This is new story I'm trying out, loosely based on a character from the show Hero's. It maybe Sam x Bella or Paul x Bella but I'm open to ideas.

The day I found out I was invincible, was the day Victoria found me.

Edward had left me; he didn't want me. She attacked, breaking every bone in my body until I was just a pile of bones in the woods, satisfied with her work, she left. Her bell like laugh echoing through the forest.

I opened my eyes, expecting pain, but none followed, I examined my body and my bones were sticking out through skin. Adrenaline? It has to be adrenaline. I waited, but no pain followed. I touched my collar bone, and pushed it back in place, and watched in amazement as the skin healed over itself. I spent the next few minutes pushing and prodding myself until I was in one piece. Caked in dirt and blood, I didn't know where to go. Can't go home, Charlie would freak. Although he probably already sent out a search party. Fuck.

Can't go into the forest, then I'll never find my way out.

If I ever get my hands-on Edward Cullen, he is screwed. Who leaves someone in a forest?
If he wanted to break up, he could have done it at school, or at my house. He knew Victoria was out there. He knew she was a threat! Then I realized, I wasn't sad. I wasn't mourning his loss. I was angry. I was fuming. I heard howls in the distance and looked up to see the sun going down, I needed a plan ASAP.

I found a stream and attempted to wash off some dirt and blood. I could tell Charlie I went for a walk and fell down, but with no noticeable marks he may not believe me. Crap.

"Bella? Is that you?" I turned and saw Sam from the reservation. Everyone knew who Sam was, all the girls talked about how hot he was and seeing him in person, I agree.

"Oh hey Sam, how are ya?" I asked, trying to be causual.

"How am I? I'm exhausted, I've spent hours looking for you, Charlie is worried sick because last he heard you were on a walk with that bloodsucker, I mean the Cullen boy. Everyone is panicking about YOU and you're here, covered in your own blood and asking how I am!" he yelled.

"Sorry. I had a bit of a fall when Edward left. Didn't mean to worry anyone." I offered.

"Edward left? When? By himself? He asked.

"Him and his family are moving to Alaska, I think?" I watched Sam's face turn from anger, to relief.

I heard more howls in the distance as I followed Sam out of the woods.

"Sam? Why aren't you wearing shoes? Or a shirt?" I asked.

"Why are you covered in blood but have no visible injuries? He countered.

"I'll let you know when I figure that out myself" I muttered, too low for him to hear.

When we reached my house, Charlie was there with Billy, Jacob and some other members of the police force. He gave me an awkward hug and asked if I was okay. I nodded against his chest and breathed in his familiar scent.

I explained to Charlie after Edward left, I tried to find my way home and got a bloody nose. I heard Sam chuckle and exclaim how clumsy I was.

When everyone had left, Charlie and I had our first ever heart to heart conversation. He told me that he hated who I became with Edward, too scared to voice my opinion and didn't care about anything else but him. I felt horrible that I hurt him. Maybe it was best they left.

"Bella, call your mom. Please, she's sent me 42 text messages." He said, as he opened a beer and passed me a coke.

"Can it wait until tomorrow? I want to finish the game with you." I asked him, trying to pay attention to the baseball game on TV. He nodded and sent her a message.

This was so different to the way the Cullen's played. Wait. James' bite. Is that why I didn't die? I should be dead. Is there venom still in me? Thinking back to every other injury I've had since that, they all healed quickly. Even my broken leg.

I needed to explore this.

The next morning, when Charlie left for work, I grabbed the camera that Renee had given me, it had a video feature and set it up in the backyard in view of the bathroom window. Standing at the window, I could barely fit, and if this didn't work, I'd break a fair few bones, but if it did, I would help me on my journey for answers. So, I jumped, feeling the air flow through my hair, as I hit the gravel, I heard a crack. I laid there still for a minute or two before getting up. My leg was bent on a 40-degree angle. Carefully, I moved it back to where it should be, took me a few times to reset the bone to where it should be, but I got there. Eventually.

Taking the camera, I watched the video. It was amazing.

I went inside to analyze what had happened and checked my phone. Shit. Forgot to call Renee.

I called her number and as it rang, I thought of how much I missed her, how much she tried to get me to get out of my comfort zone and how disappointed she was when I refused to go and see her because of Edward.

As we chatted about last night, I started to wish I was more like her. Not as flighty. Just more open to the world and the expirences it had to offer.

"Mom? Over the break, can I come visit?" I asked.

"Of course! I'm so excited! We'll have so much fun! Phil's going away with some friends so we can have the house to ourselves and gossip and shop! I'll get Phil's credit card! It'll be perfect, you can get over Edward and we can spend time together." She exclaimed. Man, she talks fast.

"Mom, I'm over him already. If he loved me, he wouldn't have left. I just miss you, and I miss girl time. I'll book a ticket, and let you know my arrival time." I said.

She offered to pay for my ticket which I declined, but she said she'll just spent that money on me when I get there, which I didn't mind so much. I do need a wardrobe update.

Telling Charlie my plan went better than I thought, he was excited for me to go and see Renee, and he promised to try and cook for himself while I was gone rather than takeout.

The phone rang, and it was Sam. Odd.

"Hey Sam! What can I do ya for?" I asked, still shocked he called.

"Bella, I just needed to check you were all good after last night? Sorry if I was snappy." He asked sincerely.

"I'm okay Sam, thank you for calling and checking on me." I replied.

"Good, I'm glad. Um, Bella. Would you want to come down to the bonfire tonight? Just to get you out of the house and stuff. If not that's okay, but I know some of the guys here want to meet you" he asked, and I agreed. It would be good to go out, and I oddly, I was nervous about going but also very excited to meet everyone and see Sam again. Thinking back to last night, I remember Sam going to say Bloodsuckers, but changed to Cullen last second. He didn't think I noticed, but I did. How would he know? Did he date one too? Or was there something else? I remembered Jacob telling me some of the legends on the beach not too long ago. Wolves.

If Vampires exist, then why couldn't wolves exist?

I guess I'll wait for the bonfire.

And thats all folks! Let me know what you think, who the pairing should be and leave reviews :) x