Chapter 12

It's Baseball Bitches

That evening when Bella returned she was radiating shock and awe, Addi just smirked at the younger Swan. Bella's mouth dropped open, having figured out the code of 'I know right!' Addi was dragged by the wrist upstairs to Bella's room, laughing as she called a greeting to Charlie over her shoulder. As soon as the door had, rather violently, been shut Bella turned a glare on her sister.

"You knew?" She was loud, not quite shouting, most likely for Charlie's sake but her annoyance was clear nonetheless. Addi winced, she hadn't quite thought this bit through, it was stupid that she hadn't because it was an obvious event and yet it never even entered her mind. That was not good, if she let this one thing drop what else was there? Hopefully she had planned for all of the life threatening events, this ranked more as a minor inconvenience rather than life or death.

"Yeah… sorry sis. But I couldn't say. I didn't know if or when Eddie was going to tell you so I couldn't blurt the whole thing out until you knew. I knew you would be safe with the veggie vamp so I was not worried. Please understand." Addi lied, sort of. It wasn't technically a lie, she couldn't tell Bella and she knew Bella would be safe for now, but minor details. Aforementioned girl seemed to deflate at her sister's reasoning, however she was still clearly not happy.

"I can't believe you know! How did you find out? I mean, Jacob told me about the cold ones and I noticed things about Edward but how did you do it?" Bella clearly wasn't going to be letting this go for a while, meaning that she was going to have to lie. Whilst she was a very good liar, she felt a small pang of guilt at having to do so. Whilst it would keep Bella safe and sane, Addi had the power to essentially influence her sister's life to go whichever way she wanted. Granted, she could never get Bella to date that annoying Newton boy but she had a lot of sway. It would be preferable if Bella could know the full truth and make her own choices, but that would only paint a larger target on her back. Threats from the Quileute tribe, random nomads and the Volturi at the same time were not worth it. One battle at a time. Although contacting the Volturi was something she would have to think about. If Aro were to see inside her mind, whilst very awkward and embarrassing (she may of had some thoughts about Aro, Jasper, Caius, Marcus, Jane or Alec that she didn't want to be known by anyone but herself) it would show as proof that Bella would be turned and that Addi was working towards that. It was also likely that Addi, being Jasper's mate, would be turned around the same time as Bella and had no objections against that. If Aro could bring Caius around that would be one crisis averted. It would be added to her to do list.

"I already knew about the legends of The Cold Ones and having spent a lot of time with the elder Cullen kids I picked up small things that indicated non-human. Emmett is crap at faking human once something else takes his attention, it didn't take me long. But I only told them a couple of days ago, an interesting event I assure you. But yeah, I've met the whole fam, although I haven't really seen much of Alice… weird… anyway, yeah…"

"What do you mean interesting?" Bella was a lot quieter now, her tone laced with worry. Addi winced, she had said too much in her rambling.

"Well… vampires are rather protective of their covens, and their secrets. Jasper is especially protective of the family for his own reasons, and honestly I kind of provoked him." The younger girl once again stared at her sister in shock, at the rate Bella was going it may just become a permanent expression.

"So… just to clear this up… knowing what vampires are like and how dangerous they can be… you provoked him?" Bella shook her head, exasperated. Addi was a little mad sometimes, no doubt about that. Her mindset was typically 'eh fuck it, it'll be a laugh.

"Pretty much yeah."

"You're an idiot."

"Pretty much yeah."

The rest of the night was spent gossiping in the way only sister's could about their peculiar vampire boyfriends. That was until Bella's peculiar vampire boyfriend showed up, Addi excused herself with waggling eyebrows and telling them to have fun. The particular shade of red that Bella turned made Addi want to keep a chart in her pocket, going from subtle pink to flaming red for the sole purpose of comparison. The weekend soon approached and with it the baseball game. Midday of Saturday found the girls in the kitchen with Charlie who was rather threateningly cleaning his shotgun. Thunder was rumbling in the distance, the perfect weather for vampire baseball.

"We both have dates to go on." Bella announced abruptly after passing Charlie a beer. "With Edward Cullen and Jasper Hale." Charlie put his cleaning utensil down and fiddled with the beer in front of him awkwardly.

"A little old for you girls, aren't they?" Poor Charlie was struggling, he was a little lost sometimes when it came to teenage girls. Bella and Addi shared a secret little smile when Charlie wasn't looking. Okay so maybe the two were older by a century or so but who was counting really.

"Nah, Eddie is a junior like Bella and Jasper is a senior like me. Only a gap of a couple months, no big." Addi replied grinning, still amused from the little inside joke. Whilst Bella went into whether or not the Cullen's lived in town or not, Addi just leaned back smiling. Two socially and emotionally awkward people, father and daughter, talking about the daughter going on a date… what a train wreck.

"They are right outside Dad," Addi interjected. "Good ole Doctor Cullen raised them right ya know? Meet and greet with the father, experience the shovel talk… well in this case shotgun talk… please don't give a shotgun talk…"

"A what now?"

"Ya know, if you hurt her or anything I will shoot you, I'm a cop so I know how to get away with things kind of talk." Addi explained as Bella went to get the door. Addi wasn't worried about the two vampires being shot, she was more worried about the trajectory of the bullets and whether or not they would rebound off of a vampire. Charlie, after moving the gun into a more visible position, where Addi was sure it was to look more threatening, Bella brought the two Cullen kids into the room.

Jasper walked in first, just in front of Bella and Edward. His posture was ramrod straight and when he stopped walking he stood in a way that screamed soldier. Edward entered with Bella next, holding hands of course. Edward looked somewhat nervous… or maybe constipated…? His eyes flicked over to her quickly and his eyebrows scrunched up before he quickly reassembled his mask for Charlie.

"Chief Swan, I want to formally introduce myself, I'm Edward Cullen."

"Hi Edward." If Addi thought the awkwardness with Charlie and Bella was bad this was something else entirely.

"Jasper Hale sir, it's nice to meet you properly." Jasper inclined his head slightly and Charlie did the same, looking slightly caught off guard. Unsurprisingly, really. The boys seemed to speak right out of the era they were from. Edward had a somewhat early 1900's feel to his words whilst Jasper was clearly a soldier, his body language all but screamed it.

"The girls won't be out too late tonight, the family is playing baseball and thought it would be nice for Miss Bella and Addi to join. If that's alright with you?" Jasper informed Charlie who smiled wryly.

"Addi, I'll believe. Bella's gonna play baseball?" Charlie asked, scepticism coating his words.

"Don't worry Dad! There's a doctor on hand after all. And I've told them to bring lots of first aid stuff." Ignoring Bella's indignant protest Charlie shrugged at Addi's words, agreeing with the older girl.

The four left the house soon after, Jasper exhaling in relief as soon as he stepped out. Wrapping an arm around Addi he commented lowly in her ear,

"You think that was bad for you? I had to feel it five times." Addi winced sympathetically, patting the man's honey blond hair. She was levelled with a look that was pure exasperation which just made her laugh at her mate's misfortune. After a long ride in the jeep the group pulled up in a layby. Parking the car each vampire helped their human get out before they opened the trunk and took out a bag filled with clothes each.

"What's all this?" Bella asked, looking between the two vampires. Edward shifted awkwardly, reluctant to inform Bella of anything negative. After a harsh glare and definite mental scolding from Jasper, Edward gave in.

"You know how there have been a lot of animal attacks lately. Well we suspect that it is other vampires, but not ones like us obviously. Human drinkers. We don't know if they are still in the area, if they are and they hear us playing then it may attract them towards us. All this should keep you and Addi's scents to a minimum. I'll keep you safe I swear it, and Jasper will for Addi." Whilst Jasper didn't verbally agree his arm tightening around Addi was message enough.

"What do you mean hear you? You're just playing baseball right?" The naïve question of course came from Bella and was met with a crooked grin from Edward and two soft smirks from the other couple. Once the girls were wrapped in turtlenecks, coats, scarves and hats, the whole work, Addi did a little spin.

"Be honest with me, how bad is the look." Jasper met her lips in a soft kiss.

"Beautiful as always." If anyone noticed the flush on Addi's cheeks she would insist until her last breath that it was definitely from all the layers she had to wear and had nothing to do with her all. She looked up to him and grinned, rolling her eyes.

"Liar." Before she could blink she had Jasper pinning her against the car, his mouth next to her ear as he breathed the words,

"Are you sure? Because if you don't see it my way I could always...persuade you." Addi's breath hitched and she grew a brighter shade of red. However, before she responded their attention was drawn by a very loud and very fake cough. The two turned to see an awkward looking Edward next to a giggling Bella. Addi sent a wink at Bella, making the giggles increase.

"Yes Eddie, what can I do for you?" A smirk danced across Addi's face as Edward only seemed to grow more awkward.

"Do you two mind… and don't call me Eddie." He asked vaguely, gesturing at them.

"Nah not really. But Jasper is covering his scent with his own, see Eddie he is part of the solution! I'm sure Bella won't mind if you do the same." Seeing the annoyed look covering Edward's face Addi jumped onto Jasper's back laughing "Run, Jasper! Run!" They took off through the woods, the surrounding nature becoming all but a blur as they did. Within a matter of seconds they had reached the field where the rest of the Cullen's were. Jumping off of Jasper's back, and after taking a couple of seconds to reorient herself Addi leapt to Emmett and Rose for hugs and was quickly passed around the Cullens like a teddy bear, even Alice who she hadn't really spoken to properly. It was no surprise as that's just what Alice was like. What was surprising was the low growl she heard coming from Jasper at the contact. She projected curiosity at him but didn't get any response. The vampires were eager to play and Addi was eager for the show as well as the showdown. Esme directed them to be umpires and the game began.

Rose was up to bat first, after the successful hit she went tearing around the field whilst Edward went after the ball. Bella was convinced of a homerun, Addi knew better. The sisters agreed that Rosalie was out and the poor vampire looked stuck between pouting at Addi and glaring at Bella.

Up next was Carlisle, and in that moment Addi could really see his youth. Carlisle often acted older than he was, making it hard to remember that he was only twenty three when he was changed, only a few years older than Addi herself. Being the oldest vampire there as well as having the role of father figure to most didn't allow for him to act like most twenty first century twenty three year olds did, so it was a beautiful sight to see him like this. Now Carlisle did get a home run after Eddie and the Idiot… um… Edward and Emmett crashed into each other. That was a nickname for the duo that she had a feeling would appear a lot. But like with Carlisle, it was strange but beautiful to see all the Cullen's, not just the kids, to act the age they were frozen at instead of the aloof personas they portrayed to the rest of the world.

Eventually Rose was up to bat again. Addi shot a pointed look at the Cullens that were 'in the know' so to speak. They knew what was coming, and thankfully Edward was too distracted by the game, or Bella, or an effervescent snail or some shit to notice the reactions around him. At a slight nod from Addi the game continued, and just as Rose took off running Alice's vision hit. The three nomads had just left the woods and entered the clearing. At Alice's call of stop, looks were sent in the direction of the nomads before, like a well oiled machine, the vampire family all stood in front of the two humans, protecting them from the potential threat. If the situation were not so dangerous then perhaps Addi would have more time to focus on the heart-warming scene. Edward was whispering apologies to Bella but Addi was now focused on the nomads that she could now see, she didn't have the same sight advantages as the vampires.

Laurent held up the white ball. His accent was strong and in another situation Addi would have smiled. Laurent was complicated, it was easy to put most of the other vampires into categories of good and bad, Laurent was like the Volturi where it was a little morally dubious. They would do something good, go and see the Denali coven or ban immortal children, and then do something completely different like massacre tour groups or attempt to kill Bella after joining the sparkly veggie brigade. Morally grey. Complicated.

"I believe this belongs to you." The ball was thrown quickly to Carlisle who caught it seemingly effortlessly.

"Thank you."

"I am Laurent. This is Victoria," he gestured at the only woman in the group. Her hair was a fiery red which near enough matched her eyes. She kind of looked like Merida from Brave, but gone wrong and gone scary. "And James." He finished, tilting his head in James' direction. The blond man was harder to describe. He looked something like a surfer boy who was now in his thirties and never got over the whole shirtless long hair look. Basically the guy just looked like a massive douche. Carlisle returned the greetings but did not give out anyone's names. He remembered Addi's warning of these three in the back of his mind, as such the less information he gave out the better.

Jasper stood rigidly next to Addi, his posture so straight and stiff that was almost shaking. Although perhaps that was him trying to resist the urge to pounce on the intruding vampires. But, as was Carlisle's philosophy, they had to be given a chance. Taking her mate's hand in her own, Addi squeezed it gently whilst resting her head on his arm. She was trying to provide comfort but not draw attention to themselves. Jasper lightly squeezed back, her message received. However his posture didn't relax, he was ready to pounce should anyone look at his mate the wrong way. It would seem however that the nomads, or at least Laurent, was distracted by how the larger group of vampires maintained a residence in the area long term. The humans had so far gone unnoticed.

"So, could you use three more players?" Laurent asked, only to be met by the stony gazes of the Cullens. "Oh come on, just one game?" Carlisle seemed to relent slightly and agreed.

"Sure, why not. A few of us were leaving, you can take their place. We'll bat first." Carlisle tossed the ball to Laurent only for it to be caught by the Merida knock off.

"I'm the one with the wicked curveball."

"Oh I think we can handle that." Emmett teased, his grin huge and dimples showing. It seemed that the Cullen's had assumed the danger to be over as there were laughs around the field. Even Jasper relaxed minutely. Addi squeezed his hand once again and when he looked at her she mouthed one word.

"James" Golden eyes stared into red which seemed to be flicking between the two humans at immense speed. Just then, Bella turned and shit hit the fan. The wind caught her hair and blew her scent towards the nomads who stiffened and whirled around.

"You brought a snack." This caused the two humans to be pushed to the back as the Cullen clan once again swarmed around them for protection. Except for Carlisle. He stayed back and looked at Addi with a searching gaze. He didn't need to ask the question, it was written on his grief stricken face. Carlisle took no pleasure from taking life. 'Do we need to?' Addi only nodded solemnly and the doctor made his way to the front of the family.

"I'm sorry. We can't have you threaten the mates of two of my sons. We can also not let you leave with this knowledge, you may talk of them or risk the Volturi coming for us. I'm terribly sorry, I really am. But I must protect my family…"

This seemed to be a silent que as several things happened at once. Bella and Addi were pulled into a huddle, surrounded by Edward, Alice, Carlisle and Esme whilst the remaining Cullen kids leapt at the nomads. Jasper was easily able to restrain Laurent, however Rose and Emmett seemed to be struggling with the mated pair. The two nomads had been pinned down, continuing to struggle for freedom, making it hard for Rose and Emmett to keep them immobilized. What no one had been expecting was for two more vampires to stroll out of the woods and casually call out,

"Need a hand there, Major?"

Addi peeked through a gap in the vampire wall surrounding her and her sister only to breathe out two words when she caught sight of the newcomers.

"Holy fuck."