To her packmates' rescue, Erica Drumm teleports into the castle room, where Enchantress holds them captive. At long last, it looks like the two witches are going to do battle.

"I'm gonna say this nice just once, Enchantress." Drumm casts a few spells, and makes a pair of shields out of pure energy. "LET...THEM...GO."

Enchantress smiles, and sneers. "Sister Voodoo!" She generates a pair of green-glowing whips, out of pure energy. "At last, we meet again!"

"Can't say it's an honor," Sister Voodoo admits.

"Saying the same!" With that, Enchantress screams, and goes into a berserker rage...all while somehow maintaining the integrity of the force fields that're keeping Sister Voodoo's sisters captive.

With jinxes, hexes, and curses, the two witches duel. It's an intense catfight...which will become a dogfight for Sister Voodoo, if she becomes a wolf in the middle of this duel...

Back downstairs, in the potions dungeon, Rogue and Vengeance are still at it. And Rogue is becoming more and more like a hellhound, the more she holds on to that hellfire chain, that Vengeance means to use as his weapon...

Nightshade is injured...but she's brought some herbs with her. Deviously, she drops several into many of the boiling potion cauldrons. She thinks she can use these potions to her pack's advantage...

Above the duel, everyone gradually notices something that wasn't up there before. It's Natalie Grey. She's perched on a buttress, linking the vaults. She's time-travelled, and taken one of the potion cauldrons up there.

She waits for the right moment. Then, she dumps the cauldron. Vengeance screams, as he's drenched in the burning, scalding potion. Like the Wicked Witch of the West, this disintegrates him...and reduces him to a flaming puddle of hellfire.

Back on the floor, Nightshade looks around. She just now notices that one of the cauldrons is missing; one that she remembers putting herbs in.

Now a strawberry-blonde hellhound, Rogue sits on the floor, and scratches a swarm of fleas; apparently there's an infestation of them in Hell. At any moment, the others expect her to sprout two more Cerberus.

"LETS GO," Ares shouts.

Shouting, the dungeon team charges up the stairs, and out of the dungeon. Nightshade and Mockingbird nourish their respective injuries, while taking part in the exodus.

Later, a time-displaced Cable comes along, and remembers to loosen the chain on the portcullis. It falls, and shuts Vengeance's remains inside the dungeon. Cable doesn't expect the portcullis to detain her indefinitely...especially if they win, and the Masters come back later to let her out. But if it can slow him down, Cable's for it.

Outside, the fight between the pack and the three Masters rages on. Synapse still has Griffin asleep...but she's not sure how much longer she can hold this.

With Jewish berserker rage, She-Thing fights Black Knight like a beast. Alas, Lightmaster has already dimmed her vision. Even worse, the black hyenas seem to take delight in dogpiling her, just as she's getting hot.

In the sky, Lightmaster dogfights with Riri Williams. She also dogfights with Toni Ho, Storm, both of the Human Torches, Thor, War Machine, Quake, Capt. Marvel, and Pod. None of the pack females have ever seen so much light and power come from one villainess...

To make matters worse, Crimson Cowl comes outside, and backs Lightmaster up. She blinds many of the pack females, as they're in flight, and causes them to crash into towers. Once they've crashed, they transform back into wolves. This happens to Pod, Capt. Marvel, and Jenny Storm. War Machine and Quake have both been blinded by Lightmaster's light.

Back on the ground, Lucia Cage has been pinned by the black have She-Thing, Capt. England, Hercules, Honey Badger, EU Agent, Punisher, Elektra, Colleen Wing, and Havok. Black Knight stands victoriously, over Capt. England's pinned corpse...and looks like she's ready to run her Ebony Blade through her chest...

Like the dogs they already are, Red Wolf, Black Jackal, and Dhole all fight the black hyenas the old-fashioned way. They're all outnumbered. It's just about a stalemate, with both of them...although Black Jackal seems to be having the best luck, of the three...

Victorious, the "dungeon" faction of the stealth team comes outside. The ones who can help out. When Mila Morales and Gwen Poole see that Nightshade and Mockingbird are injured, they act as ambulances, and escort them over the wall. Mila gets Mockingbird, and Gwen gets Nightshade.

With the rage of a hellhound, Rogue charges into the fight. She leaps, pounces on the Black Knight, and knocks her helmet right off her head. Black Knight's blonde alter ego gapes up at the ferocious monster, as she prepares to send her to Hell...

She's saved, when all the black hyenas attack Rogue. Rogue fights back. Black Knight leaps up, gets her helmet back, and resumes the fight.

She resumes by coming after Synapse. Synapse sees this, and panics. Lucky for her, Storm looks down, sees what's about to happen, swoops, and saves Synapse...with moments to spare. Black Knight swipes her Ebony Blade...but misses.

Griffin wakes. He throws Black Knight off him, and shrieks again.

In a dent in the wall, into which she was thrown earlier, She-Hulk wolf form. Alas, she soon opens her eyes, when she hears the shriek. Her eyes are green...and they glow.

She leaps up, howls, and charges back into the fight. In a flash, she assumes her human shape...and turns green. She is now the big, muscular, sexualized She-Hulk.

Griffin calms...and sees her. All of a sudden, he seems less passionate than before.

"SMASH," She-Hulk shouts...right before charging Griffin. She leaps over him, misses his attempts to snap at her with his beak, and snatches his tail, while in midair. She lands, grabs it like a tow line, yells, and hauls it around. With his talons, Griffin panics, and builds furrows in the ground, as She-Hulk drags him around the castle grounds, angrily.


In another dent in the wall, She-Rulk lies, still in wolf form. When she hears She-Hulk scream in rage, she opens her eyes. They're red...and they glow...

On Vanaheim, another battle is in progress. A team of space-faring mercs, led by Grant Ward/Hammer, fights an army of black wolves and cyborgs led by the Fenris cousins, Donald Pierce, and Friedrich von Roehm.

Just like the Mighty Thor, with blond hair and everything, Ward swings his own Uru hammer around, taking out black wolves and cyborgs in droves. They're strong and ferocious...but via berserkergang, he's MUCH more so.

In the midst of the fighting, a pair of portals open in the sky. Sister Voodoo and Enchantress fall through them, while still dueling.

The rest of the battle seems to ignore them, as the two witches fight one another. Both have managed to injure one another...but clearly not enough to win.

Around them, black wolves charge. Both inadvertently open portals back to Old Germany...where the wolves inadvertently barge right into, without being given a chance to hesitate. The portals close behind them, trapping them on Midgard.

One of these portals takes Von Roehm back to Midgard, too. Good thing that wasn't Sister Voodoo's portal that sent him there; she'd hate it, if she ever found out that her side lost because Von Roehm joined Hydra's Council, and became the single grain of rice that tipped the scale.

Nearby, Selene Gallio, a mutant witch, stops fighting for the Fenris cousins, and notices the two witches dueling. She has no idea why they are, or what they're doing on Vanaheim...but for this, she gets distracted, and enters the fight...for no apparent reason, other than the fact that she's a witch.

And so, what was once a two-way duel becomes a three-way one...although neither Enchantress nor Sister Voodoo are sure what they've got to gain from beating Selene.

On the sidelines, the mutant Sage, who's hauling injured wolves and cyborgs to safety, stops for a moment, to witness the dueling trio. She watches, until Selene creates a portal, and causes all three of them to fall through it, and continue their duel elsewhere.

At this, Sage scoffs. "And to think that most think that catfights are underrated," she mutters.

At last, the rest of the pack escapes from the Castle Schwarz. Kate Bishop shoots an arrow to a battlement. It has a cable attached to it. She hangs from the cable, while sliding on over to the battlement. Behind her, Black Widow, 13, Hellcat, and Brunnhilde follow, taking the same way as her.

Wasp shrinks, and flies away. Medusa stands, and waits until Sersei teleports into view, embraces her, and teleports back to the den.

Kate lands on the battlement, aims an arrow, and covers her teammates, as they escape by taking the stairs down to the lower level of the battlement. They all make it; only she's left.

Alas, another cable, with an arrow tied to it, latches itself to the side of the battlement. Paranoid, Kate creeps towards it...

Bowman slides down it, swings, lands on the battlement, stands, and draws an arrow of his own. Kate stands tall, while aiming her own arrow back at the Hydra bowman.

He's dressed for the part, alright; he's wearing green attire. If not for the yellow Hydra octopus across the front of his sleeveless zip-up top, he'd look like Green Arrow.

Kate acknowledges the arrowhead that Bowman uses. It's black...and while Kate can't see it, she's pretty sure there's more than just sharpness in that arrow...

"Well," Bowman sneers, "if it isn't Hawkeye's protégé! And what, may I ask, do they call you?"

"Hawkeye," she spats. "Just like my predecessor."

He scoffs. "Creative much." He glances at his arrowhead. "You know what this is, don't you? But of course you would. Your beloved predecessor reeked of its dark magic for days, right before it claimed his heart, and made him a wraith...Kate Bishop."

In her chest, Kate's heart freezes. Crap; Bowman knows her secret identity.

Back on the ground, She-Hulk holds Griffin, while She-Rulk loses control, and punches his underside to infinity. Griffin lies, thrashes, and takes this much as he hates it.

Soon, Sister Grimm and Hercules come, and have a few rounds of their own with Griffin. Lucia Cage, Punisher, Honey Badger, Elektra, Colleen Wing, Gwenpool, and Havok do, too.

With her webbing, Mila Morales pins several of the black hyenas to the ground. As much as their numbers have grown, Mila doubts that Synapse's power is as useful against them as it was.

Like the dhole who can't stop fighting, Dhole continues to snarl, and slash away at the remaining black hyenas. The Schwarzs, Zwarts, and Blacks sure like their black hyena-staffed protection...

Sersei teleports everywhere, and acts as an ambulance, getting the wounded off the castle grounds. She does her best to respect the fight between Hawkeye and Bowman, that's happening atop a certain battlement...

With dual blades each, the two archers fight. For Hawkeye, this is about avenging her mentor and predecessor...who was once a great man named Clint Barton.

At last, Bowman pins her. He takes out one of his accursed arrows, and holds it over his enemy's heart. It gleams with malice...

"Prepare to meet your mentor in hell," Bowman sneers, "Ms. Bishop."

Kate watches helplessly, as Bowman raises the arrow to stab her into the heart with...

Hellcat sneaks up behind him, screams, and slashes his quiver off with her claws. At this, Bowman instantly spins around, and starts taking on Hellcat. As Kate would expect, she's faster than him. Alas, Kate has fought plenty of fast foes to know that sometimes, as helpless as they appear, the slowest of duelists CAN come out on top...

In a flash of a moment, that becomes a dark red flash of light flashes all around, inside the battlement's top. Hellcat freezes. Kate gapes, and looks around.

Nearby, Cho Chang stands. Her wand is smoking...with brown smoke. Before her, Bowman staggers, and falls to the battlement floor. He lies on his back, breathes his last breaths, and looks up at his assailant...with shock and awe.

"My arrow," he barely says, "from your wand?"

Cho nods. "I know of a counter-curse that can undo your so-called 'Morgul Curse." She shrugs. "It only makes sense, that I also invent a curse to match it...right?"

"Assiatic bitch," are Bowman's last words. Above him, Hellcat, Hawkeye, and Ms. Chang gather around, as they watch the light leave Bowman's eyes.

Kate shakes Patsy's hand. "Thanks for coming back." She shakes Cho's. "Thanks for avenging my mentor."

"Grab onto my arms," Cho urges, "and I'll take us outside the walls."

They do. Cho teleports away...and does.

From the sky, Thor, Capt. Marvel, and the others dive, and extract the pack females who can't fly, via flight. Sersi arrives, and teleports away everyone who the fliers can't carry.

On the ground, Black Knight and Griffin both lie injured. Farther away, Lightmaster and Crimson Cowl have FINALLY been taken down. Alas, they'll both be back up again...soon.

Atop the battlement, the same can't be said for Bowman. From his corpse, the spirit of a wraith rises. It leaves well as his bow, his quiver, and the Hydra symbol on his zip-up sleeveless top.

Outside the castle walls, the sun rises over the eastern woods. From the path leading to the front gate, many cars (mostly Bentleys) arrive...FINALLY having resolved the Quidditch game. They're all going to have a real fit, when they find out what's happened here, in their absences. Needless to say, heads will roll.

At long last, Sersi gets a chance to teleport Cho to Harry's den. He's a human again, and lies injured.

Cho only takes a moment, to behold his gorgeous body, while he's asleep and dying. She caresses his hair, and recalls all the good times she's had with him...

From out of nowhere, Wasp resizes herself to normal, scaring Cho. She takes off her helmet, snaps in her face, and points at Harry. Cho nods, gets out her spellbook, and gets to work.

In a clearing surrounded by the dawn, a whirlwind of positive spirits fly in circles, around an eye of space. They sing, and chant beautifully, as the sun rises over the eastern woods...

Within the center of the whirlwind, Harry Potter levitates, shirtless. As he sleeps, Cho, an old flame from his past, is healing him...of the Bowman's black magic. As his father once told him via the Resurrection Stone, "he's nearly there."

It's apparent, now, that Harry wears rings in his nipples, when he's human. Good thing he never rears, when he's a wolf...

For a long time, the spirits orbit him, not knowing if what they're doing is working. One thing they're all sure of, though, is that they SHOULD be working...

At last, Harry yawns and stretches...while being levitated. The spirits vanish, and Harry is gently levitated down, and laid to rest atop an altar in the clearing.

Cho sits near him, and caresses his hair, once more. "Harry," she whispers.

He grasps her hand, and smiles. He can't see...but he knows her voice when he hears it. "Cho? You saved me?"

She nods...and caresses her own face with Harry's hand. "Bowman's dead. I killed him...with the exact opposite of the magic that I've used to heal you." She adjusts her hair. "It was the same magic he used to harm you...via one of his accursed shafts."

"Thank you." He turns his head around, in many directions. "When I'm rested...I think we both have something to tell the pack."

She nods. "I do, too. But you need rest. I'll tell them. I'll tell them exactly what you were about to, before Bowman ruthlessly shot you on Silver Sable's orders."

Harry scoffs. "Is that what happened? I thought it was Hydra."

"It was...and it wasn't." She looks around. "Some of your pack females are dead. I'm sorry they had to die for me."

"With all due respect to them," Harry admits, "I'd ask them to do it again in a heartbeat."

She wipes her own tears. "I'm sorry I got married. I'm sorry I left you."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah; don't dwell. Now; you have something to tell my pack?"

"Of course. Let me help you back to the den. You need rest."

With that, she helps him up, and back to the den. And now, as Harry rests from his recovery, the pack's new phase of their war against Hydra will begin...