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Addison awoke with a start. She shot up in her bed and her eyes darted around her room. Only… it wasn't her room. The bed she laid in seemed to be a lot bigger than the single bed she was accustomed to, the room itself was also larger than her small apartment bedroom. Bookshelves housed many different books; the room was too dark for her to discern any titles or authors. This was not the room that Addison had fallen asleep in. That realisation then begged the question… where was she? To the right of her was a small bedside table with an alarm clock that read 03:32, a lamp which she hesitantly tried to find the On switch for. She was scared, but of course who wouldn't be if they had woken up in a room they had not only not fallen asleep in but had never seen in their life.

Wait… had never seen in their life… that didn't feel right either. A small part of Addison's mind began to…awaken almost. Memories she didn't know she had started to trickle to the forefront of her mind, not dissimilar to when you find yourself remembering things from when you were a small child. However, these things seemed to be much sharper memories and they seemed to go further back than what was normal. She remembered looking into her mothers eyes the first time she opened her own, then seeing her father rush into the room when her mother had called. She remembered her sister Isabella being born just under a year and a half later. Memories of growing up with Bella were becoming clear in her mind. She remembered the day her mother left, taking her and Bella with her. She remembered trying to put Bella in her mothers makeup and dresses when they were five and six. She remembered her school and the friends she made growing up in Arizona and how the previous week she and Bella had arrived in Forks to live with their father Charlie.

Bella… Forks… Charlie… The dots were connected so quickly in Addison's mind that she forgot to breathe until she noticed her lungs burning from the lack of oxygen. She gasped in a few desperate breaths of air as her mind raced over the clear development in the first question, she had asked herself. Where was she? It would appear that she was in one of her favourite series, Twilight. Right before the books had begun. Addison knew a bit about the books, but more so about the films and then read things like fanfiction or official sites to learn more about the characters and plot. But it still didn't make any kind of sense. Oh God. How could she be in a book? People don't just wake up in books. What was happening in her world and time? Had it frozen in time? Had she been erased? Or was she just another missing person?

Addison pinched herself, hoping with everything she was that this was a very surreal dream, but when she failed to 'wake up' she sighed and collapsed back onto her bed. She took deep breaths trying to rationalise what was happening and how to deal with it. The clock on her bedside had moved to 3:57 which meant in a few hours she would be getting up and ready for the first day of school and the beginning of Bella's introduction to the world of vampires. There were a few options. Option one, contact the Quileutes and have them dissuade Bella from becoming close to the Cullens. Option two, let the books run their course because things did turn out alright in the end. Option three, befriend the Cullen's and intervene somehow around some major plot points such as the baseball game. After all, she rationalised, this was just a dream so what was the harm.

Addison decided to go back to sleep and choose which route to take closer to the time, from experience she felt that in situations that either were dangerous or potentially dangerous relying on instinct served much better than relying on plans. She closed her eyes and thought about her life back home in 2020 and in England, the other side of the world. Man, she was doomed if she had to take history as a subject in high school. She knew very little about American history aside from little things about the civil war. She had learnt a few things about the civil war because her favourite twilight character was Jasper, AKA Major Whitlock, the youngest Major of the Texas Calvary before being changed by Maria in 1863. Jasper had always appealed to Addison as his history and strength of character were intriguing and admirable. Not so much the confederate part mind… more the ability to be a Major by the age of twenty. Addison had also read about the Majors' friends Charlotte and Peter, who, granted, were human drinkers, but she hoped she could meet them at one point or another. Addison fell asleep to the thoughts of the Whitlock coven.

She awoke what felt like no more than five minutes later by a blaring alarm clock and Charlie standing over her bed. After exchanging a good morning which was awkward on both sides; Charlie not exactly being a social butterfly and Addison being conflicted, half of her wanting to embrace Charlie like a good and loving daughter the other half of her not really knowing who he was. Of course, she knew of him, but she didn't know him personally, despite the memories that for some reason in her head told her otherwise. Once Charlie had left the room to head off for work Addison let out a groan of annoyance. Annoyed she had woken up yet again somehow in Twilight and earlier that morning was no dream. However, it was best to play out the… whatever this was… so she got up. Hearing what must be Bella in the shower she decided to have a look around the bedroom. Whilst she had the memories of moving in and organising it over the previous week, she wanted to look around herself and not just rely on the memories.

Wandering over to the bookshelf opposite her bed, Addison sighed in relief as she saw her antidepressants and birth control on it. She was glad she had those in this world too, this amount of stress whilst not on her meds would be bad. And of course, it wasn't exactly a brilliant plan to walk up to a vampire whilst it was that time of the month. She moved on to her wardrobe and saw clothes suited not just to her taste but to the cold climate of Forks, thankfully. England may be miserable and wet; however, it wasn't as bad as Forks. Over in England if you tried to blag a day off whenever it was sunny… well after a couple times it wouldn't work. Moving around the room she reached a large window with a desk in front of it. The desk was empty aside from three empty notebooks and a pencil case, all of which would be taken to school with her that day.

Soon the shower shut off and a few minutes after that Bella was knocking at her door telling her the shower was free. Addison raced to the bathroom, hoping there was hot water left. She stopped in front of the mirror to see if she looked different. She didn't look too different thankfully. Her eyes were still brown, she was still pale enough to rival the Cullens. The only difference was her hair. It had lengthened from just below the ear to just above her breasts, the sides were still shaved at a grade three, but it had gone back to its natural light brown colour instead of the bleach blonde she had dyed it. After appraising herself in the mirror she had a quick shower and got ready for impending doom…school…she said school.

Charlie had again bought The Truck from Billy Black down at the Rez. When he offered to get another one once Jake had finished messing around with the engine or something Addison declined, saying she wouldn't need a vehicle that often, so as long as she knew where the keys were Bella could have the truck. Charlie had just shrugged and gone back inside to watch some game whilst Bella grinned and hugged Addison saying, "thank you thank you!" repeatedly. Addison knew how much Bella would come to love the truck and how really, she would need it more than Addison herself did. Besides, if Bella owned the truck then that meant herself being teased by Emmett a lot less. Both sisters climbed into the truck and began the short drive to Forks high school.

"Are you nervous?" Bella inquired, Addison could feel the waves of nervousness rolling off her sister and tried to calm her.

"I'm not, no. But I can tell you are. Honestly Bells, sweetie, don't worry. I know you will do well and make some amazing friends here. Trust me." The elder sister answered reassuringly, it didn't seem to work all that well as Bella started to laugh nervously.

"Addi, the last time you told me to trust you I fell over. Why should I trust you?" Addison just laughed.

"Well what I say and you falling over have no correlation. It doesn't matter what I say, you will fall over within the next ten minutes." Bella turned bright red whilst her sister cackled until they had pulled into the school's parking lot. The sisters got out of the truck, the elder sister still snickering. As she looked around the lot, she noticed two very flashy cars, one belonging to Edward the other probably belonging to Rosalie. The vampire family were not by or in their cars so they must be inside. It sobered her immediately, she just hoped either she had Bella's shield too or she was too far away for Eddie's mind reading. She decided to play how to interact with the Cullens by ear and if she couldn't get an in, she would let events run their course. She made a song play on repeat in hopes the repetition would keep Edward from noticing her too much.

The Swans walked into the main building and into the reception, they saw a woman sitting behind a desk and walked over to her.

"Hello," greeted Addison as Bella's shyness overcame her. "We are Addison and Bella Swan; this is our first day. We were told to come to reception as we aren't really sure where to go." The receptionist smiled warmly at us. She must have been in her late fifties, her now grey hair was streaked with remnants of brown, her green eyes twinkled as she exuded cheerfulness and friendliness.

"Of course, dears, the principle mentioned you two were starting today. Addison, you are a senior, yes?"

"Yes, ma'am" Addi smiled, the receptionist's positivity was infectious.

"Wonderful! Here is a map, your timetable and locker code. That must make you Isabella, the Junior. Well here is all of your things. Same as your sister. If you have questions, just come and find me right… here." She pointed to where reception was on the map. Addison turned to Bella, grabbing the other girl's schedule. After examining it, she noted that Bella's homeroom was near hers. They were both in the science department.

'At least if there's a vampire in my homeroom and they get on my nerves there are Bunsen burners to hand…' she thought with an internal smirk. After conferring with her sister they decided to head there together. At least if they were to get lost they would be stuck in confusion together. Before they could take more than a few steps out of the office, a gangly teenage boy appeared out of nowhere with what Addison was sure he felt was a welcoming smile on his face. To her the smile was creepy. He was a gossip hound. His sudden appearance caught Addison so off guard she jumped back, one hand around Bella's arm ready to pull the younger girl behind her, the other hand preparing to strike the poor kid.

"Woah man…" she gasped out, "Give a bitch room to breathe… Jesus…" The kid who Addison knew to be Eric Yorkie looked as surprised as she was when he appeared so suddenly in front of the sisters.

"S-Sorry… You're Addison and Isabella Swan right? The new girls? I'm Eric Yorkie, the eyes and ears of this place. Anything you need, tour guide… lunch date… shoulder to cry on…" He trailed off as he looked back to Addison wearily. Once he had focused on Bella his demeanour became that of an excited puppy with a new toy causing Addison to roll her eyes at the boy.

"Um… I'm more of the suffering in silence type…" She, like Eric, trailed off awkwardly, causing Addison to let out a sigh. It was physically painful to watch the shambles of a conversation. Eric was scared of her and Bella was just… Bella. No more needed to be said. To save herself from the tension she was no doubt partially causing Addison decided to speak and excuse herself.

"Bella, I'm going to go explore, why don't you ask your new friend here to show you where your home room is." Catching Bella's blush but being desperate to escape Addison walked away before the other Swan could answer. And her escape excuse was a good one as she wanted to go and explore the campus. She hoped that her sister would discourage the newspaper feature idea for both twins. Damn gossipy teenagers. With the Cullen cars already here she had to appear as normal as possible. She had decided on the way to school to essentially wing it. With a plan in mind not only was there a higher chance of Eddie boy catching something suspicious but there was also a chance of her worrying so much about the mind reader that she cocked up the plan. No, it was better to wing it.

Walking around the school she noted the extreme amount of windows. If it wasn't for the cold and rain Forks was famous for the students would no doubt cook from the amount of heat that would get trapped inside the building. On the plus side, the sheer volume of windows provided a beautiful view of the forest that surrounded Forks. If she was stuck in this new and wacky world, she was still clinging onto the idea that it was a dream, at least the view was nice. Meaning the forest and the vampires.

Eventually walking into the classroom Addison made her way over to her teacher, not before noticing a very very tall and muscled man sitting in the back of the class on his own. The rest of the room was almost filled with students. So, the assumption was made that the students avoided him like they did the rest of the Cullens. It was probably for the best considering the whole vampire thing. But it was really everyone else who was missing out because Emmett was really just a teddy bear, and a funny one at that. Addison wondered if the Cullens minded the exclusion, it must become tiresome after a while. But maybe they found it amusing, who knew. Addi greeted her new teacher who proceeded to, much to Addi's annoyance, get the whole class's attention onto her and made her introduce herself.

"Um… Hello everyone… My name is Addison Swan, but people just call me Addi… I just moved here with my sister, Bella, from Arizona. We are living with our father. It's nice to meet you all." She smiled shyly and looked to her teacher who grinned.

"Wonderful Miss Swan, if you could go and sit with Mr Cullen. Mr Cullen if you could wave so Miss Swan…" Emmett waved at me, a wide goofy grin covering his face. "Yes… excellent Miss Swan if you would." Addi walked over and sat next to Emmett who grinned and looked back to what he was doing in a notebook.

The teacher began to talk about it being a new semester or year or… Addi didn't know… some American term that was probably important to everyone else. However, this was an amazing chance to strike up a conversation with a Cullen. But this, dream or not, required stealth and finesse. She had to talk to Emmet and seem friendly, maybe make him laugh. Finesse… Stealth… Finesse…Stealth. She had this.

"So…Mr Cullen… I was never actually told your first name." Addison looked at him curiously, hoping he would answer. His typical grin covered his face.

"Cullen. Emmett Cullen. Welcome to Forks Miss Swan." Addi grinned at the Bond reference before cheekily replying,

"That wasn't very smooth, I pity your Bond girl. And Miss Swan? Come on Mr Cullen I thought we were friends." He guffawed at her response, drawing the attention of a couple of students sitting around them.

"I wouldn't let my Bond girl hear you say that. After laughing her ass off at me she may just attack you, Addi…" The emphasis on her name was accompanied by a friendly wink. "I thought we were besties now too! To think you said we were just measly friends!" He put on a very exaggerated pout and Addi laughed.

"Well I don't know you too well yet Emmy so we will see about the bestie thing later. Wanna play twenty questions, that'll speed up the 'are you cool enough to be my bestie' test?" Somehow Emmett managed to further exaggerate the offended look on his face whilst Addi kept smiling at him.

"You mean I have to pass a test? That's a bit much Addi, you better be worth it. I wanna ask first… What's your favourite animal?" Addi joined in with the fake expression with offence at the test jibe. If this was a dream, she was glad she was having it, it was always nice to be around positive people.

"It's a snake Emmy, because they are cute and Slytherin pride!" Addi grinned and Emmett gasped.

"A slimy snake! This is Gryffindor territory!" Addi laughed and patted his shoulder.

"Okay Gryffindork. Whatever you say… so dull. Everyone worth their salt knows that you lions are brash and impulsive. Brave to the point of stupidity. In fact," Addi looked him dead in the eyes with a small smirk. "You're the kinda people to go into the woods and fight bears just for the thrill of it." Emmett looked caught off guard for a split second before a smile took over his face. Addi did however notice the brief flash of worry in his eyes.

"You're just like my Rosie, so mean to me. But I'm still your bestie and you know it."

"I assume Rosie is your bond girl. I've known you for like five minutes, how long has she known you? She must be brilliant for putting up with you." Addi teased but her playful smile became soft when she saw the look of adoration take over his face.

"She is, she is so beautiful and wonderful… it takes a while to break through her bitchiness but once you do and she considers you a friend or family. She would do anything for you. Granted she would still hide it behind her ice queen face, but I know…" A pang of jealousy bloomed in Addi's chest but she managed to squash it down. The love that Emmett clearly had for his mate was beautiful. Whilst generally she was a sarcy person she couldn't think of a sarcastic comment or joke to make. Even if she could, she wouldn't. She was in awe at the love the burly vampire had for his mate.

"I hope to meet her, she sounds wonderful. We are friends so it would be nice to get along with your Rosie too."

The human and vampire friends kept talking until the bell rang and Addi ran off to her class. She made sure she had a song going around in her head in case she went anywhere near the mind reader, she wasn't prepared to take the chance. Just for a little personal joke she played songs by Jamie Bower, the actor that portrayed Caius. But the mind reader didn't know that.