After that night Wally and I started dating, it shocked Bruce, but he got over it soon enough. Everyone on the team thought we were super cute, except Artemis who fake gaged every time we kissed, but I think she secretly thought we were adorable,because you know, we were. They were surprised at first, because everyone thought Wally was super straight, but when you really thought about it you realized it kind of made sense, like he was overcompensating or something. All in all I was really truly happy for the first time in my life, and it was all thanks to my super hot ginger cheese-ball boyfriend Wally West. And maybe a little bit Bruce's super disgusting affair with the daughter of the demon's head but I would never ever tell him that.

~Authors note

Whoo and that's a rap guys:) It's been super fun writing this and thanks to all my fabulous readers! So I just posted the first chapter of my new story, this was never supposed to happen, it's not a birdflash, but it is about Wally West, you guys should all check it out.

I love you all, and I guess this is goodbye. (sadness) *cough *cough (unless you read my new book)