Okay, I am sorry but this is not a chapter.

I didn't get much time today so I was just editing the stories and I thought of giving you a general storyline about this story that I have thought of. This is my plotline for now though it may change if season 2 introduces something good.

Those who don't want to be spoiled can just back away.

These are not set in stone and can get changed if/when the second season arrives. If the second season does not come, then this story will follow the following arcs. Even then, I can change it later to suit my needs, and if I feel like the story could need it.

Arc 1: This will cover for the next chapter

Our new protagonist would now start tailing the Bow lion and his mother for the lessons in the shadowing as he learned that they will be going over 'some' lessons while eavesdropping. With time, he will get the basics down.

He wouldn't be that good but he would be proficient enough to reduce his presence that even Paris couldn't sense him and his thoughts. He would also start to spend time with Baba Voss. By the time the year ends he will also become a good friend of Baba Voss who will start to look at him as a big brother and Paris as a big sister.

Arc 2: This will cover for next 2-3 chapters

1 year later.

Okay now that the SI will be 15-16, he will start traveling to the other tribes and become a trader. He knows that most of the trading is done at the festival of the fall. Not all of the tribe attends it so not many people could get the benefits. Most people lived their entire lives in their tribe without traveling anywhere. So, to increase his reputation and getting some thrill in his life (which was stale even with the sex with Paris), he will start trading.

Initially, he would only travel to the nearby tribes but after a year of profit, he will start traveling farther too. He will become very rich (relative to that time) in just a few years. To save time, he will also get a horse and map out some routes in which he would be able to take a carriage.

Furthermore, he won't be telling anyone that he is married or that he is from the Alkenny tribe (people don't take kindly when other tribe people spends much time in their tribe). And that way, many chieftains' will try to get him to join their tribes. For that, they will send someone to seduce him usually their daughters or sisters. He will get to know their intentions and instead of confronting them or doing anything stupid, he would seduce the 'seductresses' and make them loyal to him through a variety of ways like sex, gifts, manipulation, etc. (This will be continuing to the next arc and maybe next to next arc too).

He will also seduce at least a woman from each tribe, mainly who are independent (most of them are due to living life as blind), and also more powerful politically (like Chieftains'' daughters or sisters) though, he will make sure that the tribes don't interact with each other. Him, fulfilling the trade deals, those who used to travel (already very few) would get dependent on him and not travel to the other tribes and thus he would be able to maintain the secrecy of having so many partners.

Moreover, society has lost most of the ways of the old so polygamy was not much taboo as even the royalty has many concubines or mistresses.

Arc 3: This will cover for the next 1 or 2 chapters.

He will be around 16 years of age. He will find that Paris is pregnant. He will want to reveal the truth (not about being a reincarnate from another world or from past; or about the other women in his life but about his gift of sight) but decides to tell her after the child is born just in case the truth affects her and thus affects the baby.

He knows that she was a supporter of sight in the cannon but for him, that was a few decades into the future. He doesn't know what she thinks about this in the present. They don't discuss these topics as even speaking about the sight was taboo.

He also started collecting many items like Books etc. from the travels which will help him raise the children and educate them properly in case they also have eyesight. He didn't want to be like the Jerameral who only wanted the children to abandon them and manipulate them to worship to feel like god although, he definitely agreed with some of his concepts. He could definitely see a good idea of having many children who could see in the dark world. He eventually decided to fuck the women (all above 20) trying to seduce him after making them loyal to him and not the tribe. This way, he will get an army of sighted children who will be loyal to him.

Arc 4: This will cover for the next 1 or 2 chapters

Seeing his effectiveness, the Alkenny decide to elect him as the leader. He refused as that would keep him busy and would take time. He also realized that if he agreed to become the leader, he wouldn't be able to meet the other tribes too.

He continued to fuck around the women and got the news that some of them are with children too.

Arc 5: This will cover for the next 2 or 4 chapters.

His first child is born and he decides to tell the truth about his eyesight to Paris when he saw that his child has a normal eye color instead of white color. He also gave her the books that he had collected.

Paris told him that she knew or at least she suspected, he could see. She was also happy that she could touch the books (like episode 2 or 3 where she finds the books from the Jeremeral). She agreed to keep it quiet. They talk and he revealed that his eyesight is the only reason; he is able to traverse so much distance. He also reveals he was born in the underground cave tribe. That talk brought them closer which makes him feel guilty about cheating on her. But not enough to come clean with her.

He decides to build the bridge that was built by Jeremeral in the canon in case someone finds about his child's eyesight in the future. He also told Paris about the bridge just in case and ask her to flee if they are in danger. He also told her that their child could see too which made Paris really happy.

While he is going on trade, he chances upon the slaves. Seeing the condition of them, he killed the slavers and freed the slaves. He also decided to form his own secret tribe. He took them to the same location that the Alkenny tribe went to in the canon after their fight with the witch-finders. He appointed a leader in his absence after making sure that he was loyal to him.

He also becomes dad more times after that.

Next year, Paris is again pregnant.

He continues to kill the slavers and free slaves in the area and make them join his tribe. Most if not all are loyal to him as he freed them from the bond of servitude. Soon this reaches House Kane who didn't find that of any threat. Still, on the advice of his advisors, the king sent a platoon of witch-finders to investigate.

Just as the baby from Paris is born, it is discovered that the Witch-finder Army is at their doorstep.

Arc 6: This will be cover for the next 1 or 2 chapters

It is found that Souter Bax's mother and wife of the current tribe called them. She feared that he would take the position of the tribe leader in the future which she wanted for her child even after our protagonist refused to be the leader.

She is killed by his own husband for bringing doom upon their tribe. It is also discovered that she just messaged them a day before. This lets him realize that maybe they didn't come with full force.

He didn't want to lose his friends, he had made in the tribe and so decide to give himself up for the tribe and his children. He also asked Paris to protect his son from the other people and to educate him properly.

He also told her about the other women that he had fucked and that he was sorry for cheating on her. She was obviously angry at him but considering it was to be their last moment, she forgives him and agreed to share the books with the other children of him if she gets the chance. He kissed her passionately and leaves. He didn't turn back or even saw Paris crying to herself.

Even if he agreed on giving himself up, he didn't want to die. He asked around and got to know that they brought about 5 dozen people just in case they had to fight on top of horses and dogs. So he planned. He was just going to confront them when he found his path blocked by Baba Voss and some of his friends. They wanted to fight.

They called the meeting and brought the plan to fight. The motion is carried in the parliament and it is agreed that they will fight. He is also selected as the leader of the tribe. As the leader, he ordered them to not stop him. He also told them that if he does not return alive, they are to run away, with the help of the bridge.

He himself went down first to see and thin their numbers and also kill any messenger bird they had so that they can't call the backup. He went there and started killing all of the witch-finders with the arrows. He first killed the ones on the horses so that they don't escape. In the chaos, he realized a perfect position to kill all the witch-finders. Then he killed the dogs so that they don't alert them to his position (He was standing in the water so that the sound of the water masked his scent and noise).

Seeing that he might not need his friends he killed them all. With his shadowing, he was able to do that all.

He will kill them all. Or In the end, only 1 would be left and that would be Tamacti Jun (who recently became the witch-finder general's, right-hand man). In an epic fight, he killed him. (Still not decided on if I want to keep it or scrap it as I want to make Tamacti jun and Baba Voss fight)

Arc 7: This will cover the next 15 years (only the general idea and not fully formed)

Due to the army not informing the Kane House, nobody knows that witchfinders were killed against Alkenny tribe. But there were rumors which say that they were killed while trying to bring back the slaves for the slavers. The rumor is started by our protagonist during his trading.

He also started manipulating people and incited the tribes into the rebellion against the Kane Family. He gained so many tribes when the king became sick that half of the Kane empire came under him. He taught them, discipline, archery, and made Baba Voss as his sword instructor.

Most of his army was only there for the protection and defense as he alone was enough for a platoon with his skill in shadowing, archery and sword. He also became a good builder and made the tribes safer by building a wall around the tribes.

He knew that there will be tensions in the royal family over the ascension. He decided to go to the capital. There during the conflict between the sisters, he took off with about all the slaves. The city was doomed with most of the slaves gone and their tribute coming rarely. Many of the population died because they couldn't wipe their own ass after shitting.

Any army sent was never heard of. This time too Maghra lost as the council decided that they needed someone who was ruthless and capable of winning from this "The mighty Thor Stark".

He acquired Jeremeral and Maghra there. Though he asked them to come with him, they refused at first. Then Jeremeral noticed that he was also a sighted person. Still, they refused. He at first thought of using force but discarded the idea. He could feel that they were still arrogant due to living in luxury. He knew they wouldn't last if Jeremeral didn't have the eyesight. Even then, they will have very difficult adjusting to the outside world where they are not shielded. He let nature teach them a lesson.

In the next 2 years, the Kane house becomes less and less powerful. He had almost all the tribes under him. He was able to make the people understand that eyesight was not evil. They believed him after he performed what they thought to be a miracle. Many things also saved people's lives.

Maghra and Jeremeral also came to him. Maghra was pregnant at that time. He agreed to house them but at a separate location. He won the confidence of Jeremeral as the guy was very happy to meet his 'kind'. He invited him to drink. In his drunkenness, he extracted everything from him that could be useful. He found that he had already sired one of the sighted children in a tribe (Ottoman or something like that). He learned his secret location of the things he has collected in his lifetime etc.

After that, he killed Jeremeral as he didn't want anyone other to become a wild card and he knew Jeremeral will not be happy until he is at the highest position of the power.

In some months Maghra became attracted to Baba Voss and thus Haniwa and Kofun were born again.

At last, the clash between the last of the army of the house Kane led by Tamacti jun and he and his fighters happened. (The victory was obviously him).

In the next years, he controlled the tribes and started making reforms that let the people living under his reign prosper.

His all children were taught to read and write; to hunt and fight. Each one of them decided to take a field and become so skilled that they became their leaders of that profession. Like one of them became the skilled Shadow, skilled Presage, Skilled Blacksmith, Skilled hunter, etc, etc.

After which they went to fight with Baba Voss's older brother and got his territory too.

And so he continued to gain more land in his kingdom.