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"Alright! Spill!" Emmett demanded the moment they were all in the house.

Esme was there to greet them and Carlisle hadn't had to go into work so everyone was very much accounted for that afternoon. Edward sighed internally, wondering how to get through this when he barely had any information himself.

Even he had questions that needed answers. Maybe not all of them no matter how much his curiosity was in overdrive, but at least some answers would be appreciated.

"Harry is magic," he said plainly, since that was basically what Bella had told him. "I don't really know what it means but he can make objects move with just a flick of the hand or a twitch of the head. I've watched him do it to a table and a gramophone. He disappeared on the spot and nothing of him remained but a bit of his scent and the indentation his shoes had made in the mud. He told me he likes reading tea leaves for fun, and we already knew he was from a cult in Britain. I'd say witchcraft but I'm not very sure."

"Witches?" Jasper said doubtfully, his thoughts going off on a tangent about potential dangers this could bring to the coven and how to neutralize them effectively. Some thoughts were rather morbid, so Edward tried to block them out since they still made him uncomfortable. And of course, feeling his response, Jasper endeavored to mute his thoughts somewhat, which was appreciated.

He shrugged, since barely a second of time had passed. "We're vampires. Some of us can read minds and see the future. There are werewolves out there still, despite Caius' efforts. Wolf shape-shifters live down in La Push. I wouldn't be so quick to deny the potential existence of other supernatural beings. Being vampires doesn't mean we're all-knowing, especially for such solitary creatures like us."

Even for a mind reader like him, he couldn't know everything there was to know about the world. he had time on his side to learn but even then he would never know everything.

They knew next to nothing about Harry's potential abilities and what he was capable of for example. Or what people like him were capable of.

"And Isabella knew?" as Carlisle as he gently held Esme's hand in an effort to keep her calm without the aid of Jasper's abilities. She was doing an admirable job since she wasn't necessarily terrified or anything.

"Yes. He decided to tell her because hiding it seemed pointless with how they seem to be closest to each other than anyone else in Forks. She called his disappearing act, 'Apparition'."

He still had so many questions about it.

"Both were very nice when I met them," said Carlisle thoughtfully. "Harry's list of injuries was concerning but them potentially being magic-related and therefore having no normal explanation would explain why he couldn't fill out his medical history very well."

That was something Edward hadn't considered before. He'd been so caught up in the fact that Harry wasn't human, or at least not a normal human, that he'd forgotten about that! Harry's medical history had been very empty. He'd explained that his school was essentially bombed by an extremist cult and that all the records, because electronics weren't looked highly upon, were gone. But that didn't mean he didn't remember how he received his injuries.

And he had a very old gramophone that he was perfectly sure couldn't be broken by much of anything. He was only just learning how to use a cell phone after moving to America. And one time Edward had heard him call out to Merlin as an exclamation. Instead of God or some sort of variation on that, he'd said Merlin.

There was a whole mystery behind Harry Potter, and Edwards wanted to unravel it bit by bit.

"I like him," Alice said cheerfully. "And Bella is going to be my best friend so no one is going to ruin this for Edward and I."

And that was that.

"Hey, Bella, I need you to begin wearing this."

Harry held up a necklace he'd woven. All over it were charmed opal beads he'd personally enchanted. They had been integrated into the overlapping pieces of twine he'd been working with. The chances of it falling apart naturally were very slim.

"It's beautiful," she said, fingering the beads that no doubt had to look familiar to her. "What's it for?"

"Anyone so much as comes at you with the intent to do harm will find themselves repelled by a force-field of magic that will also scramble their minds a bit to confuse them. With any luck, most beings will end up going elsewhere and forget about you."

He'd been looking into it ever since he'd confirmed the existence of vampires in Forks. While he doubted any of the Cullens would pose a threat to either Bella or himself, he was aware that when vampires gathered in large numbers, it drew the attention of other vampires. And not all vampires were 'vegetarians' nor did all of them respect such a way of existing.

As such, there were currently a few vampires dipping in and out of the Olympic peninsula who did not live there. There had already been seven murders that had been written off as animal attacks. Personally, he thought these wanderers were trying to draw out the Cullens by baiting them and seeing what they'd do in response, and this was the only method they could think of.

It was stupid though. Seven vampires were capable of coexisting in close quarters for decades. That showed powerful bonds and loyalty to one another. One of them could read minds, and he had a feeling one of the others had an extra ability as well. Nomads baiting an established Coven that possessed extra abilities to defend itself, was a stupid move.

Bella fastened his gift around her neck. "You have one too," she noted, touching his own beads which were tied around his wrist as a bracelet.

He nodded. "I'm a wizard and that means some extraordinary things on my part. Some I'm not even willing to acknowledge personally. But if I can't see my target, it becomes harder to fight them. So I'm doing my best to minimize any chances for an enemy to get in close quarters. Since you attract trouble like a magnet, I figured this was the best way I can keep you safe until I learn how to make better wards that can move with you instead of needing to be stationary."

"What are wards?"

"Think of a magical keystone. Instead of holding up an arch, it's buried into the ground somewhere on your property. A dome of magic proceeds to surround the property all the way around only on the parts you have control of. Magic recognises ownership if it's truly yours, and duty if you're just in charge of it. When someone comes near the wards, they let me know the status of the individual, such as if they're human or not, or a threat or not. And in doing so, I can enact further measures of protection such as dissolving someone on the spot or electrocuting them.

"I tied it to Charlie since he's the homeowner and his entire being has seeped into that building from living there for so long. In general though, I can strengthen and weaken the wards if necessary. So long as you call that place home, and you have to feel it deep inside, not just claim it aloud, magic will also grant you protection. It's a tricky bit of work but it's worth it."

Bella sighed and sent him a fond smile. "Thanks for the… you know, protection. You don't have to do any of this, you know?"

"I know. But I want to," he grinned. "Now, I wanted to ask if you'd be so kind as to drive me to Subway. I found out Forks has a Subway and I've never been to Subway."

"They do?" she asked. "I don't remembering seeing it anywhere."

"Yeah, it's past Tillicum Park if you keep following the 101 North. I was looking for a pizza shop, which there is one in fact, but then Subway came up in the search as well and that's more interesting to me."

He wanted to sample their food to see if it was a place that he should go to on the regular.

"I'll get my wallet."

"No, I'll pay. It'll be the least I can do as you're driving. But don't worry, once I know the area and have been there at least once, I will be able to go on my own without bothering you."

"It's no bother at all, Harry."

"Is this going to be a habit from now on?" Harry asked the next morning when Edward appeared as promised.

The vampire smiled charmingly, as he often did when trying to get his way, and nodded. "And you are riding to school with us today. Too many people thought we abandoned you to walking in the rain yesterday and it made me very uncomfortable as a hit to my personal code of honor."

He was pleased to see Harry's flush of shame. It still annoyed him that the human would ever think his friends would leave him out of something. Though he didn't know about Harry's past, so what had happened to make him this way? What experiences had he had with others to just assume he was being left behind without even a warning?

Before anyone else could say anything, Harry was sliding into the backseat without hesitation. When he registered them staring at him oddly he shrugged. "I figured Bella would sit up front with you. Since couples usually do that kind of thing."

"I wouldn't know," said Bella. "I've never dated anyone."

Edward hadn't either, but he'd seen enough couples and heard enough minds to know that what Harry said was the truth.

"I went on a date once," Harry said when they were all in the car. He was staring out the window almost forlornly. "It was terrible. I couldn't understand half of what Cho was talking about because she was constantly oscillating between blubbering about her feelings, to being jealous over stupid shite."

"Why was she blubbering and jealous?" asked Edward, curious to know more about Harry's past. He'd grasp at literally anything if it meant getting to know the teen better.

"Cho Chang was dating Cedric Diggory. In my Fourth Year, this old tournament between international magical schools was reinstated. The other two schools sent delegations of potential champions all in their final school years, to compete. Cedric was our school's champion; he was a Seventh Year. I fancied him and Cho and couldn't really decide who I was more jealous of in the long run and everyone seemed to know about it. Tom Riddle, the person I've mentioned to you both before, wanted to get me killed, so he had one of his followers enter me into the tournament under a school not involved, and the item therefore only had one name to pick for that school, and I ended up in the tourney as well despite not being of age.

"Cedric and I finished the final task together, but instead of being transported back to the school to celebrate, we were kidnapped and he was murdered for just being there. Cho and I didn't handle it well. As I was interested in her and him, and I was the last person with him when he died, and was popular as well, Hermione said she was too emotionally distraught. Pulled in a million directions because she loved him but liked me, and hadn't gotten over him yet, but wanted to see if what she had with me could work, but felt guilty over insulting his memory so soon after his death. I didn't get what Hermione was talking about at the time, but I get it now."

It was a lot to take in at once, and it was tragic as well, but Edward could understand what kind of turmoil that would put someone in when piled together so soon after the tragedy. "Why was she jealous though?"

"I didn't really realize she intended for it to be a date when it was happening. So I was worried about a lot of things and kept getting distracted. Someone dared to tell me I was overreacting but as I was the one with madman in my mind trying to control me from a distance, while everything was falling to shite around me in more ways than one with a teacher physically torturing me at night and the government launching a smear campaign against me, I would say I had a right to my stress.

"And anyway, with the government, school, classes, the evil cult rising up again, big exams coming up, plus my friends having their own issues I didn't know how to help with, I kept not talking about her and kept talking about Hermione and Ron. And I guess she assumed I fancied Hermione and proceeded to be very rude about everything. It was a mess."

So much had happened in Harry's life that Edward didn't even know where to start.

It was a shame that a 14/15 year old had to witness the murder of the boy he liked. What were the adults doing in Harry's life at that time? Why was it so easy to kidnap two different children from the same school when they were all apparently magical and could even move things without touching them? And surely such a big, international competition would warrant officials and the protection of law enforcement to an extent, right?

The Volvo pulled into Edward's preferred spot at the school, right beside Rosalie's red BMW. It gleamed even in the overcast weather that was the usual for Forks. Rosalie took very good care of her cars and spent 20% of her time in the garage improving them. She'd already given it spinning rims.

Harry whistled, taking note of it for the first time. "That's hot. I kind of want a car but I know I'll probably never drive it. I don't really like driving all that much and I don't think I'll be very good at it."

Bella snorted. "When you can instantly be in one place and then another, I can't imagine how driving would appeal."

"Brooms are better," he stated with surety. "Mine can go 120 mph in 6.5 seconds and slow to a stop in 3 seconds."

Edward's interest was caught immediately. He was a vampire and with his enhanced senses, he was used to moving quickly. Speed was a need. Going that fast was an appealing thought. Though how a human could handle going such a speed by themselves was baffling.

Harry smiled suggestively and waggled his brows. "Perhaps I'll take you for a ride on my Thunderbolt some time. It can fit two people."

"I'll hold you to it," he told the teen, enjoying this more playful side of Harry.

Outside, the students still stared as openly as they had the day before. Harry seemed unfazed by it, but Bella looked uncomfortable since she very obviously hated having attention. The walk to their class was silent.

"I'll see you both at Lunch," he clarified so Harry didn't get any wrong ideas.

"I get it, can you please stop teasing me over it?" the boy groaned, heading inside without even a backwards glance.

Bella frowned a bit. "I don't think his mood improved in the least."

"Neither do I."

"Are we making him a third wheel? He suggested that he was the third wheel. Is you suggesting that you're… dating me really helping anyone in the long run?"

He had to think about it. He hadn't considered that. And Jessica's words from yesterday came to mind. 'You like him, I know you do,' she had said to Harry while they had left Bella and Edward in the hall. And he hadn't denied it in the least.

Again, Edward's mind wasn't necessarily on the dating part yet. He wanted to get to know the two humans who befuddled him daily with their strange answers and beliefs. He wanted to know what made them so different. Dating was a good excuse to use for why he would be around so much though.

But people typically only dated one person at a time. So while Edward had been professing equal interest in them, it was Bella that he'd had spent more time with, Bella's room he lingered outside of at night while she slept, and Bella he suggested to be dating him. So of course Harry would believe that Edward liked Bella way more, making what he'd told Jessica yesterday, make more sense.

"I guess the threesome joke might not be such a joke after all," he said carefully, gauging Bella's reaction.

At first she flushed at the implications in those words, and then took on a more calculating look. "Polyamory is a thing. It's 2020 and people should mind their own business anyway."

"Then I suppose I'm courting the both of you. Do let him know for me, will you? I need to plan on what to do."

She flushed again and then gave a jerky nod and rushed inside before anything more could be done.

Never before would Edward have thought that he would enter into a relationship with more than one person at the same time. But it felt kind of exhilarating when he thought about it!

Oh, Edward, it's going to be great! gushed Alice from somewhere in the school. Her thoughts were louder than usual. You're going to be so happy with them! And contrary to popular belief, this isn't very rare among vampires.

He hadn't known that. Interesting. He also didn't ignore how she wouldn't actually show him anything she'd Seen.

He could only imagine what the rest of the family would have to say once Edward's intentions were made totally clear. Rosalie would surely fly off the handle, but he had a feeling everyone else would just go along with it.

He was looking forward to Saturday and Sunday.

"Boring human getting to date a hot vampire is the start to so many young adult novels," Harry commented once they were all sat at Lunch. "Vampire Kisses anyone?"

Edward's face twisted in a very not-attractive expression. "I'm not the most fond of that series if truth be told."

"I thought it was cute for what it is," he said with a shrug. "A muggle dreamed it up without any personal experience with the things that go bump in the night, so I say they did decently. Besides, it's for those who are about fifteen or sixteen, not over a hundred."

Bella looked totally lost. "I think we read completely different things."

"Yeah, you're attached to the classics which bore me to death. But don't go thinking the Wixen World has better fiction, because it doesn't." He was reminded of the Daylight Saga which was written by a Mormon muggleborn who had some very interesting views on the supernatural. Completely old-fashioned and annoying in some places, but it wasn't super terrible if one excluded the desecration of an indigenous people's history and existence.

It could have honestly been worse, and the derivative piece of fiction based on it was indeed worse in every aspect.

"I'll take your word for it."

Today he actually ate something, picking the pizza up off the tray Edward had gotten for them to split and eyeing it critically. "I've never had pizza before."

"If that's your first time having it, don't take it as an example of all pizza. There's no way school cafeteria pizza is ever going to be good," Bella told him, reaching for the bottle of lemonade. "We can get some real pizza in Seattle so you can try the good kind."

It ended up being really greasy underneath and the cheese was just kind of there. Like it was hot, but also completely solid so it just came off like a full slice of bumpy, hot cheese.

"I see what you mean."

He ended up setting it aside and grabbing the pack of apple slices that came with caramel. "Want some?" he asked Bella.

"You're going to think I'm odd for this, but I actually like to eat orange slices dipped in caramel and chocolate."

"That's not weird, that sounds great! Besides, you haven't had Pepper Imps or Every Flavour Beans. Those are weird. In fact..." Harry's satchel was spelled to be larger on the inside. He'd learned that little trick from Hermione.

He liked keeping some sweets on him for any time he was nervous and wanted to chew on something that wasn't gum.

The typical, red and white striped box of Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans came out of the satchel that was far too thin to hold it, but muggles were usually unobservant so no one besides Bella and probably the vampires in the room noticed.

"Give it a go," he told her, placing the box on the table.

She eyed the box with obvious trepidation, the words 'every flavour' standing out all the more. "When it says 'every flavour'..."

"They mean it. We developed the Every Flavour Bean Challenge and it spiked the sales. You have to eat the whole bean, meaning it has to be swallowed. You don't get a full point unless you swallow. It's harder than it seems."

Bella's right brow rose high while the left brow dipped low. She untwisted the top of the box and dug her hand inside. A greenish/yellow one and a robins' egg blue one were in her palm when she pulled her hand out.

"They're very pretty."

Green ended up being the bean of choice and she hummed. "Freshly mowed grass."

"Lucky. That could have been vomit."


"Yeah!" he laughed.

Edward was staring at the box of beans in unveiled horror. "You like those?"

"Well it's every flavour, mate. So you'll have chocolate, cherry pie, treacle tart, s'mores, etc… But then you also have things like skunk spray, dirt, vomit, and cow manure."

The disgust that twisted Edward's face made both humans giggle.

"What is your best memory?" Edward asked a moment later, alternating between staring at them equally.

Harry looked to Bella first, awaiting her answer.

"Mom and I went on a cruise for my thirteenth birthday. It was to the Bahamas. The food was good, the sun was good, and I smuggled a conch shell I found in the sand when the waves knocked me over, back into the country. The sunburn I suffered from the week after was worth it, really."

Edward them looked to Harry, who shrugged. "Not sure what to say, really. There's a powerful spell that requires a very happy memory in order for you to power it properly. I used my first broom ride and me finding out the truth about myself, but they never worked. Yet I remember being very happy at those times. I ended up having to use my parents talking to me. Just talking. I don't remember what they were saying, but I remember their smiles and the sparkling of a mobile of dragons overhead. I'm not even sure it's real, but it's still the best I've got."

Bella patted his arm. "What about you, Edward?"

He was fiddling with the lid to Bella's lemonade, twisting it and turning in between his fingers without any real effort. "About a decade after my turning, I developed some resentment for Carlisle and him turning me and the life he wanted us to live. I felt that I knew better. So I left for a while and did some things I'm not proud of. One of which included murdering Esme's ex-husband, who was incredibly abusive."

Personally, Harry didn't see the issue with that. The arsehole deserved to die. Simple.

"When I came back, contrite and hopeless, Carlisle and Esme accepted me without hesitation. They didn't love me any less. They didn't make me jump through hoops to regain their respect or approval. They were genuinely happy to have me home, and as I knew the innermost thoughts of everyone and knew just what people really thought in the privacy of their own minds, I knew their sincerity was true."

Harry was not the only one tearing up from those words. A peek at Bella showed that she too was glassy-eyed. That kind of unconditional love was something very few would ever truly experience, and that was a sad fact.

"Carlisle sounds like a very pure soul," Harry said quietly.

"He is. It's an honour to share his thoughts."

"That is the sweetest shite I've heard in a very long time. Sensitivity is an attractive trait in a man."

He was certain that if vampires could blush, Edward would be doing it, and that was a good feeling.

Gym with Harry was both better and worse, in Bella's opinion. On one hand she always had a friend at her side, willing to partner up with her and take on the brunt of the work because she was just terrible at sports. On the other hand, he was constantly exposed to one of her biggest faults and it was embarrassing for someone so talented to see her mess up so much.

Harry's opinion mattered very much and she didn't know when or how it happened, but it did. It was a pressing concern of hers and she didn't know if this was her thing or a teenager thing. Bella had always been abnormal as a teenager, but average as a human being. She was born thirty-five and aged more and more each year basically, meaning she was nearing retirement already and as the kids would say, she was boooooo-ring.

And it wasn't as if Harry thought there was something wrong with her. He didn't mock her numerous flaws or anything. It was all in her head, and she knew that. But that didn't stop it from bothering her constantly. That's what living with anxiety was like.

"Are you okay?" he asked while they were walking back to the locker rooms.

"I wish I could be like all the girls back in Arizona. Sporty and fun and full of life and actually look the part of a girl from Arizona and not be so… me."

Rarely did Bella indulge in self-loathing but when she did, it got intense. She could make a sport of it even.

"What's wrong with being you? You're great."

He looked genuinely confused and she placed a hand on his shoulder. It wasn't something easily explained. Anxiety rarely was. She didn't know how to tell him about it, but she appreciated his support anyway. At the same time, she was mortified that he'd taken note of her problems at all.

The ride home was filled with classical music in Edward's car. He seemed to pick up on mood and didn't try to get in his own version of Twenty Questions out of Bella. Harry sat in the front seat this time to give him and Edward more bonding time in what limited space and time they had.

She remembered how Edward had smiled at Harry and how Harry had seemed mystified by the attention.

"Do you both want to sleep in tomorrow or have you planned out when you're getting up?" Edward asked once he pulled up outside Charlie's house.

"We planned to leave at eight," Harry told him. "Is that okay for you?"

"I'll be here at seven-thirty then, if that's fine with you. The Volvo is better on gas and we'll get there faster since I drive incredibly fast and will know if a cop is around"

They nodded and got out.

"See you tomorrow. Do try to get some sleep."

"And you try to curb your anticipation to see Bella again," Harry said, a strange inflection in his tone that made Edward go wide-eyed a bit.

As the Volvo drove away, Bella shifted her bag onto her shoulder. "I think I'm just now coming to terms with the fact that Edward said he wants to court both of us at the same time."

"Eh, polygamous relationships are nothing new among wix. We even have weddings and bondings for such couples."

For a moment, she envisioned herself in the standard white ballgown of a wedding dress, and on either side of her were Edward and Harry, dressed in fine, black suits and looking far too good for her heart to handle.

She was shocked by just how much the image appealed since she'd never been one for marriage. As in how could a piece of paper really make someone's relationship more special?

The divorce rate in America was high as hell. Obviously marriage didn't make life any better.

Bella was dating a vampire... who was dating her wizard friend. Did this mean she was dating Harry too? She cast a look his way to find him staring at her evenly, expression pleasant and inviting like usual.

Yes, she decided. It meant she too was dating Harry.

The moment Edward was out of the Volvo, he was inside the house and seated at the piano. His mind had been replaying a certain sound over and over for a while now. It came around whenever he was near Harry. Like there was this current coming from the young man, that twisted and turned around over and over and became more dim the further away Harry was.

As for the melody… it was something he'd picked up from Bella while she slept. Her breathing pattern and the fact that she mumbled in her sleep had given him the idea. Sometimes she hummed and last night her voice went through a whole scale.

His fingers danced over the keys, the sounds coming together. The ostinato was Harry, sure and confident in his place. The melody was Bella, erratic and uncertain. And yet they both fit together so well. If he had an orchestra on hand, he could easily place where each section would come in and what contributions they would make to the music.

It took little time for everyone to realize that he was playing a new piece.

Esme's thoughts drifted from upstairs, a wistful, relieved tone to them. Edward's composing again.

She was downstairs and seated on the sofa near the piano a second later, smiling contentedly. The calm she radiated - that Jasper then decided to amplify - put him more at ease as he fiddled with the melody and where to take it. And maybe, someday soon, he could play it for the two humans who made his immortal life interesting again.

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