Chapter 1-Prologue

Fifteen years It is hard to believe, but it was been fifteen years ago that he-who-must- not-be-named and his followers known as death eaters, the most evil wizard the world had ever seen was finally defeated by Harry Potter, also known as the-boy-who-lived. Following the attack that occurred on March 4, and the subsequent disappearance of Harry Potter and you-know-who, the remaining supporters of the dark lord set out on a quest to find their master and restore him to power over the wizarding world, a plan that was brought to an end on this day fifteen years ago. Everyone knows the story of Harry Potter and the events that occurred on that fateful Christmas morning, how those closest to him were taken from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and he left in search of them before they could be harmed by the death eaters who were searching for a way to resurrect their master, who was destroyed by Mr. Potter during his sixth year at the school after a three month period of imprisonment and torture by his hands, even though it was an obvious trap for the famous wizard. The events that occurred after this are known only by those who were present, but it is a known fact that the death eaters murdered young Mr. Potter, and somehow, they were all killed as well, allowing those they had captured to leave their prison with the body of the young hero. Several days later, many of you were probably present at the funeral and watched as the hero of the wizarding world was laid to rest, but we were all in for yet another surprise when the-boy-who- lived walked into the great hall of Hogwarts and proved to the students and staff that he was very much alive. How this occurred is still a mystery to the majority of us, but we are indeed happy that the events of that time fourteen years ago turned out the way that they did, allowing Mr. Potter to continue with a life that was denied him for too long. Today, Harry Potter is professor of Defense Against the Dark Arts at Hogwarts, a position he has held with his godfather Sirius Black since the year after he graduated, though only part time, and in addition to his teaching, Harry is also a very well respected auror for the Ministry of Magic as head of their Defense division. His wife of fourteen years, Virginia, has held the position of astronomy professor for the past seven years, and his children, Lily and James (named after his late parents) are currently in their third year at the school. We here at the Daily Prophet would like to congratulate Mr. Potter on his successful career and family and wish him luck and happiness in his future.


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