Chapter 10

It took nearly an hour for Harry to be healed enough to be moved to the hospital wing, and another four after that before Poppy was satisfied that she had done all she could for him and shooed all those around the bed to her office after casting several spells around the bed to notify her if Harry's condition changed.

"Will he be ok?" were the first words out of Ginny's mouth as soon as the door was shut.

"I think so" said Poppy wearily as she sat heavily behind her desk

"Can you tell what happened to him?" asked the headmaster

"As far as I can tell, he was physically beaten and head several curses cast on him, including the cruciatus and his wrists have third degree burns around both of them, but I can't even begin to guess the source of them. I healed his wounds as best I could, but the strange part was that his body seems resistant to healing spells and potions, and his magical reserve levels are the equivalent of a first year. Also, his energy reserves are critically low, but I'm not sure why" she said, her voice laced with confusion and exhaustion.

"What do you mean? Harry is the most powerful wizard in the world, even on his worst day, he could still beat the entire department of defense with his eyes closed and one arm tied behind his back" said Sirius

"I know, but right now, his magical levels are even lower than they were when he was first brought here from the muggle hospital" she said tensely.

"Could he have been in a very difficult dual or something?" asked Remus

"Not likely, I cast Prior Incantatum on his staff and the last spell Harry cast was to apparate to the graveyard, and judging by the note, it was obvious that that was where he met Iniquitous, but what happened after that will be a mystery until he wakes up." Said Dumbledore

"When will that be?" asked Ron

"I'm not sure, normally I would say a couple of hours, but with his reserves so low, it could be several days, a week or more. I can't give you an exact time, in the meantime, I would ask that only one person remain with him at a time, the rest of you need your rest, this has been a trying day for everyone" said Poppy before she tiredly excused herself to her rooms for the night.

"I'll stay with him tonight and before you protest Gin, you need some sleep. Poppy said he probably wouldn't wake tonight and you can come up here after breakfast. Hermione will stay with you tonight if you want, but try and get some sleep" said Ron, doing something he hadn't done since they were children at Hogwarts, pulling his big brother card to get her to do what he asked of her. And, for the first time since she was a small girl, she didn't argue, instead, she nodded her head and after ghosting a kiss on her husband's pale forehead, she left the wing toward their rooms.

After being ordered to return to the manor, James and Lily went to Lily's room and sat side by side in silence on her bed for nearly an hour.

"Did he look evil to you?" James finally asked

"No, he looked scared" said Lily without a second thought

"I know, but why didn't he fight back?"

"Because we were there" she responded quietly

"And because of that, he was hurt. He could have easily taken then on, but now he's down there alone with them"

"What did Iniquitous mean, about the bracelets dad wears taking his power? He always said that they were a family heirloom, how could they weaken him? And why were they hurting him?" she questioned aloud, her brow furrowed in confusion.

"I'm not sure, but they seemed to be draining his magical power as well as his physical strength. He actually appeared weak" he responded

"Why did they curse him like that?" Lily asked suddenly

"Because, my dear child, if we hadn't cursed him, then he would have cursed us instead, we had to weaken him in order to keep ourselves safe. I'm sorry you had to bear witness to that, but it was necessary" he said as he discreetly drew his wand and aimed it at the two of them "Obliviate" he muttered under his breath before pulling another two vials of potion from his pocket and pouring one forcefully down each of their throats before the blank looks had vanished from their eyes. "Now, would you two please join me for breakfast?" he asked pleasantly, and the pair obediently stood and followed him to the dining hall, not remembering anything after dinner the night before.

Harry's first realization was that his chest ached horribly with each ragged breath he tried to take. His second was that his arms felt as though they were on fire and the final was that he was incredibly weak, so much so that it took nearly a dozen attempts before he was able to wrench his tired eyes open to be met with the sight of near darkness. Attempting to take a deep breath to calm his trembling muscles proved to be a terrible mistake as his entire body was racked with violent coughs that caused sharp stabs of pain to travel from his throbbing head to his toes and making his sore chest and stomach contract in even more pain.

"Harry, drink this" said a voice from his right that he was having trouble identifying at the moment, but he obligingly opened his mouth when he felt smooth glass as his lips and after sputtering over the potion, he managed to swallow most of it and several moments later, his body became pleasantly numb and he was able to focus on the faces above him.

"Poppy, Sirius" he acknowledged them, hating how raspy his voice sounded "How long?" he questioned immediately.

"Six days" responded Sirius promptly, this being a ritual that the pair had gotten into years ago and continued to this day whenever one of them would have a quidditch accident or any other injury that left them unconscious in the hospital wing.

"Lily and James?"

"We were hoping you could tell us, they weren't in the graveyard when you were found"

"He still has them then, it didn't work?" said Harry more to himself

"What do you mean?"

"I couldn't curse him in front of them, it would just make them think I was evil" he explained, the words making perfect sense in his head, but causing some confusion to Sirius who decided to wait until later to further that conversation.


"Asleep in your rooms, it's three in the morning"

"How bad is it?"

"Any longer and you wouldn't be here. You were suffering from aftereffects of the Cruciatus and had many broken bones and severe bruising as well as the damage done by your sword. All of that is easily enough healed, but for some reason, your magical reserves are near nothing and physically you are far beyond exhausted for some reason I can't figure out. Lastly, you have third degree burns on both of your arms that will not heal" she finished, trying to be official, but obviously worried for one of her all time favorite students and now a good friend.

"That bastard" he muttered under his breath

"What are you talking about Harry?"

"These" he said tiredly, gesturing to the bands encircling both of his wrists

"What do you mean?"

"He activated them somehow, and added more spells into them than Voldemort had put on them initially" he explained, and after a few moments of thought, what he was saying clicked in the minds of the pair standing beside his bed.

"Are you saying that those are why you are so weak right now?"

"Yes, as well as the burns. He spelled them so that they block my magic as well as my energy, just like last time, but he said he added a few spells of his own"

"What spells did he add?"

"I don't know, other that the burning, I can't tell a difference between now and then" he answered honestly, but he felt the little energy he had leaving him quickly and the others realized this as well.

"Go to sleep, Harry Ginny will be here in the morning and we'll talk more then" said Sirius and before the words had left his mouth, his godson was asleep.

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