Song: The Last Internationale - Modern Man

"Saul? What are you doing here?" I asked. He was currently holding a gun in my face and the doors of the shuttle behind us were closing. I held up my hands and was hoping to God, neither Gaige, Axton nor Mordecai would do anything stupid. What the fuck was going on?

"I... I just needed to see it's actually you. I hadn't really heard from you in ages and I just wasn't sure... but I guess it really is you." Saul mumbled, the gun still pointing at me. I nodded and slowly removed the scarf that was covering most of my face, still praying no one would do anything stupid.

"It's me, Saul, don't you worry. If we can get onto that cargo ship safely, we'll be even and we can go about our business without ever mentioning this encounter ever again, okay?" I told him, glancing over at Mordecai who didn't look happy about the situation. I mean, who would be happy about it?

"It... it really is you. How many years has it been? 15? 20?" he asked and slowly lowered the gun. I lowered my arms and took a deep breath.

"Dude, don't do that. I was getting panicked you'd kill us all on a whim. And it must be more like 22 or 23 years or something." I replied as I sat down, so the shuttle could take off.

I really didn't wanna spend a lot of time in the same shuttle as Saul Henderson. Yeah, I knew him and he was doing me a favour, but he was still the CEO of Hyperion and probably massively opposed to the Crimson Raiders. Plus, he'd always been a bit of an asshole, even though I used to hang around him.

"Yeah, probably. I mean... you look different. What happened to your hair? You always used to straighten it and have it all neat and tidy..." he said, as we all got ready for takeoff. I shot him a death glare. What the hell was his problem with my hair? Yeah, it wasn't neat and tidy anymore, but maybe I preferred it this way? At least it wasn't a massive pain in my ass anymore.

"I like it better this way. Besides, it's very tidy, I take care of my hair, even out here." I answered. He gave me a somewhat bewildered look and then just shrugged with the most fake smile I had ever seen.

"Guess, it's more practical in a place like Pandora. You must be glad to be able to get away from this place." he replied.

"I don't know. I've come to appreciate it, you know? Things change, I guess." I told him. I don't really know what I expected, but I just started to realize how different Saul and I had become over the years.

"I see, I see. Who are your friends with you?" he asked next. I looked over at Mordecai, Gaige and Axton. I couldn't possibly tell him anything. They all still had massive bounties on their heads and I had no idea how much I could really trust him. I started feeling for one of the knives I had on me.

"I don't think you need to know." I answered, my hand on my knife. Things had suddenly gotten pretty tense in the small shuttle. I just hoped things wouldn't go even worse. We had to be close to the cargo ship at this stage. We simply had to.

"Alright. It's probably better that way. We're almost there, anyway." Saul said with a smile. I smiled back at him and let go of the knife at my side.

"You know, it kinda sounded like you guys were great friends when you told me about him..." Gaige commented quietly from the side.

"We were, a long time ago." Saul replied instead of me.

"That's true. And Saul still owed me. But now we're even." I agreed. I really hoped that that meant we would be able to be on speaking terms with Hyperion and sort our stuff out without getting into a full blown war.