Hello everyone, and welcome to my first story ever. Having been a fan of Iron117Prime's work I contacted him on Deviantart and we became friends. Not too long ago, during one of our conversations, we started talking about Shattered Glass and what exactly it would look like in his Code Prime story and one thing led to another and here we are. A few things to note 1 This isn't going to be a direct retelling of R1: Rebellion, sorry but I don't think I can make things different enough to warrant a retelling of events, plus with how different the characters are to their cannon selves I find it hard to believe history would repeat itself just with different people in different roles. Instead this will be a bunch of drabbles focusing on the characters, what are their motivations, their relationships, and how that affects the world around them. 2 For the look of the Cons and Bots look up the work of Devinantartist SoundBluster. With that being said lets begin. Transform and Rise up!

(I own neither Transformers nor Code Geass)


Earth: our new home. After being lost in the cosmos, pursuing the corrupt and cruel Autobots Trypti - The Nemesis crashed on the surface of a nearby moon, I was less fortunate. Looking back, however, had I not fought with Optimus on top of the Ark (hippocritical name) I would have not met them.

Charles and Victor: two bright young brothers who ran into me, quite literally, soon after my crash, running from their heartless father who was the king of the local country. Quickly becoming attached even after my comrades found me they absolutely refused to leave my side and I must admit it was hard not to feel the same.

After many years (that is the human term for Ano-cycle) Charlies eventually ascended the throne and working together we brought about an age of reformation. Exposing corruption and promoting peace The Holy Britannian Empire soon became The United Republic. I sincerely believed that Earth would soon have its golden age.

I was wrong.

It was just another day in Pendragon when suddenly when we received a distress call from the soon to be restored countries that Britain conquered over the years, but by the time we arrived, it was too late. The state of the area was so disgusting, so horrible, so ….

I'm sorry, just-

I dare not describe the massacre, but I will say that as I took to the skies to survey the area I looked down in horror THAT insignia scarred in the landscape.

It was a message: the war was far from over.

I take full responsibility, I thought that with most of his forces gone and with his injuries being worse than mine surely Optimus was doomed, but after our Gigacycles of battle I should have realized.

Thank Unicron he didn't have his full army so our chances of victory was high but I suspected that Optimus was aware of this. Clever as he is cruel Prime settled on the next best thing. Deliberately attacking the defenseless and weak making sure the attacks were as brutal and through as possible, he did it were it hurts the most and also gave rise to anti-alien sediment.

After 6 Deca-cycles (months) of unrelenting acts of violence from Optimus and his forces we manage to the watery depths of the Ark, but it was a pyrrhic victory. Charles and his wife, Marianne, had disappeared leaving me with their two children, Optimus managed to convince a sizable chunk of the Vehicons to turn traitor, the Decpticons reputation was at an all time low, and worst of all got away with the murder of millions of innocent people.

It has been seven years and much has happened. Despite my best efforts Charles' son Lelouch was, as the humans put it, a bad egg and ran away some time ago, kidnapping his sister, Nunnally. Though me and Victor have done our best to maintain the peace there is still some resentment because of the Autobots actions. Many terrorist cells have risen up, the two most prominent being: The True Way which seeks to restore the Britannian Empire of old, led by a Nathan Stadfeld and the so called Japan Liberation Front, led by the radical fanatic Kyoshiro Tohdoh, its goals are to "free" Japan of outside influences and "rid the Earth of Alien parasites".

Nunnaly has returned to us, it is bittersweet however as her state of mind and body confirmed my worst fears about her brother.

I've been seeing reports and hearing rumors of another, currently unnamed group of terrorists. Targeting Japan their attacks are worryingly familiar in the patterns and brutality. I fear that the war will return soon and all the preparations myself and Victor had made might not be enough.

I am Megatron and I send this message to any Decepticons lost in the vastness of space, we are here, we are waiting, and help us ensure that Earth does not suffer the same fate as Cybertron.

Well, that was fun.

Allow me to fill in some blanks, the public at large are aware of the existence of Cybertronians (kind of hard not to notice when they make up half of the government) but had no idea of The Autobots until Optimus Prime decided to make their presence known. Its partially Megatron's fault, things were going so well for the Decepticons and the Republic that he fell under the trap of wishful thinking. He may be a genus but no one is perfect.

If it wasn't clear enough, Nathan Stadfeld is Naoto Kozuki's SG counterpart. A Britanian supremacist in this universe, he legally changed his name to hide his Japanese heritage form his followers. If Kallen had anything to say about it, he won't the The True Way's leader for long.

For the voice of Megatron imagine either Fred Tatasciore as the Hulk from Marvel or Frank Welker as Oswald from Epic Mickey.

That is all for now, see you next time.