Chapter 1: Prelude


This story is written by Zialema (original in French). English translation by 3A07.

I have the author's permission.

Harry Potter is J.K. Rowling's intellectual property. One Piece is Oda's.

Warning: Implied gay relationship. (Eventually)

The incantation was ready.

The runes as well, everything was in place for the ritual.

Dumbledore made sure his phoenix was close by. Depending on who Death would send him, immediate healing might be required, so this whole invocation would done for nothing.

It had been a hard task to find the formula. An additional ten long years were needed to gather all the ingredients for the ritual.

In the middle of his office, on top of the runic circle for the ritual, Dumbledore proceeded to a long an elaborate series of gestures with his wand.

The air became fire within the circle, there was a tearing sound before the fire disappear, leaving in it's stead a boy of about twenty years. He was slumped on the ground, a strange hole in his chest, was obviously the cause death.

Fawkes reacted immediately, going to perch on the body to shed his healing tears. When the gash was nothing more than an fist-size scar close to the hear, the corpse took a deep breath and open it's eyes before screaming of pain, forcing all the directors (those from the paintings as well as Dumbledore) to clog their ears.

As soon as the screams stopped, strange black chains appeared around the boy's skin. Fusing with his skin like a tattoo would, circling around the tanned skin, without ever going over the current tattoo on one of his arms.



Somewhere in Grand Line, a revolutionary stopped himself in the middle of a corridor, feeling something in himself react.

By instinct, he knew what is was about.



Elsewhere, a young pirate captain who was training hard to achieve Shin Sekai level woke up with a start. A name on his trembling and smiling lips: "Ace...".



For his part, in Shin Sekai, a newly captain, previously second, in mourning for his love and for the father of the whole crew, let himself fall on the bow's head of the ship. Lifting a sake bottle, as if to toast with the starry sky. Praying Davy Jones for what he felt deep down be the truth, and that the man he loved would truly be alive.



Remus turned his head from the train's window when the compartment's door opened. A thirteen years old boy was in the doorway.

"Gomenasai, there is no one yet, but since you are most likely the only adult that will be on this train, I assume no one would bother you. May I settle here with you, ne?"

"No social much?" smiled Remus

The boy only shrug his shoulder, draped in black cloth from a long and rather rigid coat. It was open enough to show a shirt of the same colour, itself also with the top two buttons open.

This boy was entirely dressed in black. Ample pants with plenty pockets, shiny combat boots, and to top it all, a raven black cowboy hat. If Remus' knowledge from non-magic fashion was right. The hat was casting a shadow over the boy's face.

"Please sit down" smiled the man.

The boy nodded his head and entered the compartment, closing the door behind him.

"Professor Lupin." the man introduced "What is your name, dear boy?"

"I am a student in a special curriculum, Okami-sensei. I will also be teaching to a few volunteers a technique unknown from most. My name is Ace, Portgas D. Ace."

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