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AN: This is set between two stories I have already posted "Rule Number One" and "The Dangers of Holy Ground". It revolves around Duncan and Rylan. I had a request to try this by Tyger Magick and decided to give it a shot. Tell me if you want to see more.

Rylan ran in through the front door of the Antique shop. "Did they already leave?" she demanded before noticing Duncan was with a customer. "Oh, sorry," she apologized quickly. Duncan motioned her to the office and she went taking a seat behind the desk and dropping her bag in at her feet.

A couple minutes later Duncan came in. "You're late. And yes, they already left. Richie says bye."

"Dang. I wanted to be here before they left. I wanted to ask Richie something," Rylan answered carefully avoiding why she was late getting home from school.

"You can ask him Monday when they get back." Tessa had needed to handle some business in Paris and decided to take Richie with her and leave Duncan and Rylan to get to know each other better. "How come you're late?" he asked. Rylan didn't answer just smirked slightly. "Detention, right?" Rylan nodded. "What did you do?"

"Just got a little mouthy in Chemistry, that's all," she explained. Duncan didn't know Rylan very well. She had only been living with them two months, but Duncan knew her well enough to know that she was a younger female Richie in most respects. If she offered an explanation that quickly, it was a lie. He decided the truth would come out soon enough, and let her be. "Well," she said after a minute. "I've got some homework, yet, so I'm just gonna go do it." Duncan bit back a grin. She was volunteering to do her homework, something was up.

"I think I'll close early today," Duncan said following her into the store and flipping the sign in the front widow before following her up the stairs. "What are you going to do tonight?"

"I don't know," she shrugged. "I thought maybe I'd call Chris or something." Duncan thought for a minute, Chris was the boy Richie teased her about.

"Boyfriends Chris?" he asked.

She stopped and turned to glare at him. "He's not my boyfriend."

He grinned at her. "Doesn't matter anyways. I have strict orders that you can't go out because you have a test tomorrow and," he added. "If you got detention today or tomorrow, you're grounded for the weekend. No going out, no phone."

Rylan's face paled. "What? You can't do that!"

"Just because Tessa signed your papers and I didn't doesn't mean I can't do that."

"Sure it does," she insisted.

"Fine, Tessa said she'd call when they got to the barge. She can tell you."

Rylan sighed heavily and rolled her eyes. "This sucks."

"Hey, you being grounded grounds me too, you know," Duncan pointed out. "I can't leave you here by yourself."

"Cause you don't trust me?" Rylan asked already getting over the betrayal.

"I don't know you well enough to trust you. But I do know that you tend to follow Richie's example, and I know him well enough not to trust him," Duncan answered with a smile.

Rylan returned the grin and clapped her small hand on his shoulder. "Smart man."

. . . . . .

Friday afternoon the phone rang. "Hello?" Duncan answered.

"Yes, I need to speak to Tessa Noel," the woman on the other line answered.

"I'm sorry, she's gone for the weekend. Can I take a message?" He heard someone talking in the background.

"Is this Duncan MacLeod?" the woman asked.

"Yes it is."

"I'm Cynthia Park, I'm Rylan's gym teacher."

Duncan sighed, only Rylan could find a way to get in trouble in gym class. "What did she do?"

"There's no need for alarm, but she's hurt."

Duncan jumped to his feet and nearly dropped the phone. Tessa had had a hard enough time leaving Rylan with Duncan as it was. Now there was no way she was going to trust that he could take care of the teenage girl alone. "What happened?"

"She got involved in a football game that got out of hand at lunch. She's injured her ankle."

"Is she okay? Where is she?"

"She's right here. She wants to talk to you."

"Well, put her on," Duncan said. There was a slight pause as the phone exchanged hands.

"Hey, Duncan," Rylan said softly.

"Rylan, are you okay?"

"It just hurts. They wanna take me to the hospital, I don't wanna go. . . not without you."

"Tell them I'll be there in five minutes. I'll take you myself," he said dropping his voice to match hers. He could tell she was scared.

"Okay. Thanks."

"Five minutes," he reminded her before hanging up.