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Waking AI Assistant…

AI Assistant Successfully Allocated…

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AI Assistant Initialized:

PP: Good Day BW. How may I help you today?

BW: Records. What is this bunker.

PP: This is the Mint, an Atlas storage facility for the AI developed in the Geppetto Project.

BW: How long could an adult human male live inside of the Mint.

PP: 365 Days. Less if the pantry has been compromised.

BW: You don't know the condition of the pantry.

PP: I am currently regulated as an information bank until a new body is built for me. Until then, I only have access to the Atlassian Archives.

BW: Darn. Is it possible for me to hook the rest of you back together?

PP: Even if user BW has the mechanical capabilities to construct an android body, the necessary component for storing aura is only found in Polendina's Laboratory.

BW: Which isn't connected to the Mint.

PP: Polendina's Laboratory is not connected to the Mint. The Mint only has 1 entrance and exit.

BW: So its self-sustaining?

PP: Yes. The Mint is not connected to any other electrical grid or water main.

BW: Which means I have a limited amount of water. And food.

PP: Affirmative.

BW: So pp, how do I lock the main entrance.

PP: A security panel has the capability to lock the Main Entrance.

BW: Where would I find one.

PP: There should be one located at the base of the entrance.

BW: I thought you couldn't access the mainframe or whatever.

PP: I have access to the Atlassian Archives. This includes the blueprints for the Mint.

BW: Alright, locked the door. There any way to find noise cancelling earbuds.

PP: At this time, I do not know where noise cancelling earbuds would be located.

BW: There any beds.

PP: The Mint was not designed for human habitation.

BW: Understood.

BW: How do I turn you off.

PP: The P.E.N.N.Y. Program cannot be shut at this time.

BW: How do I turn the computer off.

PP: The Servers containing the P.E.N.N.Y. Program cannot be shut down at this time.

BW: How do I turn off the monitor.

PP: Little grey button in the bottom right, right side.