The New York City skyline was beautiful on nights like this. Not a cloud blocking the shimmering stars light

Not a soul in sight save for captain Yuriko Watanabe of the NYPD who was currently stood at the railing of the police station rooftop lost in thought so she failed to notice to red and black dressed spandex wearing hero land next to her

"Yo" the webslinger greeted with a wave in response the police captain gave an uncharacteristic yelp

"Hahaha" Spider-Man gave a hearty laugh at the captains expanse who slightly puffed out her cheeks in a pout before morphing to her trademark death glare

Spider-Man's laughing for was immediately silenced when the Yuriko gave the wall crawler a death glare that made him put his hands up in mock surrender

"What do you want" captain watanabe asked slightly annoyed by the fact Spider-Man scared her

"Nothing I was swinging past and saw you on the roof looking all broody like a wanna be Batman but cuter," Spider-Man said still chuckling at yuri''s earlier outburst

Yuriko gave a sigh in response

"The police ball is coming up in a few days and I as per usual don't have a date" Yuri gave a discouraged sigh while trying to ignore the web head complement.

"Wait.. you're actually worried about that that's unlikely formyou to care about such trivial thing" Spider-Man asked saying the world trivial with a fake posh accent but genuinely confused,

Yuri shook her head "its more about reputation I'm the captain I'm expected to have a date or atleast not go alone" the captain Spoke looking back at the new York skyline

Yuri then noticed Spider-Mans suit "is that a new suit" Yuri asked gesturing to the black and red suit he was currently dressed in

"Yeah" his voice seemed to break which Yuri noted "yeah it was a gift from a friend" the super hero finished his voice cracking, for the first time since Yuriko had met Spider-Man his jokester personality broke and honestly it scared her.

"So you do have friends" Yuri joked Hoping to cheer up her friend which evidently worked seeing as Spider-Man chuckled at the joke

"Of course, why is that so surprising they don't call me the friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man for nothing" the spider themed hero responded puffing out his chest and carrying on the joke

"it's just that you're so annoying to be around" Yuri laughed thinking about Spider-Cop and the many sleepless nights he cause her "you wouldn't be wrong but it's part of my charm" Spider-Man responded one of his lenses closed imitating a wink

"Hey Yuri why don't I go to the ball with you" Spider-Man said changing the subject which surprised the police captain "really"? Yuri asked slightly suspicious "yeah I did offer last year but the devils breath incident happened and with that oscorp radio towers the ball was cancelled"

She remembered that the NYPD spent thousands on the towers only for them to break down then for Spider-Man to fix them

"You know what sure why not" Yuriko said with a smile and a shrug not seeing any problem with it if it weren't for Spider-Man's mask you would be able to see that his face had lit up like a Christmas tree because the Captains smile was oddly...perfect

" I'll see you later then" Spider-Man stammered before leaping of the roof tops swinging of into the night

Yuri watched as he disappeared through and sighed "god damn it feel like a damn school girl" yuri said to herself while placing a hand over her heart and walked back into to building

Spider-Man was no different "I haven't felt like this since Mj" Peter thought to himself

Chapter one is done like I said this will be a two shot with the next xhapter being the ball