Izuku was totally staring at her ass.

But the question was, was he an ass man, a boob man, a stomach man, a leg man, or a thigh man? Sure all men were a mix of flavours, some liked all parts equally, others were heavily stacked towards one area, and others were all over the place. Her mother claimed that her father was very much into legs. And one of the first things her brother ever looked up online was Bakunyuu, also known as Explosive Breasts. Which was pretty much just taking his favorite word and adding boobs to the end of it.

But so far Deku had shown a keen interest in just about everything.

Which was good because Moe had just about everything.

But she still wanted to know the best way to tease him. Why? Because it was fun to make Izuku blush.

Moe stopped enjoying the feeling of the early summer morning, the sun was still low in the sky, and the chill of night was mingling with the warmth of day that made jogging feel so much better than normal. For the past few months Izuku had been keeping up with her and it felt great to have a jogging partner, but now it was time to kick things up a notch.

"Alright Deku." She turned to him, grabbing onto the bottom of her 'Mega Milk' tank top and fanning her stomach. Izuku's eyes flashed to her exposed stomach for just a moment, his face was red from running, and his breath was heavy. He looked spent, but maybe she could get him to go that extra bit further. To really go beyond. "Are you ready to go Plus Ultra?"

Izuku smiled at her and came to a slow stop, his arms going slack and he took long heavy breaths. He gathered himself by placing both hands on his hips and then looking at her, then towards the long set of stairs to his right. He gave a weak smile and looked at his legs. "We're going to run up that aren't we?"

"Totally! Now come on!" She took a deep breath, stretched her arms and started up the wide section of the stairs. She stopped at one of the dozen or so flat spots on the way to the top and waved towards Izuku. "Come on, Deku! Keep up! You want to get into U.A. right?"

She smiled at him, waiting for him to start up the stairs.

The old Izuku, the one from a few months ago, wouldn't even be here, he would have given up on the second or third day. Maybe it was because of that big fat carrot All Might was dangling in front of him. Or maybe it was because someone was actually encouraging him for once. Either way it was good to see him pushing himself.

This Izuku took a breath and started up the stairs after her.

Moe smiled one hand on her hip as she watched him. She really wanted to see what kind of man this Izuku would turn into. And what kind of hero he could be with a quirk like All Mights; he helped her when she was struggling to understand her quirk, so it was the least she could do. Besides, she might even be able to make him into a worthwhile boyfriend.

Izuku stopped on the flight above her and promptly hurled up bile into one of the planters.

Or not.

"Deku, that stuff is supposed to stay inside of you! You alright?"


Every part of his body hurt. It had been since winter, got a bit better during the spring, and sucked during the summer, and now that fall was here, everything hurt even more. Not only was All Might's training ramping up slowly and steadily so that he was constantly pushing his own limits, but the extra work out with Moe in the morning was really ramping up.

And as of yesterday, All Might had found out about his extra training and had even modified his plan to make him even stronger. Which was, in theory, good. But at this point lifting a pencil was a challenge. He was fairly certain he'd slept more in class than any other student at this point. So while All Might was using numbers, logic, and science, to make his work out, Moe was just going at it with borderline gleeful sadism that had both of them sweating and tired after each morning.

Was it possible to get workout friend zoned?

Not that he really stood a chance with Moe as anything more than a friend. She was just kind of amazing on a whole other level. He saw her footage from the sports festival and she was amazing the way she used her quirk to -

"Oi, Deku." This time his nickname came pouring out like a waterfall of angry pomeranians all fighting over one slightly too big tennis ball. It was Kacchan. Again. It really was only him that called Izuku Deku during school hours. Well Moe did, but that was different. Why couldn't Kacchan be like his sister?

Wait, if Kacchan was a female would that make her a Tsundere? Was Kacchan a Tsundere? Izuku poked at his lunch, it was filled with stuff that tasted tasteless but it was also filled with vitamins and other stuff.

"Hey Kacchan," Izuku partially looked over to his former friend, former bully, current pain in the neck and blinked slowly at him. "Can you say dumbass for me?"

"Dumbass." Kacchan crossed his arms and glared down at Izuku while one foot was planted firmly onto the side of his desk. Yep. Kacchan was a Tsundere. He should ask Moe what she thought. "Stay the fuck away from my sister."

"Huh?" Izuku looked up at Kacchan and blinked slowly at him. At the moment he was just too exhausted to really be afraid at the moment, that and Moe told him to not be afraid of Kacchan so he wasn't. "Why?"

"Because I fuck'n said so nerd." Kacchan took his foot off Izuku's desk and stomped forward to his own.

Izuku shrugged and pulled out his phone. Moe had introduced him to a very cool texting app called 'HeroIM!' it allowed people to register with a hero name and chat with others. There were even chat rooms, channels, and it was just pretty neat. It was how he primarily talked to Moe when he wasn't chasing after her and trying not to die.

Deku: Is Kacchan a Tsundere?

Burnin: 100000% Plus Ultra. Why? Did he finally come out of the closet and say "It's not like I like your or anything dumbass?"

Deku: No, he just told me to stay away from you.

Burnin: O'rly?

Before Izuku could even respond to the text, the whole class heard Kacchan's phone vibrate like a demon was trying to get out. Kacchan put his lunch down and grabbed his phone, stared at the number a second then glared at Izuku. Ahh. It was Moe. Kacchan put the phone to his ear. "Sup sis?"

"Mind your own damn business twerp! Or I'll shove my foot so far up your ass that you'll-" Kacchan hung up and placed his phone face down on his desk like he was hiding from the screen.

It was at times like this that Izuku was reminded that when Moe wanted she could be just as loud, violent, and vulgar as her brother. Thankfully, she was only really like that to Kacchan. Maybe. He really didn't know how she acted around her friends.


Honestly, he had been on autopilot ever since he woke up that morning. Some part of him knew that the entrance exams were today, but it was like his body was just burning with the desire to see everything through. His stomach was in knots over what would happen if he failed at the beach, over what would happen if he failed the entrance exam, or what would happen if All Might's quirk just didn't like him. There was so much that could go wrong.

But he needed to keep going. Even as he could feel every single muscle of his body screaming at him to calm the fuck down. But he couldn't. He wanted to prove to All Might that he was the right person. He wanted to see Moe's face when he showed up in the hero course with his own quirk, ready to try and be a hero!

Which was at least half the reason why once he gathered the last of the scrap off the beach, he climbed on top and fucking screamed. Mostly because he had no idea how he got that fucking truck on top of that pile!

Oh. And now he was falling. Right, death by falling, sounds about right, it wasn't like he could even run ten feet with his current state. And the entrance exam was in like five hours. Yep. Oh well, maybe they'd name the beach after the kid that died cleaning it up.

"You've earned a rest!" All Might's rock solid arms caught him like a truck. All Might was smiling wider than usual and was even trembling slightly.

"All Might!" Oh good, he didn't fall to his death. Probably, he kind of figured that All Might would be in his version of heaven. "I did. I did it!"

"And you did an amazing job! Especially for a teenager! I honestly didn't expect you to clear the whole beach." Ahh, so he did have enough energy left for his eye to twitch. All Might placed him on the ground, which was probably not the best idea, given the whole barely able to stand thing. "Here, look at this."

Once again it was a bit strange seeing All Might hold a phone. It was smaller than his thumb. How did he use it in his muscular form?

Izuku leaned forward - not really by choice - and looked at the screen. There was a photo of him crying. That was pretty normal actually, chances are most of his classmates could grab one of those photos off their phones. "What's this?"

"This was you ten months ago!" All Might laughed. "And now look at you! You went from skin and bones to fit as a fiddle. You still have a long way to go but now we have the foundation all set. You've become a fine vessel."

Oh great. Now he was crying again. But he did it. With help. With a lot of help. "I feel like I've cheated. You went so far for me, and my friends they-"

All Might slapped the tears right out of him. "Quit being such a crybaby, my boy! It's time for your reward!"

Right the quirk! How was this going to work? Was it a ritual of some kind? Or just something All Might decided?

"You know what they say right? There's a difference between something you were born with out of pure luck." All Might pulled out one of the hairs from his giant V. It was long, thick, and looked like a slightly moist ramen noodle. What was with the hair? "And something you won after busting your ass for it! So puff out your chest and be proud! This is your power earned fair and square kid."

Oh wait, he had more tears, but he wasn't going to cry again! Not in front of All Might!

"Now," All Might held that hair up. "Eat this."


All Might let out a laugh and scratched the back his head laughing. "Technically, the way you take in my DNA doesn't really matter but time's running out!"

"This really isn't what I had in mind!"

Izuku swallowed the hair and managed to keep it down despite the sour aftertaste that washed over him. He wanted to gag, he wanted to vomit. But this was the last hurdle for him. He needed to keep it down.

"Yo! Deku, nice muscles!" Why was he hearing burning? Oh look, his heart rate could go up even higher. Seriously, prolonged exposure to his crush did not stop him from freaking out at the sound of her voice, if anything it made things worse.

"So, uhh," Izuku turned to see Moe standing there dressed in a warm winter coat, her usual camo leggings visible from the waist down. Her hair was tied into a ponytail, but she didn't look like she had even started her morning jog. "What happens if someone gives him a blow job? Do they get the quirk?"

Izuku looked at Moe. Wait, he was already doing that. Okay, this time he was looking at her and not checking her out, wait, she looked pretty, dammit he was doing that again. He then looked towards All Might, who was doing the exact same thing. Hopefully not the checking out part. Still she did have a good point, but more importantly what the hell was she doing here. "Moe? What are you doing here?"

"Huh?" She looked genuinely surprised by the question. "Oh! Right," She reached into her coat pocket and pulled out a small box. "I wanted to congratulate you for getting All Might's quirk. You worked super hard for it, right?"

"Young Midoriya!" All Might grabbed into Izuku's shoulders and shook him slightly, panic washing over the pro heroes face as he shrunk down. "You didn't tell her, did you?"

"Nah," Moe put the box in Izuku's hand and looked up at All Might. "You're just like really loud and like to shout about super secret things in public places."

She kind of had a point.

"Young lady!" All Might stood sharply once again taking on his towering form, Moe just stared up at him like she wasn't sassing the number one pro hero. "You should know that eavesdropping is-"

"Yeah, yeah, you can scold me later, Number One, but don't you think we should be getting Izuku home first so he can get ready for the entrance exams?"

She had a very good point!

"Gah! You're right! Come now, Young Midoriya! We can't have you be late or all this would be for naught!" All Might grabbed him by the waist. "And you, young lady, you're coming with me."

"Fine, fine, I got some questions for you too."

Izuku managed to open Moe's gift to him. It was a hero tag with a chain necklace, the tag was clear, made of a clear hard plastic with words seemingly floating there. It read.

The Effort Hero - Deku.

Sidekick of Burnin'.

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