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PokéMuyo! Geminar's Savior
Chapter 1: Another Fallen Swan

A land above the trees. Packs of white twin-tail hand-size creatures flew from branch to branch. They seemed to be on the hunt for something. There was a place where a lot of women were cleaning up a destructive mess after a fiasco of some sort with a teenage boy wearing a sleeveless white shirt and brown cargo shorts. All had vehicles which had legs instead of wheels, some designed like red spiders. The short, tanned raven-haired was getting help from a teenage redhead and a purple-haired young girl, both wearing black robes. The redhead's hairstyle was spiky in the back while the purple-haired wore pigtails. "Oh… I'm so sorry about that," the redhead whimpered. "Actually, we're all sorry about it. If Lithia didn't barge into Wahanly's shop..."

"Oh, don't beat yourself up, Miss Chiaia," the raven-haired eased. "I'm sure even Miss Mexiah feels as bad."

"I highly doubt that, Kenshi," the purple-haired shrugged. "But, at least the Mechanoids I'm loaning have a learning curve implied." Kenshi giggled to the realization. "After all, you're the only male who was part of it and we all did act out of line." The raven-haired, Kenshi, shrugged to the purple-haired's discussion.

"Yeah, I suppose so, Wahanly," he sighed. He turned to find a grown pink-haired woman controlling a mechanical giant while she was exposed. She wore a ponytail to go with a maroon business suit. She worked on a stone bridge between towers.

"Hey, Wahanly!" she called down. "Is the bridge in need of some new design!? I understand the Holy Land were in discussion over some refurbishing to stabilize the bridges!"

"No, just stick with the design for now, Mexiah!" called back Wahanly. "We can't rest until the repairs are done, and it's not only around the Holy Land!" Chiaia remembered more members of the cleanup crew working on the mess.

"Yeah, Aura's checking the damages to the forest, thanks to one of your mechanoids," she reminded.

"That, you can blame Lithia and her hatred of Kenshi," Wahanly referred to.

"I HEARD THAT!" shouted an auburn-haired with glasses. She had her hair in a ponytail. Like Chiaia and Wahanly, she wore the same robe. "Honestly, they can't be defending that wild animal…"

"Especially since you're the one who took the mechanoid to chase Kenshi around?" a blond girl blamed. Turning, the auburn-haired turn to a blond girl with parts of her hair wrapped. She wore a red robe while her blue eyes narrowed while sneering at her. "Miss Lithia, how long are you gonna badger our new attendant? Or is that your stand as Student Council's President?" Lithia steamed in anger. By the blond was a brunette girl about the blond's height. Her hair had a white ribbon on the back of her hair.

"Lashara, no need to patronize Miss Lithia like that," she teased.

"Don't be defending her when we have Kenshi's help, Maria," Lashara replied. They turned to another mechanoid where a white-haired teen girl faced the two girls.

"Princess, the scaffolding is repaired," she responded.

"Thank you, Yukine," Maria acknowledged. Yukine bobbed a nod before returning with her mechanoid. Lithia seemed irate.

"Excuse me, but aren't you gonna give us a hand!?" she snapped. "You're a part of this fracas as we all are!"

"Actually, you're the cause of it all, not us," Lashara grinned. "You broke into Wahanly's shop, stole the mechanoid and chased after Kenshi and Mexiah. We just all had no choice but to stop you from the rampage."

"Not often do I agree with my cousin," Maria smirked. "But I'm gonna check on a few things."

"Of course," Yukine allowed as Maria entered the massive castle-like building. Lithia whined about Lashara's and Maria's lack of participation as more girls came outside to see the repairs in progress.

"Kenshi!" the girls cooed. Kenshi looked down to the girls.

"Hey, how are the repairs coming?" a blue-haired girl asked.

"The academy should be restructured by tonight!" he replied. "The forest may take a little longer but Aura is making sure."

"Right, isn't her tribe close to where you were attacked?" a chestnut brunette questioned. "Seriously, Miss Lithia isn't worth your time." The other girls laughed. Inside the forest within view of the rook-like towers, a white-haired, tanned woman in the same robe found broken tree limbs and exposed bark.

"I'd say Miss Lithia doesn't know how to control her own rage," she assessed. "I mean… she makes some of the dark elf's brutes look harmless with this destruction." She continued her journey as her long, pointy ears listened for something out of the ordinary. "I can bet my father's gonna give the Holy Land Academy a huge bill for all of this." Suddenly, she heard coughs and moans. Looking some more, she found a red baseball cap with a blue circle inside a semicircle in the black front above the bill. 'What's that? Some sort of helmet?' She picked it up before turning to a raven-haired boy in a black vest over a white t-shirt and denim pants. His sweat-coated face and labored breathing seemed to indicate to the young woman that he was in trouble. In the boy's arms was a large yellow mouse with a lightning bolt tail and brown streaks on its back. The large, pointy ears that were black at the tip, the red circles that were its cheeks… the boy and the mouse were pale. She gasped and ran to the two. "Hey, are you okay?" She heard the boy's labored breathing under the zigzags, saw the paled looks of the boy and mouse.

"I… need he… help," he struggled while trying to breathe. "Pik… Pikachu…" He struggled to stand and the woman helped him stay upright.

"Hang on! I'll get you back to the academy!" As she stabilized the boy, she studied the condition. 'Again with the Ahou Sickness… at least my tribe found more and delivered it.' She brought the boy from the damaged forest to the large building and many young women flocked to her.

"Miss Aura!" a beige-haired girl called out. The girls began to flood over to the tanned woman and boy and mouse. "What's that? Another from the Highlands?"

"Can I see him?" a raven-haired girl asked.

"Is something wrong, Miss Aura?" a teal-haired girl wondered. The girls continued to ask questions when Aura needed to get the boy attention inside.

"Well, if he's not in the Nurse's Office soon," she addressed. "He and his mouse will die."

"Is it Ahou Sickness?" a blond guessed. "Like with Kenshi?"

"That's right!" confirmed Aura. The girls realized the crisis at hand as the boy offered his mouse.

"Pika… chu," he weakly named. "Please… h-h- help… him…" He collapsed where Aura and another girl caught him. The blond grabbed the mouse and felt aid was needed.

"I got the mouse, Miss Aura!" she allowed.

"Okay!" allowed Aura as a few girls brought out a stretcher. They loaded the boy onto the stretcher and carried him inside. There, Kenshi, Chiaia, Wahanly, Lashara, Lithia and Mexiah heard the commotion with a few of the rodents from the forest chasing around the ladies.

"Okay, what's going on?" wondered Chiaia. Aura slowed down to see Kenshi and the girls.

"Kenshi, it seems to be someone else from the Highlands!" she reported.

"Wait, you mean it's Tenchi?" guessed Kenshi. They followed the group into the Nurse's Office where the girls soon removed the boy from the stretcher and onto the bed. Aura excuses the girls so that she'll concentrate on healing the two. Kenshi and the girls soon entered. Kenshi examined the boy. "Okay, that's definitely not Tenchi. Heck, who's he in the first place?"

"So, he's not from the Highlands like you?"

"Not the Highlands where I'm from, at least." Wahanly suddenly noticed a red rectangular device dangling from the edge of the bed.

"What's this?" she wondered as she snatched it. Opening it up, she found a folded device with two screens and a few buttons. "Okay, how to turn it on…" Chiaia saw Wahanly with the device and gasped.

"Put that down!" she called out. "You don't know what it is, right!?"

"What's wrong? I can access it and find out about the boy."

"Maybe, but it would be better if the two were okay before you fiddled with something like that." Aura brought out a syringe with herbs and plants tucked away as the boy began to stir, despite the breathing getting worse.

"What's… that?" he weakly asked.

"Save what strength you have," Aura advised. "I'm giving you and… Pikachu, was it?" The boy nodded, his chocolate brown eyes attracting Lashara.

"Who do we have here?" she whispered. Aura pierced Pikachu's arm and injected the herbs into it.

"This dosage should be enough for Pikachu to stabilize its lungs to breathe through the Ahou among the Holy Land," she explained. Pikachu winced but that's it. "There… It may take a little while for the medicine to kick in but he'll be fine. It's now your turn. Kenshi, if you could…"

"Sure, Miss Aura," Kenshi complied. Meanwhile, an elderly rotund lilac-haired woman came to the doorway.

"What seems to be going on?" she asked, her glasses being adjusted. All turned to the woman.

"Oh, Headmistress!" gasped Lashara.

"I see you're in here instead of fixing the Academy. Did anyone get hurt?"

"Not us, per say," Aura declined. "But we found a boy and mouse… Pikachu struggling in the forest. I brought them in here as they're suffering the same illness Kenshi suffered."

"Oh, dear…" Headmistress hushed. "And this boy, is he not related to Kenshi?"

"Nope," Kenshi refused. "Never met him or his mouse." Headmistress seemed puzzled.

"Unusual, but then again, you're one who's been rather unique since coming onto the Holy Land." In an IV-like bag, more herbs and plants were attached to a tube and to the boy's arm after Aura pricked him. He winced and soon the herbs began to drain from the bag. "Also, I'm glad your Dark Elf tribe found more of the medicine for Ahou Sickness after Kenshi's episode."

"My tribe's been rather on-point with some of the journeys they've explored," Aura sneered. Chiaia petted Pikachu as it began to calm its breathing.

"Sounds like Pikachu'll be fine," she reported. That's when Mexiah brushed the boy's hair back.

"Such an adorable young man, perhaps for Lashara or Maria," she considered. She took his hand and gently gripped it. "I want you to squeeze my hand if you feel any pain." The boy still had difficulty breathing and gripped Mexiah's hand. After about an hour, the IV bag emptied. The boy's breathing soon slowed down and softened, nearly back to normal breathing. Wahanly pulled a stethoscope from the desk and opened his vest. She placed the hammer on his chest and listened. She heard his heart slow its beating enough.

"He'll be okay," she assured. "Thanks, Aura."

"Yeah, the medicine came to help us," Kenshi praised.

"Well, I didn't wanna let anyone from the Highlands die before we knew who they were," Aura promised. Mexiah retrieved a pair of blankets and draped them onto the boy and Pikachu who began to wake up.

("I'm okay?") it squeaked as it looked up to Mexiah.

"You'll need to rest up, okay?" she advised. "You two were in dire straits and a good rest will assure you'll be fine." Pikachu bobbed its head, a sight of Mexiah wearing a tiara with a plus sign on it.

("Okay, Nurse Joy,") it replied before going back to sleep. As they left, Lashara watched the rest leave.

"Come on, Lashara," the Headmistress called out. "Let the boy rest."

"Okay…" she sighed. She looked back to the boy. "This young man… This can only be a sigh that a love has come for us. Perhaps, we've been blessed, not just with Kenshi… but you as well." She began to lean in, her puckering lips aiming for his. The tip of her nose began to rub on his as she closed in. Just before she could touch, merely a piece of paper between their lips, Aura pulled Lashara away and out.

"You heard the Headmistress!" she scorned. "We leave him alone!"

"Come on!" she protested. "Not even a kiss goodnight!?" As the boy began to sleep with Pikachu on another bed, what excitement would come their way in the Holy Land?


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