Thumbing the pages of the ancient leather-bound manuscript, the younger of the Winchester brothers hesitantly approached the lone figures standing on the sandy shores of the lake.

"Dean?" Sam said, carefully. "Dean, it's time to go."

Staring at the back of his brother's leather jacket, Sam waited for Dean to respond. This wasn't the first time they had been back to the lake since that fateful night and it wouldn't be the last. At least this time, Dean hadn't stripped down and tried to go swimming down into the depths. Every time he had done that before, Sam worried his brother would never resurface.

"Dean," Sam pressed. "Dean, we've got to go. Castiel just called. He's gathered the ingredients but he needs us to bring the Eliakim Folio. If we are going to have enough time to perform the ritual and get a regular angel souped-up enough to fend off one of the princes of hell, we need to go now."

"How long," Dean asked, "do you think it takes for a naiad to mature?"

"Come on," Sam mumbled, "we've had this discussion a hundred times in the past couple of years and my answer is always the same: I don't know."

The elder Winchester had no response and neither did he move. Instead, Dean stood still as he watched the lakes' ripples lap at the shore.

"Dean, she's not coming."

"Don't you want to meet your nieces, Sammy?" Dean replied. "You should've seen them: Thea, Selena, Tethys, and Artemis. They were so beautiful and delicate. What I wouldn't give to hold them in my arms."

Stepping closer, Sam slung his arm around his older brother.

"I am sure you will see them again. We'll keep coming back until you do. But, Dean, it's time to leave."

Heaving a long-drawn-out sigh, Dean bowed his head in disappointment before pulling away and turning on his heel and heading towards the Impala. Casting one last glance at the moonlight glinting off of the water, Sam quickly followed.

x... THE END ...x