I will not be including any characters from that series here. However, if I do another one-shot with these two series that involves Re: Zero characters, I would add it here as opposed to making another story, (I did the same thing with Bad End and Demo for my Resident Evil 2 crossovers).