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Before the Beginning

Episode 1: Oh, Where To Begin…

Draden Monoko sighed, leaning back against his pillows, eyes closed. He knew what time it was. He really should be awake, even if it was summer break. But he just couldn't. He just felt so…restless…Like something was supposed to happen…but he just couldn't figure it out…

He rolled out of bed, his the floor on his hands and knees, then stood and went to change his clothes. When he came out he glanced at himself in the hall mirror.

A young boy of 13 looked back at him. His eyes were sky blue and his hair was a short and smooth chestnut brown, held back by a pair of round white goggles with black straps. He was dressed in a long-sleeve tan T-shirt, tattered brown vest, and blue jeans held up by a brown belt.

Coming his hair down, he glanced at the calendar. The day by day said exactly what it was supposed to: July 9th, 1980.

Something was going to happen today, he knew it. He often had a feeling like that, like a sixth sense, and he was usually right. When it just nagged him about it, it was usually something small, like a bad grade on a test or going off his bike over that small cliff at the end of the road. The worse ones, the ones that made him sick to his stomach, involved the time he broke his arm and when he got mugged on his way home from school last year. But this was different. This was exciting, but frightening at the same time. So what…?

"I'm going out, mom." he called over his shoulder as he exited the apartment, sliding on his black boots as he did.

His mother looked up from her work over the scrambled eggs. "What?!" she gasped. "But…But Draden, you haven't even had breakfast yet!"

The only response that came was the clicking close of the apartment door.

~ * ~ * ~

12-year-old Diana Illemo stared into her cereal quietly, taking small bites. If she let it sit long enough, the still milk would reflect two eyes the same color as amethysts. The auburn-brown rope of her ponytail hung down to her waist over her shoulder, brushed carefully out of the way so as not to get in her breakfast. Although small silver star earrings were set in her ears, she wore a purple, buttoned-up, long-sleeved collared shirt, black leggings, and plain white tennis shoes. She sat at her family's kitchen table, deep in thought.

"Hi mom." her 15-year-old sister, Ashita, came into the living room. Her dark brown hair was still dripping wet from the bath, and her auburn eyes shown much brighter than her sibling's.

Ashita looked down, then mussed the part of Diana's hair that wasn't tied back. "Hey, little sis." she laughed. "Why the long face?"

"It's nothing…" Diana muttered, finishing off her cereal much more quickly. Not wanting her thoughts disturbed, she put her bowl in the sink and, grabbing the small black bag that held her notebook and pens, headed out of the apartment.

Snapping a black helmet on her head, she mounted a chrome purple bike a pedaled down the street. There was one place in town no one would ever come look for her, and that's where she was going: The abandoned construction site, right there in the middle of her own area of the city, Heighten View Tarries…

~ * ~ * ~

Jett Carkinon leaned back onto the trunk of the tree he was sitting in, enjoying the way the breeze ruffled through his short-cropped black hair. The icy blue of his eyes were gazing over the abandoned construction site in the middle of town. Originally it was supposed to be a big mall or something, but the funding had run short at it had, of course, been abandoned.

This wasn't too bad, the 14-year-old thought, being up here by himself. No Mika or Anna or Terra to bother him, the five-year-old triplets of terror. Silence, at last…He brushed a little dust off his khaki shorts as he thought, adjusting the his blue wristbands. Above the shorts was a dark green T-shirt, and on his feet were tall brown army boots.

Jett glanced around. "For an abandoned site, this sure is busy today…" he muttered quietly.

There were already two that he could see, both looking about his age. Both had brown hair, but the girl's was long and auburn brown, while the boy's was more of a chestnut. She had hidden in a small nook in one of the crumbling buildings a very minutes ago, working in a notebook, while he was standing on the roof of another, staring off into the distance.

Jett snorted, closing his eyes to try and drop off.

~ * ~ * ~

13-year-old Akane Tokimono slide her bike to a stop. Removing the sleek, blue-tinted sunglasses from her shining emerald-green eyes, she pushed back her pale-blonde-almost-white hair with the blue headband she always wore.

"Ah…" she sighed, pulling the sky blue, sleeveless jacket around her long-sleeved white shirt. The skirt she wore matched the shirt, ending at her knees, with tall white socks that reached half-way up her claves and simple blue loafers were on her feet. "This is perfect!"

She stepped through the door to the crumbling old building with ballarina-like grace, and scaled the old stairs with ease. She had a good book in her bag, and she'd finally found the one place she could read it in peace. Not a soul for miles…

When she reached the top, however, she was surprised to find that she wasn't the only one for miles. In fact, she wasn't even the only one for a few feet. Leaning against the edge of the roof was a boy, looking to be just about, if not exactly, her age, wearing goggles to hold back his brown hair. He was gazing over the site, seaming not to notice her.

"Great…" she thought, rolling her eyes. "Oh well…It doesn't look like he wants to bother me…"

She found a nice place in the farthest corner from him, and curled up there with her library book, sending her mind soaring.

~ * ~ * ~

Chris Konica pedaled his mountain bike through a home-made obstacle track. It was located in the perfect spot, the abandoned construction site.

It wasn't much, but he'd cleared out a space between two buildings to make a fair-size (about twenty-five meters across) figure-eight track with four ranges of lumps, a couple of cement-brick logs to jump over and a small river to cross on a wooden plank bridge. It wasn't much, but hey, it was fun!

He went flying over the log, brushing a bit of bushy red hair out of his brown eyes, muttering to himself as he did: "And, ladies and gentlemen, Chris Konica leaps over the wall with outstanding accuracy! Listen to that sweet ride, folks!"

Chris's dream was to become a top-class motorcycle racer. He was only 12 years old, but he had this weird thing about all machines, especially vehicles. And his outfit showed it: A black leather jacket over a white T-shirt, black slacks and navy blue-and-white tennis shoes.

"Look at that!" someone in the distance cried.

Chris stopped, looking up. There he froze, mouth hanging open and eyes wide. The four other kids who were unknowingly scattered in the same construction site all stood in the same way, staring wildly.

A swirling mass, like a bright green whirlpool, was hanging in the sky above their lot. As they stared, the wind around them slowly picked up. It grew louder and louder until it rang through their ears.

Draden gazed upward, into the green light. He suddenly saw several sparks hovering around them, just having appeared as though from a fire. "Holy…"

Slowly, carefully, each of the sparks was carried slowly down from the sky, each on its own gust of wind. There were different colors, and they stopped in front of each of the kids, just hovering there.

Without realizing it, they reached out and grabbed the little balls of light automatically. The vanished instantly, and when they opened their hands there were strange little devices in them, not fireflies or anything of the sort. They were long and rectangular, with a perfectly square screen filling up the left three-quarters of it. There was a set of two black buttons on the right side. Each was the same color as the light surrounding it had been.

"What are these things?" Draden wondered out loud, lifting his red one to the air.

"I'm not sure…" Akane immediately answered his question, examining the green thing in her hand.

Diana was looking over the purple plastic casing carefully, when all of a sudden a hideous beeping filled the air. It was horribly high-pitched and loud, painful as it banged against their eardrums.

Diana covered her ears, but it still bounced through her mind like a rubber ball. "Stop it…" she muttered, on the point of breaking. "Get out…of my head…"

Jett clamped his ears shut, but still the beeping continued. His eyes were pushed shut because of the pain, and all of a sudden he couldn't feel the branch anymore. The blue device in his hand secretly flashed, but he didn't notice as the beeping mellowed into a low rumble that painfully rock his mind.

The kids could feel themselves rising, but they couldn't stop it. They rose higher and higher and the beeping got louder and louder until finally they couldn't take it anymore and everything fell black.