Chapter I

This is the story of a man named Logan, Gabriel Logan. Logan, Xing, and Lopain work together with a new operative they have never met. He is trained in over 60 different forms of martial arts, and is better than the top agent at MI6. He is a master of disguise. He does not exist. The world does not know he is alive. No one has ever seen him until. ONE WEEK EARLYER.
"Hurry up with those crates, the shipment is due in three hours."

Gabe Logan was a hard working businessman from the broncs. He was a trainee in a special weapons and tactics force in Washington. Right now though he is currently heading up a routine training mission in Afghanistan. His mission is to escort a recon group to Kabul.

"There are only three crates left Gabe. We should be done in just a few minutes."

Lian Xing was an operative of the Chinese secret service. She worked with Gabe against the unnamed agency to overthrow the leaders that had betrayed them in the past and created the "siphon filter" virus. Now she is helping Gabe train new men to fight for the same cause.

"There, we're done Gabe, you can give the command to send them on out."

"Right, move out men. One of you take point and make sure there are no obstacles ahead that we should have to worry about."

"We don't have anything big for them today do we Gabe?"

"Nope, all we have to worry about today is a fence blocking the road. Once they blow it, we are clean sailing until then."

"Sounds good to me."

They drive down the only road that leads to Kabul, and considering it's 9:00 pm its pretty dark out. Eventually they get to the fence, the soldiers go down, blow it up, and start to walk back to the truck when.