Oh, dear. I've been lax again, haven't I? And GEEZ, the stupid chapter order has been wrong for HOW long? I thought everything was kosher, but NO, of COURSE not... *grumblegrumblegrumble* ... ... Of course, if I'd actually been around to check up on these things...

To anyone who still bothers to read this: I swear I haven't forgotten this story. It still has a very prominent place in my mind; I still ponder on how it's going to turn out, what will happen next, how on earth will Quistis and Seifer get together at the current rate their relationship is going. All I can say is, I had NO friggin' idea what would happen to "Free Time" when I got out of school and joined the real world.

Considering I have two jobs, barely make minimum wage, and work as often as I can, free time is a distant memory. :( :( :(

I have NOT, however, forgotten this baby. I have plans to change a couple different things (alright, so some of them will be major) that have already happened in the story, change the order around because 1) I had a definite goal when I started this that it'd be a Quiefer, and 2) because the original plotline I had in mind was SO juvenile. Yeah, it was.

I've got some of a new chapter already written down, but it's not enough to give you as a cookie; actually, it's pretty boring so far. Plus, I'm wanting to tweak things and, well, that's going to change what happens next also and I don't want.... *sigh*

The story is still alive, everyone. Even if the author is having difficulty adjusting to real life. *mumblegrumble*