Luke activate the engines of the emperal shuttle. He didn't have long to get his father to the rebel medical ship. He pushed the engine's to their limit.

"Luke." Vader's voice rang out in the shuttle. "You should just have left me to die."

"I can't father. I won't let you die when you have so much to live for."

"The rebels. They will both think kindly of me. Nor do I expect them to. Not after what I have done."

"I will fight for you father. I will stand by your side." Luke pulled into the medical ship's hanger, and pulled his fathers arm over his shoulder, offering him support."

"General Skywalker!" One of the medics said in shock when Luke walked down the ramp carrying Darth Vader with him.

"Out of my way!" Luke barked. "I need to get my Father into a Bacta Tank." Luke pushed his way through to the Bacta tanks. He didn't know how to use the Bacta Tank, but he had faith that the force would guide him. He used the force to lock the doors so he wouldn't be interrupted.

On Endor.

"Princess Leia." A voice came over her comm.

"Yes." Leia answered her Comm. she had no idea that her good mood was about to be ruined.

"It's general Skywalker."

"Is Luke hurt?" A knot formed in the pit of her stomach.

"General Skywalker is okay, but he has brought Darth Vader aboard the medical ship."

Leia ran off to find Han.


Han was talking with Lando and Chewie when Leia came running up to him with fear behind her eyes. He grabbed her shoulders and said. "Leia. What's wrong? Did something happen to Luke?"

"Luke has taken Vader to the Medical ship."

"What in the seven Corellian hell's would he do that for?"

"I don't know, but I need to get to him."

"Let's go."

Aboard the rebel medical ship

"General Skywalker." A voice shouted through the intercom. "We need you to open the door."

"I will only open the door when my father is out of danger." Luke said to the person on the other side.

"Luke. This is Leia..."

"And Han."

"...and Han. Let us in."

Luke sent calm through their bond. 'Leia. I need to do this. I will explain everything, but I can't let you in now.'

'Luke. I need you to let me in. You are endangering us, and yourself."

'I know what I'm doing Leia. This is the right thing to do.'

'Please don't do this Luke.'

'I have to Leia.' With that Luke cut the connection. He watched as his father bobbed in the Bacta. A medical droid was taking scans of What was left of Anikans body.

"We will be here for a while. You might want to get some rest." The droid said.

Luke sat down, and fell into meditation.

In the force.

Luke noticed a man who was only a few years older than him. "Hello?"

The man turned around. He had rugged features, with a scar over his eye. His hair was a sandy blonde that reminded Luke of Tatooine. His eyes were an electric blue that looked as blue as Luke's eyes. "Hello. My son."


"Yes. Though I don't think I deserve that title."

"You can become better. I have seen you. You can right your wrongs."

"I have done so much evil."

"No. Darth Vader did those things. Anikan Skywalker did not."

"The senate will not think so."

"I will talk to Leia. We will find a way."

"I thank you my son, but you do not need to do that for me."

"I do father. I need you."

Anikan looked shocked. He faded away. He didn't deserve his son's sympathy.

"Father. Father! Don't leave me."

Back in the Bacta chamber.

Luke was pulled from his meditation by Leia.

'Luke! What's wrong?'

'Nothing Leia. Nothing at all.'

Luke walked over to the Bacta tank. "How is he?"

"My scans indicate that his lungs are working at 38% capacity. That tube is his only form of oxygen. His esophagus has also taken heavy burns. If he is ever able to see again he will be extremely nearsided, and will have to wear ocular lenses. His ears have been burned to the point that he can not hear without the aid of his suit. His suit was poorly designed. It was made with intentional design flaws."

Luke looked at his Father in horror. How had he survived? How had he endured such torment?

"I suggest we keep your father sedated. While he is sedated. You can design a new suit for him. He will need one to get around."

Luke walked over to a bench and grabbed one of the data pads. He began designing a suit for his father. He started with the legs. They could attach sensors to his legs and give him feeling in his legs. I'd they could just allow him to feel again, maybe he would move on. Next were his arms. If they could allow him to feel with robotic fingers with sensors in them. He could feel with his own hands again. Next was a respirator. They had to worry about his fathers damaged lungs. Until they could repair his lungs. Finally were his eyes. If they could get him a face mask, they could put Ocular lenses in so he could see normally. Then they could eventually fix his eyes. Maybe some skin grafts to repair the damaged skin.

After Luke designed the suit he began making it. Luke didn't know how long he had been working on the suit.

"Sir. You should eat something and get some sleep."

Luke looked at his chrono and saw that he had been up for 43 hours. He walked to the bunk in the corner and went to sleep.

Three days later

Luke woke up and looked at his Chrono.


"Do not get upset sir. I gave you a mild sedative so I could do some minor surgery. You had several burns, and some internal damage. I also gave you fluids and nutrients. You might want to get something to eat though. Your body needs more than just nutrients. It also needs protein and carbs."

"Thanks. Is there anything in here?"

"There are some rations."

"I'll take some of those. I need to get my fathers suit finished."

"I will help you finish the suit. The sooner you finish the suit, the sooner you will listen to the doctors orders."

"I need these parts." Luke said giving the droid the list of parts for the suit.

The medical droid began gathering the parts, and Luke began building the suit.

On the other side of the door.

Leia was pacing back and forth in front of the door to the Bacta room.

"Leia. Calm down." Han said. "You are making me nervous."

"Luke is in that room with a monster and you want me to calm down!"

"Leia. Vader isn't attacking the ship, so that means that Luke has everything under control."

"It's been four days Han."

"Technically its only been three and a half."

"Not helping Han."

"I want Vader dead as much as you do, but what can we do?"

"You can move out of the way." Mon Mothma said.

"Mon?" Leia asked.

"We are going to rip the door open, take General Skywalker to the brig until we can find out why he thought it was a good idea to bring that monster aboard this ship, and we will end the threat."

"That's a little extreme, don't you think?" Han asked.

"I want this war over, and if he is dead then the war will be officially over. Blast the door open."

The guard placed an electric scrambler on the door, activated it, and walked away.

Three seconds later the door short circuited and they walked into the Bacta room, and into Luke Skywalker.

"General Skywalker." Mon Mothma said. "You are under arrest for aiding and abetting a war criminal. You will be taken to the brig until we can hold a formal trial."

"No." Luke said.

"Excuse me? Who do you think you are. You broke the laws, and you have to pay the consequences."

"I will not be leaving without my father." Luke pointed at the Bacta tank.

Leia, Han, and Mon looked over at the Tank to see a deformity body bobbing in the tank.

"That was Vader?" Han asked.

"No. This is Anikan Skywalker. My father."

"What happened to him?"

"From What I've learned. He was tricked into killing my mother, and left to burn to death on the planet Mustafar."

"We cannot let this slide."

"As far as everyone is concerned Darth Vader died on the Death Star." Luke said.

"That is not the point. He must face the consequences."

"Put me in charge of his rehabilitation. I will make sure he is a good member of society. He is no longer Darth Vader."

"No. I won't allow it Luke." Leia yelled.

"Why not?"

"He's a monster."

"I don't think that's fair."

"No. He had Han frozen in Carbonite! He cut off your hand! And let's not forget about Alderaan!"

"Technically that was Tarkin." Luke said.

"Not helping Luke." Han said.

"What if he can give us information on the empire to hunt them down, I'll take full responsibility for him."

Mon Mothma looked at Luke. "General Skywalker. If, and I mean a big if. If we allow this. What assurance do we have that he won't turn around and kill us?"

"I will personally take responsibility for him and his actions. I will rehabilitate him."

"Why do you even want to?" Leia asked.

"He's our father."

"No. He's not my father. He's my sperm doner and that's it."

"Leia." Luke frowned.

"No. I will never except him as my father." Leia said stalking out of the room.

Luke looked at Han.

"Don't look at me."

Luke turned back to the table and set to work on finishing the suit.


The first thing that Anikan remembered was the air brushing across his skin... but he couldn't feel anything since he had to live in his suit.

"Father." He heard someone say. Who was there. His memories came back. He remembered Luke saving him and bringing him to a medical ship.

"Where am I?"

"You're safe, and that's all that matters."

"Why did you save me?"

"You are my father. Why wouldn't I?"

Anikan felt hot tears sting his eyes. How could his son forgive him after all that he has done?

"Because I do forgive you father, Leia will come around."

"I don't blame her for hating me."

"Let's go father."

"Where are we going?"

"To your cabin."

"Why not to the brig?"

"Because you are under my protection and my responsibility."

They walked to Anikan and Luke's cabin. Anikan was shocked that he could feel his feet.

Luke put Anikan's arm over his shoulder and helped him walk.

Anikan let out a gasp as he felt Luke grab his arm. "I can feel my arms and Legs."

"You can also see. I made a face mask for you so you could see and breathe."

"I don't deserve your kindness."

"You do. If you want you can earn it."


"Help me. Help bring the Jedi back."

"There is a force presence down on Endor."

"We will go find it. Later. For now you need to recover."

"I will try to earn your kindness. My son."

"I have faith in you."

"At least one of us does."

Luke put Anikan on his bed facing the stars.

"Thank you my son."

"For what?"

"For everything you have done for me. I will try and repay my debt to you."

"Your welcome father. Get some sleep. Tomorrow we start a new day."