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This is my first D.C. Comics story ever, so please correct me if there are any mistakes. I will not be strictly following any iterations of the Justice League for this one-shot.

I will also be calling Superman by his Kryptonian name Kal-El whenever Diana is featured in the scene as well. Also, there will be a couple of terms, groups, and a couple of other things that are not part of the DC comics multiverse, yet!

The reason why I titled this one-shot My December will be left to you to interpret.

My December:

Justice League Watchtower

December 25, 2019

13:00 hours.

Monitor Room, Floor 23 Whiskey

It was that time of the year where the Justice League held its annual Christmas celebration of the Watchtower. Half of the entire roster was on board while the other half was covering patrol for the time being. It was also the year where the members would get competitive and see who could gift the most Christmas gifts. Granted, Bruce would win every time, but that would if he decided to participate in the get-together. His life as the Caped Crusader kept him chained down in the city of Gotham and has claimed to his colleagues that try to get him to say by saying that "crime never sleeps." Yeah. Crime never sleeps if he keeps on allowing a certain prince of crime wreak havoc in his city. Then again, Bruce has been caught every single year shopping for Christmas with a woman that has an affinity for cats. He, of course, has been called out for it and has been labeled a "hypocrite," but he refuses to comment.

Due to being the Chairman and Leader of the Justice League, the duty of organizing the Christmas celebration and updating the roster to make sure patrols are evenly covered is upon Kal-El. It is known on Earth as Clark Kent or Superman. He was the League's golden boy when it came to advertisements. Also, most of the junior League members look up to him as inspiration. Kal-El is by far the most famous member of the Justice League.

When the senior Justice League members decided four years ago that Kal-El was going to be the sole person responsible for organizing the annual Christmas get-together, being raised in Kansas by a family that religiously celebrates Christmas every year, he was delighted. He took it upon himself to make sure everyone had the opportunity to attend and to make sure every member had their own Christmas gift not to be left out. So far, it turned out to be very well for him — no complaints from the junior or senior League members. Everyone was satisfied with their gifts, and their patrol hours were very reasonable. If everyone was happy, then he was pleased.

Most of the time, though.

For the past five years, Kal, well, Clark dated Lois Lane, ex-fiancé, and current employee at the Daily Planet. Their five years of being together were going real smooth, and everyone thought they were bound to get married and have half-human and half-Kryptonian babies. Many felt that they were going to be the ones that would bridge the gap when it comes to non-powered people and heroes. Their relationship, unfortunately, came to an end when Lois found out that Clark Kent and Superman were the same. She was furious nonetheless, throwing Clark's engagement ring into Lake Michigan. Since then, she has tried multiple times to quit, but Perry White wouldn't allow her, and it became worse when Clark took Perry's position when he was promoted.

It has been a little over a year since Lois called off the engagement, and not once has either person attempted to contact the other except when it was for The Daily Planet business. Clark knew where the ring was precisely but hadn't bothered to retrieve it from the lake. Well, he has thought about contacting her several times, but he knew that Lois always kept her word, so talking to her was pointless. He was distraught that he kept an essential secret from the woman he loved the most besides his mother, Martha Kent.

Well, Lois wasn't the woman he loved the most. Unfortunately, the woman in question was engaged to her liaison.

Kal looked over the mission reports that were submitted to him at his "Clark Kent" pace. He could read all of them in less than ten seconds and remember each report word by word. He was inside the monitor room by himself.

Someone was approaching the door, which surprised Kal since he knew the person would be the absolute last person to show up to the celebration. Bruce and Selina walked into the monitor room, the former carrying a red bag full of Christmas gifts.

"Bruce? Selina? What are the two of you doing here?"

"Seems that you are offended that the both of us are here boy scout." Selina teased.

Unexpectedly, Bruce smiled.

"I apologize, I didn't know that you had this room occupied. I guess we of just have to leave." Bruce joked.

Clark smiled, getting up to hug Bruce and Selina

"What brings the both of you here?" Clark asked.

"I figured I could use a well-needed break. I promised Damian, Dick, and Barbara seven million dollars each and a round-trip to Hawaii on my expense if they could cover my shift for a week. Selina caught wind of this immediately and somehow managed to guilt-trip me in allowing her to come aboard."

Clark smiled at what Bruce said. He adverted his eyes to Selina.

"Well, criminals are not allowed onto the Watchtower, but I can make an exception. I'll take Bruce's words that you're reformed, and I'm sure that he's going to keep his eyes on you."

Selina smirked "Yeah? I think Bruce would keep his eyes on me."

Clark walked over to his stash of Christmas gifts he had. He took out two presents. One to Selina and one to Bruce. He handed the awards to them. They were heavy as Selina almost dropped it.

"What's inside here, Kent?" Bruce curiously asked.

"Why don't you look inside Mr. Wayne?"

Selina placed her gift down, wanting to see what was inside Bruce's gift. Clark didn't understand the logic of not getting a multi-billionaire a Christmas gift when he could buy it himself. Then again, Bruce didn't have everything he wanted. Though, big blue knew what to get him. He had it for a very long time and only used it to make his battle armor

Bruce opened the gift. It was a "normal" tuxedo along with black suede shoes. He had multiple tuxedoes that he doesn't even wear, and the one he was holding up looked like it. Bruce knew that Clark was knowledgeable, more so than him. So the tuxedo must be of high quality.

"Now Bruce, do not say anything yet. Try it on first." Clark said.

Bruce walked into the changing room, coming out a few moments later wearing the tuxedo and shoes. It felt very light on his body, yet when he touches it, it was very thick and flexible. Selina had a look of shock on her face as she tried to push Bruce out of the way, but it was too late. Clark charged up his heat vision and blasted his friend right on the chest. He recoiled back but didn't experience any pain. Instead, he managed to get back up quite fast, dusting himself off.

"What the hell was that for Kent?"

"Look at where I struck you." Clark pointed.

Bruce looked at where Clark's heat vision struck him. There was nothing, absolutely nothing. It would be an understatement if someone said Bruce was surprised, he was bewildered. The heat vision was enough to melt the entire Watchtower, but there wasn't even a speck of dust. Selina squinted her eyes at the Kryptonian. He was smart but wasn't quick enough. Very intrigued and satisfied with his gift, Bruce smiled at Clark and thanked him. He changed back into his typical attire; the tuxedo folded up again in the box.

"What is the tuxedo made out of?"

"It's Kryptonian silk called nigrum sericum. I will admit that I was very hesitant initially in giving it to others as it was scarce on Krypton before its destruction, but I managed to reproduce more. The only downside is that it takes a while for it to make, but I had enough for Kelex to make your tuxedo and Selina's gift.

To put more emphasis on his words, Clark walked over to Bruce and tried ripping the sleeves off. He tried, and he struggled. The fabric was durable for even the strongest man to rip apart. Scissors made from Kryptonian steel could do it, though.

"I appreciate the gift Kent. Maybe I can reverse engineer this and make a new batsuit."

"You don't need to. I'm currently going over ideas for the suit, and Kelex is going to start making prototypes of them. Though it's going to take some time as I said, the nigrum sericum is difficult to produce."

Clark didn't forget about Bruce's girlfriend, of course. He made her a beautiful black dress made from nigrum sericum as well. She tried on the dress but didn't want the Kryptonian to blast her with his heat vision. It complimented her body quite well as it allowed her to show off her flexibility. Selina then pulled out Clark's gift from the bag. His curiosity piqued as Bruce typically gave him a briefcase full of money, but that didn't seem to be the case anymore. Maybe because of him becoming the editor-in-chief of the Daily Planet. The gift was lined with a lead, of course.

"Lining my gift with something I can't see past through this year Bruce? You must have given me something special this time around." Clark said.

Bruce was going to respond, but Selina silenced him.

"I think you would be pleasantly surprised if you would just take a look."

Clark unwrapped the ribbon and pulled out a massive stack of paper. He went through all of it in a matter of seconds and was bewildered at the end.

"You bought the Daily Planet?" Clark asked.

"Yeah, and I figured that everyone, especially you, deserved a raise. When I visited your workplace, I found that the office space was very tight, and it could be argued that it was unsanitary. Plus, I personally dislike Morgan Edge, so I convinced him to sell me the Daily Planet for way less than its original value. Also, I will be moving the Planet from the run-downed building into a new one that's still under construction and, yes, owned by me, in 2020. I will leave the design of the new headquarters and specifications up to you."

Clark placed the papers down and gave a bro hug to Bruce, which he returned. Selina then dragged Bruce almost immediately out of the monitor room along with the red bag so they can give the rest of the gifts away.

He continued to look at them through the wall, thanks to his super-vision. He made sure that they were out of hearing range.

Clark sat down on his seat, resuming monitor duty. He looked at the statue Diana gifted to him three years ago. It was a statue of his parents, Jor-El and Lara, Hephaestus crafted that. He didn't know how she managed to convince him to make something that wasn't going to be hers, but it was a beautiful statue that will cherish until the end of time.

There were many things that Clark Kent was not, but being a jealous man was one.

"And I wish that I didn't feel like there was someone I missed." He whispered.

Three years ago

Justice League Hall of Justice.

December 25, 2016.

15:30 hours.

"Kal-El, I have something for you," Diana said.

Princess Diana of Themyscira, known to the media as Wonder Woman, goes by the alias of Diana Prince. She's the next in line to be the queen of the Amazons. Diana was tall, standing at the height of 5'10, towering over most of the male civilians she encountered throughout her life. A feminine physique that would put a lot of models to shame yet muscular at the same time. Diana was the definition of a perfect woman if she ever considered herself to be one. A lot of men (and women) desired to be with her, but they had no hope.

"What would that might be, Diana?" Clark inquired.

"Remember the time you told me you crash-landed into Kansas, and the spaceship you were in was essentially gone?"

"Of course. Wait a minute, what's going on here?"

"Before I bring it out, I want to say something first, Kal. I know we've only known each other for a couple of months and that we've been a part of the Justice League for not even a week, but you've been the most helpful. Despite living in the patriarch's world for an adequate amount of time, there's still a lot for me to learn and I am amazed at how you adapted to this lifestyle much faster than I. Even if we're from different worlds and grew up different, you make me feel as if I'm not the only superpowered being alive. I am eternally grateful to you, and you have my undying loyalty. You are a very kind man Kal-El. Being the leader of the Justice League does suit you very well. I admire to be a leader like you, Kal." Diana smiled.

Kal smiled. If there's one thing he had to pick out from what he liked about Diana the most, it would be her honesty. Wait, he took it back. Truthfully, he wanted how

"Of course, Diana. I am always here to help a friend in need. You have also taught me a lot of things as well, Diana. I am more efficient in my martial arts skills. My anger no longer gets the best of me as I can now control my powers. I also have a new sparring partner in the form of Princess Diana. You know, the world could always use more heroes." Clark smiled.

Diana smiled in return.

She pushed the tremendous gift and handed it to Kal to unwrap. He did, revealing the composite inside. It was Kryptonian steel, the strongest in the entire universe. He was surprised that there was something that was from Krypton in one big chunk. It made Kal smile. There was a long list of Kryptonian technology that he still has to make that required Kryptonian steel.

"Diana, this is amazing. Do you know how rare Kryptonian steel was on Krypton? We have a better chance of finding a two-headed snake than finding ten pounds of this! I appreciate this a lot, Diana."

Diana and Kal hugged.

"Well, I am glad that I returned something valuable to its rightful owner," Diana said.

Kal almost forgot about his gift for Diana. He was so amazed by the gift she got him. He pulled out a shoebox from his back and handed it to Diana. It was also cumbersome but not as much as the large chunk of Kryptonian steel.

"How can something weigh this much fit in this shoebox?"

She opened her gift. It was a pair of boots that looked the same as the ones she usually wore.

"Kal, you know I have dozens of these in my closet, right?"

"Yes, yes, I do know. But trust me on this, put them on."

Diana took off her boots, showing off her toned legs in their glory. Kal tried not to stare for too long. It was very inappropriate for him plus she was seeing another man. Then again, who could resist the charm of the Amazonian?

She took Kal's boots and tried to place them on. Diana didn't anticipate that she would struggle in placing them on her feet. She tried to pull them up again, no use. Even with more force and aggression, she struggled to also put them on halfway. Kal wasn't astonished when she started to get angry. Diana was competitive, fiercely so, and never backed down from a challenge, never. So putting on the new boots was a challenge.

"Ugh! Why did you have to make them difficult to put them on Kal?" Diana angrily asked.

Kal tried not to laugh, "Well, Diana, you forgot to pull down the zipper."

Diana stopped and looked behind the boot. It was zipped up from the top, and she didn't even realize it. She blushed, not believing that something so simple she found challenging to do.

"Here, I can help you, Diana," Kal said.

Kal gulped as he knelt in front of Diana, the most beautiful woman that he laid his eyes on. He was careful not to make any jokes about Diana struggling to put on the boots. One kick from Diana to his jaw was guaranteed to knock him out. He touched her feet, and they were very soft. Her toenails were painted red, and he was sure they were the most beautiful toes that he laid his eyes on. He felt the traces of her calf muscle. It was very dense; it felt excellent. He closed his eyes to not look at Diana directly. He could feel her skin.

Rao! Kal was acting very strange!

Diana didn't notice, though, thankfully. Her anger began to subside as Kal slowly placed the boot on to ensure that it doesn't get damaged. She saw that she could feel Kal's touch, and she wasn't even holding back most of her strength at the moment. He was very gentle as if she was fragile, which she was not. Diana could feel his deep breaths on her thighs. She closed her eyes in satisfaction. His touches were as if he was trying to please her in the most gentle and sensual ways. The strongest man on Earth was gentle. Diana loved it.

Kal smiled at the boot being placed on "Lovely, let's place the other one on."

Kal placed the other boot on Diana's foot. He smiled at the shoes he crafted. It took a while and went through many trials and errors. Many changes to the mechanics and design were made a lot. Eventually, it came to it looking precisely like Diana's usual boots, though there were a lot more features to his work.

Diana liked the boots. They were very comfortable, and they weren't constricting her feet and calves. Though, there was something that she felt was way off.

"Kal, is there something that you're not telling me?"

"Yes. I want to leave that up to you to figure out."

Diana had her sword sheathed on her back. She unsheathed and twirled the blade with her fingers. She held the edge with her right hand and pointed the tip downwards. Then, the right side of her boot extended, revealing a compartment for her sword. Diana inspected the compartment initially, not knowing its functions nor knowing what purpose it served. She looked at Kal for instructions. He told her to place the blade in the compartment, she did. Suddenly, the compartment retracted, taking the sword along with it.

"My blade just disappeared, Kal. How can my sword go in something that's less than half its size?

"I know Diana. It's called using Kryptonian technology. I made two small teleporters that transport anything you store in your boots to your storage, wherever you have it. Right now, your blade is currently sitting in the armory. If you want to retrieve it, you need to bring your hand down and extend your fingers as if you're trying to pick up something. It has motion sensors, and I programmed everything to only respond to you."

Diana did exactly what Kal told her to do. The compartment extended, revealing the sword. She pulled it out, and playfully swung it at Kal.

"A gift I will cherish! It's a feature that I will be using a lot! Thank you, Kal."

"You're welcome, Diana, my pleasure. There are a couple more features with the boots your wearing. However, I will leave that up to you to find them out. I would be cautious about them, though. The materials I used are difficult for me to produce. But I am very confident that they won't even get cut or the metal won't bend. It's one of a kind; I can say that for sure. It took Kelex and me about two months to come up with the prototype version of them. And yes, you can store your lasso in the compartment, but it has to be rolled up into a donut." Kal explained.

Diana smirked, as an idea came to her mind. She stretched her legs and tried to deliver a roundhouse kick to Kal's head. He managed to time the block, but the pain was still there. His forearm is throbbing.

"Jeez, Diana. Next time let me know when you're going to kick me. Kryptonian steel is very durable." Kal rubbed his arm.

Diana joked, "Well, now you know to help me and not let me struggle, Kal."

Kal and Diana hugged each other. He held her waist tightly with enough force to kill an elephant. She didn't notice that much power was being applied. She, too, was hugging his neck tightly while her head rested on his chest. If either Kal or Diana hugged an average human, they would be rushed almost instantly. Not even Bruce would be able to withstand much pain. Their bodies fit perfectly against each other. Diana felt secured while hugging him. Kal was the only one that allowed Diana to drop her guard and let herself to be vulnerable.

As much as it pained her, Diana was the first one to break the hug, which felt like hours. His cologne smelled good and would more than likely stick on her for the rest of the day. She clinked her bracelet together and twirled, magically switching into her civilian attire. Her armor replaced by a red and white striped button-up shirt that did nothing to her cleavage. Denim jeans appearing on her legs and her boots from Kal replaced by two-inch heels. Kal continued to stare at Diana. Whether or not she was wearing her Wonder Woman gear or civilian attire, she was beautiful in his eyes regardless.

"Going somewhere, Diana?" Kal asked.

"Uh, yeah, I am. I got a date with Steve Trevor in about an hour. I still got stuff to do at the embassy, so I figured I could show up there and finish whatever that needs to be done and wait a couple of minutes for Steve to pick me up."

For some reason, Steve and Diana going on a date together didn't sit well with Kal. He didn't know why, but the two of them going out in public bothered him a bit.

"Alright, then. I guess that you're just going to fly to the embassy?"

"Yeah, I am despite it only being a few blocks away. Do you want to accompany me, Kal-El?"

Kal wanted to escort her to her embassy, but he didn't feel like doing so at the moment.

"I would love to Diana, but I still have things to do here as well. Enjoy your date with Steve. Believe me; he's a good guy."

Diana smiled as she waved goodbye at Kal. She flew off, leaving Kal behind.

Again for some odd reason, Kal didn't like the idea of Diana holding hands with Steve.

Present time

Justice League Watchtower

14:10 hours

Monitor Room, Floor 23 Whiskey

Kal-El continued to look at the monitors as he reminisced what happened four years ago. What happened back then was a start to a beautiful friendship that turned into a sour one thanks to his decision to hide his identity as Clark Kent from her. It wasn't the smartest choice to make. He was a man that tried to live a life without regrets. Well, maybe.

Wally walked into the room with Barry and Iris.

"What's up Big Blue, what's the deal with you being here? You're the big boss of the Justice League, so you should be out there celebrating with the rest of us and not be here doing the worst thing anyone can do!. Diana's even here! I'm surprised!" Wally said.

Clark frowned for a moment, then grinned, thinking of a good plan.

"You know what, Wally, you're right. Since you decided to remind me that I have the supreme authority of the Justice League, I think I should use it. Well, Wally, I guess you're stuck on monitor duty."

Wally's jaw shot down to the floor while Barry and Iris tried to suppress their laughter to no avail. Their nephew sure liked to talk a lot.

"Hey Clark, Iris and I can cover your shift while you and Wally go enjoy. We'll join the both of you later on." Barry patted Clark's shoulder.

Clark nodded, exchanging gifts with the Allens.

Clark held Wally's gift in his hand "Let's go, Wally, I'm sure your Uncle and Aunt want to have some fun time."

Wally cringed at the thought of Barry and Iris having their definition of "fun".

"Ready to go, Wally?" Clark asked as Wally pulled up panting.

"Uh, sure thing, big blue!" Wally stammered.

Clark and Wally walked towards the large recreation room where most of the Justice League members were gathered at the moment. Green Lantern (John Stewart), Cyborg, Hawkgirl, and Aquaman were the few out of the many. Kara and Donna Troy were also in attendance. Both women were playing with Krypto as the hybrid Saiyan approached Clark and Wally.

"Hey there cousin Kal-El, Wally." Kara greeted.

"Hello there Kara, I'm glad that you fit in very well," Clark replied.

"I'm still learning. You had it easier because you were still a baby when you arrived here and I was in suspended animation

Out of nowhere, Krypto shot his heat vision directly at Kal-El and tackled him to the ground, licking his face. Wally laughed and took a couple of pictures on his phone and sent it to the rest of the Justice League

"Well big blue, I'm going to go interact with the others, I'll hand out everyone their gifts on your behalf!"

Before Clark could even push Krypto off of him, Wally already handed out everyone their gifts in a blink of an eye. His delivery of the gifts was fast and swift, very smooth. At least he no longer had to go up to everyone and hand out their gifts one by one because that was his original plan, and it would have taken all day to hand them out. Especially the talkative members.

The elevator doors across the rec room opened, revealing Diana Prince, Wonder Woman, Princess Diana of Themyscira.

She wore the boots that Kal gifted her four years ago along with black jeans, a white top, and a red jacket. Her tiara on her head showed off her status as royalty. Her beauty mesmerized some of the male and female League members. Diana walked over to where her sister and Kara sat

"Dear sister, it's good to see you again. You too as well Kara."

"Of course, Princess Diana. I've just been busy working with my studies with Donna along with a gift that we made for you."

"I'll gladly accept and appreciate any gift from a true warrior tested in combat, but please, call me Diana." Diana smiled.

Diana waited patiently as Kara handed the circular gift to her.

It was a shield with her logo engraved in the middle. It was slightly more significant than the one she generally used, along with the fact that it was a lot more durable. She tested it out by punching it, but it ended up bruising her knuckles. If the shield managed to damage her hand, she wondered what the guard would do against the vile creatures of Ares.

"A shield that deserves to be tested in combat. I appreciate the gift very much. If I may ask, what is this made of?" Diana flipped the shield.

Donna and Kara nervously looked at each other.

"Well, um, the shield was forged by Hephaestus. We talked to him about getting you a gift. The shield is made out of Kachi Katchin and Kryptonian steel. The hybrid Saiyan and some tall blue man stopped by a while ago." Kara said.

Diana became a little weary at the mention of Kryptonian steel. It didn't bother her, though, despite all the hatred she now has of him. As long he didn't bother her, she wouldn't bother him. There was no point in talking to a liar.

Wanting to test out the shield, she extended her hand to her right boot. The compartment extended, and out came the sword blessed by Ares. Diana swung the sword down the shield, which spelled bad news. The blade cracked in half, the upper half falling to the ground. Smoke came from the bottom half of the sword. To say that Diana was shocked at her sword being broken, you'd be wrong. She was astonished.

"Well, I guess Hephaestus is going to replace my sword," Diana said.

Donna looked down and scratched the back of his head, replicating what his father does when he's hesitant in saying something. Kara was too, but at least she had the guts to speak.

"Well, about that. We were going to tell Hephaestus to forge you a new sword since we knew that you were going to test your old one against the new shield we gave to you, but he told us that someone else requested it first." Kara said nervously.

Diana tilted her head slightly, crossing her arms.

"Is there something either of you is hiding?" Diana patted her lasso of truth.

"No, they aren't hiding anything, Diana, I am," Kal said, approaching Diana with a box in his hands.

Diana turned around to face the absolute last person she wanted to see. Kal now stood in front of Diana; the height difference is pronounced. Her genuine smile disappeared from her face. She tried to be logical and kind, but her anger got the best of her. She grew frustrated, and Kal hasn't done anything yet to trigger her besides being in her presence. There was nothing Diana wanted to do with Kal, so she walked away from him, but he insisted that they should talk. She doesn't want to, so she pushed him gently, walking out of the rec room and towards the football-sized window facing Earth.

Donna and Kara walked 20 steps behind the two powerhouses.

Kal approached Diana again. This time he spun her around to face him. Out of anger, she punched him square on the jaw. He flew back several feet, crashing into a stack of Christmas decorations.

"What do you want, alien?" Diana asked, approaching Kal.

"Diana, can we at least be civil to each other." Kal struggled to get to his feet.

"Why should I listen to someone like you. My relationship ended with Steve because of you!"

Kal didn't understand why Diana would just strike him out of nowhere. They weren't even sparring, to begin with.

"Are you under Circe's spell or something? Why would you hit me, Diana?" Kal picked up his gift for Diana.

"Why do you think I'd be under that freak's spell? I am more formidable than she is. It is an insult to me even to think that I'd let someone below to me to control my mind. I do not want to be in your presence, nor do I think you should be the Justice League's leader, but I will allow you to speak to me. If I am not convinced, then I shall leave the watchtower and not return until you leave!"

Kal handed Diana her gift, but she smacked it out of his hands, not wanting to accept something from someone she didn't like.

"Diana, I want to start by apologizing to you."

"I do not accept your apology. Why should I accept it when I know that you would fabricate words that would seem like the truth? I know who you are, manipulative bastard."

Clark winced at those words.

"I apologize to you, Diana. I apologize for lying to you. I know that I shouldn't have kept my identity of Clark Kent a mystery to you. I just wanted to protect you." Clark explained.

"Me? Great Hera! Why do you think out of all the people on Earth that I would need protection? I am certain that none of the villains we had faced know who your alter ego!"

Kal closed his eyes. She was right, she didn't need any protection, plus it didn't make any sense for him to hide his alter ego from her.

"I express regret Diana, I truly do. I wish that I had not done that. And I wasn't even the reason why Steve broke off the engagement with. I also apologize for not saving him on time."

Diana's eyes beamed, and she punched Kal again, sending him flying. She flew to him and kneed him straight on his stomach. All of the League members rushed out to see why Diana was assaulting Kal for no apparent reason.

"What's going on?" Wally questioned.

The speedster ran to look at the Amazon warrior give the Kryptonian a beatdown.

Kal spat out blood as Diana stood triumphantly above him.

"Diana, let me explain." Kal weakly said.

"Never you insufferable man!" Diana punched him again

Diana grabbed Kal's head by the side and headbutted him.

"Steve was a good man, unlike you! At least he wasn't a liar and treated me right! Fuck you! You ended your engagement with Lois because you lied to her! You kept your secret away from her as well! Why would you do that? I'm not surprised because Kryptonians are just a bunch of ignorant and ugly bastards! You allowed Steve to die!"

Everyone's eyes grew wide. They never heard Diana say a swear word before, and to witness it was something that would probably never happen again. And for her to beat the living hell out of her bestfriend, damn. There was nothing that the Justice League members could do, though. A barrier blocked them. Even so, they wouldn't want to face the wrath of an angry Amazonian demi-goddess.

Kal spat out blood, wiping his face, and staining his sleeves. His eyes were nearly swollen. The sun started to do its job in healing him albeit very slowly; the blows from Diana were enough to destroy Earth. He felt as if he deserved to have the living shit beaten out of him. He betrayed Lois; he betrayed Diana and potentially revealed that everyone who wasn't aware Clark Kent and Superman were the same people. Quite frankly, she was also right. He truly loved Diana. She was the only woman that he imagined being with for the rest of his life, and it made Lois very upset when she found out.

"You know what, Diana, you are right. I am an ignorant Kryptonian. I'm ignorant that I cared about you a lot."

"If you truly cared for me Kal, then you should've stayed dead when Doomsday killed you! By the gods! The world doesn't need Superman! We, the Justice League, would be better off without you! I will repeat this! You should stay dead!" Diana spat on Kal and slapped him.

Donna and Kara and everyone else gasped at Diana's cruel words. The Diana they were looking at wasn't the Diana they knew. That wasn't the Wonder Woman that was kind and caring. That was a Wonder Woman that was being selfish in not letting Kal explain himself. To wish Superman dead is the same thing as wanting the Justice League to disband because there would be no Justice League without Superman. In a sense, Diana was also a racist and a xenophobe as if she was reverting to her old ways before being exposed to man's world.

Kal weakly smiled, taking off his cape and handing it back to Diana. He walked away from her and left the watchtower a few moments later.

Diana looked out the window as Kal flew back to Earth. She turned to face the rest of the Justice League. They were all staring at her with a mixed bag of emotions. Some were confused, some were upset, and some were angry and wanted Diana to be punished for her actions. She looked down at the gift that was supposed to be for her. There was no way she was going to touch it, so she kicked it towards Donna. Diana scoffed and walked away.

Donna looked at the gift and tried to carry it. It didn't budge at all, not even an inch. Gohan wanted to pick it up as well, but he too was unable to lift the sword. Maybe Thor's hammer was wrapped inside?

Clark Kent residence, Downtown Metropolis, USA.

16:35 hours.

Clark descended onto the balcony of his apartment. He scanned his eyes and fingerprints, giving him access to his home. His apartment was no different from the other flats except that everything inside his was made out of Kryptonian materials, even the electronics. He walked past the room, shared by Gohan and Kara, deciding to go to his kitchen instead. Photos of him and his Earth parents hung on the walls. They were still alive, of course, but they were on a cruise at the moment. They wouldn't probably approve of their son's recent behavior. Truthfully, he has been way out of line.

He pressed the "S" symbol on his chest, retracting the suit and into the symbol, which served as the storage. He tossed it away. He opened the freezer and took out a tub of strawberry ice cream. Clark then changed into his sleepwear and sat on his couch, turning on the television to watch some random show he hopefully could enjoy.

There was a photo hidden behind Clark's television. It was a photo of Diana carrying him after their bloody battle with Darkseid on Apokolips.

"And I take back all the things I said to make you feel like that," Clark whispered.

Two years ago

Outskirts of Apokolips.

December 25, 2017

Time unknown.

Superman and Darkseid were trading blows left and right. Neither being wanted to give up. Cracks formed, and chunks of Apokolips flew to the sky as they blocked punches and kicks. The Lord of Apokolips grabbed Superman's cape and hurled him into the air, buying him enough time to charge his Omega Beams and hit him directly on the back. Big blue descended quickly, but he quickly recovered and charged his heat vision. Darkseid barely managed to dodge, but Wonder Woman punched him directly at Superman. Who aimed back at Darkseid.

Both fighters were locked in a beam battle as they didn't want the other to win. There was no advantage gained yet as the ground split in half. Wonder Woman flew behind Darkseid and suplexed him.

It did the damage needed to weaken Darkseid as he began as his blood gushed from the wounds he received, but he wasn't about to give up just yet. Both Superman and Wonder Woman were equally exhausted and bruised up, the former having suffered more.

Superman began to feel his body slow down on his, which would mean bad news as he was the only one capable of going toe to toe with Darkseid for hours. Sure, the Justice League could probably hold him off, but he would eventually mow all of them down.

Wonder Woman was strong; she was. She's the strongest female Justice League member with Kara at second. She could give Superman a run for his money and give him a lengthy challenge, but she knew that he was the only one that was durable to endure Darkseid's punishment. There needed to end the fight quickly, or else Darkseid would eventually destroy both of them and potentially invade Earth.

"You fools! Do you think that you could beat me?" Darkseid said, backhanding Wonder Woman and sending her flying for miles.

"Of course, I can! I won't let you destroy my world!" Superman shouted.

Faster than he has ever gone, Superman flew with his fists forward and knocked the wind out of Darkseid. The Lord of Apokolips tried to grab Superman, but he was fast enough to evade his hands. The Kryptonian landed in front of Darkseid and began to throw punches like a professional boxer. Right jab, left cross, right jab, left cross, right hook, and right uppercut. All of those hits inflicted immense damage on Darkseid, but he managed to land a solid hammerfist on Superman's head, knocking him face-first into the ground. He picked up Superman and charged his Omega Beams, burning the "S" symbol away.

Darkseid flipped Superman over but was met with a fully charged heat vision directly to his face. He covered his eyes, which allowed Wonder Woman to sneak behind him and loop her lasso of truth around his neck in an attempt to choke him out. She choked him out with all of her might. The villain tried to remove the lasso from his neck and almost managed to do so until Superman, a devastating left uppercut that broke his jaw and knocking him unconscious.

Wonder Woman used her lasso to seize Darkseid, which allowed both Green Lanterns (Hal and John) to trap him inside a cage. Her face was a mess as well. The tiara on her head, half of it was gone, and the other half was burned. A large gash on her left cheek allowed a decent amount of blood to flow out. She used her sword to cauterize the wound, but it left a huge scar that would take a while to heal even with magic. She didn't understand how her body continued to stand up and operate. Never in her life had she received that amount of punishment. Darkseid's furies were tough to deal with, but she managed to take care of them, but that left her banged up as well. Then she ended up having to help Superman engage Darkseid, which banged her up even more.

The princess lifted her armor slightly and saw her nicely toned abs were swelling up a bit. She winced in pain when she knelt to retrieve her sword that ended up becoming dull due to Darkseid tanking most of the slashes and stabs. She was walking wobbly thanks to her legs aching. Even for an elite warrior like Wonder Woman, she didn't like the fight with Darkseid at all. It took her and Superman to put him down, and they barely did it. She was thankful that the battle was over because she barely has enough energy to walk.

Superman dropped face-first onto the ground, worn-out from the bloody battle with the Lord of Apokolips. He crawled towards his bestfriend as she too collapsed due to exhaustion.

"Hey there, Diana." Superman weakly said. A small smile on his face.

"Hello, Kal-El. I am amazed by your courage to take on such a repulsive being. Lord Hades will surely find something for him to do." Diana panted, smiling as well.

Kal-El gently held Diana's hand, caressing the palm with his thumb. He lightly charged his heat vision and blasted it while using her bracelet to cauterize his wounds. Neither of them was in a state to stand up and fly, but Superman got to his knees. He looked at his companion. Great Rao! She was still beautiful despite all the battle scars she recently received. There was a decent-sized cut on her lip as well. He was thankful that Diana was there to help him because it was unequivocal that he wouldn't have defeated Darkseid on his own. He was motivated by her fierceness and her loyalty to defend him with her own life on the line.

Diana rose to her feet, albeit rather slowly. She assisted Kal-El to his feet. He delicately lifted Diana off her feet, right arm under her knees and left hand around her neck. Kal cautiously flew through the sky as Diana wrapped her arms around his neck and nuzzled her head into his chest. Again, being with the last son of Krypton made her feel more secure. Admittedly, she was also not this way with Steve Trevor, her lover. Even when they cuddled in bed after a night of passion, it was not even close to how she was essentially clinging onto him. She found his broad shoulders very fascinating and sexy.

"Hey, Kal-El?" Diana whispered.

"Yes, Diana?" Kal answered back in the same tone.

"What's that saying you always tell me before you head off to your home?"

"You're much stronger than you think you are?"

"Thank you, Kal-El. I guess that we missed out on our Christmas celebration this year. I will make sure that we will celebrate this festival next year, even if we're off-world."

Superman chuckled.

"I don't think Bruce would like the Javelin being decked out with Christmas decorations Diana. I must say that it would be a good prank."

They arrived at the Javelin. Batman, The Flash, Martian Manhunter, and Cyborg were gathered tending to their wounds and injuries. Superman brought Wonder Woman into a private room so she could sleep and rest.

"Are you okay there, Big Blue?" Barry asked, patting his shoulder.

"Of course, Barry, I'm always okay as long my friends and family are safe. I do need to rest to recover for obviously. I should say, you did well for your last mission Barry, I'm very impressed. Your nephew Wally is going to have big shoes to fill in once he's called up from the Teen Titans. He and Victor are going to get along great."

Barry laughed. The Justice League wasn't prepared to handle Wally's personality just yet.

"Definitely, man. I'm just going to warn you that Wally's very talkative, and the worst part is that he isn't even aware of Victor being on the team yet. Anyways, you also have to nominate a new senior member. Do you have anyone in mind?" Barry smirked and raised one eyebrow.

"That's an excellent question, Barry, and to be honest, I don't even know. All of the junior members are very qualified for the vacant position, but it's very difficult to nominate without being biased."

Superman cupped his chin to think of a proper response. He looked towards Diana's room and saw that Diana was trying to take off her boots behind over, giving him an exceptional view of her plump ass. He swiftly looked away before more "erotic" thoughts could flood his mind and arouse him in different ways. He then heard Barry chuckle a little.

Barry gently slapped Kal's shoulder.

"Well, Clark, just be glad that it's me here and not Wally or else you'd never hear the end of your embarrassment." Barry smiled as he walked away.

Superman bit his lip as he looked at the ground. He was going to miss Barry, that's for sure. Yet, he's exhilarated to have Wally on the team because it would make Victor feel more comfortable. The door opened behind him. The princess of Themyscira peeked her head out.

"Kal-El, I need you to assist me," Diana said.

"Of course. Is there a problem that you can't solve."

"Yes. I can't bend over or bring my legs up to remove my boots without experiencing any kind of pain. The same goes for my top."

The Kryptonian blushed at the thought. His boy scout nature agreed to help his best friend, but his more logical, Kryptonian side was very hesitant. How would Steve feel about this? What would Lois think about her man having fantasies about worshiping a demi-goddess' feet?

He walked into the room. A twin-sized foam mattress on a frame hanging from the wall along with a couple of other Wonder Woman's personal belongings. Her sword and her shield were placed on the table alongside cleaning materials. A photo of herself and Steve kissing while dancing was right next to the bed.

The door closed as Superman entered. The rest of the League members boarded as the spacecraft took off.

"You're moving inside this Javelin, Diana?" Kal joked.

"Maybe, maybe not."

Diana sat on the bed with their hands on either side of her. Kal-El knelt in front of her to ease her boots off and allow her feet to stretch and wiggle its toes. One boot came off, followed by the next one.

Coming up with a harmless scuffle, Diana placed one foot on Kal's cheek. The other rubbed his chest.

"I do not think our significant others would appreciate us doing this," Kal said, gently removing Diana's foot from his face.

"You are right, Kal-El, but I do not apologize for my actions. I could only manage to stand at the moment. Any other movement that involves taking off what I'm wearing would bring my body more pain than necessary." Diana responded.

Diana stood up from her bed and faced the other direction of her best friend. Her raven-hair was tied up and braided by Kal-El due to its growing past her waist.

"Are you wearing underneath your bustier, Diana?"

"First of all, Kal-El, I am not wearing anything else underneath besides underwear as it makes me uncomfortable in combat when I do, and second, I am wearing my traditional Wonder Woman battle armor, not a bustier that I usually wear when I'm alone with Steve."

He didn't need to hear that "Whatever you say, Diana. It still looks like a bustier or a corset to others."

Diana had a couple of words to say about Kal-El that she muttered under her breath. Of course, he heard all of it but didn't take any offense of it as he instead found it amusing, hysterical maybe. He took off her tiara first, gently placing it on the table next to a fresh pair of civilian clothing. The zipper of the "corset" came next. Diana felt Kal-El's slow breathing on her neck, which made her close her eyes in satisfaction. The zipper came down, slowly but surely. It reached the bottom as she held the top to prevent it from falling off.

"There you go, Diana, all done."

"Actually, no, I still need to remove my bottoms as well," she said innocently.

Kal-El blushed at the thought of assisting Diana, removing her bottoms. The mental image of his naked best friend burned through his mind. He looked away before she could catch him.

"You can't do that by yourself, Diana?"

"Of course, I can. I can twirl around, and my attire will change, but for obvious reasons, I can't do that right now. Please, Kal-El."

"Fine, I'll help."

He turned towards Diana and knelt right behind her. His eyes were closed to avoid being inappropriate. Lois was going to give him a hard time if she ever found out, and Steve would probably be disappointed. He heard something drop but wasn't sure what it was.

"Did you drop something, Diana?"

"I dropped my armor. Why are your eyes closed, Kal-El?"

Kal-El opened his eyes for a moment and stared directly upward at Diana's exposed breasts. His mind processed 14 million different possibilities of what was going to happen next, and 99.99% of them ended with them together banging and Bruce scolding both of them. He couldn't close his eyes on will, so he clamped both hands over them. His face was redder than the cape he wore.

"Diana, why are you naked? Can you cover your titties, please?"

"Titties?" Diana questioned.

"Uh, it's slang for female breasts."

"Kal-El, does it bother you that I am completely nude?"

"NO! I mean, yeah, yeah, it does?"

"Am I your best friend or not?"

"Yes, you are Diana."

"When I used to live on Themyscira, I used to be in the nude a lot with my sisters. It didn't bother them at all, and it even was not considered sexual. Walking around completely unclothed and changing in front of others that weren't your lover is considered normal and appropriate in Amazonian culture Kal-El."

"Well, we are not on Themyscira, are we?"

"We are not on Themyscira Kal-El, but I would like to act as if we are if that's okay with you?"

He sighed. There was no winning against the brazen Champion of the Amazons.

"Fine, Diana, I will keep my eyes open as I help you undress."

She smirked. Amazons had no shame when it came to being in the nude. Diana honestly didn't know why her best friend, her brother, would completely feel unsettled. There was nothing sexual going on. He wasn't aroused (at least to her knowledge), and she wasn't showing signs of being amorous.

Kal-El unzipped Diana's bottoms and carefully lowered them down her long, yet tantalizing legs. Her undergarment, which turned out to be a plain black thong, covered her more intimate parts, yet it was barely ineffective as she managed to make them look very alluring. Her plump butt was no help, either. He looked down and bit his tongue as he helped Diana step out of her bottoms.

"By the gods, Kal! Do you have to be slow in helping me out?" Diana said. Hints of annoyance in her voice.

"I apologize, Diana, it's just that it doesn't sit well with me."

"I accept your apology. However, can you not be any slower?"

"Yes, Diana."

Kal helped Diana put her shorts on. He then moved on to help her put on her shirt.

"I need you to put your hands up."

"Of course."

Diana sat down as Kal placed her shirt on, two sizes too large for her. Yet, despite the articles of clothing that she was wearing, Diana still appeared as majestic as ever. Her beauty not diminished in any way. And yes, her nipples were very obvious.

"You're not going to but a bra on?" Kal asked.

"No, Kal. My breasts are fairly large, and I don't want to feel constrained most of the time. I am fine."

Kal looked at Diana for a moment. A woman that acts very innocent yet very fierce in combat and was probably the best in the league for the moment. Her very long hair, god, his imagination started to run wild. Before he could step out to avoid doing something he'd regret, the Javelin shook violently.

He stumbled and was unable to regain his balance. He fell on top of Diana on the mattress. Their faces were just mere inches from one another. The temptation, Kal-El had to fight it.

"Uh, this is very awkward?" Kal sheepishly said.

Diana didn't say anything in response. Instead, she opted to caress the Kryptonian's face. Her left index and middle fingers traced his jaw lightly. She ignored the pain that returned as she was feeling something else, something a little more solid and hard. Her breasts were nicely squished against his broad and refined chest.

She brought her hands to Kal's face and drew his lips closer to hers. He didn't bother to resist and instead chose to close his eyes and firmly grip one of her large orbs. By the gods, they were very close until Barry walked in without knocking.

"Hey princess, have you seen... oh. Hell yeah, big blue! Get it!"

Kal barely recognized what he was doing. He shot up almost immediately and flew out of Diana's room, who was left lying down upset. Her shirt was pushed up, almost revealing her underboobs.

"Well, I must have interrupted something?" Barry scratched his head.

"No, no, you did not, Barry. Can you please close the door?"

As soon as Barry closed the door, Diana broke down in tears.

To be continued in part 2