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I know its been a really, really long time. God. by the time I get to chapter 10 the main Code Prime saga will be over. So anyways on to questions:

Minette56 - Apologies if it seems like I misunderstood your question, I used google translate. The chances for a crossover are very slim, maybe it will happen but more likely it won't.

jetslinger333 - I have plans for the purebloods but I'm still working out what to do with the Knights of the Round. I'd happily welcome any input.

SulliMike23 - Yeah, pretty much.

Last time we saw what the bad guys were doing. Lets check on some good guys.




In a large but dark room there sat a elegant bed.




The bed's sole occupant's eyes started to stir.




The occupant's eyes finally shot open. "Uggggg," she let out a frustrated moan.




The young girl oddly enough, turned off the clock with her wrist, her arm moving a bit stiffly. Eyes drooping she smacked her lips to get rid of the awful taste out of her mouth and stood off of her bed. She stretched her arms to release the muscle tension, strange mechanical whirring and clicking sounds filled the room. Cracking her neck she headed towards her curtains to let in some light. After getting dressed in the appropriate outfit she walking over to her body sized mirror and took a good long look at herself.

Sandy brown hair, a thin frame, and a face that said 'I'm tired. I might get mad if you ask me why' this is a young girl who had seen and experienced too many things no one should go through. Her arms were coated with an outer metallic skeleton. She brought her limp left hand hand up to her face, if she concentrated hard she could make her fingers twitch. 'Still weak', she though bitterly. Walking over to her closet she changed out of her nightgown and into a simple blouse and skirt and headed outside her room to face the day.

Uncle Victor was waiting for her. "Good morning Nunnally!" Uncle Victor greeted his niece with a large smile which Nannully found nauseating, "have any pleasant dreams?"

"I had no dream at all uncle." Nunnally answered in her usual monotone way. "Well, at least you had no nightmares." Victor Britannia, always the optimist. God, he was always an odd person to look at and not because of his cloths (those were normal for someone of the royal family) but because of his age. Look at him, by all accounts he should be an old man, yet he barley looks a day over 27 at most. When asked Victor always either evaded the questions or said something along the lines of "A really good skin cream".

"Oh your psychiatrist friend is here, he's ready to start your next session after you've had breakfast." Nunnally scoffed. "Come on, everyone knows he's not a real psychiatrist. He's just a student."

"Well, he's the only one you didn't drive off or was a quack that was only in it for the fame and fortune." Nunnally ignored him and walked away, no need for servants or chefs, she can get some food herself. Victor waved goodbye to his niece and was about to say some words of encouragement but he felt a buzz in his pocket. He looked at his phone, it was a message from Megatron. It was about the Japanese ambassador, Atsushi Sawasaki. He was coming for a visit and if had anything to do with the recant actions of the JLF this visit would be anything but joyful.

'Charles,' Victor thought to himself, because of that stupid promise he made, he was the only one who had some idea where his brother was and even then he could be far off if he investigated. He looked out the window, deep in thought about his missing brother and sister in law. 'When are you two going grow up and come home?"

"So," Sitting in a leather chair was a young, silver haired Chinese man who had a friendly open face. He sat with a notepad and pen in his lap, ready to take notes. "How have been sense last week."

"Hunky dory!" Nunnally answered in a sarcastic way.

"So the usual then." The shrink in training, wrote down some notes. "Have you given the exorcises a try?"

"Listen Doc-" The young girl began.

"Nunnally, I told you already, Doc is my teacher. My name is Mao." Mao smiled that friendly smile that despite Nunnally's cynicism, couldn't help but feel welcomed by it. "As I was saying I really don't see how counting to 10 while taking deep breaths will help."

"True, its not for everyone but we'll never know if you don't try. At least give it a go and if its not working, there are other exorcises that you might like." Nunnally sight, disinterested in this conversation. "Would you like to change topics?"

"Yes please."

"Alrighty, tell me about the people you're close to." Nunnally groaned, covering her face with her palms. "Is this another-"

"No, no, its fine." Nunnally took a deep breath, and laid her arms back down. "I'll be honest I would be just fine if I never saw anyone I use to know ever again."

"Then why bother coming home, to the capital?"

"I had three choices: stay on the streets to rot, find work and save enough for a roof and bed, or stay at a place that would definitely take me in for no charges and feed me free food. Which would you choose?" Nunnally looked at Mao, trying to see any cracks in the potential facade. "I think anyone would be tempted for the last option, I know I would." Mao answered, still soft spoken. "But still, what would you choose?" Nunnally insisted, was he ever dishonest? "Now who's the therapist in training here, you or me?" Mao chucked, not bothered at all by the temporary switch. "To tell the truth, I don't really know what I would choose. I've been in that homeless position you described once but I was so young I barley remember it. To say I'd know what to do would be presumptuous of me."

'Dang! Almost had him.' It seems Mao refuses to reveal or slip a selfish side that Nunnally can exploit.

"Getting back on track," Mao continued, "the people your close to, tell me about your parents?" Mao was careful not to say family as that could bring up memories of a certain prince. "My parents," Nunnally humorlessly laughed, "old bastereds obviously didn't love me enough to stay, enough to ... protect me." Nunnally looked away, the urge to cry was brief but strong. Mao took some notes, until further progress was made it was best not to bring up her parents until she was ready to talk about them.

"Ok, tell me about your uncle?" Nunnally was surprised by this, whenever she brought up her parents, people would bring up the usual BS of "I'm sure they have their reasons" or "They still love you deep down." Mao on the other hand, just to simply forget about it, the thought was appreciated.

"He's ... I don't know what to think of him."

"Elaborate for me please."

"I can't stand to be around him. I think he fakes being happy, most of the time its real, but when things get serious he won't stop smiling and its frustrating." Nunnally's face started to tint red with anger making Mao worried. "If you're not feeling up to it-"

"I-its fine, its fine." Nunnally calmed down, her face returning to it's usual color. "I know he means well its just its hard to connect when its like he's not taking me seriously most of the time." Mao wrote down some more, when this is over he'll have to talk with Victor to see if he really is that ignorant, but is he really completely in the wrong? "Have you ever talked to him about this?"

"Excuse me?" Nunnally looked a bit mad that Mao would imply she was in the wrong.

"Don't take this the wrong way. You are the type of person who wears their emotions on her sleeves, you might as well were a giant hat with shifting words on it that state your emotions. But would you consider your uncle the most perceptive of people?"

"Um, I really don't know."

"Did you ever get the impression he deliberately ignores your feelings?"

"Sometimes, yeah. But most of the time its just ignorance." Mao contemplated his response, having a good idea what to say. "Maybe you should set aside time and explain to him how you feel."

"I don't know if I can do that." Nunnally replied softly, the idea was uncomfortable for her.

"I know you're not the most personal of people so feel free to call me. I'll go with you, you're not without justification for being mad at him."

"...Thank you."

"You're welcome. Lets move on to people that are not your family, specifically your friends."

"Friends? Who in their right mind would want me as a friend."

"I'm your friend."

"That's just sad."

"No need to be so negative." Mao actually found that comment funny. "What about the Decepticons? What do you think of them?"

"The one I had the most interaction with is Megatron, and he's far too busy." Nunnally grumbled, "Far far too busy, even for me."

Mao would have asked further but at that time the alarm on his digital watch. Mao hummed to himself, he better get leaving unless he'd want to break his promise to Clobber. "Hey listen, I've got to go is it ok if we resume later?" Nunnally got up from the couch and stretched. "Sure."

"Right, remember what we talked about. Until the next time." Mao got up and was about to leave when suddenly his patient stopped him. "Hey wait!" Nunally would have twiddled her thumbs nervously if she could. "I, uh, appreciate what you're trying to do and it is nice to have someone to talk to," Mao smiled at the praise, "but I don't think there is nothing you can do to help me, not really. It's not like anyone can understand." The girl was about to leave but had one last thing to say. "For what its worth don't ever stop visiting, you're ... my friend too."

Mao watched his friend swiftly leave, musing over her words. It seems that this was an attempt to get him to leave, but then at last second she change her mind. Mao left the place, her words still replaying in her head. If the princess liked the student that much to call him friend then he must be doing something right but there was one sentence in particular he found most interesting. '"It's not like anyone can understand." heh, I understand.' Images of a cold hearted old hag hiding in the skin of a green haired teenager flashed in his mind. 'I understand better then anyone.'

And done. A short one today, it was going to be longer but I think I kept you waiting long enough. I hope I got the therapy scenes right, the only research I did was watching movies and the YouTube video "Psychiatrist Breaks Down Mental Health Scenes From Movies & TV" (Check it out).

Lets move on to characters.

Nunnally, was once like her main universe counterpart and then she was left completely alone in Lelouch's care. Nowadays she's distant, bitter, cynical, and a bit sarcastic. Somewhere deep down, the happy, hopeful girl that tries to see the best in everyone is still there but you have to dig deep to find her.

Victor, known as V.V. in the main universe, seems to be an happy go lucky, optimistic soul who is a bit of an idiot and would rather party then do any real work. In actuality he takes his royal duties very seriously and can become a full on chessmaster if he feels the need to. He still loves his brother dearly and will keep his promises to him but as the situation becomes more dire the urge to break one particular promise grows stronger. He's not jealous at all of Marianne and infact believes that she and Charles are perfect for each other, in the best and worst ways. One last thing to note is that while he is known to the public, his true identity as the missing Emperor's twin brother remains a mystery known only to a few people. To everyone else he's just an adviser that Megatron keeps around.

Mao has not been broken by his troubled past and, in fact, is pretty dang happy with his life. So friendly and patient, everyone he meets can't help but like him and, unless you give him reason to, he can be 100% trusted with anything. The reason for pursuing the career of a shrink is because after he was rescued he was given the proper mental treatment and was so grateful to his doctors, he wishes to become one himself and help as many people with similar backgrounds as he can. Does he have a Geass? I don't know, but if he does he obviously has much better control of it.

I noticed the lack of Transformer presence in this chapter, there will be some in the next one.

One last thing, Clobber is a Decepticon from Transformers: Cyberverse. In this story she is the Shattered Glass version of Lugnut.