New chapter time! Thank you to every one who liked. This next one takes some cues from "The Last Jedi" so try to keep your hatred down. (I loved the movie but it is not with out its flaws, looking at you Holdo) Lets begin

Silence can often be even more nerve raking than noise. Inside the small elevator going up was an unusual individual. Clad in an outfit that loosely resembled a white chess piece he was feeling a seance of dread and considering who he was that was not an easy feat.

His name was Infinite, the leader of the dreaded White Knights. Controlling thou fear there were very few people that can instill the same feeling he often instilled others. Unfortunately the one person, or should he say, bot that ranked above all summoned him, the same bot whom he called Master.

Thud! The elevator stopped. 'Finally' Infinite thought to himself, stepping out of the elevator as he did so. Walking into the thrown room he overhead the tail end of a conversation The Master was having.

"Would you like me to go over the mission again, Suzaku?" Optimus Prime, Lord of the Autobots, asked his personal assassin. (Well, one of them anyway) "No that will be fine." Suzaku replied, but he didn't leave his spot.

"Well?" Prime questioned.

"Is there any news?" Suzaku asked.

"You watch your television don't you?" Optimus apparently didn't understand.

"I meant, is there news of HER!" Sazaku spat.

"Relax," Optimus reassured, "you'll get your revenge soon enough, I myself have been waiting for more than you've been alive. Believe me, these things take time."

Sighing Suzaku walked away, shoving past Infinite, and left in the elevator.

Infinite looked in the direction Suzaku left. 'crybaby' he thought.

"Infinite" Optimus greeted, "My Lord" Infinite replied bowing.

Looking at the direction Suzaku left, the terrorist shared his concerns, "he'll get suspicious if we keep stringing him along like this."

"Wise words," Optimus returned, "worry not, I'm already working on a way to indulge him, but Euphemia's toy is far from the reason I summoned you here."

Looking up at Optimus' face, Infinite saw something close to disappointment. "I remember when I first found you," Optimus Prime began getting up off of his thrown, "you were different from the other humans around you. You had a massive amount of intelligence, and more than that you posses a certain ruthlessness and a lust for power that rivaled even your greatest ancestors. You even have the potential to become the first human Prime."

Behind the mask, the boy that Infinite really was, smiled at the phrase. "However," Optimus turned around, "so far, you have done nothing to impress me."

"What?!" Infinite was slightly shaken.

"I've done everything for your approval!"

"Take that ridicules thing off."

Reluctantly Infinite obeyed revealing the face of Lelouch Vi Britannia. Compared to the Lelouch from the more familiar universe even his closes allies would have trouble telling the two apart and it was safe to say that their intelligence levels were very close to each other, but that is were the similarities end.

"Hmm" Optimus contemplated, "when I look at you now, I honestly have trouble telling you apart from any other human."

"Any other human?" Lelouch questioned "I slaughtered hundreds, I laid my enemies to ruin, I don't hesitate to destroy the small and week, even when they really did nothing!"

"Do you really think that makes you special?" Prime rebutted "Your species were doing the exact same thing for thousands of years before our arrival and they'll continue to do so long after we leave!"

"Where's that intelligence? What's your plan? Yes, your instilling fear into the populace, but how long will that last? As long as Megatron remains in power or your father lives the people will always have hope that the White Knights will be expunged!"

"All these years" Optimus sat back on his thrown, "and you're still no closer to finding your father. If you continue down this path, the I might have been mistaken about you."

Face contorting in anger and fist clenching, Lelouch was looking down at his feet, huffing and puffing trying desperately maintain has composure.

Eventually succeeding Lelouch relaxed his features, realizing that lashing out will only make things worse for him. "You're right" he sighed.

"I hate it when you're right."

Back in the elevator, Lelouch had a cross look on his face, internally fuming with anger. Unfortunately (for him anyway) his favorite 'punching bag' was long gone. 'Why did that ungrateful brat had to leave?'

Bringing the Infinite helmet up to his face, Lelouch saw his reflection on the smooth surface and contemplated a risky decision. Throughout his servitude, Optimus Prime made it no secret what he thought of the whole idea of Infinite. Through passive aggressive comments, Lelouch saw that Prime couldn't understand why he chose to hide himself in a ridiculous costume and not be the face or take credit for his actions. Lelouch then remembered why a narcissus like Optimus Prime could never understand.

'If they saw my face they'll see I'm human and know I can be hurt. They might even realize my identity and know how to best harm me.' Lelouch turned the mask around, 'But when all they see is their own reflection, when the last thing they comprehend is their own terrified expressions, they'll truly have no idea what's underneath.' He raised the helmet above his head. 'After all, it's so much easier to fear the unknown.'

Suddenly the elevator stopped and the doors opened. Right outside the door was a White Knight soldier, a shocked look on his face as he saw who his leader truly was. Lelouch dropped his helmet in shock. "I-I I'm sorry sir." the soldier stuttered, "I d-didn't-" *CLICK* BANG!

Lelouch stood there, holding a gun with smoke coming out of the barrel. He then blows away the smoke, puts the gun back in its holster, picks up his helmet, and quickly puts it back on. 'That has never happened before' he though, disappointed in himself 'I need to be more careful. One time is too many.'

Infinite stepped out of the elevator, he needed to check for any witnesses and sure enough, on his left, there was another soldier his face petrified in fear. "You," Infinite pointed, "get rid of this garbage." "Sir" the soldier nervously saluted. Before the soldier could do anything Infinite walked up to him and place a hand on his shoulder in a mocking form of comfort, "I trust you didn't see anything of note tonight."

"N-no sir." The soldier looked like he could die at any moment.

'Good," Infinite smiled beneath the the mask.

Walking in the other direction, Infinite was sure that his minion wasn't one to talk. If he was wrong, one of two things could happen: the fear that his army had of him could increase and they would be even more scared of him, thus making the dogs easier to control or he could ruin the the blabbermouth's life and reputation so that none would believe him.

But that was a problem for another day, right now he had to do something else.

Standing in front the door of his personal quarters, Infinite patiently waited for his one of his own personal assassins. And here she comes now.

"My Lord" she greeted.

"Sayoko" he replied.

Still clad in a maid's uniform, SG Sayoko only whore it to mislead people.

"You summoned me?" She ask, her face stoic with a certain level of professionalism.

"Yes," Infinite got strait to business. "I want you to find Rai. See if he's in one of the laboratories doing, well you know." Lelouch looked strait into Sayoko's eyes. "Tell him to go visit some of our True Way prisoners. I want them to talk about how they're led, power dynamics, who else besides Stadfeld holds power, if they had notice any flaws, that short of thing."

Infinite smirked slightly, "If they don't talk well, I'm sure Rai could "persuade" them."

Sayoko nodded and started to head off. "One more thing!" Infinite called out.

"If you catch him in the process if executing one of his little schemes or even in the mists of planning one," Infinite growled.

"It will be done," Sayaoko got the message and walked away.

Infinite leaned back in satisfaction 'Always loyal, course I made sure of that.' He stepped in his room, closing the door behind him. He took off his helmet reveling he had a smile on his face.

Despite earlier events Lelouch felt good. Already the beginnings of a plan was forming in that brain of his. Turing around, he stepped back in slight shock as, laid on his bed, was mysterious green haired girl.

Munching on a chicken wing, her face basically said 'well'. Lelouch let out a deep sigh in resignation and locked the door behind him.

Optimus Prime quickly shut off the monitors that showed the images his spy cameras transmitted. 'Disgusting.'

Despite his confusing habits Optimus truly considered his protege one of a kind. It's just that he got way too much into the carnage of establishing his power that he neglected to move to the next step. Thankfully the stern talk Optimus gave to Lelouch seem to have made him realizes this error and now it seems like he has a few tricks up his sleeve. 'Well then,' Prime thought, 'let the games begin'.

Things are looking grim. Like last time I think I should clarify a few things.

Shattered Glass Rai is a cold and logical Darwinist who couldn't give a crap about the suffering of others. In his point of view if you let others trample over you or aren't able to prevent your own murder than you fail at nature and life. He's fascinated by the drug known as Refrain and spends some of his free time experimenting on people with it. (Torture) Despite his obvious similarities to main universe Shockwave he has no loyalty to his own leader (Infinite) and, in fact, wished to overthrow him and take his place. His past is still a mystery, not because of memory lost but because he refuses to reveal it. Rai's ambitions is primarily the reason why Infinite usually deals with him via proxy and when he has no choice, he always makes sure that he's armed and accompanied by armed guards and personal assassins. Infinite doesn't get rid of Rai because he finds excitement in Rai various assassination attempts and his interrogation methods amusing, besides soon he'll make sure Rai never tries to overthrow him again.

Shattered Glass Refrain is just like the normal Refrain Except for one key difference: it takes people back to the worst moments in their lives. It was created as a form of torture by the Britannian Empire of old, and during that time the formula, unfortunately, ended up in the criminal underworld.

Euphemia was the Terra to Sazaku's Beast Boy. I'm not talking about tragic, sympathetic, cartoon Terra, I'm talking about manipulative, psychopathic, comic book Terra.

If you're wondering why Lelouch didn't use his Geass for interrogation, it because I decided to alter his Geass a bit. Unlike canon, SG Lelouch can't mess with peoples minds and they remain conscious and are able to refuse to tell secrets so he can't fish for information nor can he make people forget. However he can still force people to do physical actions so he of ten makes people do sadistic actions, like lead him to vital locations or forcing someone to kill their own friends and family.

Lastly I have about 3 more ideas and then I think I'll put this fic in hiatus. (Don't want to create continuity flubs with the main story, you see.)