Aké went into a blue, and white stream of light.

"R3 put the information about the planet on the screen."

"Beep, beep."

"The planet is called Raxus Prime, it's a junk planet."

"What are the enemy's."

"Beep, beep."

"Robots great." Aké said sarcastically

"How much longer R3."

"Beep, beep."

"3 hours ok wake me when we get there." Aké said dozing off."


"Kill every living being on this planet." Storm trooper said

"Get off my planet." Ritaa said

"Who are you."

"I am ritaa garan protector of this planet."

"Than you must die."

Darth Vader came out of his ship.

"Ritaa I thought you were dead."

"Not until the sith are destroyed first Anikan."

"Where's your son."

"Away from you."

"Where's your son." Vader said choking her

Ritaa used the force to mind control a trooper, and shoot Vaderin the arm, and leg.

"Ah." Vader said falling on the ground

Ritaa ignited her lightsaber.

"Your going to have to fight me instead."

"Your not my primary target." Vader said walking to his ship

"You are now." Ritaa said throwing a spear at Vader stabbing him in the back

"Ah." Vader said falling down

"Fine you will die to."

Vader ignited his lightsaber, and used the force to pull Ritaa to her, and cutting her staff in half, and slicing her leg.

Ritaa fell on the ground in pain.

"You will fall Vader, and I will be the only Jedi you haven't killed."

Ritaa jumped on a tree, and ran to solo.

"Han there coming you have to protect my son."

"I will tell Luke."

Ritaa ran to her hut she was about to jump in the front window but a AT-AT shot her blowing up the hut.

"Beep, beep."

Aké jumped up hitting his head on the window.

"What R3!"

"Beep, beep." R3 said weakly

"Im sorry."

The blue, and white stream of light vanished, and they where in front of a red, green, blue, and white planet.

"Welcome to raxus prime kid."

"Who's this."

"My name is galan."

"You here to kill me because that may not go your way."

"I'm not here to kill you I want to meet my apprentice."

Aké flew to galan's ship.

"Open the hatch."

A door opened on the bottom of the ship, and Aké parked hovered up into the opening.

Aké hopped out activating his lightsaber.

"Hold it kid turn that off I'm not here to kill you."

"Drop your lightsaber."

Galan gave both of his lightsabers to Juno.

Aké deactivated his lightsaber.

"Sorry about that."

"No problem kota fooled us all."

"I heard you were Vader's apprentice."

"Yeah I was."

"What happened."

"Juno happened she turned me into a good person."

"I also heard you were a clone."

"No vader had a clone of me but what the emperor didn't know was we planned me being dark galan, and a clone would capture him so I had to save him."

"Was everybody on this plan."

"No only me, and Vader where on this plan Juno almost killed me when she found out own as alive."

"Sir his ship is ok."

Aké activates his lightsaber, and pointed at a droid.

"Calm down that's proxy."

Aké sat around the table.

"What is this stuff."

"That's where you can build a lightsaber."

Aké slid under the table, and searched the box of hilts.

"Do you have a double bladed hilt."


Aké took of his mask.

"Do you have a double bladed hilt."

Galan grabbed a hilt, and gave it to Aké, Aké came out from Under the table.

"Do you have a room where I can concentrate."

"There's a room with a hologram projector."

Aké opened up a door to see a pitch black room he sat by the projector, and put the hilt, and lignin crystals down.

Aké closed his eyes, and built his saber he put his projector in the big projector, and pressed Luke.

"Aké what is going on is something wrong."

"I know you father is Vader."

"Aké listen to me he is not responsible for any of this his master made him do all the evil things or he would have killed him."

Aké turned off the hologram out of anger.

He put the lightsaber in his cloak, and walked out of the room.

"Are you done."


"Aké I'm sorry about your mom that same thing happened to my dad."

"I'm sorry about you dad but I don't want to talk about it."

"Well if you a was not to talk about it you can, and also I made you something."

"It's a cane."

"It's a lightsaber cane." Gala said pulling the lightsaber off

"Thanks but I got to go."

Galan grabbed Aké

"I want to get to now you."

"Than come with me on Raxus Prime."

"Juno drop us off on Raxus prime."

"Right away galan."

Juno turned the ship, and flew onto Raxus.

"Let's go."

"Open the hatch dear."

"Hey!" Juno yelled


"Come give me a kiss."

"I'll see you down there Aké."

Aké jumped out of the plane he was falling in the sky when he notice people were shooting at him.

"Really." Aké said dodging the attacks

"Star killer I forgot my mask." Aké said through the force

"How does he know your name."

Galan grabbed his mask, jumped out of the ship dodeging the attacks.

Aké felt the force in the ground, and landed Smashing his fist into the ground causing the machines to fall apart.

Galan landed on the ground.

"Here's your mask, and how did you know my name."

"Theres stories, and you forgot your lightsabers."

"Juno drop my lightsabers."

Galan caught his lightsabers.

"How do you use the force with two lightsabers."

"I fill the force through my lightsabers, and I am able to use the force from my lightsabers."

Aké pulled out his new lightsaber, and ignited it.

"Also here's a mask it protects your eyes from the lignin crystals."

Aké walked to a elevator, and pressed the button.

"Going down."

"Last floor has been reached."

"Your insane." Galan laughed

They walked along a dirt path with garbage everywhere.

"Is this a junk yard or a dump yard."

Aké walked on a hole stepping on a button as he did robots jumped out the ground surrounding them.

"Are you ready."

"Let's do this."

Aké started spinning his lightsaber as he ran to the robots he jumped in the air landing on a robots head Aké landed on the ground to see them doing anything.

"What's going on."

"I don't know."

Aké stabbed a robot, and it fell on the ground exploding exploding the other robots.

"Did we do something wrong"

"No but we did." A stormtrooper said throwing a gernade

Aké picked the gernade up, and threw it at the stormtroopers using the lighting to blow it up causing chunks of trooper to fly everywhere.

"Who wants beef stew."

Galan ran to a corner, and threw up.

"You can't handle jokes."

Aké grabbed a stomach, and threw it at Galan.

"Hot potato."

Galan looked at Aké, and threw up again.

Aké grabbed a intestine, and put it around his neck.

"Galan's what's the smell."

Galan looked at Aké, and threw up again.




Aké looked at Galan, and fell on the ground he ran to Aké.

"What's wrong."

"Just kidding but there are snipers."

Aké put his hands out feeling around him.

"There in that cave." Aké said pointing to the right showing a cave

Aké went in the cave, and ran out screaming.

"What's wrong."

"There's an army."

Aké felt a missle coming for them he used the force to pick up a boulder, and closed the cave.

Aké heard the missle explode as he heard troopers burning alive he felt there pain as blood was pouring out in buckets on the floor Landing on other troopers some troopers were screaming because there armor was melting to there skin he felt troopers shooting themselves in the head to release the pain, and some were trying to breath as there lungs filled with smoke, and stopped working Aké lifted the boulder to see all the troopers dead except for some that were burned badly, and couldn't breath.

"Sorry troopers."

"Can you help me Galan."

They activates there lightsaber, and stabbed every trooper killing the survivors.

Aké jumped on a boulder, and fainted to all the pain he felt.

"Wake up aké." Galan said using the force to wake him up

"Are you ok."

"I keep on fainting when I kill people."

"You don't faint because you kill people you keep on training in the force without sleep."

"How can I be a good force user if I can't handle te force."

"The force is only a something in you if you let it use you than you will be a sith if you can control it you are a Jedi but you are a gray Jedi they use deadly force but grey Jedi is a force user that controls there force."

"Anikan said you are a gray Jedi."

"Yes I am but what I had to learn was I let the force control me but Juno showed that I was better than that."

Aké jumped down off of the boulder landing on floor meeting an army of troopers.

Aké jumped in the air spinnin around cutting the troopers into meat patties.

"Who wants hamburgers."

Galan started to puke.

"It's ok we don't have to have hamburgers we can have chicken tenders."

"I don't even want to know what you mean."

"Ah." Someone scream

Aké looked at Galan, and they started to run towards the noise.

Juno was floating in the air holding her neck Galan ran to Juno but was flown back hitting his head on a tree, and was knocked out.

"KO." The voice said

A man walked out of Galans ship.


"No my name is star killer."

"Great a clone."

"Clone that hurts I am a better version of Galan."

"Is that what your mom said oh wait I forgot you don't have one."

"That hurts my feelings."

"Man up dude your father should have taught you that one oh wait you don't have a father either wow you really were just born in a test tube.

"Stop insulting me or I'm going to kill her."

"No your not because if you are Galans clone than you have feelings for that lady."

Star killer put Juno down, and started to choke aké.

"That's better know a good force choke is killing them so come on."

Aké started to make sound effects as he was dying he lifted his hand, and shot the clone with electricity,

"and that's how you kill a clone."

"Not yet mother fuc..."

"No you just stop that." Aké said interrupting

"Your just sor loser who should go kill himself right now."

Aké ran to the clone, and stabbed him in the chest as blood gushed out.

"The problem about a clone is that when they get stabbed everything comes out so I will see you later."

"I should have killed you along time ago you puny piece of garbage." Star killer said throwing his lightsaber

Aké activates his lightsaber, and cut the clones saber in half aké turned around with bright red eyes

"I let you live, and you try to kill me." Aké said feeling his hatred as flames swarmed around his arms

"Now you will never tell the tale about living from a Jedi."

Aké put his hands up shooting a stream of fire at Star killer.

Juno ran to aké trying to move his arms away.

"Leave me alone." Aké said in a deep voice knocking Juno over

Juno ran to Galan waking him up.

Galan opened his eyes to see aké going insane he got up wrapping his arm around juno's shoulders, and grabbing his lightsaber hit aké hard causing him to fall over in pain.

"Get him to the ship now."

Galan looked over to the clone, and was shocked to see the body was burned badly but didn't smell like human flesh but smelled like chemicals he looked over at aké picked him up, and put him on the medical droids table.

"Where should we go."

"Put L-9 in the hyperdrive."