Giving Birth

A/n: Hey people. Oh my i know this has been like forever for me to write any new stories. But i came up with this idea the other day with my friends while walking down the street. I hope you like it and get a couple laughs out of it.

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Warnings: Bashing of Relena!!! *people cheer in joy*


"Now Ms. Peacecraft...when i tell you to push okay?" The doctor said as he looked up at Relena seeing that she was calm and didn't feel a thing but, none of the nurses gave her drugs or anything since she got there.

"Doctor...I can't feel anything. I could just sneeze and give birth to the baby if you wanted me to..." Relena said calmly and smiled to the doctor really telling him the truth.

"Ms. many child do you have?" The doctor asked her raising a thin brow at her wondering it. He was starting to wonder why she couldn't feel anything or if she was one of those girls who slept with men for pleasure or money.

"I have 8 children and this is going to be my nineth one. I used to be one of the girls who had fun when i was younger, as you can tell. I am so loose and i can sneeze, sing my abc's backwards, and be blindfolded and have a baby." Relena smiled to the doctor sweetly, "well...get me to sneeze..."

"Nurse, make Ms. Peacecraft sneeze...we need to get this baby out of her.." The doctor said slowly, seeing that she is now dialated all the way. The nurse comes back with a feather and tickled under Relena's nose, trying to make her sneeze.

Relena gasped and started to sniffle closing her eyes, starting to sneeze, and finally just sneezes loudly, sounding more of a squeak. She pushed as well pushing the baby out of her, having Heero's baby finally. The doctor cut the cord, the nurse cleaning the baby off and weighed him and all that good stuff the nurses do after a baby is born and handed him to Relena, "You have a health baby boy Ms. Peacecraft. What are you going to name him?"

She thought for a moment looking down at the sleeping baby in her arms, "I'll name him....Nagi. Yes, that is a good name for him.


Side notes: I know this wasn't very long, but my friends helped me with it and we couldn't think of anymore. So i need help, that means feedback and ideas!! Please I will love you and you can adopt Relena's child!

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