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Among the known galaxy, there were many feared and respected individuals, most noticeably among the individuals were the stories of legendary Jedi Knights and Master. Along with the many fearsome Sith Lords, all of whom have long since passed, now only living on in stories and their own Holocrons.

But within the galaxy, there were another group of fearsome warriors, their culture was battle, war was their pride and honor, they were the Mandalorians.

Mandalorians were not bound to a single species or gender, instead being a group of clan-based people of many different species, all bound together by a common culture. The leader of the Mandalorians was known as the Mand'alor, or simply Mandalore in Galaxy Basic.

In the past, the Mandalorians were known to side with the Sith, most noticeably the Sith Lord, Exar Kun. But would not hesitate to side with the Jedi Order, if such an alliance was mutually beneficial. Though in recent years, the Mandalorians have moved past their obsessively war-like and conqueror ways, most of whom now having become bounty hunters and mercenaries, selling their skills to various individuals and factions in the galaxy, as long as the price was right.

But among the many bounty hunters, there were none more well-known and dangerous than Jango Fett.

Born to a family of farmers, Fett grew up alongside his older sister, Arla, on the world of Concord Dawn. An agricultural planet in the Mandalore sector, known for being long associated with the Mandalorians. Fett's father served as a Journeyman Protector, a civilian lawman on Concord Dawn, having taken over the role when the former Protector, Jaster Mereel, was exiled and joined the True Mandalorians.

It was during Jango's childhood that the civil war between the True Mandalorians, led by the Mand'alor, Jaster Mereel, and the splinter faction, Death Watch, led by Tor Vizsla, began.

When the war began spilling onto Concord Dawn, Jango's father gave refuge to Jaster and his allies. Death Watch eventually caught up to the True Mandalorians on the homestead and captured Jango, using him in an attempt to draw out Jaster and his men.

The attack ended with Jango's parents and older sister being killed, while his home was burned down by Death Watch. Though Jango had been able to locate the True Mandalorians and help them escape, before being consumed by the flames, escaping to a nearby town to prepare to ambush Death Watch.

Jango had personally planted an explosive charge beneath Death Watch's armored tank, destroying it. He'd then proceeded to fight the Death Watch soldier who killed his parents, sure it might have gotten him cut by a vibroblade, but he was able to grab a blaster and shoot the bastard straight in the face, then shooting them again, just to be sure they were dead.

After the battle, Jango had been taken in by Jaster, the young boy having proven himself in the eyes of the Mand'alor and raised him as his own son.

Over the years, Jango trained and fought alongside the True Mandalorians and his adoptive father. But it was during the Battle of Korda Six, the first time Jango was given command of a squad, that he once again lost a father.

Employed by the Korda Defense Force, the Mandalorians were to recover a team of rookie security personnel pinned down under fire by a group of local hostiles, supposedly poorly armed and with no formal army. Placed in charge of the group, humorously referred to as "Jango's Grunts", Jango and his team were in charge of providing cover fire and ensuring that the extraction point remained clear of danger. However, the intelligence reports turned out to be inaccurate and the claims of "minimal resistance" turned out to be a much heavier force.

Jaster had called for a retreat, but his second-in-command, Montross, had refused, ending up injured by a grenade strike. Jango had used the ill-guided attack to move onto the original objective, but when he arrived, it turned out to be a Death Watch Ambush. Jango fought against the Death Watch soldiers, while Jaster and Montross fought Tor, himself.

Though Montross showed further cowardness by abandoning the injured Jaster to die, having long since grown tired of following Jaster's orders. Jango had rushed to the man who raised him like a father, but it was too late, with the Mand'alor passing away in his arms.

Jango had then carried Jaster's body back to the landing zone, with Montross claiming they were both killed. But when the other Mandalorians saw Jango returning with Jaster's body, he tried convincing them Jaster would have wanted him, Montross, to lead them. But Jango ended that plan when he revealed Montross left their leader to die, the other Mandalorians aiming their blasters at Montross, saying they'd only follow Jango.

After that Montross was allowed to leave in exile, something Jango would later regret, not killing him then and there, while Jango was named the new Mand'alor.

Afterwards, Jango lead the True Mandalorians just as Jaster did before him, that is until the disastrous Battle of Galidraan.

Jango and his Mandalorians were hired to put down an insurrection on the planet Galidraan. When the fighting was over and the rebels were defeated, Fett ordered his men to return to their camp, while he met with Galidraan's governor to collect their payment. In addition to their pay, Fett demanded the whereabouts of Tor Vizsla, whom the Governor of Galidraan was not only harboring, but funding in his attempts to rebuild the Death Watch. Vizsla revealed himself there in the governor's castle and attacked Fett with a small cadre of Death Watch soldiers, forcing Fett to flee the building through a large window. Unfortunately, Vizsla and the governor had already put a plot into motion, claiming that Mandalorians were murdering "political activists", along with women and children, with Vizsla's own forces providing the body count of innocents, and begging the Jedi Council to step in and put a stop to them.

As the Jedi ships began to land, Jango desperately tried to warn his second-in-command, Myles, and the other Mandalorians to evacuate the camp. But his helmet's comlink had been damaged in his escape from Vizsla and they only received Fett's warning when he arrived seconds before the Jedi team. Led by Jedi Master, Dooku, and his Padawan, Komari Vosa, the Jedi took the governor at his word and demanded the Mandalorians surrender on suspected murder charges, with Vosa adding that should they resist, they'd be killed. Innocent and indignant, Fett ordered his troops to open fire, specifically on Vosa, whom he called a "loudmouth". When their blasters were reflected by the Jedi's lightsabers, Fett ordered the use of projectiles and provision of cover via jetpacks. Even utilizing a jetpack, however, Myles was killed by one of the Jedi, while Fett could only watch.

It was after this that Jango's next actions would be what made him both famous and infamous for the rest of his life and career. With no weapons, using only his hands, feet, and armored body, Jango fought off and killed twenty Jedi, including the one responsible for Myles death. But even with his efforts and refusal to give up, the outcome remained the same. Jango's True Mandalorians had been wiped out by Death Watch's machinations, while Jango had been the only survivor and subdued by the remaining Jedi, before being given to the custody of the governor of Galidraan, where he was stripped of his weapons and armor, and sold into slavery.

Jango spent years aboard a spice transport ship, until the day came, he could gain his freedom when pirates attacked. Though his slave masters promised him freedom if he helped in the battle, Jango had already gotten free of his restraints and, with a stolen blaster pistol, killed the slavers and fought his way off the ship. Once he was free, Jango made his way to Galidraan to take back his weapons and armor, finding it restored and repainted by the governor as a trophy. Jango then offered the governor a choice, his life or the location of Death Watch, he chose the latter.

Though Jango made sure to pay him back for his betrayal, that cost him his comrades.

Afterwards, Jango intercepted the Death Rattle, Tor's personal starship, intent to kill the Death Watch leader. The resulting battle took them through the entire ship, an escape pod, and all the way down to the surface of Corellia, before falling into a river. Tor managed to stab Jango with a poisoned blade, but then made the mistake of taunting the Mand'alor. Using the blade his gauntlet, Jango stabbed Vizsla in the abdomen and carved him open, attracting a pack of dire-cats who attacked and killed Tors, while sparing Jango thanks to the poison.

With the death of Tor Vizsla and the remaining few Death Watch members fleeing to the far reaches of the galaxy, the Mandalorian Civil War had come to an end, but at a substantial cost to Fett. Without a war to fight or his trusted comrades to fight beside, Fett grew distant from the rest of his people and he resigned as Mand'alor. Instead, using his combat skills, weaponry, and mercenary experience, to turn to the solitary life of a bounty hunter.

Many years have passed since then, with Jango having established himself as one of the best bounty hunters in the galaxy and living by his own code, which he deemed honorable by his own standards. His skills and reputation grew to the point, where even planetary governments hired him. He always kept himself and his equipment in top condition, also.

Currently, Jango was on the planet Chalcedon in the Mid Rim in the Tashtor Sector. Chalcedon being a hub for galactic slave trade, having no indigenous lifeforms, only a way station and two colonies.

He had been hired by some senator to rescue his daughter, who had been kidnapped by pirates and held for a ransom of three million credits. The senator hired Jango to rescue her, paying him a million credits up front and another million for when his daughter is returned.

Jango had tracked the pirates down to Chalcedon, telling him they had no intention of returning the girl until they had gotten paid.

He managed to locate the pirates hiding out in a series of caverns. First Jango located their ship, snuck aboard and killed anyone still on board, before disabling it so it couldn't be flown or used to call for help. He then systematically took out the pirates patrolling the caves, remaining on guard since it was going far too easy for his liking.

Soon, he arrived at the central cavern and after checking his surroundings moved to an area filled with a couple cages, containing a few dozen people of various species.

"Which of you is Mon Mothma?" Jango questioned, remembering the girls name.

"He-here." A fourteen-year-old girl said from one of the cages, with Jango checking her over to make sure it's the right girl.

Auburn hair, pale blue-green eyes, light skin, and the right age. Jango also brought up the picture the Senator had provided and nodded, confirming she's his target.

"Your father sent me to get you." Stated Jango, blasting the cage door open, doing the same with the other cages as well.

While he didn't have to free the others, if there's one thing Jango hated, it was slavers from his own time in slavery.

"Look out!"

Jango didn't hesitate, before he spun around and blasted a pirate that tried sneaking up behind him, or he would have had he not seen the pirate be sent flying back into the wall, a snapping sound showing he broke his neck on impact.

'But just to be sure.' Jango thought, while shooting them through the head.

"Who did that?" Jango questioned, knowing that whoever shouted the warning, also sent the pirate flying back.

Jango can recognize when someone used the Force, given his past experience with Jedi and Dark Jedi, as well as the tales he heard about the Sith.

A boy, much younger than his target, possibly around four or five, stepped forward. The boy had spiky blonde hair, bright blue eyes, three unique whisker marks on his cheeks, and wearing ragged clothing. Though what had Jango's attention was the fire in the boy's eyes, one that made Jango smirk, recognizing a fighter when he saw one.

"Thanks." Jango said.

While his Durasteel armor would have protected him from a killing blow, it likely would have stunned him, since it wasn't the same quality as the Beskar armor that Mandalorians usually use.

"Mon Mothma, let's go. You too, kid." Jango said to the blonde kid, who looked surprised for a moment, before following him, along with the Senator's daughter.

The kid intrigued Jango, since he can use the Force at such a young age and given in his experience with Jedi and other Force-Sensitives, someone needed training to use the Force. Perhaps it was a fluke, maybe the kid was strong enough to use it subconsciously, or maybe he self-taught himself how to use it. Whatever it was, Jango was intrigued.

"The rest of you, you can use the ship to get off planet and go wherever you want." Said Jango, not offering them any further help, beyond freeing them.

He still had a job to complete.


Jango piloted the Slave I through space, the blonde kid sitting in the co-pilots seat, while Mon Mothma was resting.

"What's your name?" Jango asked, after a few moments of silence.

"Naruto, Naruto Uzumaki." Introduced the now named Naruto.

"Jango Fett. What world are you from?" Questioned the bounty hunter, wanting to figure out what he can about this kid.

"I…I don't know, I didn't even know there were other planets or aliens." Naruto answered.

'Okay, that rules out the chance of returning him to his planet if he's from an unknown world.' Jango thought.

"Any family?"

"No, not that I know of." Naruto replied.

"What about the Force? How'd you use it without training?" Jango asked, with Naruto tilting his head in confusion.

"The…Force? You mean what I did before? I don't know, I've just always been able to do things like that." Naruto said, while looking down, since that was probably why everyone hated him, for the things he could do.

Jango was deep in thought as he processed the information. He's from a planet that doesn't know about the rest of the galaxy, he doesn't know about the Force, but can use it, and he has no family.

Thinking about it, Jango's mind drifted back to his old friend, Rozatta, whom he called Roz, and the final wish she asked of him before her death.

Find something to live for, something to live for besides money.

'Maybe…' Jango thought, looking at Naruto.

The kid was young, strong in the Force, and likely had plenty of potential. He'd make a great apprentice to carry on Jaster's legacy and revive the True Mandalorians.

'And maybe, something else.' Thought Jango.

Given his preference to work alone and live alone, he never had much interaction with women, and it was likely he'd never have children. Jango personally didn't believe in the Jedi's saying of the Force guiding people's actions; but perhaps, he was meant to meet this kid and it wasn't just a coincidence that he'd find him along with his target.

"Well, if you want, I could train you to fight, become a bounty hunter." Jango offered, with Naruto looking at him surprise.

"R-really?" Asked Naruto, while Jango nodded.

"Yeah. Given you don't know what planet you're from and the galaxy is a dangerous place for those that don't know it. I could teach you how navigate it and be able to take care of yourself." Jango said.

"What about…the Force? Could you teach me how to use that?" Asked Naruto.

"No, I can't use it or really learned about it. But I'm sure there are plenty of jobs I can take to worlds connected to the Jedi or the Sith. Maybe a few clients who collect artifacts from those religions, along with other Force-based religions and cultures, while being willing to offer some of those as payment." Jango said, knowing there plenty of people in the galaxy who collect strange stuff.

"Then…yeah I'd like to learn more about the galaxy and how to fight, Jango." Naruto said, excited at being able to learn to fight and how to use the Force.

"Okay, I just need to return Mon Mothma and collect the rest of my payment. And here's your first lesson, A bounty hunter must always be ready to go anywhere and face any danger…" Jango began telling Naruto.

Unknown to the two, along with several beings in the galaxy, this one action will send large waves throughout the known and unknown regions of the Galaxy. As now, a new legend was in the making.

So, what did you think, good. Yep Naruto has gone to a galaxy far, far away and met the best bounty hunter in the galaxy and one of the strongest Mandalorian warriors, Jango Fett! Not only that but Naruto has access to the Force and now with him becoming Jango's student, and the latter's plan to take jobs to Jedi and Sith home worlds, he'll also become one of the most dangerous bounty hunters in the galaxy. Also I'll be using the Legends version of Jango along with other characters, and for those that don't know Jango did kill twenty Jedi with his bare hands, that actually happened! So, review if you liked go away if you didn't.

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